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DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black


  • Combination espresso and drip coffee machine
  • Patented cappuccino system frother
  • Patented flavor savor brewing system
  • 24-hour digital programmable timer
  • Advanced water filtration
  • Non-stick warming plate
  • Tap valve for choosing between coffee or steam
  • Reusable filter
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Buying Guide: DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee – Black


If you’re looking for a versatile coffee maker that can brew both espresso and drip coffee, then the DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee in black is a great choice. This buying guide will help you understand the features and specifications of this product, and guide you on how to select the perfect DeLonghi BCO320T for your needs.


  • Patented cappuccino system frother: This feature allows you to easily create creamy cappuccinos or lattes.
  • Patented flavor savor brewing system: Ensures maximum flavor extraction for drip coffee.
  • 24-hour digital programmable timer: Allows you to set the coffee maker to start brewing at a specific time.
  • Advanced water filtration: Provides clean and pure water for brewing.
  • Non-stick warming plate: Keeps your coffee hot without burning it.
  • Tap valve: Choose between coffee or steam, with a “0” position for not dispensing espresso.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Color: Black
  • Special Feature: Programmable
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Style: Combination Coffee/Espresso Machine
  • Operation Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Model Name: BCO320T
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Human Interface Input: Dial
  • Package Type: Standard Packaging
  • Product Dimensions: 14.52 x 11.02 x 12.79 inches
  • Item Weight: 11.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer: DeLonghi America, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Item model number: BCO320T
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: October18, 2010

How to Select the DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee – Black

1. Determine your brewing needs

Consider if you primarily want to brew espresso or drip coffee, or if you enjoy both. The DeLonghi BCO320T is designed for those who want the flexibility of brewing both types of coffee.

2. Evaluate brewing features

Ensure that the patented cappuccino system frother, flavor savor brewing system, 24-hour programmable timer, advanced water filtration, and non-stick warming plate meet your brewing requirements.

3. Check for usability

Assess if the tap valve, which allows you to choose between coffee and steam, is convenient for your daily coffee needs. The “0” position on the tap valve ensures no espresso is dispensed.

4. Consider brand reputation

De’Longhi is a trusted brand known for its quality coffee machines. The DeLonghi BCO320T is backed by DeLonghi America, Inc., providing reliable and reputable customer support.

5. Assess size and weight

Check the product dimensions and weight to ensure they fit well in your kitchen or desired location.


The DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee in black is a versatile coffee maker that offers the convenience of brewing both espresso and drip coffee. With its advanced features, programmable timer, and user-friendly design, it provides an excellent option for coffee enthusiasts. Consider your brewing needs, evaluate the features, and check the usability before making your final selection. Enjoy delicious coffee from the DeLonghi BCO320T!

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Specification: DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black



Number of Items


Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine

Filter Type



Combination Coffee/Espresso Machine

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic

Model Name



Package Type

Standard Packaging

Human Interface Input


Product Dimensions

14.52 x 11.02 x 12.79 inches

Item Weight

11.3 pounds


DeLonghi America, Inc.



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 18, 2010

8 reviews for DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Corinne Reynolds

    We have only had this for a week, but we are loving making delicious lattes at home! This is a great product for the price range. The coffee maker works very well and the automatic timer is wonderful. The espresso side of the machine is intuitive and easy to use. The instructions were very clear and our first lattes and coffee tasted fantastic. I can’t wait to keep using this, and I hope it holds up well.

    The only disappointment is that it didn’t come with the reusable gold filter, which for some reason I expected. I guess I will have to buy that separately. Warning: I also made the mistake of buying 2 of the accessories that Amazon suggested for this machine (a steel frothing pitcher, and an espresso tamper). They actually aren’t needed for this machine (it includes a pitcher, and the instructions say not to use a tamper), so I am returning these items.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    The frother does not work very well. The amount of hot air from this is minimal at best and works intermittently. Very disappointed

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  3. Jo

    I use both sides of this unit almost everyday: I make iced lattes to take to work during the week, and use the drip side for brewing herbal teas for iced tea.

    For the iced lattes, I use the espresso maker only (no frothing). The instruction manual says to line up the arrow on the coffee holder handle to the arrow on the unit just above it. It also wants you to run water through it without anything in the coffee holder four times before you use it for coffee. When you do that, hot water spits out as it comes through over the handle. I contacted DeLonghi support via email and received the typical automated email based on poor filters a few days later. When I responded for a better response from them, I received a response that said in order to help me, they needed specific information about me (my address, where I bought it, etc.) in order to help me, again, a few days later. By the time I got that email, I figured out that the handle needs to be pushed counterclockwise as far as it will go, which puts the entire handle past the arrow on the unit, in order to stop it from spitting. It works well now and I have my coffee. I never responded back to the last email and they never followed up.

    For the drip side, I had read reviews that the machine will leak water out of the back when you fill it. The instruction manual states that it will leak out the back if you put more than 10 cups of water in the well. The decanter has a 10 cup mark, so you can’t fill the decanter to the top and expect to put all of that in the well. When I ran water through it before using it for drinks, I put the max of 10 cups in and didn’t have an issue with leakage at all. I normally put eight cups of water into the machine to brew herbal teas since that’s how much the bottle holds that my tea will end up in. I put the tea bags in the decanter and just run water through the machine. The tea bags steep in the decanter and I transfer it to a bottle for chilling. Although I’m not making drip coffee with the unit, the issue I have with the decanter is still valid. The pouring spout needs some work in design. You have to pour very low stream slowly; if you try to pour a medium stream, liquid will run down the side of the decanter. This is an issue for both filling the water well and pouring out your liquid for drinking. If you don’t mind taking a while to pour, no worries!

    One last thing, when unpacking the unit, the charcoal filter they supply was packed in the espresso decanter. I thought it was packing material and tossed it out. When I went over what’s included, I realized my mistake. Just wanted to warn you… you need that, it’s not packing material!

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Doesn’t like a British plug being fitted, maybe because they use 110V in US.
    It lit up briefly before stubbornly refusing to work.
    My fault mostly.

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  5. Cliente de Amazon

    Estoy iniciando una nuevaetapa en mi vida esto me da mucho gusto y sobre todo que ofrezcan calidad y precio gracias estoy feliz

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  6. Teresa

    were on our second one in less than a year…last one lasted less than a month…the coffee side just stopped working. we barely use it once a day for one cup….first one did the same ( maybe 7 months )
    Its not the Amazon group…they have been amazing. They refunded our first purchase and got another …this one died in a month.
    We’ll see what Delonghi Canada has to say ???

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  7. Sharon Vandenberg

    This product in my opinion, is not user friendly. The pot spills while pouring. When Delonghi was contacted they said the spout is a “soft pour”, whatever that means. But it is almost impossible to pour a cup of coffee without making a mess. Do not like this unit at all and would not recommend

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  8. Jean Gray

    Edit 29 Jul 2013: Well, lowered this to two stars. After a little over a year of almost daily use, the heating element went out on the drip side. The espresso side still works, but since it won’t make drip coffee, not much sense in keeping it around. Yes, it’s a middle of the road machine, but it should last more than 13 months (conveniently kicked the bucket after the warranty ran out). You can buy a $30 Mr Coffee machine that will work for years on end.

    I got this because I like the occasional cappuccino. It does a decent job for a middle of the road product.

    First the drip side. It’s a little slower than other drip machines I’ve had for making the full 10 cups. The biggest drawback of the drip side is the design of the carafe spout. When filling the water reservoir you have to pour super slow or it overflows and drips water onto your counter. Same thing when you pour the first couple of cups of coffee. Once it gets to about the 6 cup mark you can pour at a better rate without it dripping. The spout is basically just flat with really small lips on the sides, not the contoured glass you find most places.

    As a plus you do have the Aroma mode if you only want to make 4 cups or less to make sure you get good flavor from the short brew. The programmable auto off is also great if you are the type of person who tends to forget about the pot in the morning. The warming plate does run a little hot. It doesn’t burn the brewed coffee, but if it’s been sitting there more than about 15 minutes, it’s way too hot to drink.

    For the espresso side. I like the switch valve operation over something you have turn. And it won’t let the steam into the espresso brewing side until it reaches the right pressure so you can leave it on the coffee setting when you turn it on.

    The cons of the espresso side:
    1. The frothing tip is screw on. I counted, it takes more than 30 twists to get it off or on, which is a huge pain
    2. You don’t get a frothing cup. Come on, for this price you couldn’t include one? I had one left over from a previous combo machine, so not a big deal, but if you want to make a cappuccino right out of the box, forget about it
    3. The directions for steaming milk tell you to hold the frother right under the surface of the milk. This will froth your milk without getting it warm. You should hold the frothing cup so that the milk comes up to the top of the frothing tip until the milk is hot and then froth it.
    4. The marked water level recommendations on the espresso carafe are off. I find I need to add more water than recommended in order to get both hot milk and a good froth.

    Overall a decent machine for the price point. The biggest negative is the screw on and off frothing tip. If you make a lot of cappuccinos, you may want to look for a machine with an easier to clean design. I had one with a rubber tip and metal straw to bring down air for foaming that was super easy to clean compared to this.

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    DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black
    DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black


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