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At Above Average Coffee, our mission is to be the go-to source for coffee aficionados and brewing beginners alike, as we percolate the most exceptional coffee deals, giveaways, and exclusive offers from around the internet. We strive to create a robust community where coffee enthusiasts of all levels can grind, sip, and savor their way to elevating their coffee experiences. Together, we’ll pour our hearts into brewing a world that’s a whole latte more than just average – welcome to Above Average Coffee.

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The Team

We are just a couple of guys who set out on a glorious quest to discover how to make the absolute epitome of perfect coffee.

We discovered that was really difficult; so we’ll settle for above average.

Do you want to make better coffee at home? Not sure where to begin? We can help.

We couldn’t tell you the difference in floral notes from one cup to the next, or even if it had the aroma of a dewy hipster’s armpit, but we can take you on our journey of learning how to make better coffee at home.

About Kieran

Kieran from Above Average Coffee

I haven’t always been a coffee lover, but I am a complete convert, I went from tea and hot chocolate through school to University where I grew to love a starbucks mocha or a super sugary Caramel Macchiato.

But that was almost 10 years ago and the love has grown from there, I started to enjoy a latte and have now made it all the way to loving black coffee. Along the way I got to sample coffee around the world (Australia makes the best latte’s) and my knowledge has continued to grow.

But it doesn’t stop here, I want to keep on learning and trying new coffee and ways to make coffee. So what better time to start a blog and share what I learn along the way!

I’ve currently got a drip machine, a French Press, an Aeropress, a Moka pot, and an espresso machine at home along with a subscription to my local coffee roasters to send me out delicious new coffee every month.

I don’t know it all but I quickly became an expert through hours of research experimenting and writing for you lovely people. I’m eager to continue learning and hope I can share what I learn without getting pretentious and confusing. Some of the language coffee experts use just doesn’t make sense to us Average Joe’s.

So instead of getting all stuck up about the best coffee where you find yourself drinking coffee that’s been shat out by a jungle monkey/cat, let’s be real.

Let’s aim to make an Above Average cup of coffee.

About Scott

Scott from Above Average Coffee

I am by no means a coffee pro but my love for the fresh cup of joe makes up for this.

I have always loved the rich fragrant smell of coffee but struggled with the taste when I was younger. One day, when I was in my early teens, I discovered the mocha. The addition of a hearty squeeze of chocolate sauce allowed me to get to know the delicious flavor of coffee without any bitterness.

Oh how far I have come since then! I first progressed from instant to my trusty old drip machine and French press options which opened my eyes to the wonder of fresh coffee.

I made it my mission to try as much good coffee as I could get my hands on. I have visited every artisan coffee shop I could find in my area. From lattes to espresso, I have worked my way through many a cup and this landed me at the conclusion that I have developed a minor obsession with coffee.

To my wife’s delight, I have recently purchased an espresso machine and fancy myself as quite the barista of my home kitchen.

I’m still, by coffee shop barista standards, quite a coffee newbie. I’d say I make a perfectly Above Average cup of Java all the same.

With the aim of making the perfect espresso, I have been reading up on coffee and I am keen to share this all this new found knowledge on Above Average Coffee.

About Rob

Rob from Above Average Coffee sipping an espresso in a Bali cafe

You ever meet someone who’s really into coffee? Well, I have been known to be the one who can turn a casual conversation about a cup of joe into a dissertation on the intricacies of bean roasting and brewing methods. My love affair with coffee began two decades ago, thinking I was fancy by drinking Starbucks. Since then, I’ve been completely immersed in the world of coffee, with a particular passion for Balinese, Vietnamese, and Honduran beans.

My journey really started in the lush, volcanic landscapes of Bali, where I learned the art of cultivating and processing beans. I met an absolutely fanatical group of people who loved roasting and trying new varieties at any time of day. And yes, I’ve had the Kopi Luwak or “monkey poop” coffee it’s just fine.

From there, I learned about so many new brewing methods and have really enjoyed trying my hand at some of them. Though I stick to french press, aeropress or cold brew for the most part these days.

Throughout my coffee-fueled odyssey, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and passion with fellow coffee enthusiasts, helping to elevate their appreciation and understanding of this magical elixir. As I continue to explore the boundless world of coffee, I aim to inspire and enlighten others with the wonders of turning every cup into a delightful and unforgettable experience.

Rob has been featured in such publications as Total Shape.

About Justin

In my quest for the ultimate coffee experience, I’ve left no stone unturned, having tried every coffee machine the world has to offer. From the sophisticated marvels of modern technology to the ancient and rustic brewing methods, I’ve developed an unsophisticated expertise that shines like a beacon in the vast ocean of coffee.

My passion for coffee transcends boundaries, as I continually strive to refine my palate and expand my understanding of the complexities and nuances that make each cup unique.

My journey has taken me across the globe, seeking the wisdom of master roasters and artisan baristas. My adventures have led me to the vibrant and bustling coffeehouses of Istanbul, the fragrant espresso bars of Italy, and countless other hidden gems that have enriched my coffee knowledge and fueled my ever-growing passion for the perfect brew.

Above Average Coffee
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