Brown Sugar In Coffee (You Should Definitely Try It)

Everyone has their own preferences and people’s choice of sugar is no exception. Sometimes it can become a very polarizing subject, with people preferring either lighter or darker sugars as a firmly held belief that one is better than the other.

While my standard choice of coffee is simply a mug of black drip coffee, I will always hold space for all the lovely sweet twists on Java we can make. If you’re on the fence about adding brown sugar to your coffee, well, I say there’s no harm in experimenting. You might just find a whole new avenue of coffee magic.

A little cup of espresso beside some brown sugar and a slice of cake

Why Use Brown Sugar in Coffee?

Often, when people choose brown sugar over white in their coffee, it’s due to the rich flavors that accompany brown sugar. While white sugar doesn’t really taste of much other than “sweetness”, brown sugar contains rich, dark, caramelly, toffee notes. An excellent pairing with coffee.

Does Brown Sugar Taste Good In Coffee?

The rich dark flavors of coffee often pair perfectly with brown sugar, while the sweetness of brown sugar curbs any unwanted bitterness that can crop up in your brew resulting in a beautifully balanced, sweet, cup of Joe.

What is Brown Sugar? (White Sugar vs Brown Sugar)

Sugar cubes beside a coffee mug

Both brown and white sugar comes from plants. Often either sugar cane or sugar beets.

For either crop, to produce sugar, the crops are crushed to squeeze out their sugary juices. Their sugary juices are then heated to concentrate it into a thick brown syrup that we know as molasses.

Once it has been refined into molasses, the options open up into how this stuff is processed.

To turn molasses into white sugar, it will undergo more processing and refinement to purify it down to that white stuff we all know as white sugar.

Making brown sugar has some more options. One, the molasses could simply be refined and purified less. Another option involved taking refined white sugar and mixing molasses back into it.

Can You Put Brown Sugar in Your Coffee?

Yes, you can. In fact, I recommend you try it.

Brown sugar has much more flavor to it and will complement all of the magic coffee-ness in your mug than with white sugar.

Final Thoughts

Brown sugar usually comes from either sugar cane or sugar beets. It is made by refining the crop’s sugary juices, but not refining them as much as with white sugar.

Brown sugar contains rich dark flavors of toffee and caramel that pair excellently with coffee.

However you like your coffee; be it with some milk or just plain black coffee, chances are you will appreciate your java mixed with some brown sugar.

Don’t just take my word for it. As a fun little taste test experiment, it would be worth trying your coffee with both white sugar and brown sugar separately. That way you will really be able to see the difference it makes.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to brown sugars too. Don’t think they’re only there for baking. Try light brown sugar, rich dark brown sugar, or even dive in the deep end with molasses straight in your coffee.

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