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    The Top Ten Best Canned Coffee Brands

    by Scott | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

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    There are occasions in life when instant coffee is just not instant enough. Have you ever been stuck somewhere, maybe in traffic, out in the wilderness, or just too remote to access a coffee maker? Sometimes it’s not even your location and you’re simply just too busy to brew up a batch of coffee.

    If this sounds familiar then canned coffee is for you. It’s literally just coffee, brewed cold, and sealed in a can to keep it fresh. If you enjoy a coffee most mornings then it’s a good idea to buy these in bulk so there are plenty in the fridge, ready to enjoy when you need one most.

    Whether you need your coffee to be low calorie, high caffeine, vegan, kosher, vanilla-flavored, or any other specification, there’s a canned coffee variety here to suit your needs.

    To help narrow down the immense array of options available to choose from, here are ten top picks for canned coffee. We will start with the top five best options and our top choice which is a variety pack by La Colombe.

    Top Five Best Canned Coffee Options

    1. Top Choice – La Colombe Draft Latte Variety Pack

    001 Canned Coffee - La Colombe Draft Latte Variety Pack

    Brand: La Colombe

    Coffee: 100% Arabica, Brazilian Single Origin Beans

    Flavor: Mocha, Vanilla, Triple Shot Latte

    Calories: <150 Per Can


    • 12 Can Variety Pack
    • Caffeinated
    • Lactose-Free
    • Gluten-Free
    • 5g Protein Per Can

    Price and Reviews

    2. Runner Up – Black Rifle Coffee Ready To Drink

    002 Canned Coffee - Black Rifle Coffee Ready To Drink

    Brand: Black Rifle

    Coffee: Brazilian and Colombian

    Flavor: Espresso with Cream

    Calories: 170 Per Can


    • 200mg Caffeine
    • Mocha Option Available
    • 7g Protein Per Can
    • Gluten Free
    • 12 Pack

    Price and Reviews

    3. Vegan-Friendly Option – Quokka Brew Jitter-less Oat Milk Latte

    003 Canned Coffee - Quokka Brew Jitter-less Oat Milk Latte

    Brand: Quokka Brew

    Coffee: Fair Trade, Organic Coffee

    Flavor: Vanilla Oat Milk Latte

    Calories: 60 Per Can


    • 135mg Caffeine
    • Green Tea Extract for Calmness
    • Ginseng for Mental Clarity
    • L-Theanine for Improved Focus
    • Only 5g Sugar

    Price and Reviews

    4. Low Calorie Option – RISE Brewing Co. | Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    004 Canned Coffee - RISE Brewing Co. _ Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    Brand: Rise Brewing Co.

    Coffee: Nitro Cold Brew

    Flavor: Black Coffee

    Calories: 10 Per Can


    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Non GMO

    Price and Reviews

    5. Best Starbucks Canned Coffee – Starbucks Tripleshot Zero Sugar

    005 Canned Coffee - Starbucks Tripleshot Zero Sugar

    Brand: Starbucks

    Coffee: Brewed Starbucks Coffee

    Flavor: Black Coffee & Vanilla Options

    Calories: 25 Per Can


    • 225mg Caffeine
    • 12 Can Variety Pack
    • Guarana, Ginseng, and B Vitamins
    • 0g of Sugar

    Price and Reviews

    Why Choose Canned Coffee?

    If you lead a busy lifestyle and struggle to find time for brewing coffee in the morning then canned coffee can be a major godsend. The coffee comes already brewed, mixed, and ready to enjoy. All you need to do is pop the can and drink it.

    It’s perfect for busy mornings, rushed lunches at work, travel, or if you’re staying at a motel, hotel, or B&B and you’re not convinced there will be a good option for coffee.

    Canned coffee is great for camping, hiking, or having it in a motorhome as no equipment is necessary. It’s good for busy parents who need a boost but the house is too chaotic to safely brew coffee. It’s also ideal for anyone who struggles to brew their own coffee due to an illness or disability.

    If you’re a get-up-and-go type of person and you need your coffee quickly, or if you just hate anything that requires cleanup afterward then canned coffee is for you. There are so many good reasons to have a few cans of coffee in your fridge, all it takes is finding the flavor that suits you best.

    Making Nitro Cold Brew at Home


    Is canned coffee any good?

    Canned coffee comes in a huge range of flavors and includes a wide range of ingredients. Depending on the brand and ingredients, canned coffee can be just as nutritious and delicious as home-brewed coffee. Just makes sure you choose an option that fits your needs, whether it’s low calorie, vegan, or kosher, there’s an option on this list to suit you.

    Is Starbucks canned coffee good?

    Starbucks canned coffee is rich and smooth in flavor and contains a whopping 225mg of caffeine. It has added guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins to give you a natural energy boost as well as to combat that caffeine crash. Starbucks Tripleshot Zero Sugar is good for those who need an energy boost without any of the negative side effects that can come from other brands of canned coffee.

    Which canned coffee has the most caffeine?

    Starbucks Tripleshot has the most caffeine at 225mg per can. This is a drink that’s not for the faint of heart!

    How do you drink canned coffee?

    Make sure you place the can in the fridge for an hour or so prior to enjoying the coffee. The longer it chills, the better it will taste. To really maximize this effect, place a tall glass in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Open the can as per the manufacturer’s instructions and pour the coffee into the cold glass. Enjoy!

    More Awesome Canned Coffee Options

    6. High Brew Coffee Cold Coffee Creamy Cappuccino Plus Protein

    006 Canned Coffee - High Brew Coffee Cold Coffee Creamy Cappuccino Plus Protein

    Brand: High Brew Coffee

    Coffee: Direct Trade Arabica Beans

    Flavor: Creamy Cappuccino

    Calories: 120 Per Can


    • 12g Protein and 3g Fibre Per Can
    • 140mg Caffeine
    • Low Acidity
    • Pack of 12 Cans

    Price and Reviews

    7. Califia Farms – Cold Brew Coffee, Mocha Noir with Almondmilk

    007 Canned Coffee - Califia Farms - Cold Brew Coffee, Mocha Noir with Almondmilk

    Brand: Califia Farm

    Coffee: 100% Arabica Beans

    Flavor: Chocolate and Almond Milk

    Calories: 110 Per Can


    • Dairy Free
    • Non GMO Certified
    • Kosher
    • Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans

    Price and Reviews

    8. Illy Ready to Drink Coffee CLASSICO Cold Brew

    008 Canned Coffee - Illy Ready to Drink Coffee CLASSICO Cold Brew

    Brand: Illy

    Coffee: 100% Arabica Blend

    Flavor: Black Coffee

    Calories: 5 Per Can


    • 190mg Caffeine
    • 0g of Sugar
    • Naturally Sweet
    • Medium Roast

    Price and Reviews

    9. UCC Original Coffee with Milk

    009 Canned Coffee - UCC Original Coffee with Milk

    Brand: C&U

    Coffee: Made in Japan

    Flavor: Sweetened Coffee with Milk

    Calories: 140 Calories


    • 5g of Protein
    • Made in Japan
    • Pack of 24 Cans

    Price and Reviews

    10. BOSS Coffee by Suntory – Japanese Flash Brew Coffee with Milk

    010 Canned Coffee - BOSS Coffee by Suntory - Japanese Flash Brew Coffee with Milk

    Brand: Boss

    Coffee: Brazilian and Colombian Beans

    Flavor: Cafe au Lait

    Calories: 120 Per Can


    • 130mg Caffeine
    • Gluten Free
    • Flash Brew Coffee
    • 12 Pack

    Price and Reviews

    Final Thoughts

    Canned coffee is a convenient and straightforward way to enjoy cold brew coffee. It’s already brewed so you just need to place it in the refrigerator to ensure it’s chilled and ready to grab whenever you need a pick-me-up. There are many options from espresso to nitro cold brew and even vegan choices available. It’s absolutely the quickest and easiest way to enjoy coffee and is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle!

    Can you guess what keeps me up at night? You guessed it! Copious amounts of coffee beans. What? I brew them first.