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10 Best Coffees for Cold Brew (Cool Beans for Cold Coffee)

Cold brew coffee is such a refreshing treat on a warm summer morning. It’s bold in flavor and caffeine yet low in acidity so perfect for sensitive stomachs or teeth. The cold extraction technique really brings out all those delicious subtle flavors without any hint of a burnt or bitter taste.

You can enjoy cold brew served over ice or even warm it up for a deliciously sweet hot coffee. It’s really easy to make at home as long as you don’t mind waiting 12 hours for the flavors to mature.

If you’re a fan of this brew method then you’ve probably been wondering, what is the best coffee for cold brew?

You no longer need to ask this question because we have the answer here for you! Here are ten top picks for the most delicious coffee brands that work really well when made into cold brew coffee. From whole beans to pre-ground and dark to lighter roasts, we have them all here for you.

Now let’s dive right in and check out our top choice today which is Lifeboost Coffee with their chocolatey dark roast that’s made from the finest organic coffee beans.

1. Top Choice – Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast

Brand: Lifeboost Coffee

Roast: Dark

Grind: Whole Beans

Size: 12 Oz

Flavor Notes: Bold with chocolate and nutty flavors

Origin: Central America

Price and Reviews

When it comes to quality coffee Lifeboost wins out thanks to the companies high moral standards along with the delicious coffee they produce. Let’s start with the coffee. This dark roast, whole bean coffee is bursting with delicious chocolate and nutty flavors. It’s bold and never bitter and the low acidity of these beans makes them perfect for those with sensitive stomachs.

You’ll need to set your coffee grinder to a very coarse setting for cold brew coffee but you can also use these beans to brew regular coffee, so french press, drip coffee, or espresso.

The coffee is grown at a high altitude on bird-friendly plantations. All the beans are hand-selected, sun-dried, and spring water washed. It’s rich in antioxidants and the careful treatment of these beans ensures they stay this way. This coffee is certified organic and 3rd party tested for all manner of impurities so is very safe to drink.

Their single-origin coffee is fair trade so you give back to the coffee farmers with each bag you buy. A final reason to give this one a go (as if you need any more persuasion!) is that Lifeboost offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the coffee. There’s nothing to lose, give it a try today!

2. Runner Up – Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee Strong and Smooth Blend

Brand: Stone Street Coffee Company

Roast: Dark

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 16 Oz

Flavor Notes: Bold, balanced, nutty, and chocolate notes

Origin: Colombia

Price and Reviews

When you’re looking to make the best cold brew coffee you need a coffee that’s up to the task at hand. A dark roast is ideal as the bold flavors and rich texture pair extremely well with the cold brewing technique.

Stone Street uses only gourmet arabica coffee from Colombia, Colombian Supremo beans which are larger in size, and pack in more delicious flavors. The beans are freshly roasted in New York City to a dark roast to bring out the lovely chocolate and nutty flavors.

This coffee is carefully packed in a three-layer bag that locks in all those fresh flavors and it’s resealable as well so storage is really simple.

This is a smooth, well-balanced, strong, and bold coffee that makes the most delicious cold brew coffee. As the final icing on the cake, it’s also a really good price so there’s no reason not to give it a go!

3. Best Coffee Blend – Cold Brew Lab Colombian Supremo

Cold Brew Organic Coarse Ground Coffee Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

Brand: Cold Brew Lab

Roast: Dark Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 16 Oz

Flavor Notes: Smooth, sweet, balanced

Origin: Colombia

Price and Reviews

Coffee blends are a mix of coffee beans from various origins and levels of processing that have been expertly combined to give a really smooth and balanced tasting cup of java. Cold Brew Lab has combined a mix of dark and medium roast beans to give a smooth and sweet taste alongside the rich, dark and bold flavors that come from the darker beans.

All the coffee they use is USDA certified as organic, 100% arabica beans, and Colombian Supremo so the best quality Colombia has to offer. The coffee is all roasted in NYC so you’ll get it fresh to your door.

This is a high-quality coffee, coarsely ground to perfection for cold brewing. It’s bold and smooth and everything you want from a delicious bag of coffee.

4. Best Low Acid Option – Java Planet, Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Organic Coarse Ground Coffee Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

Brand: Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters

Roast: Dark Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 16 Oz

Flavor Notes: Rich taste, bold body, chocolate notes

Origin: South America

Price and Reviews

Java planet is a coffee brand that really shines when it comes to producing a low acid type of coffee. It’s a dark roast that’s smooth to taste with a bold body and notes of chocolate. It’s perfect to make into cold brew concentrate as this brew method reduces the acidity even further.

This coffee is 100% arabica and all organic so no pesticides or chemicals are found in these beans. Small batch roasting helps quality control so only the finest beans end up in your cup of java.

This coffee is ethically sourced and 100% delicious, perfectly brewed cold, and enjoyed over ice cubes. It also makes delicious hot coffee if you use a french press.

5. Best Medium Roast – Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Smooth and Sweet Blend

Brand: Bizzy

Roast: Medium

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 16 Oz

Flavor Notes: Smooth and Sweet – caramel and hazelnut

Origins: South America

Price and Reviews

Our favorite coffee in the medium roast category comes from Bizzy. The beans are 100% arabica and all organic, sourced from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Peru. They’re all ethically sourced so fair trade.

This coffee is smooth and sweet with hints of caramel and hazelnut in every sip. The medium roast gives you the perfect balance of flavors and a lighter body than dark roast so perfect for all coffee lovers.

This coffee is coarsely ground and expertly crafted to ensure only the best cold brew coffee beans make it into each batch. It’s delicious and a really cost-effective way to enjoy cold coffee drinks.

How To Make The Best Cold Brew Coffee


The best way to make your coffee taste as delicious as possible is to use filtered water. Tap water contains minerals and impurities that add a bitter flavor to the coffee and can also affect the extraction process. Passing the water through a filter removes these impurities and makes for a much bolder and more delicious cup of joe. You can use ice cold or even room temperature water to brew your coffee.


You need to use a very coarse grind setting to ensure a balanced and even extraction when brewing cold coffee. If you use a fine grind the coffee will taste bitter and over-extracted. Buy coarse ground coffee that’s labeled for cold brew or for french press or grind your own beans by using the coarsest setting on your coffee grinder. You really need a burr grinder to do this as blade grinders chop the beans up way too fine and unevenly to get a good extraction.


The ratio of coffee to cold water used is essential to get a really delicious tasting cup of coffee. This ratio isn’t an exact number but can be tweaked to suit your individual taste. I’d recommend a 1:7 ratio of coffee to water to make a tasty cold brew concentrate. Some baristas will swear by a 1:4 ratio. The great thing about this brew method is if you brew the coffee too strong you can dilute it afterward with cold water to taste.


Even the best cold brew coffee makers won’t work well unless you get the timing just right. You need to leave the coffee-water mixture long enough so the full flavor profile is there but not too long so that it turns bitter and over-extracted. After 8 hours is when most of the coffee flavors have been extracted but the fullest flavors emerge around the 12-hour mark. Up to 18 hours can give the boldest flavor but after this time bitter tastes can begin to show.


Once your coffee has stewed for 12-18 hours you need to strain it to remove the coffee grounds. If you leave them in the brew they will cause it to become bitter and over-extracted as well as giving your coffee a grainy texture.

You can remove the coffee grounds by passing the liquid through a french press or a cold press coffee maker. A fine-mesh sieve may work or a tea strainer. Other good options include a cheesecloth or using a pour-over set up with filter paper. You can also buy coffee bags that you add the grounds to so you just pull the whole lot out when the brew cycle is complete.


Cold-brew coffee can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator as long as it’s in a sealed container. A glass jar is best as other materials such as plastic can impart odors or flavors on the coffee. Make sure the container is airtight and you’ll save the coffee from turning stale. The benefit of brewing cold brew concentrate is that it takes up less space to store.

A cold brew coffee beside some coffee beans


Can you use any coffee for cold brew?

The short answer is yes you can use any type of coffee for cold brew. I’d recommend a medium or dark roast as their bold flavor notes are enhanced when the coffee is brewed cold. The cold brewing technique removes any possibility of bitter-tasting java and really shows off what a good quality dark roast has to offer.

What’s the difference between iced coffee and cold brew?

Iced coffee is coffee that’s been brewed hot and then served over ice for a refreshing treat. It’s quick to make but can taste watered down when the ice cubes melt if it’s not brewed strong enough. Cold brew coffee is a cold extraction technique that takes 12+ hours to brew but gives a very low acid coffee that’s sweet in flavor.

Which country produces the most coffee?

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. The top five countries are 1. Brazil 2. Vietnam 3. Colombia 4. Indonesia 5. Ethiopia

Which African coffee beans are best for cold brew?

Ethiopian coffee is rich in floral and citrus flavors. It’s the perfect choice for those who love complex flavors in their coffee but still want a bold-tasting cup of cold brew.

Can I order cold brew at a coffee shop?

Lots of coffee shops now include cold brew on their menu. It’s becoming more and more popular and the majority of Starbucks stores offer it as well. You can even buy Starbucks cold brew bottled or in cans from your local coffee shop or online on Amazon.

Wandering Bear Organic Coffee for Cold Brew

Wandering Bear Extra Strong Organic Coarse Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

Brand: Wandering Bear

Roast: Dark Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 16 Oz

Flavor Notes: Dark, full-bodied, and chocolatey

Origins: Nicaragua and Tanzania

Price and Reviews

Perfect for making cold brew and french press, Wandering Bear has developed this coffee with freshness as an essential element. These beans have been small-batch roasted in Brooklyn, NYC, and immediately packaged to preserve this fresh flavor.

This option is a very dark roast but there’s no hint of bitterness here. Only a full-bodied cup of joe with a chocolatey flavor. It’s coarsely ground so ready to brew your cold coffee straight away.

These beans have a rich aroma and a very satisfying flavor. It comes with a lovely simple packaging that just gives it a feel of high-quality coffee. Definitely a good choice for your cold brew coffee maker.

Stack Street Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Stack Street Organic Cold Brew Coffee Coarse Ground Flavor Dark Roast

Brand: Stack Street

Roast: Dark Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 16 Oz

Flavor Notes: Smooth, sweet, well-balanced

Origins: Colombia

Price and Reviews

These single-origin beans from stack street come coarsely ground to suit the cold brewing process. Stack Street only uses premium quality coffee beans and this option uses Colombian Supremo (extra large) beans that deliver maximum flavor.

This coffee is 100% arabica and is completely responsibly sourced and USDA certified organic so there’s nothing nasty in there. A 3-layer PE and aluminum foil bag keeps these beans as fresh as they come and the one-way valve ensures freshness in flavor and aroma.

This coffee is smooth and well-balanced with a slightly sweet taste and low acidity. It’s truly delicious when brewed with a cold brewing method.

STONE COLD JO Cold Brew Coffee Blend

STONE COLD JO- 2 lb Cold Brew Coffee Blend Dark Roast

Brand: Jo Coffee

Roast: Dark Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 12 Oz

Flavor Notes: Hints of toffee, caramel, grapes, and chocolate

Origins: Worldwide

Price and Reviews

Jo Coffee is another brilliant option when it comes to making cold brew. These beans are specialty grade coffee which means they fall in the top 2% of the world’s best Arabica beans. The best coffee beans are selected worldwide so this is a coffee blend that helps bring balance to the flavor profile.

There’s a toffee sweetness with caramel and chocolate mixed in there and a citrusy hint of grape. Each batch is handcrafted and roasted in a small batch, micro-roastery so you know the best care has been taken to produce this ground coffee.

It’s a dark roast coffee that ticks all the boxes where cold brewing is concerned.

Maud’s Tall Dark & Handsome

Mauds Tall Dark and Handsome Dark Roast Cold Brew Ground Coffee

Brand: Maud’s Gourmet Coffee

Roast: Dark Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 10 Oz

Flavor Notes: Silky texture, sweet aroma, hints of toasted nuts

Origins: Worldwide

Price and Reviews

If there’s one way I like my coffee it’s Tall, Dark, & Handsome and Maud’s gourmet coffee fits the bill perfectly! It has a silky texture and sweet aroma that’s often found in lighter roasts but this coffee boasts the bold, low acidity of the dark roast it is. You’ll taste toasted nuts in every sip.

It’s 100% arabica and a coarse grind size so easy to brew cold coffee straight away. The beans are roasted in San Diego California where solar power is used to help minimize the environmental impact. This tiny footprint is set to be further reduced as the company aims to be carbon neutral by 2024.

This coffee tastes rich and delicious and coffee lovers from all over agree it’s a perfect choice for cold brew.

Cameron’s Coffee Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew Blend

Camerons Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee Bag Cold Brew Blend

Brand: Cameron’s Specialty Coffee

Roast: Light Roast

Grind: Coarse Grind

Size: 12 Oz

Flavor Notes: Rich vanilla, zesty hazelnuts

Origins: Worldwide

Price and Reviews

The only light roast coffee that has made it onto this list is Cameron’s Specialty Coffee. These ground beans are combined with fresh vanilla and hazelnuts to give a beautifully balanced sweetness that compliments the fresh arabica coffee.

This coffee is sustainably sourced and small-batch roasted so care is taken with batch. It’s best to shorten the brewing time for this kind of coffee as too long will lead to more acidity so gives a harsh coffee flavor.

When brewed correctly this pre-ground coffee makes a wonderful smooth-tasting cup of coffee that’s deliciously sweet.

Final Thoughts

The best coffee for cold brew ultimately comes down to your personal taste preferences. Whether it’s a bold dark roast or a floral light roast all coffee deserves a chance to try the cold brewing technique.

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