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Honey in Coffee (It’s the Bees Knees!)

If you’re a seasoned coffee lover then you’ve probably tried all manner of coffee recipes. Black coffee is a treat on its own but combining this wonderful stuff with milk and sweeteners can produce a different drink entirely. Sugar or liquid syrups are the most common ways people sweeten their ...

Why Does Coffee Make Me Sleepy?

Most people enjoy freshly brewed coffee as the ultimate pick-me-up. It’s the perfect ingredient to start their day off right and never fails to get them out of bed in the morning. This is great for most coffee lovers, but for a select few of us, it has the opposite effect. If you’ve ever ...

Dark Vs Medium Roast Coffee (Bold Vs Mellow)

I love coffee more than life itself. That aroma, the flavor, and even the sound of the coffee dripping into the carafe each morning is music to my ears. That first sip of the wonderful stuff is like an explosion of flavor on my tongue and I wouldn’t start the day any other way. As much as I ...

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a freshly brewed mug of java and considered how lucky you are for being able to enjoy the luxury of this wonderful elixir. If you’re like me, you may not have realized just how lucky you are. I always took my morning cup of joe for granted. The delicious, rich ...

Above Average Coffee
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