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Dark Vs Medium Roast Coffee (Bold Vs Mellow)

I love coffee more than life itself. That aroma, the flavor, and even the sound of the coffee dripping into the carafe each morning is music to my ears. That first sip of the wonderful stuff is like an explosion of flavor on my tongue and I wouldn’t start the day any other way. As much as I ...

Americano vs Latte (To Add Milk or Water?)

It can be pretty incredible to look at a bag of coffee beans and consider all the potential they hold. There are so many different ways to turn these little packages of flavor into the magic elixir we all know as coffee, it’s mind-blowing. From different brew methods to added extras, the ...

Cortado Vs Latte (Size Matters)

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop keen for a creamy coffee and just been overwhelmed by the options available? It sometimes feels like just when you gain an understanding of one kind of coffee you go into the next coffeeshop and boom, there’s another new term on the menu! I thought I ...

Above Average Coffee
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