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The 5 Best Burr Grinders Under $50 (Busting Beans On A Budget)

When choosing the correct coffee grinder for your beans, it 100% has to be a burr grinder. These are so much better for your coffee beans and ensure you end up with the best-tasting coffee you’ve ever experienced.

The only downside with burr grinders is the price. Due to their intricate design and many moving parts, these grinders are not cheap to make.

The good news is that you can buy these coffee grinders for less than $50. There are a few great options out there and although they fall into the low price category, you don’t have to sacrifice their functionality.

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    Here are five of the best burr grinders that will set you back by less than $50. We have the option of manual and electric ones to suit any need. Alongside this we have a handy buyers guide, some FAQs, and last up, we have three grinders that just tip the scale above the $50 but are still well worth considering!

    Let’s kick it off with our top choice today, the Secura electric burr coffee grinder mill.

    best burr grinder under 50

    Best Burr Grinders Under $50

    1. Top Choice – Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

    Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

    Brand: Secura

    Electric/Manual: Electric

    Capacity: 3.5 oz

    Grind Settings: 17

    Price & Reviews

    Our top choice for the best burr grinder under $50 is Secura with this compact little electric coffee grinder. What it lacks in size it makes up for in its great design and functionality. It has a dial on the front to choose your cup size and one on the side to choose the grind setting. With 17 options to move between you can brew anything from ultra-fine Turkish coffee to extra-coarse for French press or cold brew.

    The bean hopper holds 3.5 oz (100g) of beans and has a clear lid so you can easily see if it needs to be topped up. The metallic burrs are detachable for easy cleaning and it comes with a little cleaning brush to help remove the ground coffee from all the ridges.

    It’s a great little coffee grinder that works well, gives a consistent grind, and is attractive to have on display in your kitchen. Added extras like the non-slip feet make the grinding process run a bit smoother and all this comes in at well under $50. That’s why it’s won the place of best coffee grinder.

    2. Runner Up – Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder

    Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder

    Brand: Mueller

    Electric/Manual: Electric Burr Grinder

    Capacity: 5.8 oz

    Grind Settings: 17

    Price & Reviews

    Next up we have Mueller Austria with this great electric grinder. Equipped with an easy-to-use dial on the front you can select between 2-12 cup sizes and a small wheel on the side allows you to choose between 17 grind settings from espresso to french press this grinder suits all brewing methods.

    It has a nice sized bean hopper that can hold 5.8 oz or 165g of coffee, that’s more than enough coffee for most coffee makers.

    A great design feature of this option is the gear reduction motor which allows the burrs to move slower as they grind as well as move consistently so this removes the risk of overheating, noise is reduced, and the burrs won’t shift to give an uneven grind.

    The metallic burrs are removable for easy cleaning which is useful, especially if you enjoy brewing coffee with finer grind settings.

    3. Best Manual Option – JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

    JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings

    Brand: JavaPresse

    Electric/Manual: Manual

    Burr Material: Ceramic

    Capacity: 1.4 oz

    Grind Settings: 18

    Price & Reviews

    The benefit of manual coffee grinding options is the fact you don’t need electricity so you can use them out and about (hiking, camping, traveling, etc), they’re lightweight and portable, and they’re MUCH quieter than electric ones.

    This JavaPresse grinder is a high-quality option that has ceramic burrs. These are widely regarded as the best and most durable burrs on the market (they last 5x longer than stainless steel ones) and ensure a really even coffee consistency, no matter if you’re after a coarse grind or a fine grind size.

    The downside with this option is it does take a long time to grind coffee beans, especially if you’re using a fine grind setting. It can only manage 1.4 oz (40g) of coffee at a time so is better saved for personal use.

    4. Best Electric Option – Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

    Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

    Brand: Mr. Coffee

    Electric/Manual: Electric Burr Grinder

    Capacity: 8 oz

    Grind Settings: 18

    Price & Reviews

    Mr. Coffee wins Amazon’s choice for burr coffee grinder thanks to the great quality you get for the small price tag. It’s a burr mill grinder so ensures a cool and even fineness no matter which grind setting you choose.

    It has a removable bean hopper that is easy to clean and stores a massive 8 ounces of coffee beans. With 18 grind settings, it can handle any brew method from drip coffee and Aeropress to Moka pot or espresso machine.

    The downsides are that it is very loud and can build up a fair amount of static as it grinds coffee. Minimize the mess by tapping the plastic in the grinding chamber with a metal teaspoon to help remove some of this charge.

    It doesn’t grind fine enough for barista-type espresso brewing if you’re using an unpressurized filter basket. It is a great entry-level grinder for beginners and works extremely well for a low price.

    5. Budget Option – Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

    Hario "Skerton Plus" Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder

    Brand: Hario

    Electric/Manual: Manual

    Burr Material: Cermaic

    Capacity: 3.5 oz

    Grind Settings: N/A

    Price & Reviews

    This option is a simple, basic, manual burr grinder. It’s our budget option today thanks to the high-quality ceramic burrs that add durability to it. The good points are the stepped grind adjustment allows you to set it to different grind settings to suit your brewing method. It has a rubber non-slip base and silicone lid to keep things tidy.

    The downsides are that it’s very slow to grind coffee and it doesn’t stay put well on the countertop. You do need some patience and elbow grease to hold the thing in place. It’s better for coarse grinds like french press but can also manage drip and pour-over coffee fairly well. The burrs are known to slip from time to time and can end up producing an uneven grind. This can lead to bad tasting coffee, depending on the brew method you use.

    It’s a budget choice for a reason and is a good backup option for travel or camping where you don’t mind roughing it. I wouldn’t recommend it as your primary grinder.

    Burr Grinder Buyers Guide

    Why Choose Burrs over a Blade Grinder?

    Blade grinders chop up coffee with a fast, rotating blade, a bit like a food processor. The issue is that the blade randomly cuts up the coffee beans so you never get an even particle size throughout your ground coffee. This causes the coffee to taste either weak or bitter (or both) and you never get a consistent taste between cups of coffee. The second issue with blade grinders is that they tend to heat up so burn the coffee beans before you even start brewing.

    Burr grinders use a series of cog-like plates with small indents around the edges. These are the burrs and they rotate together and crush the coffee beans as they are funneled through them. The burrs remain cool as they grind the coffee and the distances between the burrs can easily be adjusted to give a different grind setting for different coffee brewing methods. This gives a lovely, even, grind that’s packed full of all the flavors and aromas that make good coffee.

    Conical Burr Vs Flat Burrs

    Conical burr coffee grinders use cone-shaped burrs to direct the beans through them. Flat burrs sit horizontally and the beans pass between them as they move together. Both types of grinder give an even grind and work extremely well for daily use.

    Some baristas prefer conical burr grinders as they tend to be a bit more forgiving when you are setting the grind size. They also don’t clog as easily as flat burr grinders so are a bit better for very heavy use (ie in a busy coffee shop).

    Bean Hopper

    Consider the size of the bean hopper when you set out to choose the perfect grinder for you. If you’re only looking to brew enough coffee for one person then a small hopper is fine but if you’re hoping to brew enough for all your friends then make sure you have one that can manage. It’s important to only grind the coffee you require and do not store beans in the hopper as these are rarely airtight so your coffee will lose flavors and aromas over time.

    Grind Settings

    A good range of grind settings allows you to brew coffee in a variety of ways. Each type of coffee requires its own precise setting so having a wide spectrum to choose from means you’ll always get the coffee just right, no matter if you choose a dark or light roast bean.

    Electric Vs Manual

    Electric coffee grinders are great because they do all the hard work for you. Simply add the beans, press the button, and there you have freshly ground coffee. The downside with these is that they’re very loud, require power, and they’re not so easy to use on the go.

    Manual coffee grinders require you to turn a handle to move the burrs and grind the coffee. They are hard work compared to electric ones but much more lightweight and portable. These are a great idea for camping, traveling, or anywhere you don’t have easy access to a power outlet. They’re also very quiet to use, so good in student halls or shared accommodation.

    Whole Coffee Beans Coarse and Fine Grinds


    Is a cheap burr grinder worth it?

    A burr grinder is 100% a worthy investment. They are so much better than blade grinders in every way. The cheaper options are not as precise and durable as the more expensive ones but are a much better choice when compared to a blade one.

    Why are burr grinders so expensive?

    A burr grinder is quite a complex piece of engineering. It’s not as simple as a simple rotating blade option as the burrs have to move in relation to each other as well as having the capacity to be adjusted. It takes time and effort to manufacture a decent burr grinder so this is reflected in the price tag.

    Do burr grinders wear out?

    Over time, the burrs will become dull with use. High-quality ceramic burrs last up to 5x longer than stainless steel options. It does take around 5-10 years for this to become an issue so isn’t a major concern when you first buy a new grinder.

    Can a grinder overheat?

    After heavy use, the motor in your coffee grinder can build up heat, especially if the internal components are getting worn. If your grinder is overheating or you notice smoke or a burning smell coming from it then contact the brand’s customer support team.

    Can you sharpen coffee grinder burrs?

    Unfortunately, due to their shape and location, coffee grinder burrs are pretty impossible to sharpen. If the burrs become dull then the best option is to remove and replace them.

    Burr Grinders Just Over $50

    KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee

    KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr

    Brand: Krups

    Electric/Manual: Electric

    Burr Material: Steel Burrs

    Capacity: 0.5 lb

    Grind Settings: 12

    Price & Reviews

    A little over $50 but still not breaking the bank, Krups makes good quality kitchen appliances and this grinder is no exception. With a roomy 0.5 lb bean hopper and 12 grind settings to choose between there’s no brew method this machine can’t handle.

    This machine is perfect for coffee lovers who like absolute control over their own coffee and the easy-to-use dial selector makes it so easy to use.

    It’s not the best for small quantities due to the large grounds chamber and the cup size varies from 2-12 cups so is better for drip coffee or pour-over rather than espresso.

    Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

    Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

    Brand: Cuisinart

    Electric/Manual: Electric

    Burr Material: Stainless Steel

    Capacity: 0.5 lb

    Grind Settings: 18

    Price & Reviews

    Cuisinart wins where it comes to the most grind setting with 18 options to choose between. The large, 0.5 lb bean hopper holds the perfect amount of coffee for any brew method. The heavy-duty motor won’t burn out on you and the electric timer means the machine will shut off when the grind cycle is complete.

    It’s an attractive design with stainless steel accents, it’s easy to use and easy to clean. The downside is that it is loud when in use but this is the case with most electric coffee grinders.

    Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

    Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Black

    Brand: Capresso

    Electric/Manual: Electric

    Burr Material: Steel Burrs

    Capacity: 0.5 lb

    Grind Settings: 16

    Price & Reviews

    This conical burr grinder has all the capabilities you require from a decent conical burr grinder. The tough steel burrs can grind anywhere from ultra-fine for Turkish coffee to coarse for cold brew. The burrs are commercial grade with advanced cutting design to ensure an even and precise grind.

    It operates at a slow grinding speed to ensure it remains cool as it grinds the beans and the gear reduction motor limits the noise levels from this. It has a timer built-in as well so you can set this between 5-60 seconds to grind enough to suit your needs.

    It has a safety lock system and the upper burr is removable for easy cleaning. It’s a more pricy option but works extremely well and is very versatile for every kind of coffee lover.

    Final Thoughts

    A burr grinder may turn your coffee into a fine powder but it doesn’t have to leave your bank account empty in the process. Whether you like ultra-smooth pour-over, rich french press, or intense espresso then these coffee grinders will serve you well. I hope this review has proved useful in helping you find a grinder that doesn’t cost the earth because great-tasting coffee doesn’t have to come at a premium. Happy brewing!

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