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The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Gift for Coffee Lovers – 64 oz Home Keg, Nitrogen Gas System Coffee Dispenser Kit

Original price was: $191.99.Current price is: $159.99.

  • #1 Nitro Cold Brew Maker
  • Includes improved stout creamer faucet, 64 oz keg, unique pressure relief valve, cartridge holder, faucet/tower combo wrench, tap plug, carry bag, cleaning brushes and pre-cut hose
  • Nitrogen or Nitrous cartridges can be used for a sweeter and frothy taste
  • Save over $700 annually by making your own cold brew coffee
  • Fits in the fridge and upgrades your coffee bar
  • US-owned small business with 24/7 customer support
  • Reusable filter and classic style
  • Easy to use, coffee shop quality cold brew on demand
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Original price was: $191.99.Current price is: $159.99.


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Buying Guide: The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the perfect gift for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the smooth and frothy taste of a nitro cold brew at home. This 64 oz home keg with a nitrogen gas system coffee dispenser kit allows you to create delicious cold brew coffee with cascading micro-bubbles, just like you would get at a coffee shop. With its unique features and high-quality construction, this coffee maker is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast.


1. The #1 Nitro Cold Brew Maker

Add nitrogen or nitrous oxide to your cold brew for a sweeter and fresher taste. This coffee maker allows you to achieve the cascading and delicious micro-bubbles that were previously only available at coffee shops. Make sure to beware of copycats, as this is the original nitro cold brew maker on the market.

2. What’s included in the kit

The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes with a range of accessories to enhance your brewing experience. The kit includes an improved stout creamer faucet, a 64 oz keg, a unique pressure relief valve, a cartridge holder, a faucet/tower combo wrench, a tap plug, carry bag, cleaning brushes, and a pre-cut hose.

3. Choosing the right cartridges

To achieve the desired flavor and texture, it is important to select the right cartridges for your nitro cold brew. For a sweeter and cold foam taste, use one 8g nitrous oxide cartridge. For a frothy and delicious cascading mouthfeel, use two 2g nitrogen cartridges. Note that the cartridges are sold separately.

4. How to use the cold brew maker

When using the Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, it is recommended to fill the keg with coffee only up to 75% maximum capacity to allow the gas to form. After charging the keg, be sure to shake it to ensure proper mixing. For best results, use a quality cold brew or your favorite concentrate.

5. Save money and upgrade your coffee bar

With this cold brew coffee maker, you can save over $700 annually compared to buying nitro cold brew from coffee shops. Additionally, the stylish and classic design of this brewer makes it a great addition to any coffee bar. It fits easily in your fridge for convenient access.

6. Customer support and assistance

As a proud US-owned small business, Royal Brew provides 24/7 customer support. If you encounter any assembly or usage problems with your nitro cold brew maker, there are troubleshooting videos and questions available on their website and YouTube channel. Their responsive team is dedicated to assisting you with any issues you may have.


The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a top-quality product that allows coffee lovers to enjoy the rich, smooth, and frothy taste of a nitro cold brew at home. With its easy-to-use design, durable construction, and multiple accessories, it is the perfect gift for any coffee enthusiast. Upgrade your coffee bar and become your own barista with this exceptional coffee maker.

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Specification: The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Gift for Coffee Lovers – 64 oz Home Keg, Nitrogen Gas System Coffee Dispenser Kit



Operation Mode


Product Dimensions

7"D x 5"W x 10.87"H

Special Feature

coffee shop quality cold brew on demand, Easy to use, Fits in any fridge, Free bonus carrying bag included, Unique design allows for multiple charges per batch, Use with Nitrogen or Nitrous Oxide

Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product

Cold Brew

Included Components

Improved stout creamer faucet, 64 oz keg, unique pressure relief valve, cartridge holder, faucet/tower combo wrench, tap plug, carry bag, cleaning brushes and pre-cut hose


Model Name

64oz Keg – Holds 4 Delicious Pints of Nitro Cold Brew


100 Volts

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Item Weight

0.071 ounces



Item model number

Coffee Maker 499

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

February 21, 2019

8 reviews for The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Gift for Coffee Lovers – 64 oz Home Keg, Nitrogen Gas System Coffee Dispenser Kit

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Timothy Mok

    The keg is top heavy so it starts to become unbalanced as you near the bottom. The last couple of pours also don’t have as much gas. It’s not really a cold brew maker either as it’s only for dispensing. Over all quality is fairly good and it keeps pressure. The spout drips easily so there’s a spout cover included. However, it collects the coffee which kind of splashes all over when you try to take the cover off. That said, putting the cover on requires a bit of wiggling to ensure it’s snug. Condensation builds up on the tap quickly so you really have to jam the cover on so it stays. Then taking it off means you have to be gentle or you splash cold brew around that it had caught from the previous pour.

    It’s a novel way to have coffee at home and pretty cheap aside from the initial cost. It would be nice if it had some adapters for CO2 so you could have sparkling water or beer. It seems that there are no CO2 cartridges that are the same style as the N2 and nitrous ones. It’s a single use device that requires quite a bit of fridge room (64oz version).

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  2. Arkyspe

    Made my first batch yesterday. And I have to say, it was pretty darn good.

    As for the build, the craftmanship/quality on the machined parts was excellent. It was pretty easy to assemble. It took me no time to assemble and only 5 minutes to fill and charge the tank. Working on my second batch today.

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  3. Carol Tardif

    Now I’m in the big league with Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System (G1 Stainless Steel 64 oz). I used to enjoy alone with the NitroPress but now I can share with my buddies a smooth nitro cold brew of my choice back home. Thanks to Royal Brew for a great product!!!

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  4. Scott T. Tvaroh

    I took a notice of the nitro cold brew craze over the last year and especially this summer when my girlfriend and my kids increased the frequency of Starbucks trips for this tasty sensation. I decided to get the royal brew home kit, which can fill up 4+ nitro cold brews which can last for about a week. I have had this kit for a bit over a week, and please understand I am a complete novice in this area and do not drink cold brew. I am only the at home barista for my ladies.

    1. The initial instructions are a little confusing, however there is a link to a video. One key thing I learned was to install one additional gasket provided when you first put together spigot, other than that it is easy to assemble.

    2. There are multiple directions on how much liquid you should put into the tank. I made 3 different batches over the last week and have been careful to put exactly 48 ounces of coffee into the container. I use a 64 oz measuring cup to ensure I get the right amount into the unit. (It would be great if there was some way to be able to see / measure how much water is in the container as it seems impossible to look at the level in the tank from the top.

    3. Cold Brew Concentrate: I found the cold brew concentrate creation the most difficult up front. There are many recommendations on-line and I am sure others are doing it better than me. I use a gallon container and then a food strainer with coarse ground beans of multiple types to make the concentrate. My girlfriend likes it strong and so we end up using nearly straight concentrate in the tank.

    4. Cream additive: During our trials we have tried both adding cream after and pre-mixing in the concentrate. Premixing in the concentrate is the preferred method right now. We are currently at 4 oz of cream with 44 oz of concentrate. I am sure we will continue to modify but that mixture seems to be working well.

    5. N02 or N2: N2 takes 2 cartridges with some time between each mixture, however really creates that creamy taste that most people are looking for. The consistency from the 1st glass to the end of the 4th glass does start to change the mixture but still pretty good. N02 takes one cartridge and the first 2 glasses have great consistency, however we have experienced glass 3-5 have much less integrated gas left. That said the difference in price is significant (50c vs. $2.6 for the two N2 cannisters). We are going to try adding another N02 after two glasses to see if that does anything.

    6. The Drip: There is still a drip issue you need to try to take into account. Everytime I take the drip cover off I seem to spill the drips that are in the container. Hopefully someone knows the trick or there will be a better drip cover in the future.

    7. There are some pipe cleaners provided to clean the unit. Pretty good so far, but again early days for me with this unit.

    8. So far I have been able to mix the product and keep it in the fridge for 4 days. Unfortunately current popularity has emptied it within that time frame. I think it will last a week though for sure.

    Overall, so far I am happy with the purchase of this product and would recommend it to others who enjoy having this product at home and making it for yourself. I think the NO2 creamers will be our standard and for some more special occasions we will use the straight nitrogen. I am looking forward to try to figure out some different uses for the container as well. I think I can use this to accelerate infusion of flavors into my brown liquor. Stay tuned.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I had an issue with my original order but the customer service is great! The PRO model
    Is great, works well, takes some tinkering to get the nitro working but once you do it’s super yummy. I use 4oz of milk in the Keg to help.

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  6. Michel G


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  7. Aaron Martin-colby

    Before I go further, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I am able to make draft coffee and lattes with exactly the same taste and mouthfeel as from cafes. It’s a little hard to fit in my fridge, so make sure you take measurements to find the ideal positioning. The build quality is very good, with solid hunks of heavy, stainless steel and robust gaskets. The whole thing is put together well with only a couple of pieces of plastic.

    The instructions are quite poor. They are difficult to parse, badly laid out, contain multiple typos, and are inadequate for making the best coffee. They mention attaching a gasket, something also mentioned in their YouTube videos, but it was not in the package, while another, different gasket came pre-installed. There are steps emphasizing the importance of cutting the hose to the correct length, but I instead received, like, a dozen pre-cut hoses that I just cleaned and used. The process was confusing.

    Nowhere is it explained that nitrogen has a huge effect on flavor. I knew this, because I have loved nitro coffee and nitro beer for years, but did not fully appreciate the magnitude of the effect until putting some off-the-shelf cold brew coffee into the keg. Cold brew is already very mellow, and the increased mellowing of the nitrogen makes the coffee taste almost like water. I strongly recommend making your own cold brew and using a slightly diluted concentrate instead of fully diluted coffee. The same goes for if you are making draft lattes, make the drink stronger than you otherwise would when consuming via another method.

    The instructions are also, strangely, contradictory with other pieces of documentation from Royal Brew. Some places recommend using a single N2O canister, whereas others say that the dual N2 canisters are ideal. I have tried both and can say, beyond doubt, that the dual N2 canisters produce a significantly better product. If you desire a product that is similar to what you would get from a cafe, you must use N2.

    Unfortunately, the process for using dual N2 canisters is one of the areas where the instructions fail. They simply say to repeat two steps for the extra canister but they do not provide the correct time frame in which to repeat these steps. Again, I experimented and can provide some insight. When you inject the first N2 canister, shake the keg and let it sit for a short time. You don’t need to take a full hour, since all you want is for the liquid to absorb enough of the gas such that, when you remove the N2 canister, you don’t have wasted gas blast out. If you attach the second canister shortly after injecting the first, you will lose quite a bit of gas from the first injection. After you have attached the second canister, vigorously shake the keg for a full thirty seconds. I let my keg sit in the fridge for an hour in one case and two hours in another and saw no difference in final product. One hour appears to be enough for the initial gas infusion. If your keg has sat unused for more than a couple of hours, make sure to vigorously shake the keg for thirty seconds before dispensing. The quality of the nitro when these steps are followed is excellent.

    Finally, I don’t like the videos and photos of people drinking full beer glasses of beautiful, cascading nitro coffee. This is not a large keg. Maximizing quality demands that you absolutely do not fill the keg past the 75% mark, which means that you can only put 48oz in the 64oz keg, which means that it’s enough for only three of those glasses. If you drink a lot of coffee through the day, or if you have company, you will hit the limits of the 64oz keg very quickly. I hit the limit on my second day with some friends and since preparation takes 90 minutes, it’s not something you can just whip together when you run out. I strongly recommend anyone looking at this product to look at the 128oz version, even though its increased size will make the shaking step during preparation that much more difficult.

    All in all, while this is not super-easy, it is also not hard. And importantly, the final product is so good that I don’t care about the process required to get there. I am glad that I chose this over the uKeg because, one, it was cheaper, but also because the external connection for the gas means that I am not beholden to the tiny canisters. I could theoretically attach a larger gas assembly, which is even more attractive if using the 128oz canister which requires four of the N2 gas canisters. That is neither here nor there, though. I am very happy with my purchase after only a few days of ownership.

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  8. Water2wine

    I set this up immediately after I got it delivered. I had a cold brew already made to use. Because I wanted something to drink instead of an alcoholic drink (transition from work to fight ritual), I went with a dark roast decaf expresso bean and added a vanilla bean pod to the cold brew, and viola! The nitrobrew came out as I had hoped. I used two nitrogen capsules and will try nitrous oxide next.

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    The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Gift for Coffee Lovers – 64 oz Home Keg, Nitrogen Gas System Coffee Dispenser Kit
    The Original Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Gift for Coffee Lovers – 64 oz Home Keg, Nitrogen Gas System Coffee Dispenser Kit

    Original price was: $191.99.Current price is: $159.99.

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