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ICO 20pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges for Coffee Beer Cold Brew Nitro Non-threaded Nitrogen Chargers, 2g

Original price was: $27.59.Current price is: $22.99.

  • Use ICO’s nitrogen 2g cartridge to make nitro infused cold brew coffee at home
  • Produces velvety smooth texture without dairy by infusing coffee with nitrogen gas
  • Enhances taste and mouthfeel of various beverages like beer, tea, cocktails, and more
  • Clean and pure food-grade nitrogen cartridges with recyclable steel casing
  • Universally compatible with major nitro cold brew makers and whipped cream dispensers
  • Not suitable for making whipped cream; designed for nitro infusion
  • ICO guarantees high product quality and offers prompt issue resolution
  • Product specifications include dimensions, brand, and model information
    Last updated on July 9, 2024 9:54 am Details

    Original price was: $27.59.Current price is: $22.99.


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    Buying Guide: ICO 20pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges

    1. Purpose

    Determine the purpose for using the nitrogen cartridges – whether it’s for making nitro-infused cold brew coffee, cocktail, beer, or other beverages.

    2. Compatibility

    Ensure the cartridges are compatible with your nitro cold brew maker or whipped cream dispenser. ICO’s nitrogen cartridges are universally compatible with major brands.

    3. Quantity

    Decide on the quantity you need based on your usage frequency. The ICO 20pcs pack offers value for those who use them regularly.

    4. Quality

    Check the quality of the cartridges. ICO’s cartridges are made of pure food-grade nitrogen and do not leave any residue or odors in your beverages. The steel casings are recyclable.

    5. Brand and Model

    Consider the brand reputation when selecting nitrogen cartridges. ICO is known for high-quality culinary products, including their nitrogen chargers.

    6. Usage Instructions

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the cartridges. As a safety precaution, ensure not to use nitrogen chargers for making whipped cream.

    7. Purchase Date

    Check the production date mentioned on the box to ensure the freshness and quality of the cartridges.

    8. Customer Support

    Consider the customer support provided by the brand in case you encounter any issues with the product. ICO offers a guarantee and addresses problems promptly.


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    Current Price $22.99 July 14, 2024
    Highest Price $22.99 March 14, 2024
    Lowest Price $22.99 March 14, 2024
    Since March 14, 2024

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    $22.99 March 14, 2024

    Specification: ICO 20pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges for Coffee Beer Cold Brew Nitro Non-threaded Nitrogen Chargers, 2g


    Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO)


    Product Dimensions

    3"D x 3.5"W x 2.75"H

    Special Feature

    Compressed Nitrogen Gas

    Coffee Maker Type

    Coffee Infuser

    Filter Type



    20 Count

    Specific Uses For Product

    Nitro Infusion

    Included Components

    N2 cartridges

    Operation Mode


    Model Name


    Number of Items


    Human Interface Input


    Unit Count

    20.0 Count

    Item Weight

    1.12 pounds

    Item model number


    Date First Available

    January 6, 2023

    10 reviews for ICO 20pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges for Coffee Beer Cold Brew Nitro Non-threaded Nitrogen Chargers, 2g

    4.4 out of 5
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    1. Kell

      I bought a new whipped cream dispenser and decided how much could name brand really matter? Nitrogen is literally just a gas which makes up 78% of our atmosphere. Name brand nitrogen? Ha! I tried again and again with these chargers and got creamy soup instead of whipped cream every time. I changed sweeteners, I went unsweetened. Soup. I used 2 of these charges at the same time. Soup, then after shaking, the cream would whip inside the container and fail to dispense. I decided the dispenser itself was at fault, but before I plunked $100+ down on a brand name dispenser, I decided buying brand name N20 cartridges and instantly noticed a huge difference.

      These ICO charges don’t get too cold to the touch. The name brand ones frost over and you can’t hold them. The ICO charges gave a faint hiss as I removed them from the dispenser, the name brand one was much more pronounced. The part which made the biggest difference? I immediately got great whipped cream from the name brand charges. The conclusion? These ICO charges either do not have the full charge they advertise or they’re at much lower pressure. They do not work.

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    2. Stuart Polen

      Zero to complain about. Not the best price, tho. Was able to find something at half the price locally.

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    3. JJ

      These cartridges are cartoonishly small so there’s next to nothing in them. They’re laser-focused on the coffee angle, and they’re great for that. Larger cartridges have too much NO2 for it.

      You’re not going to be partying with these.

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    4. JJ

      The media could not be loaded.

       i’ve been doing DIY nitro cold brew coffee for a few years and this is the first time i’ve attempted pure nitrogen, n2, and ill never go back now! i’ve always used n2o until now bc there wasn’t a cheaper option. stores use pure n2 for a reason, as i will explain. but n2o certainly has worked for these years bc it’s pretty similar on the cheap (but if u look hard u can find n2 about the same price, i’m discovering); until i finally tried n2. there’s a way to manipulate whipped cream dispensers to dispense n2o similar to n2 if u fill bottle to the tip top then dispense & since there’s no room for gas it mixes only as u dispense (at the nozzle) thus finer bubbles, BUT this only works for the first few ounces then oxygen interferes when it begins to mix inside the container causing courser bubbles then a noticeably diminished taste bc there’s less creaminess not to mention altering the taste since n2 is inert unlike n2o. n2o also separates from the liquid faster after u dispense as u observe it in the glass, thus u lose the creamy mouthfeel much quicker vs n2, and it never gets as velvety. BUT n2 keeps an integrated gas/coffee mix til the last dispense and it stays cascading for a long time, about twice as long as n2o. n2 stays in solution better bc pure nitrogen is less soluble and the finer bubbles easily circulate which results in a much creamier, heavier mouthfeel and for a longer time, thus a huge flavor difference. this is how retailers do it, and also why it’s more expensive. so to keep it cheap, u can use one of these 2g n2’s on a 64oz (2L) whipper vs the standard 32oz/16oz. u prob should use 2 chargers for ridiculous velvet but to keep it price effective u can use 1 per 64oz and it’s still amazing. that works out to 50cents per 8oz cup if u include coffee beans (10$/lb or 2.5$per 4oz beans per 128oz water – my dilution ratio 32:1) & charger (1.5$ per 64oz). n2o loses its froth & creaminess so quickly & n2o for sure is not as silky as n2. so to get the most of every last drop out of your dispenser, thus making it worth even having nitro, u need n2 instead of n2o.

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    5. Domi

      they work

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    6. Paulo Köch

      Objet conforme à la description
      Livré dans le délai

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    7. Chef Mike

      I’ll start by saying this review is real. I was not paid or given anything for it. These 2gram N2 carts work. Success on the first try! I made the best cup of cold brew I’ve ever had in my life. Game changer. Full cascade, wow amazing how creamy and delicious it makes coffee texture and taste. Easy to use 2 cups of perfect nitro cold brew at home! Thank you!

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    8. Nick E

      ICO 10pcs Nitrogen Cartridges: $14.60 for a 10 pack at the time of review

      My lovely wife got me a cold brew keg for Christmas last year after we practically put the coffee stand kids through college buying nitro cold brews at over $5 bucks a pop. It took me longer than I care to admit to get it set up, but once I did I found I just needed to add the N2. Enter these nitro cartridges from ICO.

      *What I liked*:

      Small, no-nonsense package is a small cardboard box with room enough for the ten carts.

      Creamy smooth cold brew with that signature nitro roil on top after the pour (think Guinness or those Starbuck cold brew commercials). But while we’re at it, why not just use N2O (Nitrous Oxide) for the cold brew. Simple my friend, it’s all about the bubbles. N2O, while cheaper, produces bigger bubbles that expire sooner, leaving you with, well, just cold brew. N2O also has a sweet taste to it so if you like your coffee straight, it’s a no-go.

      At $1.46 per cartridge, they are one of the least expensive options for pure N2 (get out of here with that N2O stuff).

      *What I didn’t like*:

      Because the cartridges only hold 2g of N2, you have to use 2 carts to fill the Royal Brew keg. This isn’t ICOs fault. All N2 carts pretty much only hold 2g. It’s still a bummer to have to use $3 bucks worth of N2 per cold brew batch.

      *The Bottom Line:*

      This is the best source of N2 that I’ve been able to find on Amazon without having to buy crazy amounts (there is a 360 count pack of N2 on there for $350 bucks, but that’s just nuts). Five stars out of five for giving my coffee that smooth Nitro kick without having to spend over $5 bucks per drink (my recipe, by the way, is dialed in to about 86¢/cup). I order these every time I run out, so I’d certainly buy them again.

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    9. Greg Hildreth

      Love it

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    10. Lori

      I wanted to try this nitro coffee everyone is talking about but did not want to buy a whole other dispenser. The ISI N2 chargers do not fit the ISI whipped cream dispensers but the ICO N2 chargers do fit. Will add as well, now that I have tried nitro coffee, I don’t get what all the hype is about, must find a shop that has it for better comparison.

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      ICO 20pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges for Coffee Beer Cold Brew Nitro Non-threaded Nitrogen Chargers, 2g
      ICO 20pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges for Coffee Beer Cold Brew Nitro Non-threaded Nitrogen Chargers, 2g

      Original price was: $27.59.Current price is: $22.99.

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