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Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker with Filter Basket, Flavor Enhancer, Adjustable Brew Strength


  • Versatile brewing options for iced coffee, tea, lattes, espresso, and more
  • Use fresh ground coffee, loose-leaf tea, or tea bags for customization
  • Efficient brewing system with innovative showerhead design
  • Adjustable brew strength with push lever
  • Large 3-quart pitcher for sharing or storing in the fridge
  • Easy to use and clean with removable filter basket and easy-to-wash pitcher
  • Nostalgic design inspired by early 19th century America
  • Offers unique, novel, and fun products for the family
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    Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker Buying Guide

    Choosing the Right Iced Coffee and Tea Maker

    When it comes to selecting the perfect iced coffee and tea maker, there are a few key factors to consider. By keeping these aspects in mind, you can make an informed decision and enjoy delicious and refreshing beverages at home.

    1. Brewing Options

    One of the first things to look for in an iced coffee and tea maker is its versatility. Ensure that the brewer offers a range of options for creating various cold drinks such as iced coffee, tea, lattes, and espresso. This allows you to experiment and customize your beverages according to your preferences.

    2. Brew Strength Adjustability

    Having the ability to adjust the brew strength is another important feature to consider. Look for a machine that offers different brew strength settings, allowing you to cater to different individuals’ tastes. This feature ensures that everyone can enjoy their favorite iced drinks just the way they like them.

    3. Filtering System

    A reliable filtering system is essential for a high-quality iced coffee and tea maker. Look for models that come with a filter basket, as it helps ensure the optimal saturation of your ingredients, resulting in flavorful and smooth beverages. A good filtering system also allows you to use fresh ground coffee, loose-leaf tea, or tea bags, providing you with diverse options.

    4. Flavor Enhancer

    Some iced coffee and tea makers come with a flavor enhancer feature, which allows you to add extra elements to your beverages for an enhanced taste. Consider if this feature is important to you and if it aligns with your preferences for experimenting with different flavors or enhancing the core flavors of your drinks.

    5. Size and Capacity

    Consider the size and capacity of the iced coffee and tea maker. If you frequently entertain guests or have a large household, a model with a larger pitcher and capacity, such as the Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker, is recommended. This allows you to brew enough drinks to share or store for later without constantly refilling the pitcher.

    6. Ease of Use and Cleaning

    Opt for an iced coffee and tea maker that is designed for convenience. Look for features such as easy-to-use controls, a removable filter basket for easy cleaning, and a pitcher that is dishwasher safe. These features simplify your daily routine and make maintenance hassle-free.

    Embracing Nostalgia with Homecraft

    Homecraft is committed to providing unique and nostalgic products for the family, and the Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker is no exception. With a design inspired by early 19th-century America, it combines retro charm with modern functionality.

    Incorporating the Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker into your kitchen not only allows you to enjoy delicious iced beverages but also adds a touch of timeless appeal to your surroundings. So, embrace nostalgia, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future with Homecraft.

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    11 reviews for Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker with Filter Basket, Flavor Enhancer, Adjustable Brew Strength

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    1. Hilary Buckland

      Firstly this was not stainless steel as advertised. Secondly, and most importantly, the item had been used and was not cleaned. Will add this seller to my no buy list.

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    2. ELWoods

      The media could not be loaded.

       I waited so I could use it until I made my review. I am happy to say I have made 4 pitchers of delicious iced tea with zero problems of any kind. It’s true, as others have pointed out, that the tea maker isn’t super high quality as far as its construction goes, it’s cheap plastic but it works and I am not unhappy with the purchase so far. The tea tastes excellent, it makes tea super quickly, I have used teabags and even added a little iced tea mix from Lipton that I poured right over the tea bags and not a trace of it was left in the filter basket after brewing. I was so happy that this item arrived in a box and everything was there. Prior to this purchase I bought a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker from 2 different places, Amazon and Walmart. The Amazon merchant just threw the tea maker in a box with no manual, no pitcher, I think it may have been used, I was outraged, so I tried Walmart, they sent it in the original manufacturers box but when I opened it once again no pitcher! Couldn’t believe it happened twice so I was nervous when I got this one but at last, I found a tea maker!! It’s super easy to make tea. The pitcher is ok, it will hold more tea if you follow the instructions, I fill the pitcher to the water line to pour the water into the reservoir, I then fill a little past the water line and add ice cubes to the ice line when putting the pitcher into the machine to make the tea and get a very full pitcher. I am hoping this one will last me some time, so far so good! Unless you like really strong tea I wouldn’t recommend going by their instructions for the tea bags, I put 5 regular bags in and it was very dark, strong tea, they say to use 6-9 regular bags! Now I use 3 regular sized black tea bags and toss in a cinnamon blend regular sized tea bag for flavor and a little of the iced tea mix that is a powder with lemon flavor, it suits me perfectly.

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    3. LMT

      Don’t buy, I brought and only use once. Then can’t work anymore. I registered the item, the company send me an email. But I try called them, no answer or wrong number and nowhere to be found. Try all Amazon hotline, all number not in use.

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    4. david w

      I like the design. The lid has a hole with indention for the brewed tea to fill the pitcher. My only knock is the plastic looks like it would break and shatter if dropped

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    5. Dan D.

      I use the gallon bag of lipton and this tea maker is easy and the tea tastes good. I make 2 pitchers off the gallon bag putting the first at half strength and the second a bit higher. The only issue I’ve had is the top lid don’t want to shut all the way and it keeps popping up about half an inch but it don’t effect the functionality of the machine. All in all I’d buy it again when it’s time.
      NOTE: I used to buy the Mr. Coffee tea maker before they changed/screwed up the tea maker. I loved the old Mr. Coffee tea maker a lot but the new one didn’t work well and is a hassle to use. I switched to this because even though it’s more expensive it works the same as the Mr. Coffee tea maker used to. I like it and haven’t had any issues with it so far and I’ve had it for a few months now.

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    6. samantha forslund

      I had an iced tea maker where you pushed the pitcher up to the brewer. It always leaked. I like this one since the tea goes into the pitcher instead of a little spout on the side of the pitcher.

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    7. karen applegate

      This has been a great addition to my household. It makes great tea at an affordable price. It’s easy to use and live the brew. Each is unique since l use different tea flavors all the time.

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    8. ELWoods

      If you drink sweet or unsweetened tea, this is a game changer! We make at least a pitcher or two a day. It comes out delicious and ice cold in minutes. No waiting for it to cool down in the fridge forever, or water the tea down with ice after. So easy to use, cleans easily, great quality so far. At first I thought the pitcher was flimsy, but she’s been through heck and is lightweight and works like a pro. Best purchase in years! So useful and time saving. I use 3 small iced- tea bags on the strongest setting and add a little bit of sugar right on the ice before brewing, stir and ready to serve!

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    9. Scrupes

      I make a LOT of iced tea at home. I don’t do carbonation, caffeine, refined sugar, nor artificial sweeteners, so I pretty much have to make all my beverages myself if I want anything other than water. I grow my own plants for tea so I need something that works with both fresh and dried leaves and flowers.

      I’ve used both the Oster and the Mr. Tea makers and they eventually failed because they were too complicated. Hidden water reserves you can’t reach into to descale and springs with pressure-sensitive, filtered reservoirs which get clogged with tea residue and eventually fail to dispense the tea properly.

      This machine has none of that. You just fill up the water container, put the plastic tea basket on the plastic pitcher, pop on the lid and slide it under the water container’s output nozzle. Super easy to clean and get all the gunk out. I don’t love the plastic pitcher instead of glass, but since I put the tea into glass containers for storage in the fridge the plastic pitcher isn’t a real problem. I use a VERY fine strainer in a large metal funnel, so no leaves, etc. get into the tea.

      I miss the ability to pull out the pitcher to empty as it fills, but at least there’s no springs/whatever to go wrong and not function properly. Both the Oster and the Mr. Tea lost the “auto stop when pitcher is pulled out” function months before the machines gave up the ghost entirely. Having to wait for the auto shut off when the pitcher is full is a small price for being able to make a full gallon of tea in just two runs of the machine. I don’t use any ice, so it’s easy to top off the water reservoir as It empties with a total two quarts of water for each run.

      I empty the two runs into a gallon jug, mix in whatever else I want in the brew (lemon or other fruit juice, etc.) mix it up and put it into the pitchers in the fridge. It can be served over ice or just stored in the fridge until cold, which is the way I like it.

      Bottom line: It does the job, it’s not ugly on the counter, and it was a very good price.

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    10. Francis Chia

      Entire product is plastic not stainless steel as described

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    11. Kristin M.

      Lid falls off every time I pour. Plastic decanter is a bit flimsy. Works great and makes good tea

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      Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker with Filter Basket, Flavor Enhancer, Adjustable Brew Strength
      Homecraft 3-Quart Iced Coffee and Tea Maker with Filter Basket, Flavor Enhancer, Adjustable Brew Strength


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