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The 8 Best Dual Coffee Makers

Choosing your favorite way to brew coffee can be similar to choosing a favorite food. There are so many great options out there and different flavors will suit your mood on different days. Nothing beats an iced coffee on a hot summer’s morning but when the weather turns cooler, sometimes all you need is a hot creamy latte.

If you love to brew all kinds of coffee, your kitchen can quickly become cluttered with coffee machines. From drip coffee to espresso or single serve, choosing only one of these brew methods is downright unfair.

To save counter space, save costs yet also keep your options open, you need a dual coffee machine. These coffee brewers can quickly switch between different types of coffee to suit whatever needs you may have.

Dual coffee makers can brew a variety of kinds of coffee and can vary in their different features and functionality. To help you find the best fit for your home, here is a condensed list of the very best Two-Way Coffee Makers available on the market. If any particular one catches your eye then don’t hesitate to click the ‘Price & Reviews’ button to check current prices on Amazon.

To start us off today, here are the top five options with Cuisinart leading the way with the Coffee Center.

The Top Five Best Dual Coffee Makers

1. Top Pick – Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center

Brand: Cuisinart

Brew Options: 12 Cup Carafe or Single Serve

Water Reservoir: 40 Oz Removable Water Reservoir

Carafe: Glass Carafe and Hot Plate


  • Brew Pause
  • Strong Brew
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Temperature Control
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Self Cleaning Function

Price & Reviews

The top choice today is this Cuisinart drip and single-serve coffee maker. It has a really nice design with stainless steel accents so will fit well into any kitchen. The water reservoir has an easy view window so you can easily monitor how much is in there and it’s removable so is very easy to clean. There’s even an add water warning light which is very useful.

The single-serve side can brew coffee of 6, 8, or 10 Oz from either K-cup pods or use the reusable filter provided and add your own coffee grounds. There’s even a removable drip tray for travel mugs. The carafe side is fully programmable with a strong brew, brew pause, temperature control, and even a 24-hour timer so you can have your coffee ready when you wake up in the morning.

A charcoal water filter ensures only the best-tasting coffee and auto shut-off stops the machine from burning out if you forget to switch it off.

2. Runner Up – Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Brand: Keurig

Brew Options: 12 Cup Carafe or Single Serve

Water Reservoir: 60 Oz Removable Water Reservoir

Carafe: Glass Carafe + Heating Plate


  • Auto Brew Programmable Timer
  • Strong Brew
  • Smart Start
  • Pause and Pour

Price & Reviews

Keurig machines are some of the most simple and hassle-free coffee brewers to work with. The K-Duo is a cross between their single serve machines and a drip coffee maker. It can manage multiple brew sizes from a 6-12 cup carafe or a 6-12 ounce single cup of coffee. The filter basket takes flat bottom paper filters or you can use Keurigs gold-tone permanent filter but this requires that you buy it separately.

It has smart start technology which means it heats up and starts brewing all in one process so you can simply switch it on, select your cup size, and just leave it to brew your coffee. There’s a time built in that makes it fully programmable and pause and pour lets you grab a quick cup before the brew cycle is complete. A strong brew button is also a nice extra.

This machine is perfect if you want the simplicity of a Keurig but don’t want to miss out on the convenience of a drip coffee maker as well.

3. Best For Specialty Coffee – De’Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Dual Coffee Maker

Brand: De’Longhi

Brew Options: 10 Cup Carafe or Espresso (Plus Steam Wand)

Water Reservoir: Dual Reservoirs for Coffee and Espresso

Carafe: Glass, Spill Proof Carafe


  • 24 Hour Programmable Timer
  • Steam Wand Cappuccino Setting
  • Bold Brew Setting
  • Dual Heating System

Price & Reviews

If you love lattes or you can’t resist a cappuccino then this high-quality two-way brewer by Delonghi is perfect. It can brew regular drip coffee or specialty espresso and it even has a steam wand so you can froth milk.

It has a digital touchscreen control panel which is very user-friendly and you can set it to brew a carafe of coffee well in advance. The espresso side of the machine has a powerful, 15-bar pump that perfectly extracts all that delicious coffee flavor. It even has a dual heating system so you can brew espresso at the same time as brewing drip coffee.

The carafe is designed to be spill-proof so no mess is guaranteed. Bold brew settings adjust the drip brewing cycle to fully enhance those rich flavor notes so you can choose to have your coffee this way if you prefer.

The steam wand attachment is a fantastic addition to this machine and allows you to brew the best-tasting specialty coffee and even practice latte art with ease. You’ll be a barista in no time and save space in your kitchen by incorporating two machines into one.

4. Budget Option – Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker

Brand: Hamilton Beach

Brew Options: 12 Cup Carafe or Single Serve

Water Reservoir: 2 Separate Water Reservoirs

Carafe: Glass Carafe


  • Programmable
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Pause and Pour
  • Brew Strength Selector

Price & Reviews

If you’re on a tight budget then a dual brew coffee maker can seem out of reach. Thankfully, this option by Hamilton Beach makes brewing coffee simple and affordable. It can brew a 12-cup carafe or single-serve cup of coffee using pods or coffee grounds. There are two separate water reservoirs so you can just the amount to suit your brew method.

It’s programmable to have your coffee ready whenever you need it and auto shut-off means it won’t burn out if you forget about it. Pause and pour is a fantastic extra for those impatient folk out there.

It has a brew strength selector to allow you to customize your coffee to suit your individual taste. It’s very user-friendly as well as friendly on your bank account.

5. Best for Brewing Tea – Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Brand: Ninja

Brew Options: Single Serve, Carafe, Specialty, Over Ice, Tea

Water Reservoir: Removable

Carafe: 50 Oz Thermal Carafe


  • 6 Brew Size, 5 Brew Styles
  • Fold Away Frother
  • Programmable Timer
  • Self Clean Function

Price & Reviews

If you can’t decide between a tea or a coffee maker then why not get one that does both? The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System can brew tea or coffee and it even has separate brewing baskets for each of these options so the flavors don’t end up mixing. It has smart basket recognition so when you fix the basket in place it automatically shows you tea or coffee options to choose from.

As well as having an over-ice option it can also brew a rich, dark specialty coffee and it has a milk frother so you can easily turn this into a latte or any kind of specialty coffee you enjoy best. It’s worth noting that you do have to warm the milk beforehand as the frother doesn’t heat the milk as well.

The thermal carafe is a great way to keep your coffee hot for hours, especially if you pre-heat it beforehand with a little hot water. Overall, this machine has a huge array of options and can brew all kinds of hot or cold drinks at the touch of a button. Perfect for tea and coffee lovers alike.

Coffee Maker Buyers Guide

Carafe or Single Serve – What’s the Difference?

A cup of coffee can look very similar to any other cup of coffee so you may be wondering what the difference is between a single cup and a full pot of coffee. A full carafe is brewed when hot water is trickled over coffee grounds as they sit in a paper filter. The grounds slowly expand and release a depth of flavor. This is good for batch brewing so you can enjoy several cups one after the other.

Single-serve coffee can be brewed in a similar manner by infusing coffee grounds with hot water so is a sort of a miniature form of drip coffee. Some brewers also give the option of using coffee pods as well which automates the brewing process even further. This method is great for a one-off serving or filling your travel mug before work.

Consider Specialty Coffee

If you love bold espresso or creamy lattes then you may want to consider a specialty coffee maker. These machines use pressure to extract a rich, concentrated shot of coffee that can be enjoyed as an espresso or topped up with steamed milk to make a latte or cappuccino. Some dual coffee makers have the option of specialty coffee as well as drip coffee and even a milk frother so you can be your own barista.

Coffee Grounds or K-Cup Pods

Using fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee requires a paper coffee filter or reusable filter. Most coffee makers come with these extras but sometimes you do have to buy them separately. K-cup pods are plastic capsules that hold the coffee grounds until you are ready to brew with them. This can keep the coffee fresher for longer but they do generate a lot of waste.

For the richest, freshest flavor use freshly roasted whole beans and grind up just the amount you need for every batch of coffee.

Hot Water System or Tea Maker

If you’re a fan of brewing tea as well as coffee then you can buy machines that are designed for this intention. Some options have pre-programmed settings for different kinds of tea. A hot water dispenser can also be useful for brewing tea or instant coffee or even making oatmeal. A hot water system is a really useful feature if you like to make things other than just coffee.


Versatility is a really important consideration when choosing any kind of coffee maker. There are so many potential functions and settings that can really enhance the way you use your machine. Some models come with a brew strength control setting so you can adjust the taste of the coffee to your liking. Some machines have a timer function so you can set it up to brew coffee whenever you need it most. Auto shut off, brew pause and even temperature settings all allow you to fine-tune your brew method to suit your precise tastes.

four cups of coffee with coffee beans scattered around


Which duo coffee maker is best?

The Cuisinart Coffee Center is our top pick due to its sleek and stylish design as well as the huge range of programmable features it boasts.

What is the difference between K-duo and K-duo plus?

The Keurig K-Duo and K-Duo Plus are very similar coffee makers but they do have a few key differences. The K-Duo features a glass carafe with a warming plate whereas the K-Duo plus comes with a stainless steel, thermal carafe. The Duo Plus has a water tank that can be moved into various positions to allow the coffee machine to fit into tight spaces. The Duo Plus is a little taller but has a smaller footprint compared to the K-Duo.

Which duo coffee maker is best for hot coffee?

The Cuisinart Coffee Center has a carafe with a warming plate to keep your coffee warm for hours after it’s brewed. It also has temperature control settings so you can customize your coffee to be as hot as you like.

What is the difference between a single and a dual coffee maker?

A dual coffee maker is basically a single-serve coffee maker with the addition of a drip coffee machine. This gives you versatility when it comes to serving size and brew method but it also helps save countertop space by reducing the number of appliances in your kitchen.

What is the best coffee maker for iced coffee?

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System have special settings so it can brew single-serve coffee over ice. It can also brew a full carafe, ultra-rich specialty coffee, regular single-serve coffee, and tea.

More Dual Coffee Makers Reviewed

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Ninja Dual-Brew

Brand: Ninja

Brew Options: Single Serve, Carafe, Tea, Hot Water, Specialty Coffee

Water Reservoir: 60 Oz, Multi-Position Reservoir

Carafe: 12 Cup Glass Carafe


  • 4 Brew Styles
  • Programmable Timer
  • Ground Coffee or Coffee Pods
  • Self Clean Function

Price & Reviews

Next up we have the DualBrew Pro by Ninja. This coffee maker can do a whole host of brew styles so it can satisfy you no matter what you’re in the mood for. It comes with a large capacity, multi-position water reservoir which makes it adaptable enough to fit into most kitchens. The 12-cup glass carafe has a warming plate but there’s a fold-out drip tray/shelf as well to accommodate smaller glasses or mugs.

It has over-ice options for tea and coffee and you can brew using coffee grounds or pods if you prefer. There’s also a specialty coffee option as well as the fold-away milk frother so you can easily make your favorite kind of coffee.

An independent hot water system makes this machine truly versatile so you can make hot chocolate, instant coffee, oatmeal, instant noodles, or any other recipe. It has a self-clean function which makes clean-up very straightforward. The only downside is the frother doesn’t heat the milk. All this means is you have to pop it in the microwave or on the stovetop for a couple of minutes before you froth it.

Sincreative 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker


Brand: Sincreative

Brew Options: 12 Cup Carafe, Single Serve

Water Reservoir: 2 Separate Water Reservoirs, 60 Oz and 40 Oz

Carafe: Glass Carafe and Warming Plate


  • Programmable 24 Hour Timer
  • 5 Single Serve Cup Sizes
  • 2 Hour Auto Shut Off

Price & Reviews

This Sincreatice dual brew coffee maker is a cost effective option that ticks all the boxes. They’re a US-based company that takes pride in its products and this coffee maker is no exception. It can brew a 12-cup carafe or single serve cup of coffee using K-cup pods or coffee grounds.

The warming plate keeps the carafe hot for up to 2 hours before it times out which gives you plenty of time to enjoy a large batch of coffee. There are two separate water reservoirs that can hold 60 Oz for the carafe side and 40 Oz for the single serve side. They are removable and have an easy view water level window so you can easily see how much water is left.

With a programmable 24-hour timer this machine has everything you need for brewing delicious coffee with ease.

Brim Trio Multibrew System

Brim Coffee Maker

Brand: Brim

Brew Options: Single Serve and Carafe

Water Reservoir: 2 Separate Water Tanks

Carafe: Glass Carafe and Warming Plate


  • Brew Strength Selector
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Carafe Temperature Control Settings
  • Customizable Auto Shut Off

Price & Reviews

Last but certainly not least is the Brim Trio Multibrew System. This machine may have a low price tag but this doesn’t mean it lacks in quality. It has all the standard features you would hope for with a dual brew system plus more.

With the usual single serve and carafe options you can use ground coffee or K-cup pods and 2 separate water tanks allows you to monitor each side of the brewer with ease. It has a built-in timer so it can brew your coffee automatically and the customizable auto shut-off means you can set the machine to switch off when you want it to. You can even set the warming plate temperature to keep your coffee as hot as you like it best.

A brew strength selector adds even more room for customization and there’s an adjustable drip tray to accommodate your favorite coffee cup. This machine may be a lower priced option but it has all the important features and makes the most delicious coffee.

Final Thoughts

That sums up our delve into dual coffee brewers. These devices are a really cost-effective, space-saving solution for anyone who loves brewing coffee using multiple different brew methods. Now the hard work is over it’s time to dust off that bag of coffee beans, grab your coffee grinder, and make a cup of java that’s satisfying to the core. You deserve it!

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