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Iced Americano Recipe

Cold coffee is a real treat on those hot sticky summer mornings when you really need something to cool you down. If you often order iced coffee from your local coffee shop you’ll be aware of how quickly the costs can add up. I too used to be a slave to the barista as I just figured iced ...

How To Make Espresso Powder

If you've ever baked a rich chocolate cake or an indulgent tray of brownies then you may be familiar with the notion that a little hint of espresso can really enhance those chocolatey flavors. It's not just sweet treats that call for a dash of coffee, many savory dishes will also benefit from ...

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Recipe

Nothing beats taking a sip from your cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Those rich coffee flavors and that wonderful caffeine buzz that follows. As much as I love coffee I also love chocolate. Chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate, you name it, if it's got chocolate ...

How To Make Coffee Jelly

Coffee is such a sophisticated drink. Whether you enjoy sipping on an espresso, indulging in a latte, or relaxing with a mug of pour-over, the essential element in all these drinks is the rich and intense coffee. Now onto jelly or jello. This is a fun and quirky dish, best saved for kids' ...

Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

Body scrubs are a great way to give you that spa feeling at home. Although there are hundreds available to buy in-store and online there is something quite satisfying about making your own beauty products at home. Alongside the creative fun, you get to use up old coffee grounds that would ...

How To Make a Starbucks Cappuccino

It can be easy to believe that Starbucks coffee is a world away from the stuff we drink at home. The thick, foamy textures and rich flavors are a huge step from instant coffee. Nothing is quite as impressive as the bubbly and thick cappuccino with its layers of frothy milk and dark, intense ...

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