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Calphalon Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, 14 Cups, Stainless Steel

Original price was: $74.87.Current price is: $62.39.

  • Programmable coffee machine with a glass carafe
  • High-performance heater with precise brewing temperature
  • Dual-insulated heating tube for optimal temperature throughout brewing cycle
  • Enlarged showerhead for even water distribution and optimal flavor extraction
  • Customizable brew options (Strong Brew, 1-4 cup option)
  • Expertly crafted warming plate with adjustable temperature settings
  • Fully programmable with Brew Later and Auto-Off Timer Selector
  • Modern style, stainless steel and glass exterior finish
Last updated on July 11, 2024 2:06 am Details

Original price was: $74.87.Current price is: $62.39.


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Buying Guide: Calphalon Coffee Maker


Welcome to our buying guide for the Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker. This guide will help you understand the key features and considerations when selecting this coffee machine to ensure you make an informed purchase. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

  1. Temperature Control
  2. Even Water Distribution
  3. Customize Your Brew
  4. Expertly Crafted Warming Plate
  5. Fully Programmable

Temperature Control

The Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker is designed to deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time by utilizing a high-performance heater that quickly heats water to the precise brewing temperature, ranging between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range ensures optimal flavor extraction from your coffee grounds, giving you a rich, delicious cup of coffee. Additionally, the dual-insulated heating tube maintains the brewing temperature throughout the entire brewing cycle, so you can enjoy consistent flavor in every batch.

Even Water Distribution

This coffee maker features an enlarged showerhead that uniformly disperses water over the coffee grounds, ensuring that all the grounds are saturated. This even water distribution enhances flavor extraction, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.

Customize Your Brew

The Calphalon Coffee Maker offers customization options to cater to your personal preferences. You can choose the “Strong Brew” option for a bolder, stronger cup of coffee. If you prefer a smaller batch, the “1-4 cup” option allows you to brew a smaller quantity without compromising flavor.

Expertly Crafted Warming Plate

The warming plate of this coffee maker is designed with durability and evenly distributed heat in mind. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, it ensures that your carafe stays heated to the desired temperature. The warming plate also allows you to control the temperature with low, medium, or high heat settings, ensuring that your coffee remains warm without getting too hot.

Fully Programmable

This coffee maker offers convenient programmability features to fit your schedule. The “Brew Later” feature allows you to program the machine to start brewing ahead of time, ensuring you wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee. The “Auto-Off Timer Selector” enables you to choose when the machine turns off, providing flexibility and energy-saving options.


The Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker is an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who value flavor, convenience, and customization. With its precise temperature control, even water distribution, customizable brewing options, expertly crafted warming plate, and programmable features, this coffee machine is designed to deliver a superior coffee experience. Select the Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker today and discover the joy of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

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Price History for Calphalon Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, 14 Cups, Stainless Steel


Current Price $62.39 July 11, 2024
Highest Price $70.51 February 22, 2024
Lowest Price $58.80 June 10, 2024
Since February 20, 2024

Last price changes

$62.39 July 11, 2024
$59.99 July 9, 2024
$69.13 July 5, 2024
$66.90 June 27, 2024
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Specification: Calphalon Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, 14 Cups, Stainless Steel




Product Dimensions

9.69"D x 11.57"W x 13.32"H

Special Feature

Programmable, Timer

Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine

Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Exterior Finish

Stainless, Glass

Included Components

Brewer, Carafe

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic



Model Name

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Item Weight

4.8 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

November 15, 2020

9 reviews for Calphalon Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, 14 Cups, Stainless Steel

4.0 out of 5
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  1. Steve

    Coffee maker to replace unit that failed for camper. Works well, easy programming and auto shut off.

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  2. Zone 6 gardener

    Makes good coffee but carafe does not empty well – always a few drops of coffee left. I think that is a bad design. Also moisture remains in unit after brewing. I leave the flap open for a few hours to dry. I think that will lead to mustiness if it just sits closed. Bottom line, coffee is good.

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  3. happy reviewer

    Usually I prefer nespresso or a French press, circumstances arose that I needed an old school coffee maker.
    This is anything but……
    I consider myself a discerning coffee drinker, but If I did a blind taste test, I would not be able to tell the difference
    Highly recommend !!

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  4. jezaz

    Me gustó mucho. La compré para mí oficina y luce muy bien, además de su funcionalidad y un rico café caliente por horas.

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  5. Daniel

    I am a coffee buff. Although, I do not drink coffee all day long, because I also love my sleep. I do however religiously consume coffee in the morning, and therefore, I want a coffee maker that is reliable, will make strong coffee, and is not more difficult and time consuming to clean than my car like you might find with those very expensive coffee makers that practically replace the need for Starbucks. The trick in coffee making is the more impractical, expensive, and optioned the coffee maker is, the less reliable it becomes, at least in my experience. Therefore, unless you want to actually have to schedule the time to clean the coffee maker by taking a day off work or a day during your hard earned weekend, the more proficient way to support your coffee needs is to buy a cheaper, throw away, unit like this one. It may last for a year or two before something breaks, but until then, it will be a workhorse and you can always rely that your coffee will be made. Hence, the title.

    You get what you pay for: a no frills, functional, easy to maintain coffee maker that you can mostly bank will always come through on the clutch of your morning or mid day pick-me-up, but like all workhorses, burns the candle at both ends and therefore lives a short lifecycle. Yes, in my opinion, the best coffee maker is the cheap coffee maker. While it may cost you the same as a 300 dollar, highly optioned, coffee maker by having to replace one like this each year or two over the course of a decade, you still save your personal time investment of having to deal with cleaning and maintaining a very expensive coffee maker. Therefore, I think it is still cheaper to buy these coffee makers than to spring for a very expensive one that may last a life time, but you may spend a fifth of your life time cleaning the thing.

    There are a few issues I think any potential purchaser should be aware with this particular coffee maker, so in your infinite choices of cheaper, more unilaterally focused, toss away, coffee makers, here is what you should know about this particular product:

    The good:
    1. First and foremost, it reliably brews your coffee.
    2. Has a slow brew setting for stronger coffee.
    3. Easy to clean and maintain.
    4. Has a filter to keep the water in the pot clean if you set up your coffee the night before, which amounts to a fresher coffee in the next morning.
    5. Can schedule brews.
    6. Good size, up to 14 cups.
    7. Very strong carafe, that keeps the coffee pot hot, with settings as to how long it remains on.

    The Bad
    1. The filter in the water reservoir has to be replaced every 90 days, and you only get one, requiring you to buy more if you want to replace the filter
    2. When you take the coffee pot out to pour your coffee, the spring that stops the pour into the pot is so hard that it does not extend, so the coffee will continue to drip onto the carafe once you take out the pot requiring more effort to keep the unit clean and the areas around the coffee maker.
    3. The slow brew does make the coffee a bit stronger, but it is not a considerable difference.
    4. Definitely do not use the filter screen that comes with the product used to place your coffee grinds. It leaks coffee grinds through the coffee maker and makes a considerable mess. I use disposable filters.
    5. If you overpack the coffee grinds, the unit will overflow or somehow drips through the unit itself and causes a puddle of coffee immediately under the unit itself.
    6. Not much versatility other than making a pot of coffee.

    This is one of those products you buy because you do not need, or do not want, a three hundred dollar coffee maker that can make coffee, expresso, macchiato, or anything else that if you were a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune, you would need to buy a lot of vowels to pronounce. If you are a functional coffee drinker who prefers the “old reliable” coffee maker, with an expectation of a short life span of that coffee maker such is the case with all cheaper units, this will suit your needs. I know it does mine.

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  6. M Jordan

    Edit- 9/6/23
    We returned the coffee maker at our expense to the warranty claim division. The claim was approved and we got the same pot, new, returned to us. Aside from being just slightly more silver than the one we had (a bit more grey). I added a star back, not due to the product, but because of the customer service.
    In spite of that, I would not buy again.

    I had to come back and edit this again, August 4, 2023 (see below for initial impressions)
    19 days short of the full year of ownership, the warming plate quit working. It was quite the surprise to have it set to brew, get ready walk in the kitchen to have a cup and it’s tap water tepid. I mentioned below the short life span we had on a previous model from Calphalon. This takes the cake. I like some of their cookware but will definitely not purchase another appliance from them.

    Due to our previous experience I had gone to the website about warranty just after purchase. I went back and filled out a form and have to ship it back to them for a decision to be made. Most likely will swap it for a new model, which I will take and use if said happens. For what was paid for this unit this is really beyond disappointing. I am glad that I still had my camping percolator available. It is a real shame to pay north of $100 for this thing that has turned out to be crap (again) and think that I have the cheapest $15 Mr Coffee that is untold years old and works reliably at the office every single time I need it to.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t buy this product.

    A couple of things I would echo from other posters here. It is very difficult to get the last bit of liquid out of the carafe after cleaning or even finishing up a pot. It’s not much, but a small bit of liquid just stays in there. The unit is factory set to brew the coffee very hot and also to ‘hold’ at a very high temperature. If you plan on making (for instance) 10 cups, add a bit extra water as we have seen it evaporate about 2 cups or so (give or take for size of pot being made) during the brewing process. The hold temperature is absolutely scalding hot and could come in handy for certain situations such as putting into a thermos for later or certain blends that come out better very hot (Dunkin). For drinking at home, it was a bit too hot in our opinion. Changing that holding temp was quite easy and one level lower was more in line with our desire.

    This pot uses cone filters and comes with a reusable screen filter. We opted long ago to use paper instead as cleanup is easier. The unit produces a good pot fairly quickly. It is easy to program and use. As others have pointed out, the spout for the carafe is well designed and it doesn’t spill. The unit will drip a touch when the carafe is out which is pretty much to be expected. The heat of the unit during brewing does produce a lot of steam (as mentioned above) so keep in mind what is over the unit. As with many other makers, this one does leave a bit of water on the counter underneath it. The water storage has a small charcoal filter. IDK how effective it is. Personally feel it’s much more “warm and fuzzy” feeling than actually doing much of anything.

    We have not experienced the strange clicking noises others have mentioned. It does occasionally gurgle, so to speak, but nothing unusual for any coffee maker we have ever used. It is not distracting, and I personally cannot hear it unless standing in the kitchen with the unit.

    The brushed stainless outer on the unit shows smudges and prints quite readily, however it cleans up easily with some 409 (etc.).

    The last Calphalon we purchased broke within about a year and a half. We utilized another brand pot for the last 7+ years which was pretty much the same as this unit feature wise. For some reason I thought this was the brand we had been using, not the one that broke so quickly. I realized the mistake during unpacking, but it really didn’t seem worth packing the unit back up and returning it over. As mentioned, the brands were almost completely the same. Pricing was pretty much the same as well. I did make sure to go on the manufacturers site and read up on the warranty information. Hope we don’t have to use it. Last one we misplaced the receipt and Calphalon was unwilling to work with us on it in spite of its short life span. Hopefully this one does better.

    Overall, we like the unit. It seems to work well, it looks good, and so long as it keeps doing so for some years moving forward its job is done.

    Edit- May 2023
    The unit is still working well and have no particular issue aside one. We have discovered that if you drink down to that last cup or two that the coffee inside at this point is VERY hot (see above about holding temps). Since you have to turn the carafe basically upside down to get the last bit of fluid out, be VERY CAREFUL to be sure your thumb is down the handle a bit. Any finger/body part that is behind the spout and lid when you turn the carafe up to empty will give a nasty steam burn. It only takes a couple of times and can be severe enough to warrant attention if you set the holding temp high. Calphalon should consider a redesign of the carafe for this unit to do away with that aspect. Taking a star from 4 down to 3 since your coffee pot should not be causing you to need aloe.

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  7. MG

    Too tall…have to pull out to fill water reservoir and coffee also electric cord little short.

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  8. Jim Daly

    okay product at a good price an delivery but carafe design is flawed and hard to clean

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  9. Glennis F. Roseberry

    We have very hard water, and we work a coffee maker hard. It’s not surprising they wear out. The point being, we’ve had a lot of experience with coffee maker features! We love the carafe! No…the lid doesn’t come off, but it does everything it should! It pours straight and true!! Pause & pour works nicely too! The warming tray keeps the coffee nicely hot, and the timer works just fine, too! We like it so well, we bought another for the eventuality and put it away!

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    Calphalon Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, 14 Cups, Stainless Steel
    Calphalon Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, 14 Cups, Stainless Steel

    Original price was: $74.87.Current price is: $62.39.

    Above Average Coffee
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