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Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine,64 Fluid Ounces, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES500BSS


  • Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine in brushed stainless steel
  • Product dimensions: 7.6″D x 12.5″W x 12.2″H
  • Special feature: Milk frother
  • Reusable filter type
  • Modern style for home use
  • Included components: Cleaning tools, milk jug, precision dosing tool, filter baskets, tamper
  • Fully automatic operation mode
  • Voltage: 120
  • Model name: the Bambino â„¢ Plus
  • Item weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Item model number: BES500BSS1BUS1
  • Date first available: October 5, 2018
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Buying Guide – Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Product Overview

The Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is a high-quality espresso machine designed for home use. With its sleek brushed stainless steel exterior finish and compact size, it is sure to complement any modern kitchen. This fully automatic espresso machine includes a built-in milk frother, allowing you to easily create delicious lattes and cappuccinos. The Breville Bambino Plus is known for its user-friendly interface and precise extraction capabilities, providing coffee lovers with a superior espresso experience.

Key Features

  • Brand: Breville
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6″D x 12.5″W x 12.2″H
  • Special Feature: Milk Frother
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Style: Modern
  • Specific Uses For Product: Home
  • Exterior Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Included Components: Cleaning Tool and Cleaning Disc, 16 fl.oz / 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug, the
    Razor Precision Dosing Tool, 1 & 2 Cup Dual Wall Filter Baskets, 54mm Tamper
  • Operation Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Voltage: 120
  • Model Name: the Bambino â„¢ Plus
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Human Interface Input: Buttons
  • Package Type: Standard Packaging
  • Unit Count: 1.0 Count
  • Item Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Item model number: BES500BSS1BUS1
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: October 5, 2018

How to Select

1. Consider Your Needs

Before purchasing the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine, assess your coffee consumption habits and preferences. Determine whether you primarily enjoy espresso-based drinks or if you prefer regular coffee. The Bambino Plus is designed specifically for espresso, so it may not be the best choice if you prefer other types of coffee.

2. Evaluate Space and Size

Measure the available space in your kitchen to ensure that the Bambino Plus will fit properly. Consider the product dimensions mentioned above and compare them to your available counter space. The compact size of the Bambino Plus makes it suitable for smaller kitchens.

3. Milk Frothing Capability

If you enjoy milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, the Bambino Plus is a great choice with its built-in milk frother. It allows you to froth milk quickly and easily, providing you with perfectly textured milk for your favorite beverages.

4. User-Friendly Interface

The Breville Bambino Plus is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. With simple buttons for interaction, it is easy to operate and navigate through various settings. Consider this feature if you prefer a hassle-free experience with your espresso machine.

5. Extraction Quality

One of the key features of the Bambino Plus is its precision extraction capabilities. It is designed to deliver optimal espresso flavor and aroma, ensuring a satisfying cup every time. Look for customer reviews and ratings to gauge the extraction quality of the machine.

6. Price and Warranty

Consider your budget and compare prices across different retailers to find the best deal for the Breville Bambino Plus. Additionally, check the warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you are covered in case of any defects or issues.

By following these guidelines, you can confidently select the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine that suits your needs and preferences, bringing the joy of café-quality espresso into your home.

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Current Price $499.95 April 22, 2024
Highest Price $499.95 October 28, 2023
Lowest Price $399.95 November 27, 2023
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Specification: Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine,64 Fluid Ounces, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES500BSS



Operation Mode

Fully Automatic

Product Dimensions

7.6"D x 12.5"W x 12.2"H

Special Feature

Milk Frother

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine

Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product


Exterior Finish

Stainless Steel

Included Components

Cleaning Tool and Cleaning Disc, 16 fl.oz, 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug, the Razor Precision Dosing Tool, 1 & 2 Cup Dual Wall Filter Baskets, 54mm Tamper


Model Name

the Bambino â„¢ Plus



Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Item Weight

3.1 pounds



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 5, 2018

8 reviews for Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine,64 Fluid Ounces, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES500BSS

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Matthew

    This machine is really great and impressive in a lot of ways. But don’t expect to get a cafe quality drink from it without some work and good quality beans and accessories.

    I had been making latte-like drinks for a while with strong drip coffee, warm milk, and a little hand frother gadget. They were pretty good, but obviously not the real thing. I decided to try making lattes at home and went with the breville because of all the features, such as auto milk frothing.

    First off, the auto frothing is amazing! I would pick this machine over others just for that. I am not a morning person and want as little work as possible in the morning, so having it stream and froth the milk for me was great. It made excellent quality milk! I can’t complain about that at all.

    As far as the coffee, I first tried pre-ground espresso from the grocery store with the pressurized basket. It was definitely drinkable, but a far cry from what you can get from a cafe. I expected as much.

    So then I bought the breville smart grinder pro. I spent a lot of time studying dialing in your beans and everything. I bought the best quality espresso beans available at my local grocery store. I used the single walled basket and did all the weighing and timing and probably brewed 10-15 shots before I got it about as good as I could. This was much better quality than the pre-ground stuff, and definitely an enjoyable drink. But still, nowhere near as good as what I get at a coffee shop.

    The next for me would have been to buy freshly ground beans from a local roaster or something like that. But at this point I had so much money and time invested in it, and I don’t get out much and don’t want to start making regular trips to buy special beans. So I returned it all and went back to my drip coffee.

    It was a fun little hobby for the very short time I owned this. But not being a morning person it was too much prep and cleaning in the mornings. There were always coffee grounds everywhere I was constantly cleaning up. I was buying so many different accessories like wdt tools and dosing funnels. And I found myself stressing about perfecting the process and could see myself going down a deep rabbit hole with specialty beans and everything. And I’m mostly being facetious here but I did not like the person I was becoming. There was a huge sense of relief as soon as I returned it all.

    This hobby just wasn’t for me in the end. But if I did decide to stick with it, I would have kept this machine and not felt a need to upgrade to anything beyond this. It is really classy and elegant and looked great in my kitchen. I loved walking by it and looking at how nice and shiny it was. And I feel like the features all made it about as easy a process as it could be without going to something more automatic.

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  2. Pavel Luna

    The media could not be loaded.

     Me encantó mi café, delicioso sabor y muy fácil ñ de usar

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  3. Josh

    So I got mine used (on purpose – not cuz the company sent me a used one lol) for only 330 dollars here from amazon… I just couldn’t pass up such a deal when I was about to spend 500 for brand new…

    Ahead of time I ordered stuff to deep clean my used machine as well as some vinyl wrap in anticipation of receiving a possibly scratched / dented machine with missing accessories…

    This thing came in original packaging – fully factory cleaned but came with descaler / cleaning tablets anyway – and had NO dents or scratched or ANY missing accessories… I almost thought they made a mistake and sent me a brand new unit until I saw (only when looking REALLY close) super tiny evidence of the machine having been used before by like finding a coffee flake/ground in the tray or a water drop stain hidden in a tough to clean spot…

    So yeah I was very satisfied – now I got extra cleaning supplies and might vinyl wrap it anyway just to look even cooler lol. Works excellent – I’ve never made espresso in my life but watched 1 tutorial on youtube on using the bambino plus and made a fantastic double shot on my first try using a bottomless 3rd party portafilter and a 3rd party IMS basket. I also just let the machine auto steam my milk and that turned out perfect.

    I’m very satisfied – the ONLY con I can think of is that all the youtubers / influencers who convinced me to get an espresso machine never show you the footage of the cleanup lol. I spend 2-3x more time cleaning up than I do making coffee.

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  4. Stuart E. Schechter

    The Bambino indeed has a super-fast startup time for both making espresso and steaming milk. A machine that starts up quickly is much less harmful for the environment than one that you need to leave powered up over night, which most of the higher-end machines do.

    While the Bambino does start up in 3 seconds, the instructions specify that run a single-cup cycle without the filter before actually starting to make your first shot. This is not going to slow you down if you start up your machine and hit the single shot button before grinding your beans, and the Bambino will be ready before you’ve finished tamping.

    I love the materials and the ease with which the base slides off for cleaning and back on again. It’s got a deep tray for water so I haven’t had any spills carrying it over to my sink.

    However, you should know before you buy that:

    (1) There’s a good deal of necessary friction to overcome as the filter needs to lock in tight to be sealed under pressure, and the machine is so light that it will slide around your counter before accepting the filter. There’s no handle to grab, so the only way I’ve been able to make this work is by wrapping my arms around the whole (fortunately small) machine. Don’t welcome a Bambino into your home unless you’re prepared to give it two bear hugs for every espresso you drink. (It gets easier–see update below. A commenter suggested using olive oil as a lubricant, which seems sensible since water boils at 100C and olive oil doesn’t burn until ~190C.)

    (2) When the steamer self-cleans the tip of the wand, the initial spray often hits the edges of the hole it’s supposed to land in. That initial spray contains milk that is being cleared, and the milk splatters. You’ll need to keep the towel you used to clean the wand handy to play defense, and prepare to clean up splatter that you miss. Hopefully in v2 the hole will be slightly bigger and the alignment more precise. (Aside from this, the self cleaning function is great.)

    (3) The minimum amount of milk required to steam (the min line in the included steel milk jug) is a bit more than will fit in an 8oz mug, especially on the frothiest mode. Fortunately, I’ve not had any problems after filling a bit below the min line.

    I’d definitely buy this again as all the flaws are manageable and I love the quality of the espresso it creates, the ease with which it does it, the ease of cleaning, and the petite size. Having originally eyed the Barista Express, I have no regrets about getting a smaller machine that’s easier to clean and starts up more quickly. If my grinder breaks, I can replace it without replacing my espresso maker, and vice versa. I also have no regrets about not getting a double boiler, as having two fast sequential steps (espresso and steam) is just as good as two slower parallel ones. If really I wanted to make multiple espressos faster, I’d get another filter unit so that I can grind one cup while another is brewing.

    – – – – –
    Update April 21 2020

    After a few months the group head started locking in with less friction (but still makes a good seal), and so the bear hugs are now optional.

    I recently had the chance to compare the Bambino with the Barista Express, which I bought as a gift for friends I stayed with for a week. The Barista Express is a more impressive looking machine, also worked beautifully, and when offered for less than the Bambino as it was in January, it might be a better value. The one feature I missed was the automated milk steaming on the Bambino. With the Bambino, I can start milk frothing and move to another task, but steaming is a strictly manual operation on the Express. While the Bambino has a manual option, if I wanted to steam manually, I confess that if I were steaming manually each morning, I’d much prefer the more spacious Express which provides a more ergonomic experience if steaming manually is important to you. The Bambino’s automatic steaming does a great job, so manual vs. automatic may simply be a matter of preference.

    Only after a year into ownership did I re-read the part of the manual that mentioned tool for cleaning the four holes in the steam wand, hidden under the water tank. It’s beautiful industrial design to embed useful but rarely-needed tools where nobody has to see them, but Breville was a little too successful in hiding from. Don’t miss it. I had been using a needle from a sewing kit.

    When using the two-shot mode to make two small lattes, I found it helpful to have a 600ml (20oz) steaming pitcher so that I can steam enough milk for both. For shot glasses, I’ve come to greatly appreciate ones with spouts that help me cleanly pour the espresso shots into cup. I use these:

    I’ve now descaled a few times. Step 8 in the manual instructs that “once the descale solution has been used up, the descale mode will pause.” It will actually pause BEFORE all the descale solution has been used up. I believe you can just toss the remaining liquid left in your tank.

    After my second descale, the machine started barely producing any espresso during a cycle. I tried another descale, with no luck. Then I tried the instructions under “reset factory espresso volume settings” at the bottom right of page 17 of the manual and everything suddenly worked like new.

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  5. Liliana Soberanes

    La mejor inversión en cuanto a maquinas de espresso para principiantes.
    Tamaño compacto, calienta el agua en tres segundos, se puede programar.
    El plus es que se puede programar la espuma y lo caliente de la leche muy fácilmente (algo que nos ayuda a los que todavía no somos hábiles en esos menesteres).

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  6. Pavel Luna

    aun estoy empezando a usarla, los filtros son lo unico malo algo incomodos, claro es una maquina para uso domestico y no se puede exigir mucho, quizas sea cosa de acostumbrarse, por lo pronto le doy 4 estrellas porque si la maquina es bonita y los materiales se sienten bien, la usare un tiempo y volvere para actualizar mi calificacion.

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  7. LIC. M.

    Desde hacía meses estaba buscando una cafetera nueva para sustituir una Krups Gusto. Vi de todos tipos, desde las Oster de gama baja hasta las DeLongi superautomáticas. Ninguna me convencía porque no quería gastarme un dineral pero también quería una cafetera que diera una buena experiencia del café.

    La Bambino Plus cumple por mucho con su propósito. Entrega una taza bastante correcta, mejor que muchas cafeterías que no son de especialidad. La extracción es buena y la crema es consistente y duradera. La espuma de la leche es bastante buena y sedosa; ahora mismo estoy tratando de aprender arte latte.

    La cafetera es sencilla de usar. Seleccionas carga sencilla o doble de expreso y la máquina hace el resto. El espumador se puede usar de forma manual pero la función automática trabaja bastante bien y puedes escoger la temperatura y textura de la leche.

    Hay que jugar con la Bambino Plus los primeros días. Tienes que probar distintos tipos de molido hasta obtener el que buscas. Si es muy grueso, la extracción será pobre, aguada y sin crema. Si es demasiado fino entonces el agua no pasará porque la canastilla estará tapada. Con la leche es lo mismo: es importante probar con distintos tipos hasta encontrar la textura que buscas -la recomendación es que sea lo más entera posible y de preferencia esté fría-. Eso sí, la barita espumadora es bastante sensible. Si no la limpias al momento, la leche se seca muy rápido y tapa los orificios, que son realmente pequeños. Cuando notas que ya no espuma bien es momento de limpiarla a profundidad.

    La caja incluye varios accesorios de muy buena calidad, desde un portafiltros robusto con cuatro canastillas distintas hasta el tamper y una herramienta para asegurarse que la dosis de café es la correcta. También viene con pastillas de limpieza y descalcificador.

    Hasta ahora, el único punto negativo que encuentro es el precio. Aunque yo la encontré con descuento, se trata de cualquier forma de un gasto mayor. Ciertamente hay cafeteras que cuestan cuatro o cinco veces más y esta se encuentra en un rango intermedio de precios. Dependerá de la durabilidad del producto para saber si valió la pena.

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  8. LIC. M.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Si no quieres gastar un dineral en una máquina profesional esta es tu mejor opción, al principio te costará tiempo adaptarte para encontrar el punto ideal de extracción, inicialmente recomiendo comprar accesorios del mercado secundario de buena calidad , por ejemplo,
    Un filtro de mayor calidad
    Un porta filtro desnudo
    Un tamper
    Un distribuidor de agujas
    La idea es siempre ser constante en todos los procesos y eliminar las mayores variables posibles, una vez que dómines eso , todos tus café van a salir de maravilla , en lo personal no ocupo los botones automáticos, sólo dejo presionado el botón de una o dos tazas por aproximadamente ocho o 10 segundos para la pre infusión y una vez que lo suelto empieza el tiro y tengo extracciones correctas de 25 y 30 segundos, pero si o si debes tener un molino de buena calidad, en mi caso tengo un molino Breville grinder pro y tengo pensado adquirir un Barraza 270 wi , si no tienes un molino de buena calidad nunca vas a sacar un buen espresso, cabe señalar que un amigo tiene la gaggia classic pro y los dos hemos concluido que la Bambino plus definitivamente la supera en muchos aspectos

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    Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine,64 Fluid Ounces, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES500BSS
    Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine,64 Fluid Ounces, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES500BSS


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