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Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80 oz), Dark, Kosher, Whole Bean


  • Freshly roasted Italian roast coffee
  • Dark and bold flavor
  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Suitable for espresso, iced coffee, and drip brew
  • Kosher certified and sustainably sourced
  • Roasted, blended, and packaged in the USA
  • Environmentally friendly roasting process
  • Available in 12 oz, 2 lb, and 5 lb bags
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Buying Guide: Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80 oz), Dark, Kosher, Whole Bean


Are you a coffee lover who enjoys a strong, bold cup? Look no further! This buying guide will help you understand the key features and benefits of Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Italian Roast. With its dark and flavorful profile, the Italian Roast is perfect for those seeking a rich and intense coffee experience. Read on to discover how to select the right package size and understand the unique aspects of this coffee blend.

Key Details

Before purchasing Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Italian Roast, make sure to take note of the following specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 5 inches; 5 Pounds
  • Item Model Number: SYNCHKG066437
  • UPC: 843467102043, 639302740248
  • Country of Origin: USA

Features of Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast

The Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Italian Roast offers several notable features:

  • Made from 100% Arabica Coffee Beans: Enjoy the high-quality taste and aroma that comes from using Arabica beans.
  • Dark Roast and Bold Body: Experience a strong, flavorful cup of coffee with a rich and intense profile.
  • Versatile Brewing Options: Whether you prefer espresso, iced coffee, or classic drip brew, this blend caters to all preferences.
  • Kosher Certified: Rest assured that this coffee adheres to kosher dietary standards.
  • Sustainably Sourced and Roasted in the USA: Support environmentally-friendly practices by choosing a coffee that is sustainably sourced and roasted in the USA.

Choosing the Right Package Size

Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Italian Roast is available in three different package sizes:

  • 12 oz: Ideal for personal use or trying out the flavor before committing to a larger quantity.
  • 2 lb: Suitable for regular coffee drinkers who want to enjoy a delicious cup of Italian Roast over an extended period.
  • 5 lb (80 oz): Perfect for avid coffee enthusiasts, offices, or establishments that serve coffee to a larger audience.

Consider your consumption needs and preferences when selecting the package size that is right for you.


Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Italian Roast is a fantastic choice for those who crave a strong, bold, and dark cup of coffee. It offers a rich flavor profile, versatile brewing options, and the assurance of kosher certification. By choosing this coffee, you’re also supporting sustainable practices and the domestic coffee industry. So, whether you enjoy espresso, iced coffee, or classic drip brew, make Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Italian Roast your go-to option for an exceptional coffee experience.

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Specification: Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80 oz), Dark, Kosher, Whole Bean

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

12 x 7.5 x 5 inches, 5 Pounds

Item model number



843467102043 639302740248



Country of Origin


3835 reviews for Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80 oz), Dark, Kosher, Whole Bean

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  1. fbd105

    Just a bit to strong for my taste

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  2. Unitive News Reporter

    I’m a barista and have used Fresh Roasted in many combinations. Don’t think the roast is bad because the tones differ and vary– this is a mostly Arabica blend with a small percent Robusta for added caffeine, but FRC mixes three different roast levels from medium light to dark to get a unique combination of acid, roast, carmel and nuttiness. Very different and interesting blend. PLENTY strong if you grind and brew it right.

    Don’t laugh, but I read one review on another site that said these are terrible people because “they can’t even get the roast color even.” The reviewer apparently thought that the blend, having different colors, was a malfunction of the roasting machine, which of course would violate the laws of physics! When you get a PURPOSEFUL balance of roasts like this blend, colors obviously vary due to different levels, from light to Full City + and Espresso, being mixed AFTER roasting, on purpose. I know you know this, but wanted to be sure you didn’t see negative stars for these folks for the wrong reason.

    Because of the lights included and the amount of quality Arabica, I’d recommend a little coarser (say 300 microns) grind than espresso (200) or turkish (100, basically powder). Do NOT grind too coarse (supermarket would be about 1,000 microns) or this will be too weak. A medium fine in a Bialetti Moka pot makes a nice strong brew, full bodied but not bitter. The “roast meter” they show is an average and shows medium on average, but this is plenty full bodied for a very healthy espresso KICK if you like a double or triple, with zero bitterness even when at rocket fuel level, as I like it.

    I tested the freshness (most beans start to lose flavor after about two to three weeks) and this batch was a little less than a month old. HOWEVER be very careful of buying any beans based on reviews, the reviewers may fail to tell you that age can vary greatly, especially on items using shipping by Amazon, which are first shipped to Amazon by the roaster, then to you. Being near the holidays I got a very nice pretty new batch, and have also done so on Amazon in the past with FRC, as they are a very popular brand and stock moves quickly.

    NOTE: this review is for the two pounder, NOT the five. I DO NOT recommend getting the 5 unless you use a lot of coffee and it is gone in a week or two. I’ve also gotten this both on Prime and direct from FRC, and if you get it direct, it is almost always a week or two old at the most.

    If you want a REALLY outstanding bean, and are willing to do your own roasting (even in a popcorn popper) Amazon has, from time to time, Sumatran green Lintong that is rarer and more expensive than Mandheling (auction last month was $50 for a pound, wholesale) for $10/pound as an add on! It’s here at times: 

    Sumatra Lintong Unroasted Green Coffee beans

    . This makes better espresso than Jamaican or Kona.

    Highly recommended with caveat of rolling the dice on age unless you roast your own! Even so, this is bound to be younger than what you’ll get in many stores, and certainly not more than a few weeks old regardless.

    FRESHNESS NOTE: Many of you have emailed about direct shipments. Although this is a place to review products and not shipping, I MUST say that when I’ve ordered direct from these folks (via amazon third party seller), the coffee arrives AS FAST as Prime would from Amazon. These are smart folks, and know that specialty coffee buyers know about freshness. I am a great fan of Prime, and MANY vendors are horribly slow, but not these folks, I’ve always gotten my orders, with free shipping, within a few days when ordering from them, even though I always order through Amazon whether Prime or not. Although I’ve never said this before, I’m even more confident on freshness when ordering this particular product here FROM the vendor! They say “roasted right before packaging” but not right before shipping, which is nuanced, as we assume it means packaging for shipment to US, but… In this case, I believe them!

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  3. SherriNCarol

    We buy many of this company’s coffees, and we love to try many others we discover here on Amazon.
    This is an excellent coffee for those of us wanting a nice deep, rounded medium blend coffee. We consider it our “House Coffee” . Lol.
    We use a nice drip coffee maker, whole beans ground by us. The thing is, first thing in the morning we go through the first 2 cups ( each) in a jiffy, so drip is the way to get us there! We also use a pour over, and when camping, a percolator (don’t judge)..
    Blackbeard’s Revenge has always been reliable and delicious. It has a touch of chocolate and perhaps a bit of nuttiness maybe sweetness quality. Please note it is not a flavored coffee!
    I am not great with taste descriptions for coffee. Sorry. I can say that we have not had any issues with it being bitter or stale or having much acidity. (I save bitter for my 5:00 pm cocktail, hate it in my coffee)
    We have used this coffee to blend in with a few coffee-fails we have had from our exploring here on Amazon. It is kind to them and brought them up to quite drinkable and even tasty. If this review sounds like a fan letter -it is! I have been drinking it as I write this, time for another cup, in fact.
    If you are looking for a good all around coffee with some personality and depth, try it out!

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  4. Mitch

    This is a really good dark toast coffee at an affordable price.

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  5. J. Snavely

    This is my “fallback coffee” when my preferred beans – – are higher than I want to pay.

    Put them both on subscribe and save and cancel one or both if the price doesn’t look good.

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  6. Kindra Klindtworth

    This is a great dark roast coffee. Full body with a smooth taste. Great value and very fresh

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  7. James K.

    Better than Lavala(I think that’s how you spell it). I’ve enjoyed this so far.

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  8. Leigh Anne Jensen

    The flavor I’ve experienced with Drago coffee is precisely what was promised in the item description. That’s not always the case, so I greatly appreciate the accuracy. I chose this coffee based on the description and hoped for the best. The coffee was delivered quickly, and is absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this product.

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  9. Bonnie Canelakes

    I searched for non oily coffee beans for our automatic machine. These came up-I ordered 5lbs, opened, low and behold these are oilier than my beloved Illy coffee that was TOO oily, according to Gaggia. Obviously Amazon searches can’t be trusted.

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    Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80 oz), Dark, Kosher, Whole Bean
    Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80 oz), Dark, Kosher, Whole Bean


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