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Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless Steel Mug Car Coffee Cup Warmer with DC 12V Charger for Car (Kettle Boiler)


  • 650ml large capacity car kettle boiler
  • Heats water to 100°C in 45 minutes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Anti-leak and anti-slip design
  • Fits almost all cars with cup holders
  • Suitable for hot water, coffee, tea, soup, and beverages
  • Energy-saving design that saves money on electricity
  • Perfect after-sales service and support for returns and exchanges
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Buying Guide: Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml


Choosing the right car kettle boiler is essential for those who frequently travel by car and need hot beverages on the go. The Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml offers a large capacity, fast heating, and convenient features. This buying guide will help you select the perfect car kettle boiler for your needs.


The first factor to consider is the capacity of the car kettle boiler. The Sunsbell 650ml model provides a large capacity, which is suitable for most travel purposes. If you require smaller or larger volumes of hot beverages, consider models with different capacities.

Heating Speed

The heating speed is an important consideration to ensure that you can quickly enjoy your hot beverages. The Sunsbell 650ml car kettle boiler can heat up your water to 100°C in 45 minutes, providing you with hot drinks in a reasonable amount of time. If you need beverages even faster, you may want to look for models with shorter heating times.


Ensure that the car kettle boiler is compatible with your car’s power source. The Sunsbell 650ml model comes with a DC 12V charger, which is suitable for most vehicles. Verify that your car has a cigarette lighter port to connect the kettle. If your car does not have this port, consider other models that can be powered through alternative methods.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

The Sunsbell 650ml car kettle boiler is designed for easy use and cleaning. Simply pour water into the kettle and connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter port. An indicator light shows when the kettle is working and when it’s done. Cleaning is straightforward with a wipe clean process. Consider ease of use and cleaning as important factors when selecting a car kettle boiler.

Safety Features

Look for safety features that ensure the car kettle boiler operates without any risks. The Sunsbell 650ml model has an electronic thermostat function that prevents re-heating of cold drinks. The kettle also features an anti-leak design with a sealed rubber band on the lid and an anti-slip rubber base to keep it stable. These safety features help to prevent accidents and improve heating efficiency.

Additional Uses

Consider if the car kettle boiler can serve other purposes apart from heating water. The Sunsbell 650ml model can be used to heat coffee, tea, soup, and other beverages. It can also function as a baby warmer. If you have specific requirements, such as heating food or keeping drinks cold, research and select a model that meets these needs.

Brand and Quality

The Sunsbell brand is known for producing quality car kettle boilers. Consider the reputation and reviews of the brand when making your decision. Look for feedback from other customers to ensure that the product is reliable and durable.

After-sales Service

Before purchasing a car kettle boiler, ensure that the manufacturer provides excellent after-sales service. The Sunsbell 650ml comes with perfect after-sales service, including support for returns and exchanges. This ensures that if you encounter any problems during purchase or use, the manufacturer will provide assistance and solutions.


Choosing the right car kettle boiler is crucial for enjoying hot beverages during your car travels. Considering factors such as capacity, heating speed, compatibility, ease of use, safety features, additional uses, brand reputation, and after-sales service will help you select the perfect product. The Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml ticks all the right boxes, making it an excellent choice for your car heating needs.

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Specification: Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless Steel Mug Car Coffee Cup Warmer with DC 12V Charger for Car (Kettle Boiler)




Special Feature

12V car warming mug, 750ML, car heated travel mugs, Car heating cup, car kettle boiler, Electric Kettles

Package Information


Finish Type

Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

5.31"L x 3.35"W x 8.66"H

Product Care Instructions

Wipe clean

CountryRegion of Origin


Item Weight

8.6 ounces



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 14, 2017

13 reviews for Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless Steel Mug Car Coffee Cup Warmer with DC 12V Charger for Car (Kettle Boiler)

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  1. Jérémie M. F.

    Perfect for a trucker, purchased as a gift for my stepfather. He use this kettle to prepare instant coffee in his truck. It takes about 20 minutes to have the water to a boiling state. He loves it.

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  2. Archana

    So this worked for us for about 18 months. Now all of a sudden it has started to short our lighter plug. It takes 12V DC, 10A current which seems to be the maximum shared across all the cigarette plugs in your vehicle.

    Nowadays it is consistently shorting the fuses even if it is the only thing plugged in. We were earlier very happy with this but lately looks like it needs more current which possibly means it’s coils are getting burnt out. Will look for another one and hopefully that works better

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  3. C. MacPhail


    ** Update February 2019 – I used it about 25 times in the last year. No problems. I like it and would buy it again. **

    It does NOT hold 750 ml. With the top screwed on, it holds 630 ml max (21.3 oz). Shame on Sunsbell for being so clueless about what they are selling. Overstating the capacity by 19%.

    Other than that, it seems to work as advertised.

    It seems well designed and well crafted.

    It’s double-wall construction, but not well insulated. The exterior gets hot. At its hottest, it will not burn you, but you won’t be able to touch it for more than a second or two. Wasted heat, unless you make some kind of insulated holder.

    Diameter is approximately as stated (3.42”, 86.8mm. Not 3.3″, 85mm”)

    My vehicle outlet supports 20 amps (240 watts). It wish someone made a 200+ watt model that heats faster.


    – Looks and feels like quality
    – Status light and automatic shut-off are handy


    – 45 minute heat-up time for 600 ml of near-boiling hot water (It doesn’t come to a full boil)
    – About 22 minutes to heat 500 ml of water to 160º (with a homemade foam insulation “cozy” surrounding the pot).
    – 12-month warranty


    – Only 630 ml capacity, not 750 ml
    – Not well insulated
    – Owner manual is very bad English. 90% figure-out-able. 10% give up.

    ~~~ Comments & questions welcome ~~~

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  4. CH

    Pretty slow to warm up but fits in the cup holder nicely and works well. I would buy it again.

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  5. Moxy

    I bought this for a cross country road trip. I used it 3/4x a week for 7 weeks and it worked great. The water does boil so be careful. Only negatives are water will leak through the spout without depressing the toggle and although it technically fits my cup holder it bends the cord so I’m wary it will ruin the cord after a time.
    As I was on a trip backpacking I could not return. I am just mindful when I use. Not sure if this is a manufacturer issue or I got a bad one.
    Well made, like that the cord is sturdy as is the plug.
    If I could fix the seal it would be 5 stars.

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  6. Edward


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  7. daniel deshaies

    Non fonctionnel et la poignée était cassé. Alors j’en n’ai commandé une autre

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  8. stephanie jennings

    A little slow is my only complaint .

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  9. William B.

    After 30 minutes 1200 ml is not hot enough for tea or instant coffee. Maybe it works well only filled half way but we need more in the morning for us.

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  10. Lakeside

    Only worked twice, 3rd time wouldn’t heat. Green light stayed on. I’ve since sent back, waiting for a refund. Bought other model, a little more expensive but faster and hotter.
    Refund has been issued. Thank you

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  11. eymard

    plutôt déçu, très long a chauffer long quand il est plein, l’eau coule à côté quand il est plein

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  12. Tracy C.

    love this pot, I do not do coffee in it so do not need to clean, just flush with water every time. really hard to get the last of water out. need to use paper towel. This is great way to have instant coffee so easy. the plug fried and had to cut it off. cig lighter plug method just seems to light for heavy current draw. rigged up my own plug heavy duty of C B connection. and love using this pot. perfect for making coffee on the go in semi. thanks

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  13. Jason M

    3 month update:

    Having used this kettle pretty much every day for 3 months I wanted to adjust my initial thoughts and review. The kettle started out great. It was reliable and worked solidly. Then, things started to act up. I’m not sure if it’s the plug beginning to break down or the heating element itself. I’m leaning towards the heating element as the culprit. After the kettle is plugged in for a few minutes I’ll notice the light suddenly go out. I’ll shift the plug and the light comes back on. This becomes a regular battle and has even caused my outlet’s fuse to blow. If I hold the plug I can see the light flicker and then go out.

    At this point I’m done with the kettle before I cause a major issue with my truck’s electrical system. It shouldn’t come to this either. As I mentioned above, the kettle was solid for the first 3 months and I had no issues at all. Now it’s a headache to try and keep working until the water heats up. It’s a shame as I was really liking this setup but it’s time to move on.

    I no longer would recommend this product for long term use as it could lead to a dangerous situation with your vehicle’s power outlet. Plus, you do need to be mindful of where you place the plug when you first unplug it – it can melt or catch something on fire due to the metal parts being so hot.

    After reading some of the reviews I was a little concerned about safety and the overall quality of this kettle.

    My first observations after opening the box is that this product is of decent build quality considering the price and origin. I filled the kettle up and plugged it in to my truck’s power outlet without any issues. While I didn’t time it to see how long it took before the light turned green (boiling temp according to the information provided) it seemed like it took less than the advertised40-45 mins. I used the heated water to cook a large cup of instant ramen. Not only did it cook the ramen with plenty of heat still left for a hot soup, I still had about a quarter of the water left in the kettle. I did not experience any leaks from the lid as others reviewed. The remaining water was still plenty warm in the kettle after I finished my meal.

    So far I’m very pleased with the performance of this kettle and it accomplished the task I purchased it for. I would certainly buy it again and recommend it to others. I will see how it continues to perform as time goes on.

    I also want to make some quick notes for those who may have concerns regarding fuses and damaged outlets. Please note that this kettle requires a full powered 12v outlet with 120 watts. Any newer vehicle with a “power outlet” should provide this but check in your vehicle’s manual for confirmation. Also, this kettle features a fused plug (9A fuse which should blow before your outlet’s fuse (usually 10A)). Plugging this kettle into a cigarette lighter plug will mostly likely blow a fuse as the wattage of those outlets is not the full 120. This should only be a concern for older vehicles (Again, consult your owner’s manual for confirmation). Also, do not plug the kettle in without any water in it or empty the kettle while it is plugged in as this could also lead to a blown fuse. I read some reviews saying that the plug got really hot during the full duration of heating up the water. I personally did not experience this and was able to unplug the kettle without any issues or burns.

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    Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless Steel Mug Car Coffee Cup Warmer with DC 12V Charger for Car (Kettle Boiler)
    Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless Steel Mug Car Coffee Cup Warmer with DC 12V Charger for Car (Kettle Boiler)


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