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Can You Use A Moka Pot On An Induction Hob – Find Out How

If you’re reading this then one of two things is happening, you’re standing holding your new Moka Pot, looking at your induction hob wondering if it’s going to work…

Or you’re looking at a Moka Pot on Amazon and then looking to your induction hob wondering if it’s going to work…

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter who you are because I’ve got the solution for you!

Most Moka pots do not work on an induction hob because they are made from aluminum. But if you buy a stainless steel model, or even one specifically designed for an induction hob then yes it will work.

And if you’ve already got an aluminum one and are now despairing at the waste of money you hold in your hand have no fear, I’ve got a method for getting any Moka Pot working on an induction hob.

But first…

Why Most Moka Pots Don’t Work On An Induction Hob

Induction hobs work based on magnetism (I won’t bore you with the physics), a magnetic material like cast iron or stainless steel is placed on top of the hob and the magnetic field causes the pan to heat up.

The problem?

Most standard Moka Pots are made from aluminum which is not magnetic, and so no magnetic field occurs.

Pain in the butt right?

We can blame Bialetti, he invented the Moka Pot and Bialetti Moka Pots are made with aluminum and so everyone else who has copied them has done the same thing.

But hope is not lost because we can hack a way to make sure our induction hobs work alongside our Moka Pots, and due to the rise in popularity of induction hobs across Europe Bialetti have even made a Moka Pot designed for an induction hob, you can see it here on Amazon.

How To Use An Aluminum Moka Pot On An Induction Hob

If you already own a Moka Pot that doesn’t work on your induction hob, you’re left with three options…

1. Place Your Moka Pot Inside A Frying Pan

Moka Pot In Frying Pan

Presumably, you already own cookware that works on your induction hob, so all you need to do is place an empty frying pan on the hob, then place the Moka Pot on the frying pan!

It takes an extra minute or two for the heat to transfer across the metals, but it works, and that’s the aim of the game here.

Yes, it is less efficient than using a Moka pot straight on to the hob, and while that is one of the main benefits of induction cooking, that it’s more time and energy-efficient, it’s less wasteful using the Moka pot you’ve already got compared to buying a new one.

So while it’s not the most elegant solution it’s personally my favorite solution, it doesn’t cost any more, it saves the waste of buying a new one, and quite simply, it works.

2. Buy An Induction Hob Diffuser

Moka Pot on induction heat diffuser

This is more or less the same concept as above, it’s just a little more classy. But you get heat diffusers that turn your induction hobs into regular electric hobs essentially, they look more or less like thin frying pans with no edge, here’s a great one on Amazon.

The main advantage of using one of these over a frying pan is that they are usually thinner and so heat up faster, being designed to transfer heat to other pots and all. So you’ll get to your coffee even faster.

Apart from that, you’ve also got the fact that you won’t end up scratching the inside of your nice, likely expensive, frying pan. I’m guessing it’s cast iron or stainless steel so you’re not likely to scratch it, but this would just remove the likelihood completely.

Honestly, I’d rather use a frying pan I’ve already got than buy a heat diffuser but it’s entirely up to you, if you do decide on a heat diffuser then the above one I linked to is excellent.

3. Use A Sperate Gas Stove

This is mostly useful if you’ve already got a camping stove of some kind, possibly crammed into the back of your garage or buried in the depths of your attic. But if you’ve got one, you might just need a fresh gas canister and you’ll be ready to go.

It won’t be the most convenient, and you’ll need somewhere practical to store your separate burner when it’s not in use but you can in fact use it.

And while I was researching this article it was quite a common answer from people across Reddit and the different forums I visited so it is something people do.

You could of course also use a portable electric stove top (that isn’t induction) if you’ve got one but far more people are likely to have a gas camp stove.

If, say, your favorite frying pan didn’t work with induction then you should consider an extra portable gas stove, otherwise I think you’re better off buying a stainless steel Moka Pot that you can just use on your induction hob and then getting rid of your old one, donate it to a friend who has gas burners in their home.

If you do want to buy a camping stove then this is a great one on Amazon that isn’t too costly.

What Moka Pots Already Work On An Induction Hob

The way to check whether or not a Moka Pot will heat up on an induction hob is to hold a magnet to it and if the magnet sticks it will work, if it doesn’t it won’t.


But when you’re buying one probably best to shop without a magnet for guidance, so you want to look for either a stainless steel Moka Pot, or you get specific induction Moka Pots which will of course do exactly what you need them too.

If you’re looking for a recommendation then read the below review…

Bialetti New Venus Induction Stovetop Coffee Maker

 Bialetti New Venus Induction Stovetop Coffee Maker
  • Works on any hob
  • Anti scalding handle
  • Durable Stainless steel
  • 4, 6 or 10 cup

Price & Reviews

If any of my friends are looking for a Moka Pot, I tell them to get a Bialetti because they are the original, they created the patent and they remain the best. I actually bought one for my brother’s last birthday.

With this, you get top quality manufacturing of strong pieces that are made to last, and it looks pretty stylish I think.

You’ll want the 4 cup if you’re making coffee for 1 person, while the 6 cup (the size I own) will give you enough coffee for 2 cappuccinos or 1 mug full of coffee. Which is a fair amount given its espresso-like coffee!

Not much else to say about something that only has three parts, the build quality is top-notch which is what makes this the best induction Moka pot you can buy.

Final Thoughts

I never knew I’d have so much to say about using a Moka Pot with an induction hob!

But there we go, most don’t work but you can get a work around to have them work perfectly on an induction hob or you can buy yourself one that is specifically designed for just that.

Or you can give up and use a French Press, a perfectly valid option!

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Can You Use A Moka Pot On An Induction Hob – Find Out How
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