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OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker,Black


  • Brews low-acid coffee concentrate for hot or cold coffee
  • Rainmaker feature evenly distributes water
  • Easy-to-access switch activates filtration process
  • Coffee Maker automatically stops filtering when carafe is removed
  • Stopper with silicone seal keeps coffee concentrate fresh in carafe and can be used for portioning
  • Reusable and easy-to-clean mesh filter
  • Sized to fit neatly on countertops and nests for storage
  • Optional paper filters available for extra filtration
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Buying Guide – OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker,Black


If you’re a coffee lover who enjoys the smooth and rich flavor of cold brew coffee, the OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker in black is the perfect choice for you. This buying guide will help you understand the features and benefits of this coffee maker, making it easier for you to select the right product.

Key Features

  • Low-Acid Coffee: This coffee maker brews low-acid coffee concentrate, which can be used to prepare both hot and cold coffee.
  • Rainmaker Feature: The rainmaker feature evenly distributes water over the coffee grounds, ensuring a perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time.
  • Easy Filtration Process: The easy-to-access switch activates the filtration process, and the coffee maker automatically stops filtering when the carafe is removed.
  • Silicone Seal: The stopper features a silicone seal, keeping the coffee concentrate fresh in the carafe and allowing you to portion it according to your preference.
  • Reusable Mesh Filter: The included mesh filter is reusable and easy to clean, providing convenience and reducing waste.
  • Neat Counter Space: The coffee maker is sized to fit neatly on countertops, offering a compact and space-saving design.


Brand OXO
Color Black
Product Dimensions 9.53″D x 9.53″W x 14.72″H
Special Feature Jug, Easy Cleaning, Removable Tank
Coffee Maker Type Pour Over
Filter Type Paper, Reusable
Style Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Specific Uses For Product Cold Brew
Included Components Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Operation Mode Fully Automatic
Model Name Good Grips
Number of Items 1
Human Interface Input Touchscreen
Package Type Standard Packaging
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Item Weight 2.51 pounds
Manufacturer OXO
Country of Origin China
Item model number 1272880
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available April 22, 2014


The OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Black, offers an easy and efficient way to brew your favorite cold brew coffee. With its low-acid coffee concentrate, rainmaker feature, and easy-to-use filtration process, you can enjoy a smooth and rich cup of coffee every time. Its compact design and reusable mesh filter make it a convenient choice for coffee lovers. So why wait? Select the OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Black, for a delightful coffee brewing experience.


Please note that the information provided in this buying guide is for reference purposes only. We recommend checking the product specifications and details before making a purchase decision.

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Specification: OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker,Black




Product Dimensions

9.53"D x 9.53"W x 14.72"H

Special Feature

Jug,Easy Cleaning,Removable Tank

Coffee Maker Type

Pour Over

Filter Type



Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Specific Uses For Product

Cold Brew

Included Components

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic

Model Name

Good Grips

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Item Weight

2.51 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 22, 2014

8 reviews for OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker,Black

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  1. Steve

    I have several OXO products and they are typically well-made, effective at what they are designed to do and very easy to use. Have to admit that at this point, if I need a kitchen gadget, I’ll almost always default to the OXO product, if I have an option.
    I’ve been making cold brew for a couple of years now, using a 64 ounce mason jar and that method works well, though it has some issues. I’d been eyeing this cold brew coffee maker for a while and when I saw it on sale, I went for it.
    After only one time using it, I can already say it’s worth the purchase. Very easy to set up and use. Very well-designed, as is typical with OXO products. Very easy to clean, which was always a pain with the mason jar and its relatively narrow mouth. And the coffee tastes great!
    The best part is eliminating the filtering process that usually took a good 15 minutes or so with my old method. With this maker, I just flip the switch, go away and turn on my computer and in 10 minutes I come back to a carafe full of tasty coffee. No more struggling with the dumping of the liquid through the filter, while trying to avoid splattering huge chunks of wet grounds all over the kitchen counter.
    I’d noticed that my acid reflux was definitely not as active and pronounced when I drank cold brew coffee rather than hot coffee and I’m pretty much sold on moving forward with cold brew from this point on. Very happy I finally made the purchase and, as noted before, very happy to have stuck with another solid OXO product.

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  2. Amy Doucet

    I bought this coldbrew maker after the NYT gave it a glowing review. The first couple of times it worked great and was so much easier to use then my old cold brew maker. I’ve used it about a dozen times now and it works well about 50% of the time. Sometimes I come back to a full pot of cold brew, sometimes I come back to find it clogged. I’ll give it a stir and and it will still be clogged. I’ve tried using the filters they recommend, I’ve tried it without the filters. I’ve tried to coarser grounds of coffee vs more thinly ground coffee. When it works, its a simple mess free way to make cold brew, when it does work, its a real pain the the butt to drain your coffee out of it.

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  3. Amy Doucet

    I didn’t know that cold brewing coffee was a different procedure from just taking hot coffee and making it cold so I did some research and found that this was the best set up for brewing cold coffee. It’s super easy to use and clean. I love it!

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  4. JuditH

    Really no gripes with this, it just works, the design is fantastic. Top part can be taken off and put into the fridge. The capacity is MASSIVE so I can really make a lot of cold brew at once, but also works with smaller quantities like one cup. Rainmaker is great and very convenient to use, distributes water very evenly.

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  5. Call of Kthalia

    I really thoroughly enjoy cold brew coffee and the differences that it has from regular coffee. I love having to not do anything other than pour it in the morning, and that I can make a large amount in one shot. What I didn’t love about cold brew was the trouble and mess it took to make. When I first started cold brewing I just put my freshly burr ground coffee in to a large mixing bowl with the correct amount of water and then tossed it in the fridge for 16 hours. After that amount of time I would have to go through the hassle of filtering that all out through filter paper, which would usually need to be done twice to get out fine pieces of grind and so fourth. This made a huge mess and was not ideal.

    One day it occurred to me that there might be a thing that would make the process of cold brewing easier, and searching amazon I found that there were three front running products: The “Toddy” brewer, the “Takeya” brewer, and this device, the OXO Brewer.

    When comparing the three device’s reviews and listings on Amazon I eliminated the Toddy from my consideration immediately, for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I didn’t want to fiddle with a rubber stopper, and because in the toddy, according to their own product video, the paper filter is just inserted in the bottom and could possibly come out and float around during brewing, which would be a major hassle. Additionally, paper filters for the toddy are somewhat expensive and I couldn’t find a place to buy them in bulk.

    The first cold brew coffee maker I actually purchased was the Takeya. It is far cheaper than the OXO and had overwhelmingly positive reviews, but mine at least, was awful. I wrote a full product review for it but the Takeya doesn’t use a paper filter at all, instead relying solely on a metal filter. I would have been fine with this, if it worked. The metal filter might as well have been made of swiss cheese because it let so much of the coarse ground coffee through that the water looked like river water with all the stuff floating in it immediately after submersion. The coffee coming out of the Takeya still needed to be filtered, so it didn’t eliminate any hassle for me, and was useless. I returned it.

    So, I begrudgingly shelled out $50 for the OXO brewer. It’s possibly a little over priced for what it does, but I don’t care at this point. I also got a pack of 50 paper filters as an add on item for like $3.

    This device uses both a metal and a paper filter, the metal being the primary filter and the paper being the secondary one. Supposedly you can use the brewer without the paper filters, but I think that it would be smart to use the paper filters. The brewer itself comes with some filters, so I would think this is OXO saying that they think the paper filters should be used too.

    The brewer looks good. If you are someone who really, really cares about how your kitchen appliances look then I guess you have to buy this brewer, but I didn’t buy this for aesthetics. I bought it for ease of use and reduction of mess.

    This brewer is very easy to use. Grind coffee, add water, store for designated amount of time in fridge or at room temp (I do 16 hours, 6 hours starting at room temp, then ten in the fridge) but every has their own method and I encourage you to experiment with what suits you best. Then place the coffee on the stand, decanter underneath, and then push the switch down and wait.

    OXO says that if using coarsely ground coffee like I am, the drain time should be about 20 minutes, but in my experience, it is more like 45 minutes. I don’t mind this because you can just “set it and forget it”.

    The decanter and its lid that doubles as a measuring thing are the gimmick of this product, and where I have to deduct a star from what would be a 5 star product. The idea is that you filter the coffee in to the decanter, close it using the lid, then toss it in the fridge until you want to serve, but because the stupid thing is shaped like it came out of an oversized chemistry set (Erlenmeyer flask? It’s been a long time since I took a chem class) it doesn’t fit anywhere conveniently in the fridge. It doesn’t fit on the door of either fridge that I’ve tried (Both fairly large fridges) and it has too large of a footprint and takes up way more space than it needs to on a main shelf in the fridge. I cook a lot so my fridge is usually very tightly packed and I don’t have room for something that wastes so much space. I bought a separate air tight glass container that is more reasonably sized and use that to store my cold brew. The “Measure lid” is also kinda dumb because, personally, I feel the need to wash it or at least rinse it after each use, and if I have to do that before I put the decanter away, I find it really annoying.

    Additionally, I don’t think that the coffee I brew is so unbelievably strong that two ounces is the correct serving. I barely notice two ounces, I usually pour about eight in to my travel mug for the morning, about two ounces of half and half, and a couple ice cubes. If I’ll be working late at night at home I may pour 4 ounces in to a scotch glass with a splash of simple syrup and some ice. If this kills me at some point I’ll be sure to come back and edit my review.

    All joking aside, I’ve been drinking 8 ounces of cold brew for years now, no ill effects.

    The other thing I wanted this coffee maker to do was eliminate some of the mess. I understand that there will always be some mess when doing stuff in the kitchen, but my old method of cold brewing made too much of a mess.

    Following a brew, the grinds get thrown in the trash, and the remainder rinsed out in the sink, then the brew chamber gets washed. I rinse and wash the filter and the filter plate, and the decanter gets thrown in the dishwasher. Not too bad, like cleaning an oversized french press, kinda.

    Overall, I give this 4 stars. I really like it, will continue to use it, and think it makes my life easier, but I think that the decanter and lid are really pointless inclusions that don’t work for me personally, and I would rather either they get eliminated and the price gets reduced, or, the decanter gets redesigned to hold the same volume with a smaller footprint, because in its current shape it is obnoxious.

    Buy this product, get the filters, too.

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  6. Call of Kthalia

    Wow! This is my first experience with cold brewing and I am pretty much thrilled!

    I love coffee, however, though I have my likes/dislikes and I know a lousy cup when I taste it – I am not a coffee snob. So if you are, ignore me! If you aren’t then read on! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My boyfriend and I had made a pot of coffee every day or so for years. Since we mostly prefer cold coffee – except on those rare nippy SW cold days – we had been brewing it and pouring it into a pitcher that we cooled and then chilled in the fridge. Our old Cuisinart coffeemaker has a mesh reusable filter and it finally came apart at the seams by the plastic at the bottom, and would blow coffee out into basket. When I went to look for a new filter (which I did find, btw) I was poking around looking at coffeemakers in general. It ended up leading me to Cold Brewing, which I started to read about in greater detail. When I discovered that cold brewed coffee was less acidic, I was sold. I love my coffee but both my boyfriend and I can get terribly acidy tummies from time to time. Myself, especially when I am stressed at work or something.

    So, I poked around Amazon looking at cold brew systems – reading reviews, checking prices, looking at what you had to buy to use them and keep them up each day. I ended up settling on this unit because of the reviews, the no-need for a paper filter (more on this later) and the price! I happened to get a unit from Amazon Warehouse Deals. I love them, because 9 times out of 10 I get something for a FANTASTIC deal and there is maybe a scratch on it or the box was torn up at most. I’ve returned a couple things that somehow got through Amazon QC, but that’s fine. It was an easy process. That said I got this guy for another ~25% off, and it was a great way to start – especially when compared to the cost of a new mechanical, traditional drip coffeemaker!

    The past few weeks I’ve been playing with it. And here is what I’ve got so far, especially for other cold brew newbies like me:

    Prep Work:
    – You will need to get a coffee grinder or have ready access to fresh ground COARSE ground coffee. Your regular drip ground coffee won’t drain well and will cling to too much of your concentrate when it’s done brewing. I got this one and it works great! I will be reviewing it soon:ย 

    KitchenAid BCG111ES Blade Coffee Grinder – Espresso

    -You probably want to use filtered water if you don’t already. This is going to sit in water for 12-24 hours, rather than just burst through in a flash like your drip maker does. I use a common Brita.

    – Be prepared! Make this ahead of time! It does take 12-24 hours to brew. I have done 18 – 24 hours and that range works great for my tastes. I love the stronger flavor, personally.

    – Consider getting another “carafe”. I brew my coffee, then drain into the provided carafe because it fits the whole system properly, but the glass – however sturdy they claim it to be – feels too thin for my liking and we have too many klutzes in our house. I put mine in a thick glass pitcher for the fridge. I happen to think that for an OXO product this should have: a rubberized grippy bottom and a rubber grip at the neck (in OXO grippy black of course!). Why this isn’t the case is beyond me but maybe they can update in a future model. I would buy that separate if they made it.

    Time to make coffee! Here is how I’ve begun to do it:

    – Grind your coffee! Yum, this is fun especially if you’ve never done it before. It smells amazing! and the coffee made with it is pretty amazing, too! Make sure you grind it very coarsely. I have a method I use with the suggested Kitchenaid grinder I cited above and I will share that in that product’s review.
    – Remove the rain shield.
    – Put about 3.5 cups of coarse coffee (to taste – you may like more or less!) into the reservoir. If you just ground it, let it sit for a few minutes before you add water.
    – Double check the switch in the middle of the unit is UP. But to be safe I leave the carafe under the unit while brewing.
    – Replace the rain shield (or the sieve like lid, whatever you want to call it)
    – Add 5 cups (again, to taste) of filtered water, let it sit a moment, then stir the mixture thoroughly.
    – Wait 18-24 hours.
    – Replace carafe if you didn’t leave it under while brewing as I do, and flip the switch down.
    – Wait 10-30 minutes (may be more or less depending on your grind coarseness) for the brew to drain. Maybe gently wiggle the unit a little to assure it all drains out.
    – Remove reservoir – covering bottom so you don’t drip concentrate on the way to the sink – and do what you do with grounds. We save ours for the roses! ๐Ÿ™‚
    – I immediately rinse and wash everything – by hand – and set to dry.
    – Pour about 2oz of the concentrate in your favorite glass, add your cream and/or sugar to taste if desired, fill remaining part of glass with ice, water, milk (again, as desired), stir and enjoy the smoothest iced coffee you’ve ever had!

    Side thoughts and suggestions:

    If you see my attached picture (it’s not much to look at that isn’t already shown in the product page but) you can see I keep mine on a small dish towel. This is actually a pretty stiff towel, as it is backed in a plastic mesh for scrubbing dishes, so I use it to slide the unit under the cabinets while brewing or storing, and out when I am making or harvesting a batch of coffee.

    The lid for the carafe – I used it once. Since I don’t use the carafe in the fridge, I don’t need to lid the coffee in the carafe with the lid. I first used it once for measuring as suggested, but now I can easily eyeball how much concentrate is enough for me, as can my boyfriend. I will keep this, but it’s more of “just in case”, as I find the carafe a semi poor design for storing the concentrate, and I don’t need it for measurement purposes.

    Paper filters – it comes with them. I’ve used them a couple times, and I find it just makes the brew drain too slowly. I didn’t find that there was much sediment in the coffee, so I don’t find them useful or necessary. This is also subjective, and perhaps objective depending on your grounds, so you may prefer the extra filter for your brew, and find it worth purchasing in the future.

    Bottom line: I am in love with this thing! It’s a bit more of a process and a wait than my old drip machine, but the brewed concentrate is so much smoother on the tongue and easier on the tummy. It’s also made coffee making an enjoyable event. I’ve spent time hunting for different whole beans, smelling them, grinding them… I also suspect I will continue to play with types of coffee, how I grind it, ratios, etc. It is actually a bit FUN. And the coffee made in the process is fantastic. At this price, whether or not you get a discount for an Amazon Warehouse purchase, I think it’s a bargain. And that is even counting the cost of the little coffee grinder I picked up.

    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment! Thanks and hope this review helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

    UPDATE 12/29/2016: Nothing in particular to say except that it has been about half a year since I got this machine. It still works great, nothing is broken or wonky and it was a bargain for how much it gets used and the yummy smooth coffee it makes. Still the only thing I dislike is the carafe. Oxo – Make the neck more indented and/or covered in your Oxo rubber-grippy stuff! And the bottom, too! I would never put this thing in my fridge. It would get smashed to bits.

    UPDATE 03/23/2018: Time flies – and I am due for an update. It’s pretty simple – It still works great. Looks almost new. Nothing broken or worn out. This was a great deal and barring dropping it I suspect it will be worry free for years to come. It also rocks cause it doesn’t use power which means there is no electrical component to go on any sort of “fritz”. It also makes it low impact and maybe even something you could take camping (surely without the awful carafe!) or use in a tiny home, etc. I am pleased with this item and very glad I got it some years ago. Good luck to you, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Eric Xiong

    Just poured my first batch!

    Wow is the first word that comes to mind
    Personally let it steep at room temperature for 16 hours and found it to be the perfect balance of strength and smoothness

    A ratio of 10oz coffee grounds to 5 cups of water lended me 3 cups of concentrate

    Pros: Great tasting, strong coffee, nice look, easy to use, and easy to clean
    Cons: Uses a looooot of coffee grounds

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  8. frank

    I’ve used this model since 2015 as my sole method of making coffee. Guests always love it. No bitterness. But I think it extracts more caffeine than hot-brew methods? A batch lasts 2 weeks.

    All you need is ground coffee and cold water and this very cost-effective, durable bit of equipment.

    I had to buy a replacement carafe (breakage, my fault). And once I had to buy a new kit because somehow the fine-mesh filter got mislaid, and you can’t buy replacements. That’s my only quibble: Please Oxo can you make replacement filter parts (mesh/silicone washer/screw-in bit) available?

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    OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker,Black
    OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker,Black


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