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Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black (49980R)


  • 2 ways to brew: single cup or full pot
  • Compatible with ground coffee, not K-Cup pods
  • Easy to use with included mesh scoop
  • Programmable for wake-up ready coffee
  • 2-hour automatic shutoff for peace of mind
  • Reusable filter included
  • Black color
  • Dimensions: 10.63″D x 12.2″W x 13.7″H
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Buying Guide: Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine


The Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine is a versatile coffee maker that allows you to brew a single cup or a full pot of coffee. With its programmable features and convenient auto pause and pour function, it offers a convenient brewing experience.

Key Features

  • 2 Ways to Brew: You can choose to brew a single-serve cup or a full pot of coffee with your favorite ground coffee.
  • Ease of Use: The included mesh scoop makes it easy to add ground coffee without the need for a separate scoop or measuring before brewing.
  • Programmable: The coffee maker can be programmed to start brewing at a specific time, ensuring your coffee is ready when you wake up.
  • Auto Pause and Pour: The coffee maker automatically pauses the brewing process when the carafe is removed, allowing you to pour a cup before it’s done brewing.
  • Reusable Filter: The coffee maker comes with a reusable filter, eliminating the need for disposable filters.
  • 2 Hour Automatic Shutoff: The coffee maker turns off automatically after 2 hours, providing peace of mind when you leave the house.


  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 10.63″D x 12.2″W x 13.7″H
  • Coffee Maker Type: Drip Coffee Machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Special Feature: Programmable
  • Operation Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Voltage: 100-120 Volts
  • Item Weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Hamilton Beach
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Model Number: 49980R
  • Date First Available: August 6, 2013


Note that this coffee maker is not compatible with K-Cup pods. It is designed for use with loose ground coffee.

*K-Cup is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. The use of the K-Cup trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Buying Tips

When selecting the Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, consider the following tips:

1. Brewing Options

Decide whether you primarily want to brew a single-serve cup or a full pot of coffee. This coffee maker offers the convenience of both options.

2. Programmable Features

If you prefer waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, choose a coffee maker with programmable features like the Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker. Set the brewing time in advance, and your coffee will be ready when you wake up.

3. Ease of Use

The included mesh scoop allows you to easily add ground coffee without the need for a separate scoop or measuring. Consider this feature for convenience.

4. Auto Pause and Pour

Look for a coffee maker with an auto pause and pour function, like the Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker. This feature enables you to pour a cup of coffee before the brewing process is complete.

5. Reusable Filter

Consider the use of a reusable filter, as it eliminates the need for disposable filters. The Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker comes with a reusable filter.


The Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine provides the convenience of brewing a single cup or a full pot of coffee with its programmable features, auto pause and pour function, and included reusable filter. Consider the brewing options, programmable features, ease of use, auto pause and pour function, and reusable filter when selecting this coffee maker.

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Specification: Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black (49980R)


Hamilton Beach


Product Dimensions

10.63"D x 12.2"W x 13.7"H

Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine

Filter Type



Coffee Maker

Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Included Components


Operation Mode

Fully Automatic


100120 Volts

Model Name

Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Item Weight

1.92 ounces


Hamilton Beach

Domestic Shipping

Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 6, 2013

10 reviews for Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black (49980R)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Ben Powell

    I bought this because of the dual function. I wanted to be able to make a single cup of coffee but I don’t want to use pods (they are a very wasteful use of resources). So this coffee pot has everything I want. The single cup option is quick & easy and the pot brewing is also pretty fast. I have had no issues at all with this product. I would recommend it to anyone.

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  2. Raúl

    I did a couple of water-only runs through it just to try to get any manufacturing oil/residue or anything out of it (i don’t think this is required but read that its helpful) and initially was pretty disappointed – didn’t taste great or seem any better than my old, cheap one. But after the first couple dozen pots I’ve made it started to taste better and now am digging it. One thing I’m still not sure about is that if you leave coffee on the heating pad too long after brewing is that it doesn’t taste great – SEEMS to stay maybe a bit too hot? But if you drink it within the first 15-20 minutes after brewing its quite good.

    Sturdy build – easy to clean and prepare. The single brew cup has been pretty handy at times as well – the included reusable filter is perfect for this – haven’t noticed any sort of flavor bleeding (where taste from coffee in carafe side blends into single serve side, etc). You can only brew carafe side or single serve side one at a time – please be aware. Not a problem for me as I only do one at a time anyway.

    Will say it does prepare the coffee really fast and the ‘Strong brew’ setting actually makes a difference too (that is – it actually makes the coffee noticebly stronger).

    Pretty good but recommend you get it on sale. Don’t think its worth the full asking price really.

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  3. Ben Powell

    Most mornings I just want one cup of coffee and this machine does that. No more making a whole pot for just for one cup. If I want another cup I don’t mind making a fresh one. Still not wasting a whole pot just for one or two cups. Only criticism I have is it does not have a “done” alarm like most coffee makers. They beep or chime to let you know it’s done. Not this one. You have to just look to make sure it has stopped dripping.

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  4. Dawn

    This the best coffee pot I’ve ever owned, seriously. I appreciate good coffee and regularly buy beans from a local roastery. I am not a barista nor do I claim to be a coffee expert. I enjoy good coffee and a drip coffee maker is good enough for my daily habit.

    This maker can be used to brew single cups on one side or a full pot on the other side. Typically, I am the only coffee drinker in my house. Sometimes we have guests. This coffee maker allows me to serve both situations easily.

    To use the single serve side, I fill the cup that I’m planning to use with the correct amount of tap water and add it to the single serve side of the maker. This is accessed from the top under a small lid that flips up. This side is designed to only hold enough water for a single serve amount of water. I don’t use manufactured pods as I prefer fresh grounds but this maker apparently can handle pods too. I grind my beans or use pre-ground coffee and add that to the slide out tray on the single serve side just above the cup location. There is a metallic mesh screen that holds the grounds on the single serve side and I find that I waste less coffee than when I try to make only 1 or 2 cups in a large pot. The single serve side has a nested set of plastic circles that sits under a tall mug when not needed. These little circular risers can be un-nested and stacked to allow a shorter cup to be closer to the dripping coffee (see photos). This allows the maker to accommodate a variety of sizes of cups. The single serve side takes about 2 minutes to brew. I think the coffee tastes great and I can control the strength of the brew based upon how many grounds I add.

    The full carafe side is much like any basic drip-coffee maker. There’s a small reservoir that holds enough water to brew a full pot of coffee. There’s a flip lid and a basket for coffee grounds. You can use paper filters or buy a separate metallic, re-usable mesh filter that fits inside this basket. I like these baskets as it’s less wasteful than using paper filters daily and I don’t have to remember to constantly purchase filters. I’ve used the same mesh filter for over 7 years now. It doesn’t filter as finely as paper filters do and the last sip of coffee contains a small amount of grit / sediment but this seems normal to me now. If someone doesn’t like this idea than I would warn them not to drink the last sip. It’s pretty easy to avoid.

    The coffee maker has a very obvious and easy to use manual switch that selects whether you are brewing a full pot or a single serve. Only one side can be used at a time. You simply move the switch to the left or right as the illustrations show to select which side you wish to utilize.

    I frequently use the timer feature. Prior to work I have one 16 oz metal travel mug filled, warm and waiting for me when I wake up in the morning.

    The display is bright when you touch a button and dims to normal again after about 30 seconds so it doesn’t light up the kitchen at night like a beacon. There is a single bright green LED light that indicates that the timer is set and ready to go. Personally, I like this feature as it is an obvious acknowledgment that the timer is ready to go at the time that I programmed in. Some might find this too bright but it’s hard to imagine it being a nuisance to most people.

    Other reviewers have indicated the their carafe broke instantly upon the first use. I’ve used my carafe several times without issues. I also noticed that a new pot is around $10 so if it does break down the road, I can probably replace it easily. Some said that it tastes like plastic, I haven’t experienced this. Some said that it leaks after 3 months – I’ll try to update this review later but so far so good – no leaks. Others say it takes too long to brew. I think it takes about as long to make coffee as every other coffeepot that I have owned and if you set it up the night before, you won’t have to wait for it. It can be ready for you whenever you tell it to be ready. I even read that some people were annoyed that they had to slide the coffee pot out from under a counter in order to add water to the top of the coffee maker. I once added felt pads to the bottom of a coffee maker to make this process easier. Without a dedicated water line and a commercial coffee apparatus, I’m not sure how the manufacturer would avoid this overly burdensome task. You have to add water somehow; that’s how coffee works.

    I have not had any negative issues at all with this coffee maker and I’ve been using it daily for over 1 month. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to program and I like that I can make a full pot or single cup depending on my needs. I definitely recommend this unit.

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  5. Ben

    I bought this coffee maker to replace an older Cuisinart model that had failed. After about 18 months it has worked fine every day. It makes a great tasting cup of coffee so the temperatures must be right. When I pour the coffee, the carafe pours smoothly with no dribbles, which was a problem I had with the Cuisinart.

    I like the single serve side as we have a few family members that want decaf while most want regular coffee, so each can have their own type in the morning. Also good for making single cups of decaf in the evening.

    Two issues –
    I have problems with the water overflowing the filter holder, apparently, and spreading coffee grounds into the water chamber. I have to rinse the coffee maker out at least once a month. I have cleaned the valve repeatedly at the bottom of the filter holder. I believe it has to do with seating the carafe properly under the filer basket to open the filter basket valve.

    Also, the Senseo coffee packets “(pods”) that the single serve side uses are hard to find here in the US. I order them on Amazon, but then I generally have to order too many to get a decent price. We tend to keep ground decaf coffee and use the grounds holder.

    Re: the issue of needing to slide this coffee maker out from under the cabinets. Buy a coffee mat, like the S&T coffee mat for about $7 here on Amazon. Cut to size, place under coffee maker. Now it slides out easily for filling and brewing, then slides back for storage. Be sure to pull on the corners of the mat not the coffee maker. The counter also remains more clean. And the coffee maker doesn’t steam the finish on the cabinet above.

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  6. Karla del Rosario Aburto Guzmán

    Había leído comentarios respecto al fuerte olor y sabor a plástico y aunque podría ser cierto, basta con un buen lavado antes de utilizarlo para evitarlo. Muy práctica cafetera al poder preparar una jarra convencional o una aporción individual con solo un termo. En mi caso tengo un termo Contigo de 20oz y aunque el depósito individual de agua tiene suficiente capacidad, por su altura, el termo “cabe” solamente quitando la charola inferior. Todo bien hasta aquí. El pequeño problema es que la base sin charola tiene una “muesca” que evita que permanezca completamente perpendicular, sin embargo bastará solamente con “calzarlo” o limar esta pequeña muesca. Ojo, esto solo es para termos muy altos, creo que la mayor parte no tendrá problemas, pero solo para considerarlo. También sin problema podrías preparado del lado de la jarra.
    En mi caso la compré en el buen fin y me costó $900.00 MXN

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  7. Ann C. Gauntlett

    Me encantó, súper a practica para una sola taza y para más

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  8. Dawn

    I’ve had a one cup coffee maker for many years and I’ve had to replace it many times usually because of a malfunction from the calcium buildup. Descaling every 2 to 3 months with the name brand descaling solution wasn’t enough to prevent them from failing. Spending anywhere between one and two hundred dollars every time I had to replace it. I’ve realized it’s the inner hose clogging up because it’s not just a straight shot from point A to point B and there’s many bends in the hose that eventually get enough calcium buildup that they fail even if you’re descaling often. I know because I took my last kcup pot apart and had myself a good look inside. I thought maybe I could save it but quickly realized that they are designed to fail so the consumer would purchase the new model.
    I decided to give this coffee maker a try and I am happy with my decision. I still have 2 cases of Kcup pods and I cut the tops open and use the coffee to make a single cup and it works great. I don’t even mind cutting them open because they do make a delicious cup of coffee every time. This coffee maker also has the convenience of a 12 cup pot. Anyone else remember the last family get together where there was a line at the coffee maker? Now I can just make a pot of regular coffee and still make the single cups of decaf or flavored if someone wants something different. Win win. 💯 %
    I don’t give up 5 stars easily. You have to earn it. And this coffee maker does. Simple ✅ inexpensive ✅ dual purpose ✅ convenient ✅ Bold setting for single cup or pot ✅

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  9. duelmom

    Me encantó la opción de hacer café para una taza, es una maravilla porque no ensucias la jarra cuando quieres nada más 1 taza

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  10. Itzel

    For many years, the best-tasting and most flavourful coffee we ever made has been with our Drip-O-Lator, made by Enterprise Aluminum in Macon Georgia. We bought this for cottage-use a long time ago–when they were still being made–at Robinson’s General Store in Dorset Ontario. Later, we bought another, and then, they disappeared from the market. It was very cheap to buy and is simple to use: Measure the amount of cups you want into the middle of three graduated marked canisters; pour the required amount of boiling water into the upper marked canister, and wait a bit until it dribbled through into the bottom part of the coffee pot. Later, we had it dribble directly into a thermos butler, rather than into the pot on the wood stove. When we could get it, we used fresh spring water gushing from a woodsy hillside outcrop. That is a perfect coffee, always, fresh-ground or pre-ground—either way.

    When our Cuisinart maker with the built-in grinder stared leaking all over the counter at home, I research all available options for a new one. We took a chance on this Hamilton Beach, with mostly(not all) good ratings noting its low price. This machine, in its first days of use, rivals the Drip-O-Lator in flavour and even in simplicity of use. I can’t fathom the truthfulness of the critical reviews. The single-serve side is not messy, and the flavour is first rate. We bought the crinkly made-in-Canada basket for the multi-cup side, and the results are just the same on both sides, using Nabob Bold Full City Dark. This water is from a well, hydrogen peroxide treated and softened, but judging by the results, that seems perfectly fine. The Cuisinart never made compelling coffee, even in fresh-grind mode. The pre-heated urn never kept things warm and it was messy to pour in its necessarily upside-down position.

    The Hamilton Beach is very economical, seeming to deliver the same volume of brewed of coffee as the water that is poured in. Access to the water tank is convenient, and the graduated lines are very visible. The single-serve side takes a tiny bit of coffee grounds in the bottom of the stainless mesh basket, and then the amount of coffee you want to drink is poured into the upper chamber from the cup you’ll be drinking it from. Finally, the machine has a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell—this Chinese make (I guess) does not have a pretentious European name, like the other Chinese machines.

    The Cuisinart , even in fresh-grind mode, never made compelling coffee.

    At home, our Cuisinart coffee maker with

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    Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black (49980R)
    Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black (49980R)


    Above Average Coffee
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