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Jura ENA 8 Touchscreen Full Review: Top Coffee Game?

Waking up to the aroma of freshly ground coffee is one of life’s little pleasures, right? We’ve had our eye on the Jura ENA 8. Let me tell you, it’s like having a personal barista in our kitchen.

Its sleek, Nordic White design is quite the conversation starter. But it’s the inner workings of this compact machine that steal the show. The Professional Aroma Grinder promises a sensational coffee experience, and from what we’ve seen, it delivers.

Jura ENA 8

Despite its size, the ENA 8 doesn’t hold back when it comes to options. A touch on the user-friendly screen and it’s serving up everything from a robust black coffee to a creamy latte with that fine foam we all love.

Even better, it can handle two cups at once – perfect for those breakfasts in bed or when we have guests over. Plus, the option to tweak coffee strength, volume, and temperature means everyone gets their ideal cup.

Bottom Line

The Jura ENA 8 is a gem for coffee aficionados who value quality and convenience.

Its combination of style, technology, and customization provides a coffee experience that’s hard to match for its size.

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Overview of the Jura ENA 8 Touchscreen

Stepping up our coffee game at home feels downright luxurious with the Jura ENA 8. Its slim profile fits into our kitchen without hogging precious counter space.

We’ve ditched the pods in favor of the fresher taste this machine delivers with its Professional Aroma Grinder and its fine foam technology – absolute game-changers for taste.

We’ve whipped up a couple of coffees at once for us and our friends without missing a beat. The touchscreen is a breeze to use, and it’s interesting how it learns our preferences over time.

Programming our desired coffee strength and temperature is a snap. And that one-touch Americano has won over more than a few of our guests.

Sure, the specs like weight, dimensions, and color are standard, but it’s the performance where this little powerhouse stands out. The only hiccup? The price point might make you think twice, but so far for us, it’s been worth every penny for the convenience and quality.


Automatic Coffee Specialties at a Touch

Let’s talk about whipping up our favorite coffee drinks with this little marvel.

With just a single press, the machine grinds the beans fresh for every cup, which honestly makes a world of difference in taste. No pods or capsules here—we’re savoring the whole-bean goodness.

Navigating through the touchscreen is a breeze. It’s smart and can even remember our preferences, which is pretty neat for when we crave that extra shot in our lattes.

And speaking of variety, this gadget doesn’t make us wait when we want to share a brew with a friend; it can handle two cups at the same time.

Sure, we could play barista and customize our drink, tweaking the coffee strength, volume, and temperature until it’s just right. However, the convenience of hitting a button and getting that perfect cup of espresso or creamy latte without the fuss? That’s the dream on busy mornings.

It’s not all roses, though. The initial setup took a bit of patience, and for those of us who don’t love tech, it might seem intimidating at first. But once we got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing—or should we say, smooth sipping?

User-Friendly Touchscreen with Optional AI

When we first laid hands on this Jura model’s touchscreen, we were struck by how intuitive it felt.

Making your favorite coffee is a breeze with just a touch or swipe, and you’re not stuck with default settings either. Adjusting coffee strength or the temperature to suit our mood became our little morning ritual.

What truly caught our attention, though, was its optional AI feature. This coffee genius starts to recognize our daily patterns and suggests drinks we’re likely to crave. It’s like having a barista who knows your order before you even say ‘hello.’

Of course, getting accustomed to the touchscreen requires a little patience at the start. But once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing—or brewing, in this case.

Sure, it’s not perfect; there are times when we miss the tactile feel of buttons, especially when the screen is wet, and some of us found the AI a bit too eager to learn our habits. Overall, it’s a solid mix of modern tech and user-centered design, making the coffee-making process almost as enjoyable as the coffee itself.

Customizable Coffee Experience

Stepping into the world of custom brews, we’re immediately taken by the rich aroma and versatility that our Jura ENA 8 offers. With every cup, we experience coffee tailored to our exact preferences.

Dialing in the strength, volume, and temperature for our morning espresso or after-dinner cappuccino is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive touchscreen that feels like it reads our minds.

Now, it’s no secret that we’re picky about the grind, and the Jura ENA 8 doesn’t disappoint. It uses a Professional Aroma Grinder that ensures our beans are ground to perfection, releasing all those delicious, nuanced flavors we crave.

Even the option to sneak in an extra shot to our milk-based beverages is a cheeky feature we can’t get enough of.

And true, not everything is sunshine; we find ourselves wishing for a larger reservoir at times. However, the pay-off is an exquisitely compact machine that fits our counter space like a dream. So, while we may refill it more often than we’d like, the sheer pleasure of sipping our custom-crafted coffee creations makes it all worthwhile.

Professional Aroma Grinder

Fresh out of the box, we noticed the ENA 8’s Professional Aroma Grinder immediately lives up to its name.

The aroma of freshly ground beans hits you the moment the machine starts doing its thing. It’s a major step up from the pre-ground or pod coffee many are accustomed to, providing a richer and fuller taste.

What stood out was the consistency of the grind, which is crucial for extracting maximum flavor.

We’ve seen quite a few grinders in our time, but this one manages to be both quick and quiet—a welcome relief for those early mornings when you don’t want to wake the whole house.

Some beans can be stubborn, but this grinder handled everything we threw at it, from light roasts to the darker, oilier types, without missing a beat.

It’s not all roses, though. The grinder’s fine-tuning options are somewhat limited, which might irk the serious coffee aficionados who want full control over every aspect of their brew. However, for the majority who just want a top-notch coffee without the fuss, it’s spot on.

Plus, you can’t ignore the minimal retention of grounds, which means less waste and more coffee in your cup. Overall, it’s a key feature that significantly elevates the ENA 8’s coffee-making prowess.

Advanced Brewing Technology

After waking up to a lazy Sunday morning, we couldn’t resist the temptation of brewing a cup with our Jura ENA 8.

This machine boasts some nifty features meant to elevate the coffee experience. Its One-Touch Americano function simplifies crafting a perfect Americano as if it’s coming straight from a high-end café.

The Pulse Extraction Process is a game-changer for espresso lovers – think more nuanced flavors in every sip.

The promise of a two-cup feature seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but it’s actually quite impressive. You can make two drinks simultaneously without any sacrifice in quality, which is perfect for couples or when a friend is over.

The professional Aroma Grinder deserves a mention, tackling whole beans and unlocking a fresher and richer aroma.

While it’s a dream to have an array of customization options, from coffee strength to drink volume, the touch screen interface can be a bit too sensitive at times, which takes getting used to.

The machine preheats intelligently, ensuring your coffee is always at the optimal temperature, but this can slightly slow down the first cup of the day.

Despite these minor adjustments, we can’t help but appreciate the truly advanced tech that’s packed into this sleek white beauty.

Pros and Cons

After putting the Jura ENA 8 through its paces, we’ve found plenty to talk about. Let’s get into what makes this machine stand out and areas where it leaves room for improvement.


  • Freshness First: We definitely enjoyed that each cup of coffee was ground right before brewing. You can say goodbye to stale, pre-ground coffee with this one.
  • Hey Barista!: It felt like having a personal barista with its simple touchscreen. Added perk: the AI adapts to your preferences which felt surprisingly intuitive.
  • Make It Yours: Customizing the strength and temperature of your coffee is super easy, which was great for us since we all like our coffee a little different.
  • Grind Like a Pro: That Professional Aroma Grinder is no joke. It seemed to make the coffee more flavorful, which is a huge win in our book.
  • Tech Treats: Pulling a double with the Two Cup Function was a time-saver during our morning rush, and the Pulse Extraction Process made for a lovely crema.


  • Only One at a Time: If you’re looking to brew multiple types of drinks for a gathering, be prepared for a bit of a wait since it can do just one at a time.
  • New Kid on the Block: With only one review up, it’s tough to gauge long-term reliability without more user feedback.
  • Learning Curve: While the AI and touchscreen are user-friendly, getting to grips with all the features might take a minute if you’re new to high-end coffee machines.

Capsules are a thing of the past with the ENA 8. While it’s swanky and loaded with features that cater to coffee aficionados, it’s good to remember that it’s not a catch-all solution for every coffee need, especially when entertaining multiple guests with diverse tastes.

Authentic Customer Reviews

When we got our hands on the Jura ENA 8, the first thing that struck us was its sleek Nordic White finish. It really stands out in the kitchen.

Since it’s been a part of our morning routine, we’ve noticed a couple of things.

Users rave about the simplicity the touchscreen offers— it’s like having a barista right at home.

However, not everyone is a tech wizard. Some folks mentioned they took a bit longer to get the hang of all the features.

In terms of coffee quality, the feedback is unanimous— it’s top-notch. The aroma and flavor are consistently impressive across different coffee styles.

It does seem, though, that for a bustling household or an office, the water tank might need more frequent refilling than expected.

It’s a minor hitch in what has been, for many, the gateway to coffee heaven every morning.

Overall, users feel their coffee experience has leveled up with the ENA 8.

Is it worth your money?

After spending some quality time with the Jura ENA 8, we’ve got to say we’re impressed. It really stands out with its sleek Nordic White design, feeling like a piece of modern art on our kitchen counter.

The touchscreen interface simply enhances the experience, providing ease of use that we appreciated during our busy mornings.

But it’s not just about looks; the coffee it brews is top-notch. We tasted a range of coffees from our favorite dark roasts to lighter blends, and each cup was aromatic and flavorful.

The consistency in quality really shows the thoughtful engineering behind this machine.

Of course, no product is flawless. We did notice the price point is on the higher end, which might not suit every budget.

And as compact as it is, those with smaller kitchen spaces might find it a bit imposing.

Still, if you’re serious about your home espresso and willing to invest in quality, the Jura ENA 8 hits all the right notes. We’re quite happy with the cups we’ve pulled, and the compliments from our guests just keep on coming.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using the Jura ENA 8, we’ve noticed users often bump into a few hiccups just like with any gadget out there. But don’t sweat it, most are easily fixable with some troubleshooting.

What are some common issues with the Jura ENA 8 and how can they be resolved?

We all know the grind, sometimes literally, with coffee machines. The Jura ENA 8 is no different.

Users have reported minor troubles like inconsistent grinding or milk frothing not being up to the mark.

Don’t worry—cleaning the grinder according to the instructions can usually fix the first. As for the frothing, ensure the milk system is clean and the frother set up properly.

Quick fixes that get us right back to our coffee bliss.

Where can I find the user manual for the Jura ENA 8?

Ever been in that spot where you need the manual but have no idea where you placed it?

For the ENA 8, Jura’s got you covered online. A quick search on their official website or a brief hop over to the product page on Amazon provides a digital manual, ready for download.

How does the Jura ENA 8 compare to the E8 model?

The core of the Jura experience stays the same, but these models have their quirks.

The ENA 8 pampers us with a super compact design perfect for smaller counters. On the other hand, the E8 brings a bit more capacity for our bean and water needs.

Choose the one that fits your space and coffee consumption.

Can the Jura ENA 8 connect to WiFi for remote operation?

Imagine sitting cozy on the couch and firing up your coffee machine with just a tap on your phone. Dream, right?

Sadly, the ENA 8 doesn’t cater to our lazy Sunday fantasies. No WiFi means no remote operation, but the touch screen operation is snappy.

What are the differences between the Jura ENA 8 and Jura E6 Platinum?

The Jura E6 Platinum brings a more classic look and a few different features.

The E6 has more drink options and can be a hit for folks who love variety.

But, if we’re talking sleek looks and a smaller footprint, the ENA 8 grabs the spotlight. Plus, with the ENA 8’s touchscreen, we’re sipping modern luxury in a cup.

Is there any advantage in buying a refurbished Jura ENA 8?

Refurbished products can be a steal.

A refurbished ENA 8 has been through the rigmarole of inspections, repairs, and possibly comes with a warranty. It’s a savvy choice if you’re after the Jura experience without the accompanying price tag of a brand-new machine. Just make sure to snag it from a reputable source.

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