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Soulhand Vacuum Coffee Container Review 2022

Soulhand reached out and asked if I wanted to have a shot and review their new Vacuum coffee container, and I said hells yes!

I’ve long been curious about the benefits of a vacuum coffee container, and with no dedicated space to store my coffee currently, I was excited to try it out.

So it arrived and I got it charged up. Although it came almost completely charged and after a brief fiddle around without looking at the instructions I decided to have a look at those too so I could get the thing to work.

And it worked beautifully.

I wouldn’t say it’s a necessary purchase for every coffee drinker, but it’s definitely a gadget worth adding to the collection if, like me, you’re a bit of a collector when it comes to coffee gear.

Soulhand Vacuum Coffee Cannister 01

The Soulhand Vacuum Coffee Container

Soulhand Pro Vacuum Coffee Container


  • Keep your coffee fresh 50% longer
  • Easy USB Charging
  • Vacuum at the press of a button
  • Stylish container to store your coffee
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Glass is fragile

Price & Reviews

What You’ll Get

The obvious parts you’ll get are of course the Jar, the vacuum lid, and a charging cable. You don’t get an actual plug socket with it but it’s a standard USB charger. I used the phone charger that lives in the kitchen to charge mine.

You also get a handy little coffee scoop that slots onto the lid, which is possibly my favorite part of the whole thing.

But here are the actual reasons you’ll want this.


This is the real reason you’ll want to get the Soulhand Vacuum Cannister, it’s going to keep your coffee fresh for 50% longer. That’s 6 weeks of freshness out of your bag of coffee for zero effort.

Plus it’s capable of sealing in over 500 grams of coffee if you opt for the 1.6L capacity, which means two regular-sized bags of specialty coffee and half the trips out to buy it!

Dedicated Space To Store Your Coffee

Soulhand Vacuum Coffee Container 03

This is the part I like, as someone who ends up shoving a bag of coffee sideways into the cupboard on top of all the mugs. Having somewhere dedicated and stylish to keep your coffee is a nice feeling.

Seeing it sitting pride of place in its dedicated jar brings a little respect to the whole process of making your coffee, allowing a little more mindfulness and enjoyment.

You could, of course, do this with a flip-top jar like a Kilner jar. Although now and again my inner coffee snob likes to express itself, and the Soulhand Vacuum canister is the perfect way to do it.

It still needs to be kept in a cupboard of course, away from direct sunlight and somewhere cool.

Ease Of Use

It couldn’t be simpler, tap it twice to turn on the vacuum seal, and tap it twice to turn it off again. I started by tapping it too slowly, having not used anything “touch” based in years, since the time this touch-tech wasn’t very good, but the Soulhand jar is very responsive.

I tried tapping it as lightly as I could and it still responded.

You just need to make sure the lid is on properly, but it’s very well-fitting so it doesn’t take much to put it on properly.

Soulhand Vacuum Coffee Cannister 02 Shot from Above

Oh, and if you want to know whether it’s vacuumed or released you can hold down the power button and whichever one will flash up.

The only thing is once it’s going you have to let it finish vacuuming before you release it, you can’t press it in the middle to stop it and turn it off if you’ve put the lid on early for some reason.

The empty Jar takes about 1 min 7 seconds to fully vacuum seal. No need to wait for it to finish though, just bung it in your cupboard!

Soulhand themselves

We’ve worked alongside Soulhand for a while and they’ve continued to develop more and more top-notch coffee products. We’re particularly fond of their pour over kettles and have had some amazing results from their cold brew dripper.

Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Dripper Product Image

They have a commitment to quality that you don’t see in a lot of new coffee brands that offer cheap and not so cheerful products that are used up and broken before you’ve gotten to grips with them.

Not with Soulhand, they are offering top-notch equipment designed to last and designed to be functional and stylish. Fast becoming my favorite coffee equipment brand out there.

Compared To Other Vacuum Containers

I don’t like to name-drop when it comes to talking about other coffee products, especially if I have less than nice things to say.

But I will say that compared to the Soulhand vacuum canister the rest don’t hold up even a little bit.

Most are airtight without an electric motor element that actually removes air. Others are too small to be of any use and there are quite a lot that just aren’t fit for purpose.

Not to mention that they don’t look nearly as nice as the Soulhand does, there aren’t any others you’d be as proud to have in your house and take out every morning than this one.


Nothing in the world is perfect, even as much as we love something. So the main con behind this is the price, it is on the higher end as long as coffee gadgets go. But on the scale of the Technivorm Moccamaster and many of the espresso machines that go up and beyond $1000 it’s not that bad.

And if you’re on a quest for the ultimate coffee experience then an extra $85 to keep your coffee as fresh as it can be for better flavor is hardly a big ask.


Is it a strictly necessary piece of coffee equipment? No.

Am I glad I own it and am I going to use it with every bag of coffee I buy? Absolutely yes.

While being a luxury item I’m finding I’m getting a lot more use out of it than I expected I would. I’m glad I own it. It really classes up my coffee corner and it’s a cool gadget to tell people about when they come over and watch me making coffee.

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