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    How To Make Strong Coffee (The Epitome of Flavor and Caffeine)

    by Scott Deans | Last Updated: April 5, 2020

    Do you love a really strong coffee? Same here! Wait, do you mean you want lots of rich delicious coffee flavor, or do you mean you just want the highest caffeine content in your mug as possible? I wondered what it would take to make the strongest mug of mud possible.

    Turns out, for the most part, you have to choose between the highest caffeine content possible or having the richest most delicious coffee possible. The richest, most flavorful, delicious coffee is probably a perfectly made espresso. A mug of coffee with the highest caffeine content possible would be a white coffee, made from robusta beans, ground finely, and boiled up for a long time; it probably wouldn’t taste great.

    To make strong tasting coffee you’re going to want to go for a dark roast bean to start with, then chose a method you can use to let the beans slowly extract like a French press. For the highest caffeine content, you’ll actually want a lighter roasted coffee bean and you’ll want it to be robusta because that typically has double the caffeine but doesn’t taste as good.

    How To Make Strong Coffee (The Epitome of Flavor and Caffeine)

    How To Make Strong Coffee

    So you want to make the strongest, heartiest, brew of go-go juice imaginable! Come right this way!

    Or is it just lots of caffeine you want? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

    Brewing For Strong Flavor

    So you want to enhance the flavor. You want every single delicate note dancing on your palette. It’ll take a little tinkering but it’s possible! Like all great things, it starts at the beginning, or in this case with a raw green coffee bean.

    There are two main species of coffee bean. There are Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica beans are famously the tastier beans. Without a doubt the choice for magical flavors.

    Next up is how to roast that sucker! This one is purely down to your taste. That said, if you are looking for a darker, richer, java then you will want a darker roast. If you want a fruitier, sweeter, brew then why not try a white coffee roast?

    Now it’s all about the grind. The grind you choose is really dependent on the method you plan to brew with.

    But which method do I want to brew with?

    I’m glad you asked! This is another one of those things that are down to your own tastes. Usually the richest, most intense, coffee flavor will come from an espresso. That said, try a few different methods, but an espresso is famous for its strong complex flavors.

    Brewing For Strong Caffeine Content

    If you’re wanting a high caffeine content you’ll be needing to pull out all of the stops to get as much caffeine into that mug as possible. Let’s start from the raw bean and go from there.

    Firstly, there are two main species of coffee bean. There are Arabica and there are Robusta beans. Arabica is usually the choice of bean for flavors, but robusta are known to have as much as twice the caffeine content as arabica per bean! Choose robusta and you’ve immediately doubled your caffeine content!

    The next step is the roast. A longer, warmer, roast will break down the caffeine in the bean. So you really want to have a shorter, cooler, roast. This is usually called a white coffee bean. White coffee is sometimes claimed to have as much as 50% more caffeine than the same bean roasted darker, but it is probably more like 5% extra.

    The next step is the grind. Did you ever take a chemistry class in school? A finer powder is much more reactive than a coarser powder. White coffee is usually ground fairly coarse, but you’re wanting all the caffeine out of it, so you’ll want to obliterate the beans into the finest powder possible!

    Lastly, there is the brew. You might think an espresso is the most caffeinated brew. It is per volume, but it actually has the least caffeine in the cup because it is such a small amount. To get as much of the caffeine out of those powdered beans as possible you’ll want to brew them for as long as possible.

    A Turkish Pot is probably the way to go here. You can just leave ridiculous quantities the beans immersed in the water for ages. Boil those beans in that pot for as long as possible. You’re wanting the most potent diesel possible, so why not just boil up your grounds in a pan on the stove?!

    It would be far from a tasty mug, but damn, that’ll switch your lights on!

    How Do You Make Coffee Taste Stronger?

    So you’ve gone through the rigmarole of trying to make the tastiest coffee possible and you’re still aching for more? Well, there are still things to try. I promise, you’ll find coffee-nirvana.

    1. Try a different roast. Are you looking for the richest, most intense, complex flavors? A dark roast is for you my friend. Got a sweet tooth? A lighter roast, or even the lightest a white coffee could be for you!
    2. Try more grounds per amount of water you use. The golden ratio of coffee is two tablespoons of grounds per 6 ounces of water. There are no rules for coffee. If that’s not doing it for you, go ahead and use some more grounds! A word of warning, don’t go overboard here, too much grounds can make your coffee bitter.
    3. Try A Different Brewing Method. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, I mean, there’s more than one way to brew some joe! There’s a whole world of coffee brewing methods out there. Have you ever tried using a Turkish pot?
    4. Try a Different Blend of Beans. There are so many coffee bean brands with loads of different blends each. You have not tried them all.
    5. Make sure your beans are as fresh as possible. The fresher the better. This just means, buy whole beans and grind them yourself. Only grind as much as you need so that you have more beans to grind fresh for when you want them next.

    So you’re looking for the strongest coffee flavor. The roast is probably where you want to focus. You’re wanting a really good dark roast. Second to that is probably your bean blend. There are so many to try!

    Is there a strange flavor you’re trying to get rid of? Maybe your coffee kit needs to be cleaned. With the likes of a French press, it’s easy enough to take it apart and soap it up. With a drip machine, or espresso machine, you will need to run some descaling solution through your machine

    Does Stronger Flavor Mean More Caffeine?

    It might seem strange, but a stronger flavor does not mean stronger caffeine. If anything it is actually more likely to mean the opposite; the caffeine content is probably lower.

    While you can absolutely get a delicious cuppa that’ll keep you buzzing all day, taste and caffeine content are not necessarily dependent on each other.

    Which Brewing Method Has Most Caffeine?

    Different brewing methods certainly do give you different caffeine amounts for the same amount of beans. So here are some numbers to be able to be some sensible comparisons.

    So in a typical serving, espresso has the least caffeine amount, and boiling your beans as you would with a Turkish pot gives by far the most caffeine per serving.

    Although espresso still has the highest caffeine content per ounce. Even when boiling your coffee, which gives 25mg of caffeine per ounce, espresso still has the strongest concentration of caffeine with 64mg of caffeine per ounce!

    So to get the most caffeine in the cup, either boil it, or fill a regular 12oz mug with twelve espresso shots! You lunatic!

    Which Brewing Method Has The Strongest Flavor?

    The award for the brewing method with the strongest flavor, without any competition goes to the espresso. It is simply such a concentrated flavor.

    Are There Different Names For Espresso?

    While an espresso will always be an espresso, there are variations on it and it is used in hundreds of different caffeinated drinks. Without diving down that rabbit hole, here are the main variations of an espresso that any keen barista would be delighted to prepare for you!

    Conclusion – How Are You Going To Make Your Cup Stronger?

    In my humble opinion, the most flavorful, intense, complex tasting coffee is a dark roasted, arabica bean, espresso. Even with that one specific kind of espresso, there can be a lot of variation in the blend you choose.

    I will always be delighted with just a plain, delicious, espresso. They are the cheapest coffee on the menu and certainly a dive in the deep end for a coffee newbie.

    Then again, maybe you’re just looking for a sheer charge of caffeine. Sure, you could boil up some finely ground, white roasted robusta beans. If you’re that desperate for your caffeine hit maybe just skip the coffee ritual and ask your doctor for an IV bag of caffeine.

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