Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

Body scrubs are a great way to give you that spa feeling at home. Although there are hundreds available to buy in-store and online there is something quite satisfying about making your own beauty products at home.

Alongside the creative fun, you get to use up old coffee grounds that would otherwise go to waste, making this product eco-friendly.

This recipe is my favorite coffee scrub and is great to use on your face and body up to 3 times per week. The thing I love most about it is how customizable it is to suit every skin type. I’ve included an in-depth look into each ingredient so you can choose a variation to best suit you.

Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

10 Benefits Of Using A Body Scrub

The grainy texture of a body scrub provides an exfoliating and conditioning effect which is beneficial for several reasons.

  1. It smoothes out and softens any rough or dry skin patches leaving your skin softer to touch and able to breathe easier
  2. Removing dead skin cells makes your skin appear brighter and fresher rather than dry and flaky
  3. Clearing away the surface grime helps draw out impurities that lie deeper and stops your skin from becoming congested
  4. The scrubbing effect promotes good circulation which in turn helps improve skin turnover and overall health
  5. The exfoliants can help to un-clog ingrown hairs and soothes razor rash
  6. Reduces the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and dark skin patches
  7. Allows make-up and fake tan to have a smoother and more even application
  8. Has a moisturizing effect thanks to the oils and also helps your skin absorb your daily moisturizer better
  9. Massage effect relieves tension and soothes sore muscles
  10. Improved skin appearance boosts your confidence

Uses For Used Coffee Grounds


The most important component of our coffee body scrub is the coffee bean itself. Coffee is surprisingly beneficial for skincare for a few reasons.

The caffeine in the coffee helps to improve blood circulation and the antioxidants can have an anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect. The texture of coffee grounds helps exfoliate the skin and makes it appear brighter and smoother.

If you’re looking to buy coffee especially for this DIY coffee scrub recipe then the best ones to use are robusta coffee beans because they are higher in caffeine. Of course, you can use any type of coffee you like and even used coffee grounds after you’ve brewed your drink. You just need to let them air-dry for a few hours beforehand.

The coffee grind size that you use should be quite a fine grind. Too coarse can be a bit harsh on your skin, but if you love the intense scrub that comes with tough sea salt scrubs then you can always use coarsely fresh ground coffee.


Oils can help hydrate, nourish and reduce skin inflammation. They also help bind the srub together and you can add more or less oil to your scrub until you achieve the perfect texture for you. Here are a few examples.

Almond Oil

A bottle of almond oil

Make sure you choose sweet not bitter almond oil as this is the kind that’s suitable for use on your skin. It’s packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids and is really good for dry skin and for soothing sun-damaged skin.

Of course, if you have nut allergies then stay clear of this oil and opt for a plant-based choice instead.

Coconut Oil

Full of vitamin E, coconut oil is a popular choice. It helps hydrate the skin by locking in moisture and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. It’s perfect to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions and can help reduce acne.

It’s a thick oil that turns solid at room temperature so does need to be warmed up before you add it to your scrub. It may also be too heavy for people who have a more oily skin complexion.

Olive Oil

Extremely high in antioxidants, olive oil is a nourishing, deeply hydrating choice for your skin. It has anti-bacterial properties. It’s also full of vitamins that help maintain your skin as well as keeping it healthy.

The downside with olive oil is that it doesn’t suit everyone. It has been known to make some skin conditions (such as eczema) worse. It’s a heavy oil and doesn’t absorb into the skin easily so can leave a greasy feeling.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is another good choice for DIY beauty. It helps improve skin softness, elasticity and helps even out skin tone. It can be used to help treat acne and has some UV protective properties as well (although not as effective as sunscreen).

It’s generally considered a really good option that doesn’t carry many risks with its use. As with all ingredients, if you haven’t used it before on your skin then you should perform a patch test to make sure it’s safe before you use it all over.


Some pretty salt crystals

Salt and sugar scrubs are perfect easy DIY exfoliators.

Sugar is softer on your skin and nicer to use if you have cuts or abrasions. It’s better for sensitive areas such as for use on your face.

Salt is much more effective at removing tough areas of dead skin like on your feet and is naturally antibacterial.

You can choose any kind of salt or sugar you like and add this in varying ratios to get the desired effect. I would recommend soft brown sugar for gentle exfoliation and coarse sea salt for a rough scrub.


Adding natural scents to your body scrub gives it a touch of luxury and makes it nicer to use. Vanilla extract goes very well with the coffee scent and it has been used historically to calm skin inflammation.

Essential oils like tea-tree, lavender, orange, and peppermint oil are popular choices in beauty products and face masks. There are hundreds out there to choose from and each boasts its own benefits so these are best chosen based on the needs of your skin.

As ever, make sure these oils are safe to use on your skin, and always do a patch test before you add a new one to your scrub.

How To Use

You can use coffee body scrub as often as 3 times per week or once monthly depending on your skin type. If you’re using it less frequently, it’s best to make up a fresh batch every time as the scrub doesn’t keep for more than a week or two.

Use in the shower, after you wet your skin. Grab a handful of the mixture and rub it all over your skin in a circular motion.

Once it’s all rubbed in, rinse off with warm water and towel dry your skin gently. It’s that simple.

How To Store

Store your body scrub in an airtight container ie a mason jar in the fridge. It doesn’t have a very long shelf life and will only keep for a week or two. This scrub is best made up in small batches to ensure it’s fresh.

Potential Issues

This coffee scrub is a really easy one to make at home and leaves you with a glowing-skin feeling like no other. That being said, there are a few things to watch out for!

Skin Sensitivity

If you have very sensitive skin then be cautious using new products. Oils and scents can irritate skin and may worsen existing skin conditions. The physical scrubbing of the skin may not be a good idea if you suffer from a skin condition as well.

Always perform a patch test with new products and if you suffer from any skin conditions then check with your dermatologist if scrubbing is a good idea.

Shower Mess

Coffee isn’t the cleanest ingredient any may stain shower curtains and towels. Make sure you’re prepared to do a bit of clean-up after you use this scrub.

The oil in the scrub can also cause the bath or shower to become quite slippery so be careful when using this scrub.


Coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water so heavy use of a coffee scrub could lead to blocked drains. I’ve never had an issue with this, but if your home has delicate plumbing then best use a plughole cover to catch the coffee grounds and compost them before you run into any issues.

Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

a small jar of coffee body scrub


1 Cup Of Coffee Grounds

1/4 – 1/2 Cup of oil of your choosing (I recommend almond or coconut oil)

1/2 cup of brown sugar (or sugar: salt mix)

10 Drops Essential Oil/Vanilla Extract

Optional – few drops of vitamin E oil


Add the coffee grounds to a mixing bowl (if used coffee grounds, makes sure they’re dried out beforehand).

Add 1/2 cup of sugar. You can substitute up to half of this for sea salt if you’re after an intense body or foot scrub.

Start with 1/4 cup of oil (warmed to a liquid if it’s coconut oil you’re using) and gently mix in using a whisk or wooden spoon. You can keep adding more oil until the mixture is the consistency you like.

Finish with a few drops of essential oil or vanilla extract. You can also add some vitamin E oil at this stage for extra skin health benefits.

Scoop the mixture into a mason jar and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.


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