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The 8 Best Home Latte Machines

A latte a day keeps those drowsy feelings away. I love a latte in the morning, it’s the perfect breakfast drink. That thick, creamy, textured milk and bold coffee flavor are a match made in heaven. I used to frequent my local coffee shop every morning for my daily fix, to the point they knew what my order was before I even opened my mouth.

As much as I love the ease of ordering your coffee from a barista one day it occurred to me that this habit may be costing me more than I had realized. I used to spend $4 each day, Monday to Friday on my way to work. This adds up to $20 a week and if there are 52 weeks in a year then that’s $1040 a year on lattes!!!

Over a thousand dollars on lattes is ridiculous so I knew something had to change. I invested in an at home latte maker and I haven’t looked back since. Latte makers are so versatile and easy to use, finding one to suit your needs is guaranteed.

To help pass on this torch, I’ve composed this list of the eight best home latte machines that money can buy. There’s one for every experience level as well as one for every budget. Have a browse and if you like the look of any of these options check it out on Amazon by clicking the ‘Price and Reviews’ button.

We will start off with the very best option for any need. The Breville Barista Express makes a mean latte, but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself!

Best Home Latte Makers Reviewed

1. Top Choice – Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Brushed Stainless Steel Large

Brand: Breville

Type: Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Steamed Milk: Steam Wand

Ease of Use: Intermediate

Drink Options: All Specialty Coffee

Price & Reviews

Our top choice for the best latte machine has to be the Breville Barista Express. It has so many unique features that make it a joy to use. It’s a bean-to-cup machine with a built-in burr grinder so you can add whole coffee beans and end up with perfectly ground coffee dispensed into the portafilter. You can even control the grind size to your liking.

It has precise digital temperature control and ensures optimal pressure delivery so your espresso is extracted to perfection. A great-tasting shot of espresso leads to delicious lattes and the steam wand allows you to create the perfect, textured microfoam for latte art.

This machine is a coffee shop quality option that allows you to create a delicious cafe latte from the comfort of your own home. It does require some practice to get really good at using the steam wand to froth milk so is a good option if you want a more hands-on approach for creating espresso drinks.

2. Runner Up – Nespresso Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi Silver

Brand: Nespresso

Type: Capsule Machine

Steamed Milk: Automatic Milk Frother

Ease of Use: Beginner

Drink Options: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Steamed Milk, Hot Water

Price & Reviews

If you want the perfect latte at the simple touch of a button then this Nespresso coffee machine is the ideal choice. It’s a capsule coffee maker that uses a high-pressure system to extract the full depth of flavor possible for each cup of coffee. It has a high-quality, thermoblock heating system

All you need to do is all your coffee pod of choice and select which drink you want to brew by pressing a single button. The integrated milk frother heats, froths, and dispenses the milk right into your cup so there’s no room for error here.

The milk dispenser settings are customizable so you can adjust the serving size to taste and the carafe is even dishwasher safe so clean-up is very straight forwards. The downside with this machine is that the capsules are fairly expensive and require specialized recycling through the company Nespresso so this can be a bit tedious.

3. Luxury Option – DeLonghi Eletta Espresso Coffee Machine with One Touch LatteCrema System

DeLonghi Eletta Pro

Brand: DeLonghi

Type: Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Steamed Milk: Automatic Steaming System

Ease of Use: Beginner

Drink Options: All Specialty Coffee

Price & Reviews

This luxury option by DeLonghi combines high-quality craftsmanship with complete ease of use. There’s never been a more satisfying way to brew coffee. It has a coffee grinder built-in with steel, conical burrs to ensure your coffee is ground up to perfection. If you prefer, there’s also the option to use pre-ground coffee.

The water temperature is electronically controlled so ensures perfect espresso extraction as well as ideal milk frothing. The machine is controlled with touch buttons and the LCD display allows full customization of your coffee drinks.

The Latte-Crema system delivers the creamiest milk necessary to create a good latte. The water reservoir has the option to use a water filter as well as this machine allowing you to program the water hardness so you can always stay on top of the descaling.

With an A+ energy performance class, this really is a machine to suit every kind of coffee lover. The milk tank even has an automatic cleaning cycle so you don’t have to do any work after enjoying your delicious hot latte.

4. Budget Choice – Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Brand: Keurig

Type: Pod Coffee Machine

Steamed Milk: Integrated Milk Frother

Ease of Use: Beginner

Drink Options: Coffee, Cappuccino, Lattes

Price & Reviews

If you’re looking for a latte machine that won’t break the bank then Keurig has a treat in store for you. The K-Cafe is the ultimate all-in-one coffee maker that’s very easy to use and won’t cost the earth!

It’s a pod machine, compatible with K-cup coffee pods and re-fillable capsules so you have literally hundreds of flavors to choose from. It has a removable water tank that can hold 60 Oz so this won’t need to be refilled often. The drip tray is adjustable to allow you to brew directly into a travel mug so is perfect for coffee on the go.

A strong brew button gives your more control over the taste of your coffee and the milk frother means you can brew lattes or cappuccinos with ease. The milk jug is also dishwasher safe making cleanup a breeze. It can brew coffee in 4 different cup sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12 Oz) and there’s an energy-saving, auto-off feature that turns the machine off after 2 hours of inactivity.

5. Best Super Automatic Latte Machine – Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle by De’Longhi

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi Titan

Brand: Nespresso

Type: Capsule Coffee Maker

Steamed Milk: Separate Aeroccino Milk Frother

Ease of Use: Beginner

Drink Options: Espresso, Double Shot, Lungo, Coffee, Alto (Plus Steamed Milk Options)

Price & Reviews

Nespresso has developed a weird, yet effective way of brewing Italian-style coffee at the touch of a button. The VertuoPlus is a vertuo-line machine that utilizes centrifusion technology to spin the capsule to create a rich-tasting cup of coffee with a thick crema on top. The machine automatically reads the barcode on the capsule and adjusts brewing parameters to suit.

This means that this machine works on a one-touch operation and can brew a range of coffee sizes. This bundle comes with a separate milk frother so you can elevate your espresso to make lattes, cappuccino, flat whites, and any other coffee you enjoy best.

This option makes really satisfying tasting coffee for the drinker but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for customization. The capsules are expensive but this option comes with a variety pack to get you started. It’s worth it if you want the ease of use to make truly delicious coffee as well as the stylish design.

Best Espresso Machines – A Buying Guide

Super vs Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Espresso machines come in a variety of models and the type you choose depends on your skill levels and how much hands-on experience you want with your coffee machine. A super-automatic machine does all the work for you, all you need to do is press and button, and coffee is delivered to your cup. They may use pods or fresh coffee.

A semi-automatic coffee maker comes with a portafilter and filter basket. You get to choose the size of the basket depending on whether you want a single or double shot of coffee and then you get to load up the basket with coffee. This is tamped in place and some machines will automatically pour the water whereas others allow you to time the brewing stage.

Steam Wand vs Milk Frother

When you set out to brew a latte the next ingredient after the espresso coffee is steamed milk. To make steamed milk you either need a steam wand or a milk frother.

A milk frother jug heats the milk and mechanically froths it by whipping it up with a blade or something similar. Sometimes these devices dispense the milk directly into your cup using a spout. They are fully automated so make easy work of frothing milk but the quality of the microfoam isn’t as good as a steam wand.

A steam wand heats and froths the milk by using a jet of pressurized steam. This creates a whirlpool effect in the milk, incorporating tiny bubbles (called microfoam) as the milk warms. These devices are a bit more difficult to get the hang of as they require you to monitor the position of the milk jug as well as the temperature but they are capable of creating extremely high-quality milk foam.

Pod Machine or Portafilter

A pod machine gives you the ease of simply adding a pod or capsule and the machine does the rest of the brewing for you. The downside is these are expensive compared to fresh coffee and the leftover pods do generate a lot of waste.

A portafilter takes fresh ground coffee so the only waste is the used grounds. As these are compostable, this method generates very little waste. The downside is it takes a little bit longer, the filter can spill grounds which is messy, and you need to tamp the coffee which can take a bit of technique to get just right.

The Coffee Grinder

If you’re using a machine with a portafilter then using whole coffee beans instead of pre-ground will really help to maximize the flavor and aroma of your espresso. To grind coffee to the appropriate size for brewing espresso you really need a good quality burr grinder. A blade grinder will end up chopping the coffee beans into unevenly sized pieces which will leave your coffee tasting bitter and unappealing.

Cleaning and Descaling

All coffee makers need to be cleaned from time to time and the frequency that this needs to be done depends on how often you use your machine. It’s essential to wash the portafilter and wipe the brew head after each use as these can become clogged with coffee grounds. The steam wand should be flushed and wiped after every use to remove any milk residue.

Some coffee makers have built-in cleaning and descaling cycles that can really help you to keep them hygienic and in good working order. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for their advised products to use as well as for the frequency they recommend you carry out these cycles.

A Breville Sage Barista Express sitting on a countertop


What is the best machine to make a latte?

There are lots of different options available when it comes to at-home latte making. Our top choice for a latte machine is the Breville Barista Express as this allows you to brew cafe-quality espresso as well as use the steam wand to create high-quality, micro-foamed milk.

Can a cappuccino machine make a latte?

A cappuccino machine is the same kind of machine as a latte maker. To make both these drinks all you need is an espresso machine and some way to froth milk so any machine that can make cappuccino can also be used to make a latte.

Do you need a milk frother for a latte?

You need either a milk frother or a steam wand in order to make thick, foamy milk that can be added to espresso to make a latte. A steam wand generally makes better quality foamed milk but a milk frother is easier to use.

What is a latte?

A latte is a drink of Italian origin that combines rich and bold espresso with thick, creamy steamed milk. It’s typically one-third espresso coffee, two-thirds steamed milk, and is finished with an inch of milk foam on top.

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

A latte, as described above is espresso topped with two-thirds steamed milk and an inch of milk foam. A cappuccino is an espresso topped with one-third steamed milk and one-third milk foam. This gives it a lighter, bubbly texture and the coffee flavor stands out more so is more intense.

More Home Latte Machines Reviewed

6. Best Semi Automatic Machine – Gevi Espresso Machine

Gevi Espresso Machine 15 Bar Pump Pressure

Brand: Gevi

Type: Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Steamed Milk: Steam Wand

Ease of Use: Intermediate

Drink Options: All Kinds of Specialty Coffee

Price & Reviews

This little espresso machine by Gevi is very cheap to buy but the quality you get back is way more than what you pay for. The stainless steel design makes it a smart option that will suit any kitchen. It comes with a proper frothing wand attachment so you can create any specialty coffee you desire.

The coffee brewing and milk steaming portion both have their own thermostats so you never run the risk of burnt tasting espresso after steaming the milk. There’s a nice big thermometer dial on the front of the machine so you can easily track the temperature at any given moment.

It comes with the portafilter, 2 shot funnel, and coffee scoop with a tamper but you will need to buy a milk jug separately to make lattes using this machine. It’s always advisable to get a heavier tamper as well, especially if you’re new to espresso making as this helps you to get an accurate and even tamp with every brew.

7. Most Versatile – Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Machine

Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Machine

Brand: Chefman

Type: Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Steamed Milk: Integrated Milk Frother

Ease of Use: Beginner

Drink Options: Single and Double Shot Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte

Price & Reviews

The Chefman espresso machine combines the ease of one touch brewing with a variety of brew options so you get a versatile menu to choose from. There’s the choice of single or double-shot espresso and you can add milk to make these into a cappuccino or latte. The milk reservoir heats and froths your milk to perfection before delivering it into your coffee cup automatically.

The powerful, 15-bar pump ensures optimal espresso extraction that will rival any coffeehouse. The water tank is 1.8 liters so it rarely needs to be refilled. This coupled with the internal cleaning function makes this machine simple to use and easy to maintain.

The drip tray can be adjusted to fit larger mugs which is a useful feature. Overall, this machine is very easy to use, has a versatile range of drinks, and is perfect for beginners and coffee connoisseurs alike.

8. Best For Beginners – Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista

Brand: Mr. Coffee

Type: Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

Steamed Milk: Integrated Milk Frother

Ease of Use: Beginners

Drink Options: Espresso, Cappuccino, Lattes

Price & Reviews

If you’re new to the world of espresso brewing but you’re keen to develop some practical brewing skills then this coffee maker by Mr. Coffee is perfect. It gives you just enough hands-on experience with brewing coffee so you can feel like a barista.

To start off, you select the appropriately sized brewing basket and load up the portafilter with coffee then tamp it down firmly. Attach the filter in place and then you can select automatic or manual brewing. This setup really gives the full espresso-making experience with little room for error.

There’s an automatic milk frother that ensures you get a rich, creamy latte without any guesswork. It even has an easy to use dial on the front of the frother so you can customize how much milk foam you want to get your coffee exactly to your liking.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for at home latte makers. These devices are easy to use and make a great addition to any kitchen. Save yourself thousands of dollars and try brewing your favorite coffee at home. Your bank account will thank you and so will your taste buds!

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