Heavy Cream In Coffee (Let Me Convert You)

Don’t get me wrong, black coffee is great, but a big splash of heavy cream swirling through your hot coffee?

Yes please.

I decided to be the martyr and have heavy cream in my coffee 3 different ways, whipped on top, blended in, and stirred in with a spoon.

I know, I know it’s too much and I shouldn’t have done it for you but I did, plus I did a ton of research into it including a good deal of research into Keto diets… Here’s what I found

You can put heavy cream in your coffee, just the same way you can put in milk, half and half, or cream. Heavy cream has no added sugars, no additives, and is full of healthy fats and vitamins!

The differences between heavy cream and other creams? Heavy cream is the thick fat that rises to the top of the vat during the milk manufacturing process. When the manufacturers sell this fat on its own, it is sold as heavy cream. When they sell it with milk mixed in, it’s called half and half.

Heavy Cream In Coffee (Let Me Convert You)

Ultimate Guide To Using Heavy Cream In Your Coffee

Stirring Heavy Cream into Coffee

Some people have said that they’ve had problems with heavy cream not mixing in properly when they just stir it in.

It’s not something I noticed at all, I splashed the cream in and it looked strange at first with some of the lighter parts rising to the top but once I stirred the spoon through it, it all mixed together fine.

I made it for my wife and me using a clean teaspoon in her cup and the teaspoon I used to serve the whipped cream in mine, so full disclosure there were some “floaters” in my cup but I am 100% certain these are the thicker whipped bits of cream rather than the cream itself.

Works perfectly well and definitely the easiest way to mix it in, but at the same time trying the three this was my least favorite.

Blending Heavy Cream into Coffee

I went through a phase of enjoying butter coffee in the morning, it tasted… Buttery… And not something I kept up so I was curious how this would be different. I didn’t use any MCT oil, just cream and coffee.

All the same richness as butter coffee but definitely a nicer taste, the foam on top gives it a little bit of specialness and the whole texture is foamier than when the coffee was stirred in.

A definite difference compared to the stirred coffee and a more preferable drinking experience, although a less preferable cleanup experience.

Whipping Heavy Cream on top of Coffee


I’m a black coffee drinker so I think the first two methods were just too creamy for my taste, but this was perfect.

I whipped it up until it had soft peaks so that it would melt into the coffee and not just sit on top like an iceberg, although that’s what it did at first.

I dolloped on two heaped teaspoonfuls and it’s slowly melted down to a nice layer of cream that’s sat on top of the coffee. Some cream mixed in but not nearly as much compared to the blender or the teaspoon methods the coffee is a lot darker and has much more of its raw coffee flavor.

But you still get that hit of creamy goodness.

So if you don’t like black coffee you might want to mix some cream in and whip some for the top but for me this is perfect.

How Much Heavy Cream Should You Put In Your Coffee

This is very subjective but as a rule, a tablespoon into a cup of coffee is plenty to give it that creamy taste and texture. Which is also about a “splash”, a dollop, just a touch, anything described like that should do the trick.

I went for a splash of cream the same way I do with milk when I’m making my wife’s coffee.

But if you are having a dessert coffee you can go as far as using 2 parts coffee to 1 part cream, with a splash of Irish whiskey and you’ve got yourself an Irish coffee.

Or if you’re making iced coffee you can add in some cocoa powder or vanilla extract, a shot of espresso, or some really strong coffee, and then just blend it and pour it into a glass of ice cubes and you’ve got yourself a feast. The same goes with cold brew.

Definitely not a drink you should have every day but it’s a good time.

How Does Heavy Cream Change The Taste

Heavy cream completely changes the taste of the coffee, even more so than whole milk does, it rounds off the rough edges and makes the whole thing smoother and more decadent.

if you’ve ever had coffee and ice cream, imagine how it tastes after the ice cream has melted, this is along the lines of how it will taste.

Basically, I’m trying to avoid saying that the mouthfeel is creamier, but that’s just how it is ok? You add heavy cream and it tastes creamier…

One problem is it takes away a lot of the subtle flavors that coffee has, so it’s not something you’ll want to waste good coffee beans on, however, if you have instant coffee then you can definitely level it up by adding in the cream.

And it’s a super-rich tasting coffee, you definitely can’t have a lot of it, I actually struggled to get through a single cup’s worth!

Can Heavy Cream Curdle In Coffee

This basically comes down to the fact that it can but it shouldn’t. If your cream is close to expiring and it hits the hot coffee it can curdle and separate. But if it’s fresh then it won’t curdle.

The reason cream curdles in the first place is a build-up of lactic acid that eventually tips over the balance and the whole thing curdles. But this can be sped up if you’ve got a particularly acidic cup of coffee, more acid means more curdling a cup of horribleness that will make even the hardiest barista start gagging.

As I said earlier some cream bits were floating on top of my cup but that’s because I stirred it with the whipped cream spoon, had I done it with the clean spoon as I did my wife’s coffee it would have been fine.

A Word on Bulletproof Coffee

There are a few variations on bulletproof coffee out in the world and here is another to add to the mix!

Usually bulletproof coffee is a coffee with butter and coconut oil, and sometimes with MCT oil. It’s full of healthy fats, and I can confirm, it does kick you up the ass with plenty of energy!

The only difference here is you add heavy cream too!

Either swap out the butter or use all, butter, coconut oil, and heavy cream in equal amounts.

Or if you want an alternative to butter coffee you can use heavy cream as a substitute.

One caveat to bulletproof coffee is you really need to mix it up in a blender. I tried using just a fork, even a whisk, it really needs some hard mixing. Definitely opt for a blender here!

Heavy Cream In Coffee Compared to Alternatives

Heavy Cream vs Coffee Creamer

Let’s start by comparing two polar opposites of the dairy spectrum.

Non-dairy creamer is called non-dairy because it doesn’t contain lactose. It does still contain milk proteins. They also contain sugars, sweeteners, vegetable oils, preservatives, and who knows what else. It’s kind of like synthetic milk. It’s very processed.

Which to some is why coffee creamer tastes so good but the creamed is definitely misleading since it’s dairy-free.

But if you’re a vegan or trying to avoid all dairy then I’d stick to something like almond milk instead so that there’s absolutely no dairy involved.

Heavy cream on the other hand is chock full of healthy fats, vitamins, and has near-zero sugar.

In my opinion, a creamer certainly does milkify your coffee, but it gives it the strangest tang. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It makes me feel like I’m putting plastic in my coffee.

I hope I’m putting you off creamer. I’m trying to. It’s nasty stuff.

Heavy Cream vs Milk In Coffee

Milk was always my go-to. I will put milk in tea too. Not to mention cereal wouldn’t be the same without it.

Imagine that lovely smoothness milk gives to coffee. Now imagine the coffee thicker and richer. Where milk compliments the flavor of coffee, heavy cream puts the coffee on stage and tells the whole town how great it is!

Heavy Cream vs Half and Half In Coffee

Half and half is equal parts milk and heavy cream, so it tastes lighter not as rich as a full heavy cream coffee does.

But it still does have a creamier side to it and provide the sweetness that diary does more so than just milk. Plus it makes your whole coffee a little thicker and less water-like.

It isn’t nearly as sweet as coffee creamer is but it’s definitely more drinkable every day than pure heavy cream is. It’s also slightly lower in calories.

Using Heavy Cream For Diet And Weight Loss (Keto coffee)

Heavy cream has caught the attention of the health and fitness world.

If that seems strange, something that is chock full of fat, being chosen as a healthy thing; then I have news for you! This might sound weird; fat doesn’t make you overweight. Fat is a crucial part of your diet; both saturated and unsaturated. The confusion comes from having too much of something in your diet, especially sugars.

One style of diet which particularly focuses on eating healthy fats, while minimizing processed sugars, is the keto diet. Now before I go any further, I am not necessarily saying to try a ketogenic diet, it might not be for everybody. Everyone is different, what works for someone might not work for someone else. I’m getting off track here.

My point here is that heavy cream is actually an excellent source of healthy fats. Unlike a creamer, it has almost no sugar, certainly no refined sugars, so you will not get a sugar crash after drinking your mug of heavy cream coffee!

Health Benefits of Heavy Cream In Your Coffee

Low Lactose Content

Lactose is a sugar found in milk. It is also one of the most common allergens in milk.

Are you only mildly lactose intolerant? By that, I mean, are you ok with small quantities of lactose?

Heavy cream does contain lactose, but less than milk. One ounce of heavy cream contains about one gram of lactose. Whereas one ounce of milk contains 1.4 grams of lactose.

So if you’re only slightly intolerant to lactose you might just be fine with the small amount of heavy cream you would put in your coffee.

Low Carb, High Fat

The carbohydrate content is mostly due to its lactose content. One ounce of heavy cream has about 1 gram of carbohydrate.

On the flip side, heavy cream is mostly fat. One ounce of heavy cream contains about 11.2 grams of fat.

So each ounce of heavy cream has 11.2 grams of fat for every gram of carbohydrate it contains. You can see why people following a ketogenic diet like heavy cream!

High in Vitamins

Heavy cream has lots of vitamins! With that said, you really won’t be getting your daily amount of anything in the little dollop you will put in your coffee.

Heavy cream is rich in calcium, choline, phosphorous, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Just to name a few!

Calorie Content in Heavy Cream

Fats are calorie-dense. They are also what makes up the majority of the calories in heavy cream.

One ounce of heavy cream will contain 104 calories with a fat content of 5.5g. You will not want as much as that in your mug of joe. Half would be more like it, a tablespoon, that would put 52 calories into your coffee.


Can I use heavy cream instead of milk in coffee?

Yes you can! It’s not something I would recommend doing every day but it is certainly something you can do. I tried it today as I’ve said and I can tell you it tastes great but it is very rich.

If you have run out of milk and you’re staring at the heavy cream then go ahead.

What is coffee with heavy cream called?

It doesn’t exactly have a name to itself, but a name that comes close is coffee con Panna which is an Italian coffee and is coffee served with whipped cream. That’s what you’re most likely to find in a coffee shop, or they might have a custom coffee drink that involves heavy cream.

But if you’re blending heavy cream into your coffee that, doesn’t necessarily have a name to itself, it’s a version of keto coffee, however.

Is heavy cream and heavy whipping cream the same thing?

When it comes to putting it in your coffee I’d say they’re the same thing, both will have the desired effect of turning your coffee into a creamy dessert.

Can you steam or froth heavy cream for coffee?

You can go through the motions of steaming heavy cream but not a lot is going to happen, quality of steam comes from the proteins and is inhibited by the fats, so fatty heavy cream just isn’t quite right.

Better off whipping it up and letting it melt on top to enjoy the foamy texture that way. Or turn it into half and half with half milk and half cream, that should foam a little better.

Coincidentally this is why skim milk doesn’t foam up as well as whole milk.

Can a latte be made with heavy cream?

You’ll encounter the same problem I talked about above, it just doesn’t foam up or froth in the same way, so you’ll get a sort of own-brand cheap alternative to a latte but it won’t seem all that much like a latte.

Not enough to fool any coffee lover I know anyway.

Is heavy cream the same as coffee cream?

It is not, coffee cream is full of additives and is technically dairy-free while heavy cream is sugar-free (in terms of added sugar) and just a whole lot more real than coffee creamer is.

Bonus Points

The tastiest dairy products are grass-fed and organic. I realize this is a major luxury to both have this stuff in my shops and to be able to afford it; but truly, it is tastier.

Final Thoughts

While it might not make it into Starbucks any time soon but a heavy cream coffee is certainly a delicious choice, for me, it will stay a desert but I know for those doing Ketogenic diets then it’s much more of a dietary choice.

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