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OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel


  • Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified coffee
  • Brew by the cup or carafe
  • Single-serve capability with optional brew basket accessory
  • BetterBrew precision controls water temperature and brew cycles
  • Rainmaker shower head evenly distributes water over grounds
  • Double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe with brew-through, pour-through carafe lid
  • Removable well cover for short or tall mugs
  • Convenient cleaning mode
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Buying Guide: OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel


The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker is a high-quality stainless steel coffee maker that offers a superior brewing experience. With its gold-standard coffee certification, precision controls, and convenient features, it guarantees a perfect cup of coffee every time. This buying guide will help you select the right OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker for your needs.

Factors to Consider


The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker is designed to brew 8 cups of coffee. This is ideal for households with multiple coffee drinkers or for serving guests. Determine if this capacity matches your daily coffee consumption needs.

Coffee Brewing Options

The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker allows you to brew coffee by the cup or by the carafe. Consider whether you prefer to brew individual servings or make larger quantities at once.

Specialty Coffee Certification

The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) Golden Cup standard. This ensures that your coffee is brewed to the highest standards. If you are a coffee connoisseur, this certification is a valuable feature to consider.

Brewing Precision

The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker features BetterBrew precision controls that allow you to adjust water temperature and brew cycles. This ensures optimal flavor extraction. If you value precise control over your brewing process, this feature is essential.

Shower Head Design

The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker comes with a Rainmaker shower head that evenly distributes water over the coffee grounds. This ensures a thorough saturation and extraction of coffee flavors. If you want a coffee maker that provides superior water distribution, this feature is important to consider.

Thermal Carafe

The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker includes a double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe. This keeps your coffee hot for longer periods and prevents heat loss. If you prefer to enjoy hot coffee throughout the day, this feature is a great advantage.

Convenience Features

The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker offers several convenient features such as a removable well cover that accommodates short or tall mugs, a cleaning mode for easy maintenance, and a compact design that fits under cabinets. If you value convenience and user-friendly features, these aspects should be considered.


  • Brand: OXO
  • Color: Black, Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5″D x 13.5″W x 7″H
  • Special Feature: Thermal, Auto Clean Function
  • Coffee Maker Type: Vacuum Coffee Pot
  • Filter Type: Paper
  • Style: Casual
  • Specific Uses For Product: Coffee
  • Included Components: Base, Carafe, 2 Baskets, Coffee Scoop, Rainmaker
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Model Name: OXO
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Human Interface Input: Buttons
  • Item Weight: 10.28 pounds
  • Manufacturer: OXO
  • Item model number: 8718800
  • Date First Available: August 8, 2018


The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker is a top-notch stainless steel coffee maker that ensures a superior brewing experience. Consider factors such as capacity, brewing options, specialty coffee certification, brewing precision, shower head design, thermal carafe, and convenience features when selecting the right model for your needs. With its unbeatable features and excellent performance, the OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker is a fantastic choice for any coffee lover.

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Specification: OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel



Included Components

Base, Carafe, 2 Baskets, Coffee Scoop, Rainmaker

Product Dimensions

10.5"D x 13.5"W x 7"H

Special Feature

Thermal,Auto Clean Function

Coffee Maker Type

Vacuum Coffee Pot

Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product





120 Volts

Operation Mode


Model Name


Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Item Weight

10.28 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

August 8, 2018

3575 reviews for OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

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  1. Rudie Neumann

    Try it; you won’t be sorry.

    I just finished my first mug of coffee. My headline says it all. What a pleasant surprise!

    It’s REALLY simple to use. Measure or weigh the water. Weigh the coffee beans (16:1), grind them (medium), and put them in the hopper. (I use a SS mesh filter). Set the lever on multiple cups, push the power button and the start button for multiple cups. When it’s done it beeps.

    I have roasted my own coffee for 1½ years, and I have experimented with various means of brewing. My french press and a coffee press work well, but not a whole lot better IMO than a $20 coffee maker, especially for the trouble. But I can REALLY tell the difference with this OXO Brew.

    Come to think about it, I think I’ll risk my sleep cycle tonight and have just one more mug this morning. Yes, it’s that good!

    I have had the OXO Brew on my list for quite awhile. “Hmm, 200 bucks? My wife won’t approve.” But when my old coffee maker died, that pushed me over the edge. But wait! There is an “Acceptable” refurbished one from Amazon for $70.38. That’s nearly 2/3 off! I can justify that. I’m SO glad I did!

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  2. CSpaR

    I’ve been using this one for a while now so here’s my impressions.

    Makes a good hot cup of coffee for sure. There’s a lot at play to make good coffee. Timing, water temp, water quality, grinds, etc… I really like this machine’s ease of use. Simple on/off and 2-4 cups or 4-8(?) cups. We use the additional grey cone for our normal morning two 10oz cups of coffee. It comes out plenty hot for me. A drop on my hand as I’m moving stuff around seems hot enough lol.

    The maker is a more simple design, which does look good. Not large or imposing like it’s bigger brother. Coming from a Cuisinart that had a lot of plastic and was heavier, solid, and durable feeling. Even the brew basket door was 3 layers and very solid. The brew and water reservoir doors on this OXO are much thinner and bend a bit. Not like a cheap feel, just not heavy solid feeling.

    Simple dump of water and it makes as much coffee as water you added into it. My old coffee maker had a water reservoir that was very difficult to clean. This one is very easy. Leave the water lid open after coffee finishes being made, then it will allow the excess steam to escape, just about drying the remaining water out. The water head is nicely placed with enough holes to saturate the coffee grinds well, which it does. However, this piece is very thin plastic. An area of this brewer that they must have thought doesnt need to be thick and sturdy. Might not really matter. I will just have to be careful when cleaning it.

    You can brew into the carafe or your own mug, which we do a lot. It works well. Down side is that you must remember to manually move the lever in the brew basket front to allow the coffee to move through the basket and into the cup. If not, hot liquid coffee will spill out over onto your counter, etc… The carafe is very nice and solid with good insulation. However ,the design doesnt allow of all of the coffee to be poured out… or even vigorously shaken out either. It’s not much, but enough. Maybe an ounce or two? I let it sit on a drying mat for a couple days… water was still in there.

    Paper filters are easy to find most retailers and on line. If I remember, the smaller grey basket for 2-4 cups needed one that is not as easy to find, cheaply any way. I just use #2 or #4 paper and fold the bottom seam seal over. Push down into the basket and youre good to go.

    Over all, great machine a this price. Simple to use, can do single mugs up to a whole carafe. Good hot coffee comes out. What else did you want? It has some very minor issues that I really dont care much about.

    I would buy this one again.

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  3. Eric

    It makes great coffee. I don’t like that the water reservoir is not detachable. Makes it a pain to fill up. Not a deal breaker, but slightly annoying. The different brew sizes for a single/double serve or a larger pot of coffee are great. It also looks nice on the counter and has a very small footprint.

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  4. H J S

    I have been wanting this machine for a a long time, to see if I have been missing out on excellent coffee. Seems I haven’t.

    I am glad I read Bruce’s review, as I feel the same. I have had a Gevalia branded Hamilton Beach coffee maker for 7 or 8 years. It looks like this:
    Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe, 3 Brewing Options, Auto Shutoff & Pause and Pour, Stainless Steel (46899R)

    But it has a glass carafe and two extra buttons, one for warming tray temp and one for coffee strength. I keep it on High and Bold. The Bold setting does the bloom function, pre soaking the beans. It takes about 12 minutes for a pot, of which I usually make 32 oz, which says about 6 cups. I use one very slightly rounded traditional coffee scoop per 8 oz of water. It makes it the perfect strength and flavor for us. The power button is starting to fail, but has been perfect all this time.

    I used the same formula in this OXO, and the coffee is very weak and flavorless. It tastes just like Denny’s restaurant’s weak coffee.
    I have only made a few pots, and there is still a plasticky smell and taste to the coffee that, hopefully will disappear soon.

    I love the quality feel of this machine and the simplicity of it. I like the stainless carafe as my partner has Parkinson’s and am always afraid a shaking episode will break the glass carafe, or splash it, causing burns. This stainless carafe will certainly not break or splash!

    I will give it a couple of weeks to see how much extra coffee I will be having to use to make this one to make it brew coffee that tastes as good as my old one. With the price of good coffee, this OXO will be costing me a lot more money long term – like 25% to 50% more $$$ !!!

    I would hate to have to return it, and will be testing it with my favorite Lavazza beans next. Currently using Cameron’s Organic Sumatra beans that were given to me.

    Will update in a week or so.

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  5. Can Con (Canadian Consumer)

    OXO 8 Cup Coffee Maker Review update

    We have now had the unit for about two weeks and as a result I can give a more complete review.

    The unit is a smaller coffee maker, unlike many other more conventional home brewers. It is able to brew anywhere from two to eight coffee industry standard 5 ounce cups, or 40 fluid ounces in total. I point this out as the Amazon description still lists it as making 64 fluid ounces. I sent in a note to Amazon about correcting that mistake but nothing has changed yet.

    – The interface is uncluttered and intuitive, with none of the stuff I don’t want.
    – It has only 4 buttons: Power, 2-4 cups, 5-8 cups, Clean.
    – No unnecessary clock or timer functions.
    – Two brew baskets: the standard “main” basket and an insert for making lesser amounts
    – The base has a recessed pedestal which can be flipped over to lift a mug up when brewing directly into the mug

    – I have now used all options for making a brew:
    – 2-4 cups setting into both a pot and a mug, 5-8 cups into a pot.
    – Water comes in hot and FAST. Initial bloom phase (flow then pause) lasts about 30 seconds to a minute.
    – Coffee is ready in 7 minutes or less, depending on amount being made.
    – No spills or leaks seen at any time.
    – A few small drips and spatters when making the brew into a mug. Use a tall mug. Note: the included pedestal is your friend here. Make use of it.
    – Coffee is hot. The pot keeps it between low 170s and mid 180s (°F) for at least an hour.

    Quality of brew:
    – Flavourful, especially at the larger volumes (5-8 cups).
    – Flavour intensifies as it cools. This was expected.

    A note on the coffee grind & amount:
    – Grind:
    – Medium, i.e. use as directed by the manual to start.
    – Too coarse or not enough coffee and the flavour will be thin.
    – Too fine or too much coffee and the resulting brew might be over extracted. It might even clog. See note on water flow above. I never saw this happen but I suppose it is possible.

    – Amount:
    – Use as directed (~ 8 gm / 5 oz cup) for larger amounts to start.
    – Use slightly more for lesser amounts (2-4 cups), especially when brewing into a mug (~ 2 cups).

    Once you’ve played with it for a while, I have no doubt the sweet spot will be found for your favourite coffee beans and the amount of coffee you like to make.

    The one feature I have yet to use is the “Clean” function. That won’t be for another two months or so, given our use of the brewer.

    All in all, a great coffee maker, well worth the price of admission.

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  6. JDB

    In addition to my previous review noted following I wish to make the following observation after several months of daily use:

    I regularly get grounds in my coffee cup when I make our normal 6 (5 oz) cup volume of coffee. As noted in my previous comments ….. at the end of the brew cycle when the coffee maker ‘beeps’ …. the brew basked is brim full of water/coffee that has not yet drained through the filter. I honestly cannot see how this coffee maker would not overflow if I made a full pot of coffee with the recommended volume/weight of coffee grounds.

    In addition, due to it’s design you cannot drain the carafe completely unless you take off the lid.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: I am basing this review on 1) our existing coffee maker (20 year old Braun .. steel carafe, on/off switch only) that continues to make fairly decent coffee (using 20 – 24 g of coffee with a 30 oz pot of water). A currently offered Braun coffee maker with similar carafe and several electronic controls is ‘garbage’ from the design and quality perspective ….. and 2) a Bonavita (SCA approved) coffee maker that we used for about 8 months ….. which I would never recommend to anyone (it failed after 6 months and we had ‘pathetic’ after market/warranty support).

    I’ve used the coffee maker for a fairly short time now and have the following observations. These are based on making our normal ‘6’ cup (5 oz) pot of coffee:

    1. The coffee scoop holds about 6.8 g of med. ground coffee NOT THE 8 GRAMS stated on pg 7 of the product manual. The SCA recommends an optimum of 8 grams / 5 oz cup.

    2. At the SCA recommended amount we found the coffee simply too strong to drink. For a 6 cup pot approximately 2/3 the amount of coffee (around 30 g) seems to produce a decent to good (medium strong) cup of coffee.

    3. I suggest that 30 to 40 g of coffee is about all the basket and FILTER ‘should’ hold. Any more than this and the coffee will likely overflow and the grounds will DEFINITELY ride up over the edge of the filter. Note that 64 g of coffee is the recommended amount for a full 8 cup pot … at which point the filter is nearly overflowing with dry coffee.

    4. After turning on the brew cycle the water starts bubbling at about time 30 sec. and finishes about time 4 min, with the finish signal beeping at 4 min 30 secs. At this point the brew basket is still full of water and the ‘shower’ head is still dripping copiously.

    If you want to purchase this coffee maker consider carefully how many (5 0z) equivalent cups you wish to make at one time, and the extra cost of coffee you will be using at the amount recommended by the SCA.

    You should also look at the NEGATIVE product reviews that note overflowing problems, and provide indications of poor product support.

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  7. Krash

    ANOTHER UPDATE!! I know this is crazy but, I called Oxo yesterday and talked to Customer Service about the cleaning light not going out. She was very helpful and also agreed the instructions for this in the booklet are horrible. She sent me an email with instructions for cleaning/descaling and she said to try this. And said if this doesn’t work, to contact the supplier in Canada (as this was the U.S. website) for replacement or refund.
    So, I followed the instructions she sent, and OMG, THE LIGHT WENT OUT!!!!!! So, I now have those instructions tucked away and I will do it this way the next time the clean light comes on!!! Thank you Oxo Customer Service!! I’m keeping the coffee maker!

    **Here’s an update on my review on this coffee maker. I’m extremely disappointed in this 8 cup Oxo Thermal coffee maker. It makes decent coffee, but the clean mode hasn’t worked correctly since day one. I cannot get the flashing clean mode light to shut off!! This is the second time I’ve cleaned, as the light came on yesterday, after I made my coffee. The first time I cleaned it and the light would not go out, I read reviews here to see if others had this problem which there were many! I followed one review where they had to keep putting thru water and after about 4 cycles of that, the light finally shut off! I had to do 5 rinse cycles to get it to shut off for the first cleaning. This time, when the light didn’t go out, again, I must of run 12 water rinse cycles thru it to see if that would turn off the clean light. NOPE….it is still flashing!!! Everything I did this time was the same as the first time, descaler with cold water and then putting thru just plain cold water. Filled it up to the 8 cup capacity every time too. THE DAMN LIGHT IS STILL FLASHING!!!!
    I’m done with this coffee maker. I’ve had it less than a year too. I know if I get in touch with the company that deals with Oxo products, will just want to send a new one out and I really don’t it at this point.

    I had to get a new coffee maker as my older one packed it in! The old one had such a small opening for the carafe, it was impossible to clean it properly and I really wanted one that I could clean easily. Plus, I didn’t want to spend 300 or 400 bucks either! I had read the reviews of the Oxo brand and my sister has the model above this one and loves it. I didn’t need the clock etc so I looked at this model and read the reviews. For the most part, the reviews were good, except for the repeated mention of the coffee not being really hot and not staying hot.
    I bought it, thinking I’ll give it try. And it makes great tasting coffee, but the comments about the coffee not being hot, are correct. It is hot, but not to the point where you have to let it cool before sipping. And it does cool quickly. Not sure why that is, considering the carafe is a thermal carafe. So, it has to be the heating of the water to make the coffee. Its not a deal breaker for me, but I can see that it would be for most people. Plus the price was at my limit for spending it on a coffee maker, so I will keep this.

    ****Update I’m not loving this coffee maker. When the “clean” light came on, it took multiple full fills to rinse it. Like 4 or 5!! Which is ridiculous and apparently happens frequently as all the reviews I read about this, buyers were all saying how they do multiple rinses etc and the clean light just stayed on!!! I was just about ready to pack it up and send it to Oxo, telling them this one is faulty. But after the 5th rinse, the clean light finally went out!!!
    Also, the quality of the coffee, using the amount of coffee that they suggest, to make a couple of cups, is weak and doesn’t stay hot in a stainless steel carafe!!! What’s up with that??? Its a thermal carafe and the coffee should stay hot longer than a half hour after its made! Really? 30 mins isn’t long!! My old Zojirushi kept the coffee hot for hours!!

    Very disappointed in this Oxo coffeemaker. I will be looking for something else and now I’m going to end up paying twice for it. Very disappointing….my recommendation is now, don’t buy this. Between the weirdo cleaning mode and barely warm coffee in the carafe after its made, I wouldn’t buy it today.

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  8. Karrenola

    So after my beloved National brand coffee maker (which I bought off a guy leaving Japan three decades ago) finally died at age 30, I went through the hell of trying to find a simple coffee maker to do the same great job. Yup, it took another five years to find one after failing with several costly others. This one by OXO was rated by several people on the web so of course it’s easy to be skeptical, but one review convinced me to try it. Lo and behold…delicious coffee SO simple to make is BACK! Keeps the coffee HOT without burning it like my beloved National used to do, so it one upped it lol. Yeah it’s great, Alice. Worth every penny. Get one.

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  9. :)

    Prepara rapidísimo el café. (menos de 4 minutos para 6 tazas)
    Además, ahorra energĂ­a con su jarra, pues conserva el calor por más de dos horas…

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    OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel
    OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel


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