Do McDonald’s Frappes Have Caffeine?

Sometimes we crave a specific drink from time to time, and one such craving that people often have is for a frappe. McDonald’s offers some very sweet iced frappuccinos which can be a pleasant alternative to some other coffee shops.

Do McDonald’s Frappes Have Caffeine

These frappes are blended and sweetened, and they usually use coffee or espresso. As a result, you may be wondering if this means that their frappes contain caffeine.

Well, yes – generally a McDonald’s frappe contains caffeine, but the amount of caffeine that it has depends on what size and quantity you order. It can range anywhere from 75 mg to 180 mg of caffeine.

Of course, there’s going to be a lot more you’re looking for here. So we’ve written this handy guide which explains everything you need to know about frappes from McDonald’s. We’ll examine what a frappe is, if they have caffeine and a whole lot more.

Read on to discover much more!

What Is A Frappe?

It’s first a good idea that we discover what a frappe actually is. A frappe is an iced coffee-based beverage that originated in Greece. It is made by stirring, mixing or beating sugar, instant coffee and water into a type of froth.

As you can imagine, these drinks are served cold and normally they are additionally flavored with syrups or sugars and then finished off with whipped cream.

Despite its Greek origins, the word frappe is used as the generally accepted name for these drinks and this is a French word meaning ice. In some ways, it is an umbrella term for any kind of iced drinks.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that a frappe was made using coffee. However, from that fateful day it became a favorite and continues to be so to this day. In fact, it became so popular that Starbucks made their own version – the frappuccino and trademarked it.

Of course though, Starbucks does not own the drink outright and as a result, you can find versions of this drink in many places – such as McDonald’s version – the frappe.

Do McDonald’s Frappes Have Caffeine?

Yes, the frappes that you can buy from McDonald’s contain caffeine. As we mentioned earlier though, the specific amount of caffeine that these drinks contain will largely depend on the size of the frappe you’re buying and how many of them.

The caffeine levels in a large mocha frappe for instance reach 180 mg of caffeine, whereas conversely the smallest frappes can contain caffeine content as low as 75 mg.

These frappes are very sweet and always made with very high quality coffee beans – which are 100% Arabica beans sourced from the Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Due to its sweetness and the combination of flavors in all of their frappes, you can enjoy a frappe even if you are someone that is not exactly a fan of coffee.

Do McDonald’s Frappes Have Coffee?

While this question might sound a little silly to some of you, it’s actually a good question. There are many drinks like this that are made like a sweetened milkshake which contains a coffee flavor, despite not containing any real coffee at all.

However, in the case of McDonald’s, almost all of their frappes contain coffee. They are made in a blender using ice cubes, milk, instant coffee or espresso, flavoring and water.

The specific amount of coffee that their frappes contain differs from store to store. However, normally there’s not a lot of coffee that is being used, both to cut down costs and to suppress the taste of coffee to people who are not keen on it – appealing to the masses.

Types Of Frappes At McDonald’s

Types Of Frappes At McDonald’s

McDonald’s is known for offering a large range of food and drink items, and when it comes to frappes, this is no exception as they have two main frappes. You are not limited to just selecting one and you can pick them up in three different sizes; small, medium and large.

Let’s take a look at the two different frappes you can pick up from McDonald’s in a little more detail.

Caramel Frappe

When you ask people what their favorite flavor of frappe is, you will likely find that the majority respond by saying caramel frappe. With its smooth, sweet and gorgeous flavors and creamy textures, it perhaps is a little unsurprising.

They’re made using coffee, caramel flavoring and ice and then topped with a caramel drizzle and whipped cream. It’s very much like having a dessert you can walk around and drink.

Mocha Frappe

The second frappe you can pick up from McDonald’s is the mocha frappe. Whilst this frappe might not be as popular as the caramel one to some people, it is still well loved. It’s made using whipped cream, coffee, chocolate flavoring and crushed ice.

We’ve found that the flavor of coffee comes through a little more with this frappe over the caramel one, but this is likely down to the chocolate addition to the palate and the fact it contains a little more coffee than the caramel version.

How Much Coffee Is In A Frappe?

As we said earlier, the small mocha frappe has as little as 75 mg of caffeine whereas a large mocha frappe has about 180 mg of caffeine. A typical cup of coffee for reference contains 100 mg of caffeine.

Mocha frappes contain:

  • Small = 1 cup of coffee 
  • Medium = 1.3 cups of coffee 
  • Large = 2 cups of coffee

Caramel frappes contain:

  • Small = 0.8 cups of coffee 
  • Medium = 1 cup of coffee 
  • Large = 1.4 cups of coffee

This, as we can see, is likely why the flavors of coffee come through more in a mocha frappe than they do in the caramel frappe. 

Can I Have A Frappe With Less Caffeine From McDonald’s?

The way in which McDonald’s makes their frappes means that you cannot really dictate the amount of coffee or caffeine that goes into the drink. The chain has said that they do not sell decaf frappes and they have no plans in the near future to do so.

That being said, there is something you may decide to do. You can select the smallest possible frappe and choose the caramel version rather than the mocha one. This way, you will get less coffee and less caffeine overall.

The Bottom Line

And that’s all you need to know about McDonald’s frappes and their caffeine content! We hope our guide has been useful for you and you have learned a little bit more about these delicious drinks! Good luck out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will now cover some of your most frequently asked questions. Hopefully we can answer all of yours! 

Where Can I Buy These Frappes?

McDonald’s frappes are available in McDonald’s stores across the country, which you can order via their app, in store or even online for delivery in some cases.

However, it’s also possible to purchase these frappes in some grocery stores – like Walmart for instance. Due to McDonald’s partnership with Coca-Cola, they do not have many restrictions about where they can sell their drink products.

Are Frappes Vegan?

No and it doesn’t seem as though you can get a vegan version at this time. Although some other places might be able to make a similar drink using vegan milk and other vegan-friendly ingredients.

Are Frappes Bad For You?

Frappes contain caffeine and sugar. However, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these drinks as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Just be sure that you know how many you are having throughout the week and keep a note of it!

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