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The Puppuccino (Starbucks Cater To Dogs)

Ever been through the Starbucks drive-thru with your dog drooling in the back seat as you order a cappuccino? You can try to convince your furry friend that coffee is simply not healthy for dogs. However, the look they give you says, “Then, why are you drinking it?”

Ok, just lather on the guilt.

While it’s never a good idea to share your coffee drink with your dog, Starbucks and a few other stores offer dog-friendly alternatives. If you are ordering at a Starbucks, you can ask for a Puppuccino. This free treat is a bit of whipped cream in an espresso cup for your dog. Since it contains no caffeine, it is safe for most dogs as a bite-size treat.

This means that now you can drink your favorite specialty coffee drink guilt-free!

Here are some fun facts about Starbucks’ Puppuccino, and a list of other coffee shops that offer free treats for a parent-doggy date.

A doggy staring at a puppuccino

The Starbucks Puppuccino and Other Dog Treats

While the Puppuccino may be the best-known dog treat to be offered by a chain coffee shop, many other brands have their own special offering for dogs. Here are some special treats that are made with your furry friend in mind.

What is a Starbucks Puppuccino?

The Puppuccino is a Starbucks secret menu item that you can order for your dog in-store or at the drive-thru. Essentially, it is just a dollop of whipped cream that comes in an espresso cup, but to your dog, it can mean so much more! This sweet treat of heavy cream and vanilla can turn your Starbucks latte run for one into a tête-à-tête with your furry best friend.

Unfortunately, though, the puppuccino can’t be ordered through the Starbucks app or a delivery service because it is not an official menu item… yet. If you are ordering delivery, you could always ask for extra whip on your drink. Then give your pal a spoonful from off the top!

Dunkin Donuts Cup for Pup

The Dunkin Donuts Cup for Pup, also called a puppy latte, is a dollop of unflavored whipped cream. It sometimes even comes with a dog treat on top! While the cup for pup is usually free, some stores may ask for a $1 donation for this dog treat.

Besides offering your dog a coffee alternative, Dunkin Donuts also partners with the dog toy company, BARK. Dunkin stores have been known to sell coffee and donut-themed dog toys for your furry friend on special occasions. So, keep your eyes open for these special offerings!

Tim Hortons Dog-Friendly Timbit

A cool dog enjoying a brew

Tim Hortons has a different offering for dogs than other coffee shops. Instead of whipped cream, they hand out a sugarless Timbit to puppers.

This dog-friendly donut hole can be a little snack for your dog to look forward to. Since it doesn’t contain sugar or chocolate, it will be a healthier option than splitting your favorite sweet treat with your pup on share-a-donut day.

Dutch Bros Pupuccino with Dog Treat

Dutch Bros one-ups Starbucks a bit with their version of the puppuccino. Not only does your dog get a small cup of whipped cream, but they also get a free dog treat on top. Your pooch may start pulling the leash toward this coffee shop on your next walk!

How Much Does a Puppuccino Cost?

The Starbucks Puppucinos, pup cups, puppy lattes, and dog treats at many other coffee shops are free. However, Dunkin Donuts, may ask for a $1 donation from time to time when they are in the middle of a charity run. Most stores also will expect you to make a purchase when you ask for their free pup cup.

Is a Puppuccino Safe for Dogs?

A pupper sniffing some coffee

Every dog I’ve known has put a stamp of approval on puppuccinos and pup cups. However, as humans, we know that not everything that tastes good is healthy. So, is a puppuccino safe for your pooch?

The American Kennel Club states that milk in small quantities should be okay for most dogs. So, while you don’t want to feed your dog a venti-sized cup of warm milk, a small dollop of whipped cream shouldn’t hurt. This can make dog-owners and their pups happy campers on a Starbucks run.

However, dogs can be lactose-intolerant just like humans. If your dog is lactose-intolerant, milk products in even small amounts can cause digestive issues. So, if it is your dogs first time to try a puppuccino, you may want to pick one up when you are close to home just in case it upsets its tummy.

For any dog, you will want to limit the amount of milk products in its diet. Too much milk at once can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. Also, too much sugar and fat in a dog’s diet can lead to pancreatitis or obesity in the longterm.

But, as a small, occasional treat, a puppuccino can have its benefits. It can make a car-ride a positive experience for dogs who are nervous on the road. Or, it can be a reward for a dog who was a “good boy” at the vet. A sweet treat from Starbucks may be just the thing to make the next vet visit more palatable.

A Lactose-free Puppuccino Recipe to Try at Home

If you want to enjoy a special coffee hour with your dog on your outdoor patio, here is a lactose-free PSL-inspired puppucino you can try at home. This can be a healthy occasional treat for puppers but should not be a replacement for a regular, well-rounded diet.


  • 1/4 cup pumpkin puree
  • 2 tablespoons old-fashioned oats.
  • 1 can of chilled coconut milk

When the canned coconut milk is well-chilled, use a hand mixer and beat the milk until it has the consistency of whipped cream. Gently fold in the pumpkin puree and old-fashioned oats. Serve to your pup and take a pic of that happy face and creamy muzzle.


Does Starbucks charge for toppings?

Starbucks offers several drink toppings and add-ons free of charge such as whipped cream, extra syrup (if your drink already has a syrup), splashes of milk, 2% milk, and sugar.

What is Starbucks’ secret menu?

Starbucks’ secret menu is not part of the brand’s official menu. Instead, this menu includes different drink combinations created by baristas and ex-baristas. Most of the ingredients used to make the drinks are regularly stocked by Starbucks. So, just give the Starbucks barista the recipe for your secret menu drink and try a new tasty treat.

What is a cappuccino?

A cappuccino is an espresso-based drink with steamed milk and milk foam. Usually the drink has equal parts of each layer. You will notice that a cappuccino has more foam than a latte for a rich, creamy coffee drink.

Wrap Up

Coffee is always better shared with a friend, especially a furry, slobbery friend! So, next time you are planning to enjoy the outside patio of your favorite coffee shop, bring your pup along for a dog-friendly treat.


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