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1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray with Assembly Consistency Grind Stainless Steel Conical Burr, Foldable Handle, Numerical External Adjustable Setting, All-Round…


  • Foldable handle for easy portability and storage
  • External adjustment ring with 100+ clicks for precise grind control
  • Specialized “K Burr” for consistent and excellent performance
  • Quick-release magnets catch cup for easy removal and larger capacity
  • Calibrated and fixed burr for stability and durability
  • Estimated grind capacity of 100-200KG
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty and excellent customer support
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Buying Guide: 1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray


Are you in search of a high-quality manual coffee grinder? Look no further than the 1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray. This grinder offers exceptional features such as assembly consistency grind, stainless steel conical burr, foldable handle, and numerical external adjustable setting. In this buying guide, we will help you understand how to select the perfect coffee grinder that matches your needs and preferences.

1. Grind Consistency

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra features a specialized “K Burr” with a heptagonal conical burr design. This design ensures excellence and consistency in performance, resulting in a bright and rich tasting coffee. Consider how different brewing methods can be achieved using this grinder.

2. Adjustable Settings

The grinder is equipped with an external adjustment ring that provides over 100 clicks, allowing for precise control over the fineness or coarseness of the grind. Each click on the numerical dial corresponds to a 20-micron adjustment, guaranteeing 100% precision in your desired grind size. The intuitive adjustment setting ensures ease of use, similar to what you would expect from an electric grinder.

3. Build Quality and Portability

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra is designed to be both sturdy and portable. The foldable crank handle offers solid support while grinding, and it can be easily folded for convenient storage and transport. The compact size and lightweight nature of the grinder make it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

4. Catch Cup and Capacity

The grinder features quick-release magnets on the catch cup, allowing for easy removal by twisting. The larger cup capacity provides ample space to collect your freshly ground coffee, making the grinding process hassle-free and efficient.

5. Product Guarantees

1Zpresso’s commitment to quality is evident in their careful calibration of the burr, ensuring that no wobbly parts or loose burrs occur over time. The estimated grind capacity of approximately 100-200KG guarantees long-lasting performance. Additionally, the product includes a one-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and excellent customer support.


  • Package Dimensions: 10.91 x 4.37 x 4.21 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.33 pounds
  • Manufacturer: 1Zpresso
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item model number: K-Ultra Iron Gray
  • Date First Available: October 20, 2022
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Specification: 1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray with Assembly Consistency Grind Stainless Steel Conical Burr, Foldable Handle, Numerical External Adjustable Setting, All-Round…

Package Dimensions

10.91 x 4.37 x 4.21 inches

Item Weight

2.33 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

K-Ultra Iron Gray

Date First Available

October 20, 2022

218 reviews for 1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray with Assembly Consistency Grind Stainless Steel Conical Burr, Foldable Handle, Numerical External Adjustable Setting, All-Round…

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  1. White Knight

    I recently purchased a slow-speed electric grinder, and it wasn’t cheap. If I had known, “the slower you go, the better the flavor,” I would have purchased a hand grinder, years prior. Don’t believe the hype about how fast a grinder should be. You don’t need fluffy, you need flavor. Go slow.

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  2. General Sergeant Bob

    What I use this for:
    Primarily pour over coffee (V60), and potentially for espresso
    Reviewing after about 7 months of consistent use

    What I like about this:
    – Materials used, feels like they used good materials and does not feel cheap. Everything from the metal, magnets, wood for the hand, rubber grip, etc. have that feel that they are good quality materials. But are they? Who really knows, but they sure do feel that way.
    – Case included, blower, and double headed brush are all a nice touch. Continuing the high quality, overall the case is high quality and does do a good job protecting the grinder. The interior pocket system for the handle, the blower, and brush are questionable so is the decision to use a velvety lining which potentially can be harder to clean (but does keep the grinder safe from scratching). The blower and brush are similarly made well
    – Easy to use and grind with. My first hand grinder was the Hario Skerton and grinding with that was a pain, nothing was smooth about it. The K-Ultra is smooth, easy, really satisfying to use.
    – Magnet grind cup is absolutely wonderful. Don’t have to worry about threads getting grounds on them, grounds don’t leak out, overall just a pleasure to use
    – Ground size seems to pretty consistent

    What I don’t like:
    While some of this might be nitpicky, I think it is warranted, after all this is a $290 grinder.
    – Number alignment for grind size, is always off with the dot marker; while this isn’t a huge deal, it’s annoying to have such an expensive grinder and the white dot marker at the top always being slight off to the left or right for the number indicator
    – Disassembly to clean. You can’t really get a good cleaning on the inside of the grind simply because there are things in the way, like structural supports and while I understand that some of this will always exist for hand grinders I think there could have been some better engineering to avoid this for a $300 grinder
    – Reassembly is somewhat confusing and zeroing the grinder is pretty annoying and not user friendly. Because the numbers are always a bit offset from the grind size indicator as mentioned above, I’m constantly guessing if I did it correctly or not

    Overall, I do like using this grinder. But do I think it was worth the price tag with it’s imperfections? Debatable. It makes good coffee, sure, and the build quality is there. But the lack of attention to detail for the grind size indicator to line up with the numbers along with the reassembly and the method in which you have to zero the grinder is some what of a red flag to me. Would I recommend this grinder to my friends and family? Probably not with the things that I dislike about it, but if you’re just wanting to make good coffee and can overlook those flaws then maybe (although I cannot recommend paying full price for it in that case).

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  3. Dean Buzzell

    This review has been updated after a few weeks of use.

    I’m still quite impressed at how well the grinder works, but less so at how soft the aluminum body is. It fell off my counter onto my tiled kitchen floor, leaving a good sized dent in the removable cup and the wooden handle flew off the arm. Thankfully, the wooden piece snapped back onto the arm, and the dent was a cosmetic one. I’ve since managed to drop the grounds cup twice more, and each time a cosmetic ding or scratch is left behind. I’d not be troubled overmuch by it, but I’m a bit ticked that this is the case for a $260 grinder. My original comments below remain unchanged; those were my impressions at the time, after just a few uses. My comments above reflect my frustration that the body is so soft and damages so easily.

    Quite honestly, this is THE best coffee grinder I’ve owned. Not only is it very attractive, it’s well built, and really sturdy. The even-ness and speed of the grind is exceptional. The add-ons – the case, brush, and puffer are also high-quality components.

    My only “complaint” – if one could even call it that – is the dizzying array of choices offered, some differences barely noticeable or even appreciable.

    What I truly appreciate is the product I purchased will last me for a VERY long time. I don’t mind a high price tag when I know I will enjoy this grinder for years to come.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    This is my second grinder to replace my cheap grinder, the HEIHOX, which uses common burr found in many grinders like Timemore C2. The quality and ease of setting the grind level is the best as mentioned by other reviews so will focus my review on taste and if it’s worth the upgrade.
    I have done tests between the two grinders using Aeropress and the results led me to conclude it all comes down to what you like. The cheap grinder gives sweeter and fuller body but less clarity, meaning no separation of various taste notes. K-Max tend to produce lighter body but more clarity because you can taste all the various flavors such as fruity and floral notes in fresh Ethiopian. If you like Ethiopian, then K-Max is great. I like having both grinders to be able to change things up but I enjoy both.
    Some have said it’s easy to clean and calibrate. I’m very technical person and I can tell you it’s not that simple. You need to read and follow directions precisely. I ended up locking it and had to send it to 1zpresso to unlock it. At first they weren’t going to cover the cost but did so after I showed them that following their instructions caused it. They agreed and they updated their instructions since after they asked me to review it. I have to say they did a great job supporting their product and they’re very friendly to work with, which you won’t get with cheap grinders.
    Is the K-Max worth it? Definitely! Its smooth and fast operation is the best so grinding experience is more enjoyable. It’s preferred for high end coffees because it is able to better extract flavor nuances from the beans while giving pleasant grinding experience.

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  5. M Cassel

    I purchased this on a whim after a really bad experience with a cheaper grinder. I am so happy with this. I use for pour over (chemex, v60, etc) and aeropress, and it produces a great coffee. The consistency seems great and it’s a pleasure to use. The magnetic grinds cup, solid build quality and smooth crank mechanism all lead to a euphoric experience. I will probably use other grinders here and there, but this is so satisfying, it holds a permanent place in my rotation, likely as the most often used device.

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    1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray with Assembly Consistency Grind Stainless Steel Conical Burr, Foldable Handle, Numerical External Adjustable Setting, All-Round…
    1Zpresso K-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder Iron Gray with Assembly Consistency Grind Stainless Steel Conical Burr, Foldable Handle, Numerical External Adjustable Setting, All-Round…


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