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    5 Best Organic & Ethical Coffees You Can Buy Online

    by Kieran MacRae | Last Updated: February 3, 2021

    Everyone can agree that Coffee’s great.

    But you know what’s even better?

    Organic coffee that’s been grown with care and with a fair price being paid to the farmer who grew it.

    That’s coffee I can get behind, and so I wanted to share 5 of what I think are the best organic and or ethical coffees you can buy online. They are all quite small operations so I hope you can find something new to try, and heck, why not try them all?

    I’ve gone for organic and ethical because I’ve read that becoming organic certified can be quite expensive, so you may well be doing everything right as a farmer but not be able to afford to become certified, which is why if it’s not organic it’s not a deal-breaker for appearing on this list.

    Organic dark roast coffee

    1. Java Planet’s Organic Coffee’s Peruvian Single Origin Medium Dark Roast

     Java Planet’s Organic Coffee’s Peruvian Single Origin Medium Dark Roast
    • Mild, sweet and medium-dark roast
    • Ground coffee available
    • Organic certified green coffee beans roasted at an organic certified roasters

    Price & Reviews

    I love everything about Java Planet’s Coffee, from the fact it’s delicious down to how much they truly care about protecting the environment and coffee workers through organic coffee.

    Too often the term organic is only used as a marketing device.

    But Jennifer and Mike have spent a long time learning about the often appalling practices of the coffee world corporations. Corporations that use far too many chemicals that damage not only the people who drink it but also the ones who have to harvest it and their surrounding seas and lands.

    So they committed to only sell organic coffee, and to become an organic certified roaster, and have since gone on to sell coffee’s that are Fairtrade, Bird-friendly, and or Rainforest Alliance certified.

    In short, they are selling the most ethical and earth-friendly coffee you can imagine.

    Any of their coffees could have made it onto this list but I went with the Peruvian Medium-Dark Roast, a delicious coffee that is gentle on the tongue, not too heavy, and packed full of flavor.

    A superb choice if you want the coffee you buy to be both healthy and making a difference.

    2. Kohana Coffee’s Organic Honduran

      Kohana Coffee’s Organic Honduran
    • Medium Roast
    • Toasted Almond, Cocoa, and caramel cup notes
    • Slow Roasted

    Price & Reviews

    The Kohana Coffee’s Organic Honduran is everything you want from an organic coffee, apart from being delicious it’s made using ethically harvested green beans that offer fair compensation for coffee growers and workers.

    Pretty much everything you could want for an ethically sound cup of coffee!

    The coffee itself is delicious with a smooth flavor that’s also vibrant showing the freshness of both the beans and the roast. The slow roast process is a little different and although it won’t affect the taste Hawaii has a special place in my heart so I think the packaging is wonderful.

    Delicious coffee, cute packaging, organic and ethical, what more could you ask for?

    3. Boulder Organic Coffee’s Indian Peaks Blend, Fair Trade & Organic

    Boulder Organic Coffee’s Indian Peaks Blend, Fair Trade & Organic
    • Dark Roast
    • Full Body, Earthy, Subtle Chocolate & Cocoa
    • Roasted on Thursday and Shipped on Friday
    • Sold as Whole Bean Only

    Price & Reviews

    Again, it’s one thing getting a delicious organic coffee (which this is, by the way, a superb dark roast) it’s quite another to buy a coffee that has been making a difference.

    Throughout 2018 & 2019 a portion of the proceeds of this coffee went towards building a new school in Peru, and that school has been built! There has not been an update since September 2019 when they were awaiting windows to be built, but presumably, Covid put a stop to visits to check in on progress.

    Regardless it’s a really wonderful thing to do with profits from your coffee, and I’m happy to promote any company that does just that here on Above Average Coffee.

    Now for the coffee…

    The coffee tastes wonderful, as you would expect, but what I really loved is that it gets roasted every Thursday and then shipped out on Fridays to ensure absolute freshness.

    Care has been taken, quality has been checked, and a tremendous coffee has been produced.

    4. Qualia Coffee’s Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

     Qualia Coffee’s Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural
    • Lavender, Peach, Coriander, Sweet Butter tasting notes
    • Small batch roasts
    • Roasted Daily

    Price & Reviews

    Coffee is bought from a small collective in Ethiopia that works hard to bring together smallholder farms to give them access to tools and training to improve coffee quality, which in turn increases wages.

    Now I can’t be sure this coffee is completely organic, only that it comes from Mora Mora River Valley Development Organic Coffee’ (Moredocofe). This suggests that it produces organic coffee but I honestly can’t be sure.

    However, It is going to be damn close to organic if it isn’t and there seems to be a great ethos behind the whole collective who are growing the coffee and the roasters who are selling it, so I wanted to include them.

    They bring a low and slow approach to roasting their coffee, lower temperatures for longer to bring about a great acidity, and avoiding any notes that are often not so tasty.

    A delicious fresh coffee that you will absolutely love.

    5. Ruby Colorful Coffee’s Democratic Republic Of Congo Muungano

    Ruby Colorful Coffee’s Democratic Republic Of Congo Muungano
    • Lime Zest, Cane Sugar, Pomegranate, Raspberry Jam Tasting Notes
    • Tangy Acidity and Deep flavors
    • Whole bean and ground available

    Price & Reviews

    Ruby colorful are doing excellent work with their roastery, with the heart of their business being the fact they are a responsible business that wants to do good for everyone they’re involved with.

    Which makes sense why they’ve got this fantastic Democratic Republic of Congo coffee from a co-operative of 4,400 small-hold farmers who are focused on great coffee and gender equality.

    The farmers have put in a great deal of time and effort to slowly and surely evolve the quality of their coffee by improving farming techniques, installing new washing stations, and even a cupping lab!

    This coffee is then roasted with care and dedication by the team at Ruby Colorful and you’re left with a cup of gorgeous coffee. They roast on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and ship the same day when possible.

    Final Thoughts

    This is by no means all of the great organic coffee out there, rather a few of the absolute best who I wanted to give some recognition to.

    If you know of any other awesome organic or ethical coffee’s that you think should be on this list then please head over to the contact form and let me know!

    Kieran MacRae tried getting into wine but didn't like it, tried getting into whiskey and it was too expensive, then thought "I really love coffee. I wonder if you can get really into coffee?" Turns out you can!