LUXHAUS Moka Pot – 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker – 100% Stainless Steel Italian and Cuban Mocha Coffee Maker


  • Makes 6 espresso size cups (12oz total capacity)
  • Provides the best tasting espresso
  • Made with food-safe stainless steel
  • Works on gas, electric, or induction stovetops
  • Comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Brand: LUXHAUS
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Moka Pot
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    Buying Guide: LUXHAUS Moka Pot


    If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to brew delicious espresso at home, the LUXHAUS Moka Pot is a perfect choice. Made with 100% stainless steel and designed for both Italian and Cuban mocha coffee, this stovetop espresso maker offers a unique and aromatic coffee experience. In this buying guide, we’ll help you navigate the features and make an informed decision before purchasing the LUXHAUS Moka Pot.

    Capacity and Brewing

    The LUXHAUS Moka Pot has a total capacity of 12oz, which is equivalent to 6 espresso-size cups (approximately 2oz each). If you prefer a strong and flavorful espresso, this pot is perfect for you. Its compact size makes it convenient and easy to use, saving you time and money by avoiding daily trips to coffee shops.

    Taste and Quality

    Experience the best tasting espresso with the LuxHaus stainless steel moka pot. This coffee maker is specifically designed for coffee aficionados who appreciate a full-bodied and aromatic cup of coffee. Say goodbye to ordinary bitter coffees and low-quality competitors, and step up to LuxHaus quality for a delightful morning coffee experience.

    Material and Safety

    Your health is the top priority, and that’s why the LUXHAUS Moka Pot is made from food-safe and high-quality 100% stainless steel. There’s no need to worry about rust or metal pieces contaminating your espresso. This pot offers a 100% no-rust guarantee, ensuring your well-being while enjoying your cup of coffee.


    The LUXHAUS Moka Pot is compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops. Its stainless steel construction makes it suitable for use on induction ranges as well. Whether you’re at home or out camping, you can enjoy a strong shot of coffee-happiness in just minutes.

    LUXHAUS Quality Guarantee

    With the LUXHAUS Moka Pot, you can purchase with confidence. The manufacturer offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, demonstrating their confidence in the product’s quality. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply contact them via email for a full refund.


    In summary, the LUXHAUS Moka Pot is a fantastic choice for coffee lovers who want to brew their own espresso at home. Its stainless steel construction, compatibility with various stovetops, and dedication to taste and quality make it an excellent investment. Don’t settle for mediocre coffee – choose the LUXHAUS Moka Pot for a delightful coffee experience every morning.

    Brand: LUXHAUS
    Color: Stainless Steel
    Coffee Maker Type: Moka Pot
    Filter Type: Reusable
    Style: Casual
    Specific Uses For Product: Coffee maker
    Operation Mode: Manual
    Model Name: Moka Pot
    Number of Items: 1
    Human Interface Input: Buttons
    Package Dimensions: 8.66 x 8.27 x 4.69 inches
    Item Weight: 2 ounces
    Item model number: MP06
    Date First Available: February 22, 2019

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    Specification: LUXHAUS Moka Pot – 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker – 100% Stainless Steel Italian and Cuban Mocha Coffee Maker




    Coffee Maker Type

    Moka Pot

    Filter Type




    Specific Uses For Product

    Coffee maker

    Operation Mode


    Model Name

    Moka Pot

    Number of Items


    Human Interface Input


    Package Dimensions

    8.66 x 8.27 x 4.69 inches

    Item Weight

    2 ounces

    Item model number


    Date First Available

    February 22, 2019

    8 reviews for LUXHAUS Moka Pot – 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker – 100% Stainless Steel Italian and Cuban Mocha Coffee Maker

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    1. K. Li

      I only gave t 4 stars because the first one I received leaked at the seam. I use my stainless steel Bialetti every day but it only makes about 10 ounces and sometimes I like to have a larger cup. After reading the reviews, I decided to try the Luxhaus, even though some people said that they leaked because the design looked good, and the quality did as well. After the first one leaked, I decided to try another one, because I liked the design so much. And I made a nice strong cup of coffee. The second one I got screwed together perfectly-I knew it wasn’t going to leak. You don’t have to tighten it a crazy amount. It just has no quality issues. So glad I tried a second one because it works great. I So glad I tried a second one because it works great! Easy to clean. I like that I can get replacement parts easily for a reasonable price. I always take the rubber gasket off and wash it and the filter after every time I make a coffee. It seems to extend the life of the rubber gasket.

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    2. Martoony

      There are so many subtleties using a moka pot reviews can vary due to people not having the skills required to make a great cup of coffee, these little coffee makers are not necessarily user-friendly. By making sure you follow the directions and use boiling water in the base, not packing down the coffee in the basket, using a courser rather than a finer grind, and taking your time, you will produce a fantastic cup of coffee. This particular design and brand is the epitome of this type of coffee maker and it’s beautifully executed and a lifelong piece of equipment that will last for years and years. Great. value fore a truly excellent product.

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    3. Misssappyjones

      excellent coffee maker; brings me back to Italy.

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    4. K. Li

      Summary: A pretty good quality product, but subtle design aspects make this item less safe than it could be. I’d recommend shelling out the extra $15 for the Bialetti Venus 10-cup—especially for a household with small kids or pets underfoot. (If you just want the safety concerns, scroll down…I’ve marked them!)

      I have a Bialletti 6-cup that I believe is an earlier version of or the immediate precursor to Bialetti’s current Venus line. Since we use it for a strong morning mug of coffee rather than an espresso (I have NOT tried a finer espresso ground in this product), those six espresso-sized portions just weren’t cutting it for our three-person household. I went looking for a larger alternative and—after reading MANY reviews—decided to take a chance on this LuxHaus 9-cup moka pot, which was almost 30% less expensive than the 10-cup Bialetti Venus. The LuxHaus is good enough that I’m not going to send it back for the Amazon returns department to dump in a landfill somewhere, but I still wish I had bought the Bialetti.

      Let me start with the positives: this seems like a well-constructed item made from quality materials that will withstand years of brewing. I love the addition of the spring on the bottom of the “funnel”/coffee basket. Having the top of the basket floating a couple of millimeters above the rim of the water container is super convenient. No more gently easing it out with my fingernails while trying not to spill wet or dry grounds. Every brand should adopt this! The manufacturer also did a good job with the angle and shape of the handle. I haven’t run into the issue I have with the smaller, older Bialletti model I own, where the handle drops straight down along the coffee reservoir and gets uncomfortably hot from proximity to the stove burner. (It does look like Bialetti fixed that on the current Venus, btw.)


      Now for the issues, which are primarily related to lid/spout design: The Bialetti, as you can see from my comparison photos, has a recessed lid that sits about a centimeter below the top of the coffee reservoir. There’s no pour spout at all, and the finished coffee goes through a small cutout in the lid and over the angled rim. The LuxHaus, in contrast, has a completely circular lid that sits just on top of the coffee reservoir, and the coffee comes out through a built-in pour spout that begins pretty much right at the final height to which the finished coffee reaches if you brew at maximum volume capacity. Somewhat counterintuitively, the very first cup of coffee from a full reservoir flows with perfect control over the Bialetti’s rim, even into a short mug sitting on the counter; the coffee in the LuxHaus, on the other hand, tends to splash out eagerly unless you pour very carefully and deliberately. It’s enough of an issue that, when the reservoir is totally full, I generally take the moka pot and cup over to the sink AND get the cup as close to the spout as possible before pouring. Perhaps more importantly, since the LuxHaus lid merely rests across the very top of the reservoir, it doesn’t really help contain any spillover if you accidentally slosh the coffee while you’re taking it off of the stove and moving it to the sink, counter, or table to pour. I’m not saying this thing is significantly more dangerous than its Bialetti counterpart, but the potential for hot coffee to splash over your hand (or onto a toddler’s head!) definitely seems higher.

      ****END SAFETY SECTION****

      Aside from safety, the LuxHaus lid design creates a couple of additional drawbacks: First of all, even though the lid and it’s attachment point both seem solid, they’re undoubtedly the weakest point in the product from a structural standpoint. On the Bialetti, I can freely grasp the top of the reservoir to untwist it from the base—thus keeping my hand as far as it can get from the hottest part of the system, if I want to empty and reuse it without waiting for it to cool completely, and also avoiding any stress on the handle (which is the second weakest structural point on either product). I’m very hesitant to do the same thing on the LuxHaus, because I would also be grabbing and twisting the lid in a way that puts a stress on the attachment point which I suspect it wasn’t designed for and won’t withstand over the long term. And I’m not going to use the handle for leverage, due to the same concerns. So that leaves me awkwardly grasping, releasing, and re-grasping the main body of the reservoir UNDER the handle to unscrew it from the base…Annoying. Secondly, the larger radius of the LuxHaus lid—because it’s covering a larger cross section of reservoir than the Bialetti—leaves it heavier and therefore floppier (and louder!) during cleaning…That’s a fairly minor annoyance, though, that I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all except in comparison to my Bialetti.

      For those who aren’t worried about the safety aspect and just care about whether it makes a decent cup of coffee, our household has noticed that the metal basket seems to filter out fewer of the grounds compared to the Bialetti. There’s noticeably more “sludge” in the bottom of the reservoir/cups after the coffee’s been poured/drunk. How that affects your enjoyment of the resulting brew will be a matter of personal preference. We quickly got used to the difference in taste; it might be a bigger issue for someone who actually uses a fine espresso ground.

      In conclusion, still a four-star product that I’d probably be perfectly happy with if I didn’t have the Bialetti to compare it to. If you have the extra $15, go with the Bialetti; if that’s a stretch for your budget, you can probably buy the LuxHaus with confidence.

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    5. Misssappyjones

      First of all, this makes a fine cup of coffee. I’ve used just about every kind of coffee pot there is including the classic Bialetti aluminum model. Stainless steel is a far better material in all respects. I’ve only had mine for a month or so, I used it every day and it is a pleasure. The aluminum pots degrade over time, they stain, easily accumulate scale, and look sadder and sadder over time. I expect this stainless pot will hold up much better, and it cleans up completely. It is well manufactured, the thread to screw the top and bottom together is finely cut and polished so it goes together easily.

      The coffee starts to rise through the funnel quickly and smoothly, it sputters (as expected) only at the very end when the majority of the water has passed through the grounds. It takes a bit of trial and error to grind your coffee properly: if the grind is too fine and packed, it will take longer to rise, may not make as much coffee as there is water in the base, and may sputter a lot. If the grind is too coarse and/or is not sufficiently filling the basket, the water will rise too quickly and not extract as much flavor from the bean. Once you get that right, it performs very consistently. I like the width of the base which sits on the cast iron flame tamer I use on my gas burner very squarely and isn’t at all tippy. The rounded spout is a great improvement over the classic triangular pouring spot which always seemed to dribble on my old Bialetti. I was a little dubious about the spring loaded basket, imagining that it might cause the dry grounds to be bounced out of the basket, but that hasn’t ever happened and having the spring hold the basket above the rim of the base makes it much easier to take out, you don’t have try to get your fingernail between the lip of the basket and the edge of base to take it out to empty the grounds, it just lifts right out. It doesn’t interfere with tightening the top onto the base. I had one very minor problem which was that the fitting that holds the hinge for the lid cracked on one end and fell off. I was still able to use the top–but not to worry the Luxhaus customer service was stellar! Stefan replied the very same day that I emailed, and they have set on a free replacement hinge at no cost to me. If only all products were so well made and so well supported!

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    6. Dale M.

      Almost a month I was looking for a good quality coffee maker. Now I am very disappointed how the stainless coffee maker could be rusty and black inside and outside in a month of use. Just wasted money.

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    7. Lorentz

      Box of this item was very nice and experience looking.

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    8. FaustaBarra

      The LuxHaus has proven to be an ideal means of making our daily expresso coffee and I am pleased that it is stainless steel and not aluminium. However it should advertised as only a two cup not three unless of course someone is thinking of smaller coffee cups used years ago.

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      LUXHAUS Moka Pot – 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker – 100% Stainless Steel Italian and Cuban Mocha Coffee Maker
      LUXHAUS Moka Pot – 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker – 100% Stainless Steel Italian and Cuban Mocha Coffee Maker
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