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Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder: CONQUECO Small Coffee Bean Grinding Machine – Rechargeable Stainless Conical Burr Grinders with Multiple Grind Settings, 20g (with Brush)


  • Portable electric burr coffee grinder
  • Made of 304 stainless steel for durability
  • Offers over 45 manual grind settings for precision and control
  • Adjustable grinding thickness for different coffee types
  • Cordless and USB rechargeable
  • Can grind 15g of coffee beans in 2 minutes
  • Easy to clean with removable parts
  • Compact size: 2.17″L x 2.17″W x 6.22″H
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Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

Why Choose the CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder?

The CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is an ideal choice for coffee lovers who value convenience, precision, and durability. With its stainless steel core, multiple grind settings, and portability features, this coffee grinder offers a superior grinding experience.

Key Features

  • Stainless Core: The 304 stainless steel housing and blade ensure durability and effectively grind the coffee beans for a fuller flavor.
  • Multiple Grind Settings: The grinder offers over 45 manual grind settings, allowing you to adjust the grinding thickness based on your personal preferences.
  • Portable and Cordless: With its lightweight design and built-in rechargeable battery, this coffee grinder is perfect for on-the-go use, whether you’re at home, work, or traveling.
  • Convenience and Speed: The fully automatic operation saves time and effort compared to manual grinders, and the low-noise motor ensures a peaceful grinding experience.
  • Easy to Clean: The removable upper burr, hopper, and chamber make cleanup a breeze, and a cleaning brush is included for added convenience.

How to Select the CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

1. Grinding Capacity

Determine your grinding needs based on the amount of coffee you typically prepare. The CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder has a capacity of 20g, making it suitable for personal use.

2. Grind Settings

Consider the variety of grind settings to ensure the grinder can cater to your preferred brew methods. With over 45 manual grind settings, the CONQUECO grinder offers flexibility and precision in achieving the desired grind size for different coffee preparations.

3. Portability

If you often travel or need a grinder for on-the-go use, the CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is an excellent choice. Its compact and lightweight design, combined with the cordless and rechargeable features, make it convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

4. Durability

The stainless steel construction of the CONQUECO grinder ensures durability and longevity. It provides a strong and sharp grinding mechanism that produces consistent and uniform grind sizes.

5. Ease of Use and Cleaning

The one-touch operation and automatic induction of coffee beans make the CONQUECO grinder easy to use. Additionally, the removable parts and included cleaning brush simplify the cleaning process for hassle-free maintenance.

6. Budget

Consider your budget when selecting a coffee grinder. The CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder offers excellent value for its features, providing an affordable yet high-quality grinding experience.

By considering these factors, you can confidently select the CONQUECO Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder for a convenient and precise coffee grinding experience.

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Specification: Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder: CONQUECO Small Coffee Bean Grinding Machine – Rechargeable Stainless Conical Burr Grinders with Multiple Grind Settings, 20g (with Brush)







230 Volts

Product Dimensions

2.17"L x 2.17"W x 6.22"H

Item Weight

1.43 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

CGM 01


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

April 12, 2022

13 reviews for Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder: CONQUECO Small Coffee Bean Grinding Machine – Rechargeable Stainless Conical Burr Grinders with Multiple Grind Settings, 20g (with Brush)

4.3 out of 5
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  1. jaoKAI

    This grinder is very solid and feels well built. It’s slim and compact and can be set to grind a lot of different grades of coffee. It does grind a decent amount of coffee for a single espresso but will not grind more than 15 grams at a time.
    I bought this to use with a picopresso maker and they are very fussy little devices and arevery specific about using 17-18g of coffee. The compatibility was one of the reasons to pick this one, in addition to the build quality and variety of settings. I’m not convinced that some of the answers and reviews here are actually genuine, and the description is misleading as they state that it can grind 20g of coffee which would be more than enough for the picopresso but the grinder’s instructions stress that putting more than 15g of beans in or filling over the indicated point (actually a physical part of the container) will stop it working. I measured the beans with a pair of scales the measure down to 0.01g and it will hold up to 15g if you’re careful and shake the beans down, but absolutely not anywhere near 20g, or the 18 for a picopresso. From 15g of beans it outputted 13.7g of powder.
    The picopresso coffee maker stresses that a microfine grind is best or their device, so I set it to 4 clicks back from the limit (plus those mentioned in the instructions as minimum and 4 for a microfine grind.) At that setting the coffee came out very very fine but took far far longer than acceptable (a few seconds less than 25 minutes).
    Setting it to 7 clicks reduced the time to 5 minutes 21 seconds although that is obviously still a really long time compared to a mains grinder,
    The grinder has an auto stop function and makes a satisfying crunch as It grinds, but seems to have some difficulty feeding the whole beans at times and stopped 4 times when not finished on one use (7 clicks) and twice on a second go, meaning I needed to keep stopping and starting the stopwatch when I turned it back on. The next two times were fine. On the 4 clicks setting it stopped 5 times and watching/ pausing the timer for 25 minutes was interminable!
    You can hear when it’s whirring away without any beans going through and giving it a little shake is enough to get it grinding again. When it is grinding you get that satisfying crunching).
    The motor is a little bit noisy, although nowhere near as much as a mains grinder, and I wouldn’t keep it going when on a work call or probably if I was a coffee at 6AM type of camper, out of courtesy to other campers, as it does run for a long time. I needed to turn up the volume of the television when I tried it in the lounge.
    If you are camping it might even be best to stick it in a back pocket, go for a little work or get on with something else, as that might solve the premature stopping- if you can put up with any strange looks you may get for it!
    After 4 run throughs (necessary to get used to using a picopresso!) the 7 clicks setting was perfect, fortunately, as I would certainly not want to take 30 minutes (in total, not just the grinding) making my morning coffee.
    I tested recharging it with the 2 fast-charging powerbanks I use for camping, and it was fine with one but for some reason didn’t charge from the other (both 22.5w from the same brand and good quality). Not something I’d particularly criticise the manufacturer for, and can’t explain, , but you should test it before going away if you intend to use a fast charger. It charged fine from my mains adapter and although it usefully has a USB C adapter only charges at 800mAh, so although it is classed as usb C, it has the USB 3.1 default charge rate, and isn’t rated for USB PD fast (1.5Ah +) chargers (which may help explain the incompatibility with one of mine.)
    Several times I had to slightly rotate the female part of the drive shaft to make the hex socket engage with the male part of the shaft when trying to close it.
    It really does seem well built and is solid and very well finished, but at £55 it isn’t exactly cheap and would benefit from a carrying case to keep it safe and protected when travelling.
    Very solid and well built
    Well thought out and easy to use
    Large variety of grind settings, down to superfine
    Produces a really great espresso grade grind
    Saves the effort of manual grinding
    Very portable

    Takes a long time to charge
    Takes over 5 minutes to grind 15g of coffee beans
    Sometimes thinks it’s finished too early and stops in the middle of a grind
    Only grinds 15g of beans at a time, so needs to be run more than once to grind the weighed out quantity (18g) for my picopresso
    Can be awkward to engage the power unit with the grinding section
    Could do with a carrying case to protect your investment when travelling

    Overall I’m happy with my purchase and as I bought it for its compact form, and to save effort not time, and although not cheap, It suits my purposes well. (I will update this after taking it to a festival in about a month)

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  2. P Spencer Norby

    When I had a problem support helped immediately. Also this design is beautiful and easy to use.

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  3. jaoKAI

    Die Mühle kann sehr feinen Kaffee mahlen. Für Espresso wirklich empfehlenswert. Was man allerdings beachten muss: Die Mühle ist deutlich langsamer als eine normale Kaffeemühle. Also sollte man nicht erwarten das der Kaffee in 2 Sekunden gemahlen ist. Mit ist aufgefallen das das Mahlgut statisch aufgeladen ist, und deshalb an der Mühle manchmal fest hängt. Dagegen hilft es die Bohnen vor dem mahlen ein klein wenig mit Wasser einzusprühen.

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  4. F. T.

    Was in daily use with no issue for six months until the USB plug failed. Fantastic service from Conqueco, a replacement was provided with no questions within 48hrs.

    Grinder works great, no issues with adjustment / torque etc. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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  5. greeko

    I’ve started to buy whole bean coffee and it was time to upgrade from a blade grinder. I make a single 16 oz cup of coffee each morning using an Aeropress, so I thought this would be perfect for it. Turns out I have to split the beans into two small batches as the grinder is very small. But it grinds that small amount fairly quickly so it’s not that much of a hassle. I do very much like the small footprint of the grinder. The grind is adjustable and grind results are a very uniform size which is what I was looking for. EDIT – 7 months later, it suddenly made a strange noise and stopped. When I unscrewed the bottom I found that the grind unit had completely come apart. After pulling it out of the partly ground coffee beans I have 7 separate metal parts. I am going to try to figure out how to put it back together as nothing appears broken. Unfortunately the manual does not contain an exploded drawing of the grind unit.

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  6. greeko

    Update after a month’s of use. Although I was quite pleased with this product initially, it has now after just over a month of use become utterly useless. The grinder is operated by a tiny shaft powered by the motor that inserts into a socket. The shaft has now ceased to rotate the grinder. It appears it may be stripped, but at any rate it does not perform the intended task. The motor still operates, but does not rotate the grinder.

    After a few weeks, the vendor did reply and replaced the faulty product with a new unit. It is operating as intended. I’ve changed the star rating to reflect this update.

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  7. LachiLondon

    Had a small trouble with my order, but the seller was quick to respond and solve the issue. The product itself is good, easy to use and clean, relatively quiet and quick. Great purchase!

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  8. J. Durham

    Easy to use; good range of grinds. very easy to clean – since the motor and electronics are all in the top section, the rest can be rinsed with hot water (and dried thoroughly) when needed. Has enough charge for 4 or 5 16-gram grinds; charges back up reasonable quickly. A little noisy, but for the 2 minutes or so, it’s not a big issue. Overall, very pleased.

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  9. Eric


    The seller reached out to me about the issues below and was able to replace my defective grinder. Not sure if this one will be any better yet, but their customer service says a lot!


    We bought this to take camping to make stovetop espresso with a Bialetti Moka Express. Our entire rig is configured to work off 12v DC only so this seemed like the perfect product to make great espresso while camping, and it was, one time… I did grind a few rounds at home to get it dialed in and the first day we made espresso while camping it worked perfectly and our coffee was the best we’d ever had while camping, however, we went to make espresso the second day and the grinder seemed to be completely stripped out as it seemed the motor was spinning but nothing was coming out. Luckily we had some old Cafe Bustelo still in our rig from before we had this, but it was not near as good. I am now in the market for some other DC or battery powered grinder since this one didn’t quite hit the mark and I really don’t want a manual grinder.

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  10. Tyler

    I once loved this guy, but it has a major flaw. I hope this gets to the company. Inside is a mechanical link tying the motor to the bur grinder. The male end wore pretty well, but not perfectly. The female end completely striped out to nothing. The drive just spun in the link and did not turn the bur at all. It is a simple solution if the company wishes to correct it. If I do not hear from them, I will know they do not care but just love their money. I use my grinder once or twice every day. I drink varietal coffees shipped directly to me. I even know the farms and altitudes from which they come. Would sure love a grinder for on my boat on which I live that will last. CONQUECO, please help!!!!! ??

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  11. Learning with Mark W

    I wanted a small travel burr coffee grinder. I initially purchased a manual burr grinder and while it worked ok. It took forever to grind 8 grams of coffee. I tried using a small electric hand screwdriver to turn the crank but it was very awkward and required more stuff. I found CONQUECO and it looked perfect. It’s very small however, it does have some weight to it. It takes a couple of minutes to grind about 15-16 grams of coffee but it’s time I can spend warming up the water for my Nanopresso. The grind it produced was ok and using it with my Nanopresso produced a shot as good as my Breville Barista Pro. This will be great for espresso on the go without having to find a coffee shop!

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  12. chaosity

    Perfect size for my breville espresso maker double shot. Coffee tastes amazing when freshly ground. Charge lasts a very long time. Small and discreet on my counter top. Also my original one broke after nearly a year and the customer service was excellent with a prompt replacement under warranty. Highly recommend

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  13. EricAZ

    Oct 7, One full charge can run about 10-12 times to grind for this 2-3 shot Moka pot. I have to run it twice for each pot so about 5-6 days. The charging cable is bad though. It is not bad and the grind size works for my moka pot and Clever drpper.
    Oct 2, 2022: Small capacity causes loading twice for the smallest moka pot.
    Closing and locking the motor part is sometime tricky. There can be a big gap and I should not force it in since it may wear out the gear (metal coupling between motor and grinder) for the grinder to work properly.
    A 2-3 shot Moka pot (smallest size) may take less than 5 minutes to finish grinding but having to split it up to two batches cause more time (7 mins) to finish.
    It is a small size and can definitely be in a travel/ camping kit. I like it for the grind size, check out pic for details.

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    Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder: CONQUECO Small Coffee Bean Grinding Machine – Rechargeable Stainless Conical Burr Grinders with Multiple Grind Settings, 20g (with Brush)
    Portable Electric Burr Coffee Grinder: CONQUECO Small Coffee Bean Grinding Machine – Rechargeable Stainless Conical Burr Grinders with Multiple Grind Settings, 20g (with Brush)


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