Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black


  • Brews up to 20 ounces of Espresso Coffee
  • Powerful milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes
  • 24-inch cord length with 900 watt capacity
  • Stainless steel frothing pitcher included
  • Comes with measuring scoop, glass carafe, and 2 ceramic cups
  • Espresso machine with reusable filter
  • Fully automatic operation mode
  • Product dimensions: 11.41 x 10.23 x 8.32 inches, item weight: 3.69 pounds
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    Buying Guide: Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black


    If you are looking for a reliable and affordable espresso machine that delivers delicious coffee and comes with a starter set, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set in black is a great choice. This buying guide will help you understand the key features and specifications of this product, as well as guide you in making an informed decision.

    Key Features

    Steam System

    The Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 features a steam system that can brew up to 20 ounces of delicious Espresso Coffee. This allows you to make a strong and flavorful cup of espresso.

    Milk Frother

    One of the special features of this espresso machine is its powerful milk frother, which allows you to create creamy cappuccinos and lattes. You can easily froth your milk to achieve that perfect texture and taste.


    This espresso machine has a cord length of 24 inches and a 900 Watt capacity, ensuring that it can handle your coffee needs effectively and efficiently.

    Starter Set

    The Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 comes with a starter set that includes a stainless steel frothing pitcher, a measuring scoop, a glass carafe, and 2 ceramic cups. This means that you will have everything you need to start making delicious espresso right away.


    Brand: Mr. Coffee

    Color: Black

    Special Feature: Milk Frother

    Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine

    Filter Type: Reusable

    Style: Steam + Starter Set

    Specific Uses For Product: Espresso

    Included Components: Espresso Maker

    Operation Mode: Fully Automatic

    Voltage: 110 Volts

    Model Name: BVMC-ECM18

    Number of Items: 6

    Human Interface Input: Buttons

    Package Type: Standard Packaging

    Product Dimensions: 11.41 x 10.23 x 8.32 inches

    Item Weight: 3.69 pounds

    Manufacturer: Mr. Coffee

    Item model number: BVMC-ECM180

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

    Date First Available: August 5, 2017


    The Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious espresso at home. With its steam system, powerful milk frother, and convenient starter set, this espresso machine provides a convenient and enjoyable brewing experience. Consider the features and specifications outlined in this buying guide to make an informed decision and bring this fantastic espresso machine into your home today.

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    Specification: Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black


    Mr. Coffee


    110 Volts

    Special Feature

    Milk Frother

    Coffee Maker Type

    Espresso Machine

    Filter Type



    Steam + Starter Set

    Specific Uses For Product


    Included Components

    Espresso Maker

    Operation Mode

    Fully Automatic


    Number of Items


    Model Name


    Human Interface Input


    Package Type

    Standard Packaging

    Product Dimensions

    11.41 x 10.23 x 8.32 inches

    Item Weight

    3.69 pounds


    Mr. Coffee

    Item model number


    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    August 5, 2017

    12 reviews for Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black

    3.6 out of 5
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    1. Katayoun

      Good enough for the price tag

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    2. Christine

      Update: Machine died within six weeks… I am dropping this down to two stars for now. I will order another one and see how quickly it gets here and how long it lasts.

      Update2: the second one came fairly quickly, but also died within days. I can no longer recommend this product.

      Original Review: This is the third or fourth Mr. Coffee machine that I have purchased over the last 10 years. It is not a genuine espresso machine because it doesn’t work off the vacuum principle. Consequently, it will not produce a nice rich crema.

      However, while they don’t last longer than two or three years, they are capable of producing the strongest coffee of any coffee maker that I’ve used in the quantity that I want. Most of the espresso machines are designed for a very small quantities, but this comes with a fairly large deep coffee basket, so you can make a lot of good strong coffee. (I like a deadeye or a blackeye.)

      They’ve made some minor improvements to the controls, which makes it easier to work with than the older models, so I bumped the star rating up to four. In addition to it not being a genuine espresso machine, the other major drawback is that the lid to the carafe (over time) does not stay seated well,

      But for 12 ounces of good strong coffee, this can’t be beat.

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    3. HT

      It doesn’t enhance the flavour of the coffee as much as I had hoped, compared to a regular coffee maker. Occasionally it seems to overheat and the coffee has a burnt taste. I don’t know if I would recommend it for the price.

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    4. James Dyck

      Je suis très satisfaite du produit – tel qu’entendu simplicité de l’utilisation

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    5. Amy Pinoargote

      I have purchased Mr. Coffee espresso makers in the past and have found them to be good quality and durable. I think it is the best one you can get in the price range.

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    6. Ireneusz Janik

      My boyfriend loves it. Update… I love it. Easy to use.
      I dislike traditional coffee makes because of the filter and the grossness that builds up in the innerds of the machine. The glass pot gets gross and people let cold coffee sit there til the next day. So I used to just use a French press, but my boyfriend wouldn’t make himself coffee because it was too complicated. So I bought this machine.
      This machine is perfect. It is easy to clean, there is no filter to throw away, it makes just enough coffee for 1 serving. The used coffee grounds are easy to clean out.
      I highly recommend this coffee maker.

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    7. coco

      Produces a good espresso and plenty of steam to heat and froth milk for a latte. The milk frothing container is too small for the size of lattes I prefer. The steam pressure is also a bit high and it’s difficult to produce foam rather than bubbles (I was a barista so I know how this works). It’s compact though and inexpensive so perfect for our travel trailer and cabin.

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    8. Brian Hazeltine

      Honestly, if there’s anything that a $600 espresso machine could do better than is lil’guy I’d be really surprised. Great espresso on just 2 or 3 minutes. Easy to use. Steams even coconut milk perfectly. (Heavy cream, half and half, and whole milk as well) and makes a killer espresso for affogato. Mine has become my daily coffee maker over a dozen other coffee gadgetsand I have no real complaints other than the holder on the carafe breaking. I’d say get it. Have it espresso’rdered…

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    9. @illHate

      I did my research and came up that this is the best option. I am the only one who drinks coffee at home so 4shots is fine. I only do 2 shots every day. This would be perfect for a two people household.

      If you don’t mind it being manual, it is a bang for your buck. Keep in mind that you have to manually put the water and coffee grounds each time you make coffee. It’s not like those fancy ones where there’s a water and milk compartment. But other than that, I really like it. I had bought a coffee stamped and had been having lots of fun with the milk steamer.

      It looks like a durable machine and even if it breaks I wouldn’t be so bothered since it’s not so expensive. However the cover for the steam wand broke but you don’t really need it.

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    10. Zack Burke

      Not complicated to use
      Convenient price
      good coffee
      And I love the milk steaming process haha
      Not the best and amazingly perfect but still I’m happy with it and it’s great for me! 🙂

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    11. @illHate

      I bought this for my wife to replace a similar unit she got years back. After the second day – one cup per day – the handle on the glass carafe broke. Earlier this week the plastic that covers the milk frother broke apart. We had to spend money on a replacement carafe which is not what I expected to do. I guess now I’ll have to look for that plastic piece that goes over the milk frother too!

      So I am understandably not happy that within ONE MONTH two pieces of this unit have broken. This is unfortunate as beside that, it is working wonderfully. Just be warned.

      Four years on, and the machine has stopped working. Its use has cut down; especially during the warmer months. We live in SoCal so that has been a lot this year. Safe to say that I am disappointed. I expected a machine that gets used, on average 2-3 times a week, to last longer than this. Even more surprising is that the price for this unit has more than doubled in cost in those 4 years: $57.56 to $119.99.

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    12. Catrina

      It did what it was suppose to do for about two months. For that I would give it probably 3 stars, because there was nothing extraordinary about this device.
      Unfortunately contact power switch which is actuated by the plastic bump on the turning knob shaft stopped working. I suppose due to wearing out of the plastic actuator bump. The bump started missing it by a hair, and there was no way to bend blade of the contact switch to make it work again because the switch was not engaged by the movement of the blade of the actuating switch using its leverage but rather the bump was actuating the switch exactly and the blade was acting like just a spacer between the two. Poor engineering decisions about the location of the switch or the bad quality control in parts tolerances. By moving the contact switch about 1/8″ lower in its assembly would make it work more consistent, reliable and protect from fast wear out.
      With the current design it is going to be a ‘lemon’ for unlucky customers.
      One can fix it by shortening the switch and adding external electric switch. But why would you sign up for doing it? I got it at the beginning of May. And I see people complaining about the same symptoms. Once the switch becomes unreachable this device will not turn on. If you are not handy with home appliances you will regret buying this product. It looks like the product was designed to fail after short time. Two months is however way too short for me to stay with the brand. I am looking elsewhere from now on…
      I would not recommend it.

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      Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black
      Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM180 Steam Espresso with Starter Set, Black


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