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Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel


  • Flat burr plates for consistent grind size and flavor
  • Fully automatic system for convenient, hands-free grinding
  • 18 grind presets for various brewing methods
  • 2-18 cup capacity for fresh coffee grounds every time
  • Large bean hopper holds up to 8 oz. of coffee beans
  • Cleaning brush included for easy cleanup
  • Removable grind chamber for effortless cleaning
  • Automatic shutoff when grinding is complete
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Buying Guide: Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder


If you’re looking for a versatile and convenient coffee grinder, the Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder is a great option. With its automatic feature and 18 grind presets, it can cater to various brewing methods and deliver consistent coffee flavor. This guide will help you understand the features and benefits of this grinder and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed purchase.


Burr Plates

The grinder is equipped with flat burr plates that ensure a uniform grind size, resulting in consistent coffee flavor with every brew.

Automatic Operation

The fully automatic system allows for convenient, hands-free grinding. Simply set your desired grind size and let the grinder do the work for you.

18 Grind Presets

The grinder offers 18 grind-size settings, ranging from coarse to ultra-fine. This wide range of presets enables you to grind coffee for different brewing methods, such as French press, drip coffee, and espresso.

18-Cup Capacity

The 2-18 cup selector allows you to grind only the amount of coffee you need, ensuring fresh grounds every time. Whether you’re making coffee for yourself or a larger group, this grinder can accommodate your needs.

Bean Hopper

The large bean hopper holds up to 8 oz. of coffee beans, allowing you to grind a decent amount without frequent refills. The hopper is also removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning Brush

For easy cleanup, a cleaning brush is included with the grinder. This makes it easy to remove any coffee particles or residue that may accumulate during the grinding process.

Removable Grind Chamber

The dishwasher-safe grind chamber can be easily removed, making cleanup effortless. Simply detach the chamber, wash it, and reattach it to the grinder.

Automatic Shutoff

Once the grinding process is complete, the grinder automatically shuts off. This feature ensures safety and convenience, as you don’t have to manually monitor the grinder.

Stainless Steel Finish

The grinder features a modern stainless steel finish that adds a sleek and elegant touch to any kitchen decor.


Color: Stainless Steel

Brand: Mr. Coffee

Style: New Version

Capacity: 8 Ounces

Recommended Uses For Product: Home

Product Dimensions: 8.2″L x 5.3″W x 11.5″H

Item Weight: 3.75 pounds

Manufacturer: Mr. Coffee

Country of Origin: China

Item model number: BVMC-BMG25

Date First Available: December 30, 2020

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Highest Price $49.99 December 9, 2023
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Since October 25, 2023

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Specification: Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel



Mr. Coffee


New Version


8 Ounces

Product Dimensions

8.2"L x 5.3"W x 11.5"H

Item Weight

3.75 pounds


Mr. Coffee

Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

December 30, 2020

12096 reviews for Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel

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  1. Sue

    I really like this grinder especially for the price. The grinds are consistent and easily adjusted. The only down side is it seems to leak a small amount grids during grinding. If you wipe the counter you find a small amount of grounds on the counter you can’t see but are visible when cleaning. If you don’t clean the counter top for a few days the layer of grinds get thicker. I would buy this coffee grinder again without question.

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  2. Cherie B.

    The grinder works well overall, we bought this one to replace an older one that just gave out. What I don’t like about this one is the hopper is smaller and as others have noted it’s not air-tight. Maybe it’s the coffee we use, but the grinds do get all over the place. And after less than 6 months of use, the knob that sets the amount to grind broke off. We either have it set to 6 cups (90% of the time) or 12 cups (full pot), we hardly ever fuss with this knob so that’s disappointing.

    The good thing is that Mr. Coffee arranged to send me a replacement under warranty, so hopefully that one will last longer.

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  3. Gopal Ambhure

    Es un buen molino, el molido es muy consistente, es decir, a diferencia de los molinos de aspas, si pides molido fino, mediano o grueso, obtienes exactamente eso, un molido como lo pediste, bastante parejo. Donde falla es en las cantidades. si pides moler café para 2 tazas, da café más bien para poco más de 4 tazas. Puedes detenerlo antes, pero es cuestión de aprender. Recomiendo experimentar con café de grano entero de Costco (que no es nada malo) antes de usarlo con tu Kopi Luwak o Jamaica Blue Mountain. Se ve durable, habrá que ver.

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  4. Patrick Patullo

    I replaced my Brevel all-in-one (which broke as soon as it was off warrenty, BTW) with this little grinder and so far I’m not seeing much of a difference between this and a much more expensive tool.

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  5. Jason E Forster

    I love this grinder, but for whatever reason, Amazon wouldn’t put it in a box. Instead, they slap a label on the product and ship it as is. I tried 3 times and kept getting damaged grinders.

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  6. victor p.

    El molino es bueno para el precio que tiene, pero si hay que considerar algunas cosas dependiendo de tu nivel de uso.
    1-Variación en las cantidades de molido de acuerdo al botón de tazas. ¿A qué me refiero? En ocasiones al presionar el botón para moler para 7 tazas entrega 31gr. pero a veces muele 36 gr con el mismo botón. Se que no parece mucho, pero si usas un método con una receta específica querrás tener más claro esto.

    2-En moliendas gruesas, siempre vas a encontrar que deja alrededor de 4 a 5 gr. muy finos.

    3-Es ruidoso (como cualquier molino) nada grave

    4-Estéticamente es bonito.

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  7. Pbj

    I love waking up and easily grinding the coffee, it’s so awesome just hitting a button and 20 seconds later I have fresh grounds. We used to have a little spice-type grinder and it was such a pain to load it and empty it a few times in a row, and it was messy. With this type of grinder it is a little messy because you remove the grounds container and take the lid off but it’s still absolutely worth it! I honestly count my blessings every time I make coffee because I love this grinder. I’m sure we’ll upgrade in a few years because I’m aware this is not the nicest type but if you’re just into fresh grounds this is a great option!

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  8. Cherie B.

    Good quality

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  9. Cliente de Amazon

    Compré este molino para tratar de tener un café lo mas fresco posible ya que como se sabe es mejor una molienda a base de muelas que de aspas. El molino está muy bien construido, por su tamaño adorna muy bien la cocina, la tolva es de muy buena capacidad y es muy fácil de usar.
    Algo que no me agrada pero que no es un gran problema es el tema de la limpieza o extracción del café molido, una vez que se muele sale por el compartimiento frontal y se almacena ahí pero es necesario usar la brocha para retirar todo el café. De ahí en fuera me ha resultado muy útil. Sobre la molienda lo tritura muy bien, opino tomando como referencia que uso una cafetera de goteo, para una de expreso no podría decir si llega al molido indicado.

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    Me gusta que es un molino ideal para complacer mis gustos, puede ajustarse a diferentes grados de molienda pero yo lo uso exclusivamente para usarlo en mi prensa francesa, estoy sumamente complacido ya que no hay como el café recién molido.

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  11. William Thomas

    A fine grinder for the budget barrista.

    Update: 1/3/2017. After nearly a year of constant use, this grinder is still going full force. I am so glad I skipped buying the Breville. Not so much against the Breville, but rather a testament to the fact that this grinder is all I need. The Breville would have been overkill

    If works fantastically with my DeLonghi pressurized portafilter espresso machine, and my Black and Decker single cup maker. My son and I drink coffee regularly so it is fired up several times a day. If it failed tomorrow I would not hesitate to repurchase it. Best grinder I’ve owned and greatly exceeded my expectations. Back to the regular review, already in progress.

    Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    – Price. $35.00 is dirt cheap for a burr grinder. This isn’t much more than a small blade grinder and it’s so much nicer.
    – Burr Grinding: Yes, it’s not a conical burr grinder, but a burr grinder is much better than a blade grinder
    – Dosing. Choose the number of cups you want and push the button. Each “cup” equates to approximately 1 Tablespoon of Beans except for the Espresso setting (more on that in the “bad”). This is unbelievably convenient. I can grind the exact amount I need for my Espresso or my single cup drip maker and get freshly ground coffee with each cup without having to count seconds or try to convert seconds to cups, etc….The “cups” guide works great (6oz per “cup”) and it’s easy to adjust up or down according to taste.
    – Easy selection for choosing grind strength. Simply rotate the beans hopper to the proper setting and viola. This is done due to the top burr being a part of the bean hopper (more than that on the ugly). Thus you simply rotate the bean hopper to the desired setting and it adjusts the gap between the burrs. Detents positively let you know when you are on the desired setting and each setting is clearly labeled.

    – About that Espresso, the manual tells you to set it to 3 cups for a 2 oz shot and 5 cups for 4 oz. That right there tells you that they are referring to their little Mr.Coffee steam espresso machine. Which also should tell you that this grinder will not grind fine enough for a pump machine with an unpressurized portafilter. I have a DeLohghi EC155 and the espresso setting works great for that machine, but your mileage may vary. Odd’s are if you have a high end Espresso maker, you won’t want to cheap out on a 35 dollar grinder. So just keep in mind what you are mating this thing with.
    – Noisy: It’s relatively noisy. It’s not super annoying since my kitchen is downstairs, and I’m single. But I can imagine that people might not appreciate the noise from the grinder.
    – Inconsistent Grind. As is typical for this type of grinder, you will get some powder, and it will accumulate in your grounds chamber. If you use paper filters, this will keep the powder from appearing in your coffee. It is a design flaw of this machine, and while it’s to be expected, it can be prevented or lived with.
    – The Blue LED. It’s bright, but as others said, simply move the grounds cup about 1/4 inch out and the light goes out. Easy work around.

    – OH THE MESS: The biggest drawback of the machine is the mess. Transferring the contents of the grinds cup to your filter or portafilter can be messy. Grinds tend to stick to the side of the container and then end up on the counter/sink/wherever.
    – Cleaning: This has to do with the bean hopper, it’s screwed into the body of the grinder and it is actually the mount point for the top burr. So if you want to clean the burrs, you have to unscrew the hopper, which means you have to empty the beans. This is a bit of a chore, and on more than one occasions as I was attempting to transfer the beans to a secondary container, the top lid came off and beans all over the counter.

    These two items alone almost forced me into buying a Breville Smart Grinder, but it’s $200+ price tag made me take a step back. After careful consideration, the bean dump and my own laziness makes the mess a bigger issue than it needs to be. I can take steps to secure the beans prior to cleaning the device, and if I’m careful with removing the grounds, I don’t have to spread them over the kitchen.

    The Breville is most likely a much superior grinder, but is it 6 times better, and will I appreciate it 6 times as much, or will I stress over paying over $200.00 for a grinder. At this point my inner miser is telling me to be more careful.

    For me, this and the DeLonghi are more than enough for now. If it dies in the near future, then I may have to spring for a pricer grinder, but right now it does exactly what I want for a price that’s hard to beat.

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    Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel
    Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel


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