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10 Best Coffee Scales 2022 (Beautifully Balanced Beans)

If you (like me!) love coffee and (like me) hate bitter, acidic, and watery coffee then you need to work on your brewing skills. It takes time and patience to perfect a delicious cup of java and there are a lot of pitfalls waiting to take you down.

The most common problem a lot of coffee lovers run into is the cycle where you brew a perfect, sweet, rich, and delicious brew one day only to produce a cup of dirty dishwater the next day. It seems ridiculous that you can go so far wrong with the exact same method, doesn’t it?

Well, the key is consistency. Without consistency in your method, you’ll never be able to produce a consistently delicious cup of joe. It’s that simple.

The only way to achieve real consistency is to use a good set of weighing scales to accurately and precisely measure out your coffee bean to hot water ratio.

There’s a lot of options out there when it comes to coffee scales so I’ve done you a solid here and picked 10 awesome options that will serve you well. To begin with, we have the top five best and then I’ve gone in-depth to describe exactly what you need to look out for when deciding if your scales are up to coffee making standards.

We also have some FAQs and then some more great options which haven’t made the top five but still have a lot to offer. I’ve covered a huge range of prices as well as features so you’re bound to find the perfect one for your coffee making station no matter how you like to brew it.

Top 5 Best Coffee Scales

1. Top Choice – The Brewista Smart Scale II

Brewista Smart Scale II for Espresso

Brand: Brewista

Precision: 0.1 gram

Power Source: USB Rechargeable Battery

  • Automated and Manual Modes
  • Water-Resistant
  • Auto-off setting
  • Protective cover and bean tray


To kick off this review we have Brewista stealing the top spot. If you’re looking to bring professional barista coffee brewing into your home then this is the choice for you.

Let’s start with the bodywork of this fine piece of engineering. It has a completely sealed frame so the typical drips and splashes that come with coffee brewing won’t end up damaging the electrics.

It has six different user modes from the fully controllable manual mode to espresso options and a fully automated pour over mode. This makes the brewing process so easy and ensures a high end brew every time. The 0.1 gram sensitivity is essential for use with an espresso machine so these scales are perfect for any brewing method.

It’s powered by a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery by the use of a handy USB cable. For home use, these digital scales will hold their charge for several days and if used in a busy coffee shop then simply plug them in at the end of the day.

These scales come with a non-slip silicone mat that offers extra protection and a protective acrylic cover which can also double as a coffee bean tray.

These scales are highly functional, durable, and have a great battery life. Perfect for professional use or for brewing great coffee at home these really are a fantastic set of digital coffee scales.

2. Runner Up – Etekcity Food Scale

Etekcity 0.1g Food Scale

Brand: Etekcity

Precision: 0.1 gram

Power Source: AAA Batteries

  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Density Settings
  • 120s Auto Shut Off


Next up we have a much more budget-friendly option. These Etekcity scales are perfect as dual kitchen and coffee brewing scales. The scales measure at 0.1-1 gram increments depending on weight added and can manage up to 5kg. This makes them the perfect digital kitchen scales for any brew from a delicate espresso to a large french press as well as weighing heavier food items for recipes.

One feature I love with these scales is the density setting. This allows you to switch the settings depending on whether it’s water you’re weighing or a denser liquid like milk. It also has 5 units of measurement options (including milliliters and fluid ounces), a quick response time, and easy to use simple tare button.

It’s not packed with bells and whistles like the Smart Scale options out there but this is a set of scales that does a lot given the tiny price tag. It gives highly accurate measurements necessary to brew the perfect cup of coffee so if you don’t mind leaving out the Bluetooth then this option is for you.

3. Best Budget Option – Brewista Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

Brewista Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

Brand: Brewista

Precision: 0.1 gram

Power Source: AAA Batteries

  • Auto-off feature
  • Very compact
  • Great Price
  • Super accurate


This next option is taking budget coffee making to an extreme! I’ve never seen such an accurate espresso scale for such a low price. The downside of this model is that the maximum weight of 500g is too low for a large french press, Chemex, or a hand drip coffee scale.

It is perfect for weighing coffee grounds for the portafilter or beans ready for the grinder and these pocket scales are a great travel or work companion for coffee lovers.

It’s slimline, lightweight and the auto-off feature helps save battery life. I found it to be very consistent when weighing out coffee beans and making espresso and for a smaller scale it performs really well.

4. Most Precise Option – Coffee Gator Digital Multifunction Weighing Scale

Coffee Gator Digital Multifunction Weighing Scale

Brand: Coffee Gator

Precision: 0.08 grams

Power Source: AAA Batteries

  • Precise Measurements
  • LCD Backlit Display
  • Multiple measurement units
  • Tare Function


If precision is what you’re after then look no further! These Coffee Gator scales are accurate to 0.003 ounces so that translates to 0.085 grams. You can set the units between 5 different options and these scales are fine for pour over as they can handle up to 3kg.

The backlit LCD display is clear and easy to read and these scales come with a heat resistant rubber mat for added protection. It also comes with a handy tray for your coffee beans.

Getting the water ratio correct for the amount of coffee needed is a must for making good coffee and these scales will definitely help achieve this.

Overall, these are a budget friendly, highly precise set of scales that all manner of coffee drinkers will feel at home using.

5. Best Scales Plus Timer – Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Brand: Hario

Precision: 0.1 gram

Power Source: AAA Batteries

  • Drip Timer
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Perfect when used with Hario V60 drip station


If you like to use a timer when you brew coffee then this Hario v60 drip scale will not disappoint. Perfect for pour-over, these scales are custom designed to fit perfectly with your Hario V60 stand.

They are also very attractive and come in black, white, and stainless steel options to suit every home.

The built-in drip timer allows you to re-create that barista quality pour from the comfort of your own kitchen. These scales auto shut off after 5 minutes which really helps save the battery life but this function won’t kick in when the timer is on so no cup of coffee will suffer due to this.

The 0.1g precision will accurately record each drop of coffee so you don’t need to worry about the weight jumping all over the place.

Some people report a bit of lag time between the weights when using these scales. I haven’t experienced this issue myself but it worth taking into account when weighing up all the options.

Buyer’s Guide

To help you choose the perfect scales for your at home coffee station or for professional use in a coffee shop there are factors that need to be taken into account. Once you understand these terms you’ll never be in the dark about weighing anything ever again!


Precision is the most important feature for any scales designed for use whilst making coffee. How precise your scales are is basically how small is the smallest mass that the scales can detect.

If your scales have a precision of 5 grams and you try to weigh something less than this (say 1 gram of coffee) then the scale won’t pick up on this reading. As you add more mass to the scales they will jump all over the place and you’ll end up with slightly different amounts of coffee every time.

Now if your scales have 0.1 gram precision and you try to weigh out 1 gram of coffee the scales will jump up in 0.1 gram increments (so 0.1-0.2-0.3… etc) so you can clearly see how close you are to the mark.

To precisely weigh out an espresso, you need scales with 0.1 gram precision.


Accuracy is how close the scales measure to the real physical thing. A highly accurate set of scales will weigh out 1g of coffee as 1g. An inaccurate set of scales will weigh 1g of coffee as 0.8g or 1.3 grams.

To establish how accurate your scales are you need to place something of a known weight on them. A good idea is to use water. 1ml of water weighs 1 gram so you can place a measuring jug on your scales, zero it and add water until it reaches a marked level. If you add 5ml of water and it doesn’t show 5 grams then you know your scales are inaccurate.

Dynamic Range

This describes the range of sensitivity of the scales. This is basically the highest and the lowest possible measurements that the scales can handle. For example, if you have a set of scales that can measure from 0.1g to 1kg then this is the dynamic range.

For coffee measuring, you do need scales that start at 0.1g and ideally up to 2kg for larger pour overs and french press brewing.

If you do enjoy a vast range of coffee from espresso to a 12 cup Chemex then you may need separate scales to handle the delicate brew vs larger kitchen scales for the pour-over.


The calibration of a set of scales is how it finds zero and measures to a known mass. A set of scales could be extremely precise and accurate in its measuring but if it isn’t calibrated then it won’t be showing the correct weight.

An offset calibration can happen when you put something on the scales, zero it and then remove the item and try to weigh something else. The scales will try to weigh the new mass relative to the old mass that was removed and you’ll get some funny readings.

A tare button or zero on the scales can be used to re-set the calibration and sorts this issue out.


Do I need a coffee scale?

If you like great coffee and you want to keep your coffee brewing consistent then you do need to use scales. Scales are the only way to accurately measure coffee and water used and will highlight any issues in the brewing process immediately.

How do you use coffee scales?

The scales can be used to weigh out coffee beans for grinding and then they can then be used to measure the volume of water added to ensure you achieve the correct ratio.

Do you need a scale for espresso?

When it comes to pouring the perfect espresso the ratio of water to coffee is essential. This requires you to weigh the coffee as it’s pouring. The volume of the espresso can vary a lot given many different factors (freshness, roast etc) so weighing it gives you a much more accurate brew ratio.

How many grams are in a double shot of espresso?

14-18 grams of coffee go into a double shot of espresso with 7-9 grams being ideal for a single shot.

What are the 3 layers of a shot of espresso called?

The espresso shot is comprised of 3 layers. These are the heart which is the dark brown base, the body which is the middle layer, and the crema which is the creamy, foamy top layer.

Other Coffee Scales Reviewed

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer

Brand: Eravsow

Precision: 1 gram

Power Source: AAA Batteries

  • Built-in timer
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Auto-off
  • One-year warranty


These scales don’t have the best precision at 1gram but they do weigh up to 3kg. They’re best used for larger brews of coffee and not espresso. It’s accurate for pour-over and french press and is fine for weighing out coffee beans.

The scales have a built-in timer and the backlit LCD display is easy to use and read. It has a tare button and auto shut off and they come with a removable silicone pad which is great for heat protection and provides a non-slip surface to pour onto.

These scales will warn you if they’re low on power and the display shows EEEE if something too heavy is placed on it which is a good feature to help prolong the life of these scales.

The scales come with batteries so are good to go straight away and are a great addition to your kitchen but unfortunately not ideal for espresso brewing.

Ozeri ZK24 Garden and Kitchen Scale

Ozeri ZK24 Garden and Kitchen Scale

Brand: Ozeri

Precision: 0.5 gram

Power Source: CR2 Batteries

  • Automatic Unit Buttons
  • Sturdy Build
  • Precision Tare
  • Different Color Options


These scales are another great budget option. They are a sturdy build and compact size so don’t steal center space in the kitchen. The precision tare and auto unit options are easy to use and the sensitive buttons change at the lightest touch.

These scales are precise up to 0.5 gram which is great for most coffee makers but unfortunately, not for espresso. The good news is that they can weigh up to 6kg so double as kitchen scales as well.

For the dynamic range on these scales, they really are one of the most versatile options despite the precision not being the best. They save power by switching off after 2 inactive minutes and the color options make them an extremely attractive option for your kitchen.

Fuzion Coffee Scale with Timer

Fuzion Coffee Scale with Timer

Brand: Fuzion

Precision: 0.1g

Power Source: 2x AAA Batteries

  • LCD Backlight
  • Built-In Timer
  • Protective Silicone Pad
  • Waterproof Surface


These scales range from 0.1g to 3kg so will handle any brew of coffee with ease. They have various unit options and a tare button so the uses are endless.

The timer can be set from 1-59 seconds and 1-99 minutes and it beeps when it’s done so you won’t forget about your coffee which is really useful in a busy kitchen.

The LCD display is clear and easy to read and these scales have a removable silicone pad for heat protection. This is ideal for pour over as it protects the scales from splashes and provides a non-slip surface. It provides a layer of waterproofing and a lip on the pad catches all the splashes and drips.

These scales do not feature an auto turn off which is either a blessing or a curse. If you hate auto-off then you’ll love these scales but if you’re the type who forgets to switch things off you may end up with a lot of drained batteries!

Hero Coffee Scale with Timer

Hero Coffee Scale with Timer

Brand: ElephantNum

Precision: 0.1g

Power Source: Li-Ion Battery

  • Auto Timing
  • 4 Units
  • Three minute count down
  • Washable Cover


These scales are really well designed with the Barista in mind. They re-charge using a USB cable so you won’t need to worry about buying spare batteries. This is perfect if using these professionally.

The precision is 0.1g and the scales range up to 3kg. There’s no brew of coffee that they cannot handle!

They have stylish integrated touch control buttons which are really user friendly and make quick work of coffee brewing.

The scales come with a washable, waterproof cover which helps protect them and keeps them hygienic.

These scales are a cut above most that claim to be coffee scales but the price tag is modest and this makes them a great option for any coffee lover out there.

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

Brand: KitchenTour

Precision: 0.1-1g

Power Source: 3 AAA Batteries

  • Silicone Non-Slip Mat
  • Varying Scale Intervals
  • Two minute auto-off
  • High Quality ABS material


These scales by KitchenTour may be last on the list but they are placed here so we can finish on a high. The scales have varying precision which adapts depending on how much you’re weighing. They can vary at 0.1g for weights between approx. 0.3 g- 500g, 0.5g for 501g – 1kg, and 1.0g for 1kg-3kg.

This makes for simple and accurate measuring no matter how much coffee you’re making. It has a 2-minute auto-off but this increases to 5 minutes when the timer is being used. This helps make the scales energy efficient.

It made of high quality ABS plastic and the silicone mat offers extra protection and easy cleaning. They look really stylish and these scales are very responsive and also very accurate to use. Overall, a great option at a really affordable price.

Final Thoughts

That’s the end of my whirlwind tour through all things coffee scale related. As you can see, the options are vast and there are designs and price points to suit everyone. I hope this review has helped you on your journey towards a more consistent and delicious cup of joe every day and let’s join together in an agreement to never suffer from a poorly brewed cup of coffee ever again!

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