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Do Starbucks Make Non-Coffee Drinks? Yes They Do, Lots actually

Starbucks coffee is the main reason they are so popular. Whether it’s a caramel macchiato or sweet cream cold brew, Starbucks has a cup of coffee for every occasion. As much as I love coffee, I do have to admit there are certain times when coffee is not the answer.

If you’re caffeine-sensitive or just find the taste of coffee a bit much then you may be wondering what are your options when it comes to Starbucks drinks? Are there many non-coffee options available and of these, are there any that are perfect for you?

The answer is yes and yes!

There are over fifty non-coffee drinks available from Starbucks from hot tea lattes to cold fruity freshers and creamy frappuccinos. If you’re not a coffee fan you will be spoiled for choice.

Here we have all the non-coffee Starbucks drinks you can order from your barista, what they’re made of and how many calories are in a grande option. Have a browse and once you find the one that suits you, you can head straight to your local Starbucks, and try one for yourself!

A pink starbucks drink on a table (ised dragonfruit lemonade)

Non-Coffee Starbucks Drinks

Hot Tea

Chai Tea

Chai tea is a lovely blend of black tea with warming spices. It’s the perfect coffee substitute on those cold winter mornings.

Grande: 0 Calories

Chai Tea Latte

A blend of steamed milk and chai tea concentrate, this infusion contains sugar and honey to sweeten the senses.

Grande: 240 Calories

Earl Grey Tea

A lovely blend of black tea, bergamot, and lemon this tea is fresh, floral, and totally refreshing.

Grande: 0 Calories

a london fog latte

London Fog Latte

Take earl grey tea, top it up with steamed milk and add a shot of vanilla syrup to give this creamy, delicious cup of tea.

Grande: 180 Calories

Royal English Breakfast Tea

The most refined and sophisticated drink, breakfast tea is lovely enjoyed black or add a splash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar to round it off.

Grande: 0 Calories

Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte

Steamed milk and liquid cane sugar are added to classic breakfast tea to give this sweet and delicious treat.

Grande: 150 Calories

Emperors Clouds and Mist

An enchanting blend of green tea, this drink boasts all the benefits whilst containing non of the bad stuff. Perfect for any diet.

Grande: 0 Calories

A Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha Tea Latte

Starbucks matcha powder contains a mix of green tea and sugar and this creates the base for the latte. Top it off with steamed milk and you get this wonderfully refreshing latte.

Grande: 240 Calories

Honey Citrus Mint Tea

Take some jade citrus mint tea, a peach tranquility herbal tea, and some sweet steamed lemonade, top it off with a drizzle of honey and there you have it. This used to belong on the secret menu but it became so popular that it was upgraded to the actual menu.

Grande: 130 Calories

Jade Citrus Mint Tea

Green tea, lemon verbena, spearmint, and lemongrass all combine to give this fresh and citrusy cup of tea.

Grande: 0 Calories

Mint Majesty

A blend of mint, peppermint, and a hint of lemon verbena give this wonderfully caffeine-free pick-me-up that’s perfect any time of day.

Grande: 0 Calories

Peach Tranquility

Peach, chamomile, rosehip, lemon verbena, and candied pineapple give this fruity and sweet herbal tea. No calories and no sugar mean you can enjoy this guilt-free.

Grande: 0 Calories

Hot Drinks

A Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Take some rich mocha sauce and swirl it into steamed milk to give an indulgent, chocolatey drink. Top with whipped cream and mocha drizzle, it’s the perfect sweet treat.

Grande: 370 Calories

White Hot Chocolate

If regular hot chocolate just isn’t sweet enough then this drink will really hit the spot. White chocolate sauce and steamed milk combine to give this ultra-sweet concoction and whipped cream finishes it to perfection.

Grande: 440 Calories

Steamed Apple Juice

It’s not just milk that works well when heated with steam. The apple juice used is fresh and not from concentrate to give you all that apple goodness in a delicious warming drink.

Grande: 220 Calories

Caramel Apple Spice

If you love the festive feel of a pumpkin spice latte but want to avoid coffee drinks then caramel apple spice will tick all the boxes. It’s steamed apple juice with cinnamon dolce syrup, topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle sauce.

Grande: 380 Calories

Starbucks Vanilla Steamer

Pistachio Creme

Pistachio is the most creamy, indulgent, recent addition to the Starbucks menu and this drink showcases it perfectly. It’s steamed milk flavored with pistachio sauce and finished with salted brown butter topping for a very satisfying, warming drink.

Grande: 330 Calories

Cinnamon Dolce Creme

It’s steamed milk, cinnamon dolce syrup, and then whipped cream with cinnamon dolce topping. It’s creamy, it’s festive, and it’s utterly delicious.

Grande: 360 Calories

Vanilla Creme

It’s pretty much a vanilla latte but leave out the espresso. This option combines steamed milk with vanilla syrup and is topped with whipped cream for a delicious treat.

Grande: 350 Calories

Steamed Milk

Why not leave out the sugary additions and just enjoy steamed milk as is? You can choose from skim, 2% milk, soy milk, coconut milk, or almond milk.

Grande: 200 Calories

Iced Tea

A Cold Glass of Iced Black Tea

Iced Black Tea

Premium black tea, served over ice. It’s simple, it’s refreshing, it’s delicious.

Grande: 0 Calories

Iced Black Tea Lemonade

If you like your tea a little sweeter then why not add some lemonade? Tea and lemon make the perfect taste combination in this refreshing summer treat.

Grande: 50 Calories

Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte

The Starbucks royal English breakfast tea is sweetened with liquid cane sugar before it’s topped up with milk and served over ice for this delicious recipe.

Grande: 140 Calories

Iced London Fog Tea Latte

Vanilla syrup perfectly accentuates the floral flavors of earl gray tea and these flavors combine to give a latte worth shouting about!

Grande: 140 Calories

Iced Chai Tea Latte

Black tea combined with sweet chai concentrate gives this warming blend of tea and spices served in a wonderfully cool latte.

Grande: 240 Calories

Some iced peach green tea

Iced Peach Green Tea

Teavana iced green tea and peach juice go together perfectly to give this sweet and satisfying green tea drink. A perfect early morning pick-me-up.

Grande: 60 Calories

Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Similar to above yet served with lemonade to give a sweet citrusy twist.

Grande: 80 Calories

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

Sweetened matcha powder whisked into cold milk gives this wonderfully satisfying green tea latte.

Grande: 200 Calories

Iced Green Tea

Green tea is lightly flavored with mint and lemon notes. Served cold over ice to make this deliciously cooling yet healthy treat. It’s also a perfect substitute for iced coffee if you want something a bit lighter.

Grande: 0 Calories

Iced Green Tea Lemonade

Take Starbucks iced tea and add some sweet and tangy lemonade. The flavors combine perfectly and give this drink a sweeter twist.

Grande: 50 Calories

two glasses of matcha lemonade

Iced Matcha Lemonade

Iced tea lemonade, but make it vibrant green. Take Teavana matcha green tea and add some lemonade and serve over ice.

Grande: 120 Calories

Iced Passion Tango Tea

Lemongrass, apple, and hibiscus flavors are shaken over ice to give this wonderfully refreshing treat.

Grande: 0 Calories

Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

Iced passion tango tea but with Starbucks lemonade. It’s the perfect summer’s day treat.

Grande: 50 Calories

Cold Drinks

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

Guava flavored juice blend is added to creamy coconut milk and a splash of pineapple ginger syrup gives it a spicy, tart flavor. It’s thick, creamy, and satisfies every taste bud.

Grande: 190 Calories

Dragon Drink

Sweet mango and dragonfruit flavors are combined with coconut to give a drink with a deep pink hue. A scoop of real dragonfruit adds fresh tropical flavors.

Grande: 130 Calories

Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher

The mango dragonfruit refresher base combines fruity flavors with natural green coffee flavor to give a small caffeine buzz. This is shaken over ice and real dragonfruit pieces are added to complete this tasty treat.

Grande: 90 Calories

Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refresher

It’s the mango dragonfruit refresher but with a lemon twist. A perfect fruity summer treat.

Grande: 140 Calories

an iced Strawberry Acai drink

Strawberry Acai Refresher

The Starbucks refresher drinks are the perfect way to enjoy a light caffeine hit whilst sipping summer fruit flavors. This one incorporated strawberry and acai flavors with natural green coffee extract.

Grande: 90 Calories

Strawberry Acai Lemonade Starbucks Refresher

Take the Strawberry Acai Refresher and add a citrus burst with fresh lemonade. Finished with freeze-dried strawberry pieces this tastes like summer in a glass.

Grande: 140 Calories

Pink Drink

The Strawberry Acai Refresher is combined with rich, creamy coconut milk to give this tempting treat. It combines the tropical and summertime flavors all wrapped up in a beautiful pink drink.

Grande: 140 Calories

Star Drink

Tangy kiwi and starfruit flavored juices are blended with coconut milk and shaken over ice. Real kiwi pieces add a fresh flavor and texture to give a thick and delicious treat.

Grande: 130 Calories

Kiwi Starfruit Starbucks Refresher

Kiwi and starfruit juices are combined with natural green coffee extract and served over ice with freeze-dried kiwi pieces.

Grande: 90 Calories

Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refresher

The Kiwi starfruit refresher is made extra citrusy by adding fresh lemonade. It’s fruity, fresh, and very satisfying.

Grande: 140 Calories

some fresh lemonade in a glass mason jar


Starbucks own lemonade with tangy lemon juice, rich lemon oil, and sweet sugar to balance the bitterness. Delicious on its own as well as combined with fruity flavored refreshers.

Grande: 120 Calories

Blended Strawberry Lemonade

Take the Starbucks lemonade and add creme frappuccino syrup, strawberry puree sauce, and then blend with plenty of ice. This thick and sweet treat will satisfy every craving.

Grande: 190 Calories

Creme Frappuccinos

Pistachio Creme Frappuccino

Pistachio sauce, milk, and ice blended and topped with whipped cream and salted brown buttery topping. What’s not to love?

Grande: 360 Calories

Chocolate Cookie Crumble

Chocolate sauce and mocha chips blended with ice and milk. This is layered on whipped cream and cookie crumble and finished with vanilla whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cookie crumble. There’s chocolate and cookie goodness at every turn!

Grande: 460 Calories

A starbucks caramel frappuccino

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Creme Frappuccino

Caramel syrup blended with milk and ice and topped up with dark caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and finally caramel sugar topping. It’s the sweetest of the sweet and a perfect substitute if you love the caramel brulee latte.

Grande: 420 Calories

Strawberry Creme

Ice, milk, and strawberry puree are blended and finished with vanilla whipped cream and a drizzle of strawberry puree on top. It’s like summer in a glass!

Grande: 370 Calories

Chai Creme

Milk and ice are blended with spicy chai concentrate before the barista tops it off with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s a spicy frappe taste sensation.

Grande: 340 Calories

Double Chocolate Chip Creme

Starbucks mocha sauce is combined with chocolate chips before it enters the blender with milk and ice. Sweetened whipped cream and mocha drizzle finish it off.

Grande: 410 Calories

Matcha Creme

Matcha green tea powder is blended up in milk and served with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream to give this delicious, glowing, green cooler.

Grande: 420 Calories

Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino

Vanilla bean blended with ice, milk, and topped with cream gives this drink all the ice cream flavors.

Grande: 380 Calories

White Chocolate Creme

The sweetest of the sweet, white chocolate sauce is the key to that super delicious flavor. Topped with whipped cream this drink is ultra-satisfying.

Grande: 380 Calories

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a non-coffee option at your local Starbucks store, you will be spoiled for choice. There are so many hot and cold options to choose from you could have a different drink every day for almost two months before you reach the end of the menu. If you need a warming treat or you’re after a refreshingly cold, summertime infusion then Starbucks has you covered. All you need to do is sit back, take a sip and enjoy!


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