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Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3


  • Stainless steel conical burrs to minimize grinding heat and protect coffee bean oils
  • 60 precise grind settings for different coffee types
  • Precision Electronic Timer for adjustable grind time in 0.2 second increments
  • 18 ounce coffee bean capacity with easy removal and storage
  • Grind directly into portafilter, grinds container, or filters
  • Portafilter cradle for small and large sizes
  • Product dimensions: 8.5 x 6 x 15.5 inches
  • Item weight: 6.4 pounds
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Buying Guide: Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3


The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a high-quality coffee bean grinder that offers precise control over grind size and consistency. With its stainless steel conical burrs and 60 grind settings, it ensures optimal extraction of flavor and aroma from your coffee beans. This buying guide will help you understand the key features and factors to consider when selecting the Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

Grind Settings

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro offers 60 precise grind settings, ranging from the finest Espresso grind to the coarsest French Press grind. Consider your preferred brewing method and adjust the grind accordingly. Experiment with different settings to find the perfect grind size for your taste.

Dosing Control

The precision electronic timer allows you to adjust the grind time in 0.2-second increments, ensuring consistent dosing every time. This feature is crucial for achieving consistent extraction and flavor in your coffee. Determine the ideal dose for your preferred brewing method and use the timer to maintain accuracy.

Bean Capacity

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro has an 18-ounce coffee bean capacity. Consider the frequency of your coffee consumption and how often you want to refill the bean hopper. The locking system makes removal, storage, and transfer of beans easy and convenient.

Grinding Options

This coffee bean grinder offers flexible grinding options. You can grind directly into a portafilter for espresso preparation, a grinds container for easy storage and transfer, a gold tone filter basket, or a paper filter. Choose the option that suits your brewing setup and preferences.

Portafilter Cradle

The grinder comes with a small (50-54mm) and large (58mm) portafilter cradle. Ensure that the size of your portafilter matches the appropriate cradle to achieve a perfect fit. This feature is essential for espresso enthusiasts who want to grind coffee directly into the portafilter.

Additional Considerations

Before using the grinder, it is important to read the user manual for proper usage and maintenance instructions. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is manufactured by Breville, a reputable company known for its high-quality kitchen appliances. The product is made in China and has the model number BCG820BSSXL. It is not discontinued and was first available on August 12, 2012.


The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a versatile and reliable coffee bean grinder that offers precise control over grind size and dosing. With its range of grind settings, convenient bean hopper, and multiple grinding options, it is suitable for various brewing methods. Take into account your specific needs and preferences when selecting this grinder to enhance your coffee brewing experience.

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Specification: Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3

Product Dimensions

8.5 x 6 x 15.5 inches

Item Weight

6.4 pounds



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Date First Available

August 12, 2012

5536 reviews for Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3

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  1. Christopher S. Cornette

    Personally when I set out to buy a proper espresso burr grinder, cost was an important factor. For something which sole purpose is to just grind coffee beans, it’s a bit painful to see just how expensive the espresso grinder market is and how limited the options are, and as a newbie, I can’t really gauge the true value of something that costs $500+ more than this. Even this grinder I wouldn’t define it as cheap, despite it being one of the cheapest options. If that’s the boat you’re in, definitely put this grinder in your list of considerations.

    Keep in mind I haven’t used one of the more expensive grinders yet so I can’t quite know for sure what I’m missing in terms of extraction and flavor etc. What I was after were the cost, ease-of-use, consistency, and flavor, and this grinder does just that with a nice fine and fluffy grind that can produce espresso that I think even a coffee enthusiast can appreciate.

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  2. Macaroona

    This grinder can precisely control the thickness of the beans; the lid on the top is designed well, and the beans in the box will not be spilled all over the place when the lid is removed; the sound is not loud, and it is easy to clean, it is recommended; it is better than what I have used before The grinder is better;

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  3. Mustard

    Great grinder! Id suggest looking online on youtube for regular cleaning processes to extend lifespan. A couple things to note though. (1) Will overheat if using extensively. I grind half a bag of beans to not overwork the motor and extend lifespan. If it does overheat, its not broken, just let it cool. (2) If you do clean it regularly, you will notice a felt washer that has a lifespan, I have replaced it once so far (you can find these replacements online to order, and some other people have other solutions.. like 3d printing, etc), this piece is required however for operation. (3) Dont lose parts if you take it apart to clean, Ive read online people having issues missing parts. (4) What do I clean? I dont open up the actual motor and etc, but some people online do. What I clean is the grinder assembly. Easy to open up and take all those pieces out to wash/dry and then you have the entire cavity (path of beans to wipe/brush and what I like… air canister to clean out). This will keep from leftover grind getting stuck, getting old and jamming or changing the flavour of your grind coming out. Almost 3 years now no issues, I will update if something happens.

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  4. Marco Salvatori

    Love this grinder. Consistent, beautiful custom controls.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Fácil de utilizar, silencioso, molienda uniforme y adecuada

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  6. Snoudude

    There are many bad reviews here about this grinder seizing or stopping, and a few even that talk of a burning smell… this is an easy problem to get around.

    Bottom line, this is a truly superb entry level grinder with one major drawback that is easily overcome. I’ll get into what makes this grinder great in a bit, but first, the one thing you NEED TO KNOW if you buy this model.

    If the grinder slows down or stops grinding before it has run its cycle, PAUSE THE GRINDER. You do this by pressing the button on the right. Then remove the hopper (consult the manual – this is easy to do). Remove the upper burr (also easy to do – read the manual). Dump out any beans inside the grinder (just pick the machine up and turn it upside down – I dump the beans back into the hopper). Brush out the lower burr area (Breville supplies a small brush for this). Put the upper burr and the hopper back together. Restart the grinder (press the right button). It will complete the remainder of the cycle that was paused. You may wish to manually grind a bit more to make up for any lost grounds.

    Why does this happen? The motor in this model is a bit underpowered. It can get hung up while grinding. It is rare, but there it is. It’s happened to me once in months of daily use. When it happens, follow the steps above and you should have no issues. It’s what I did, and the grinder went right back to flawless operation like it had never happened.

    Why is this still a great grinder? It’s pretty simple – the ONLY thing that matters about a grinder other than reliability/durability is how consistent the grind is (how uniform is the size of the individual specks of ground coffee). The better the consistency, the better your coffee will be, period.

    This model **absolutely excels** in consistency. Hands down, independently tested, it blows every grinder in this price range out of the water with more than twice as much “optimal” size grounds as compared to the next best make and model. You can spend 2 or 3 times this amount and still not get a more consistent grind than you will with this guy. Where it counts, this grinder is the king, unless you want to spend far far more for a true professional model.

    Some additional nice features:
    —With a bit of experimenting, you can dial in exactly how much coffee you want it to grind per cup (for drip) or per shot (for espresso) and easily program that amount in so you don’t have to think about it again. Once that is done, you can simply tell it 1 or 2 shots, or how many drip cups (up to 12) that you want to make, and then you can ALWAYS grind the EXACT amount of coffee you need. This means you can always make coffee with only freshly ground beans without ever wasting a single bean. That is pretty awesome.
    —You can experiment with up to 60 grind sizes to dial in exactly what you want. Personally, for espresso, 15.8 seconds at size 14 grind gives a perfectly dialed in double shot on my Breville espresso machine. For drip, I’m liking the mid 40’s, but I haven’t decided exactly where yet. The difference from one setting to the adjacent setting is really hard to taste with drip coffee.
    —If you don’t need super fine espresso grinds but want courser grounds than setting 60 will give you (to get French Press just so), you can adjust the upper burr (easy to do – read the manual). There are 4 more positions that will adjust all 60 settings and make them coarser. Conversely, if you want even finer espresso but don’t need the coarsest settings, there are 5 more positions of that upper burr that will make the whole range of the machine finer. One video review I saw said this makes for 600 grind settings, but I’m sure most of those 600 are overlapping. It’s at least 69 different grinds possible, at any rate.
    —Large hopper. Not as big as a professional grinder’s hopper, but you can put a full pound of beans into this grinder with some room to spare.
    —Cleanly removable hopper. In order to remove the hopper, you twist a knob to “lock” it. This closes down the feed ports at the bottom so no beans will fall out when you take the hopper off. If you want to get crazy, you could buy a second hopper (or more) and switch between espresso and normal coffee easily (although the first few beans ground will be from the previous hopper, left behind in the burr, unless you dump them out when switching). The removable hopper also makes it very easy to clean after it starts to get oil buildup (which can contribute to the machine seizing up).
    —Magnetic removable catch tray. Grinds get everywhere, and this makes cleaning up of (most) loose grinds very easy.
    —Magnetic portafilter holders. You get two, one for the standard 58mm PF size, and one for the smaller PF’s found on Breville automatic espresso machines. You can set your portafilter in the holder, and grind right into it without any mess. There’s even a button so you can set the portafilter in, then activate the grinder by simply pushing on the portafilter.

    Some things that could stand improvement:
    —More powerful motor… that would make this grinder just about perfect.
    —Could be a bit quieter. It’s not especially loud, as grinders go, but it’s not the quietest I’ve owned either. But a more power motor would probably be louder, so they may have been trying to find a balance here between powerful and quiet.
    —The included catch “cup”. It seals airtight, which is nice, but the mouth does not line up with the grinder port when it’s inserted fully. Push it too far back in and the metal lid sticks to the magnet designed to secure the portafilter adapter, but if you line it up just right with the grinder port, the vibration of the grinder tends to make it to slide out of place during grinding. The fix is to just grind directly into your filter, or take the lid off the “cup” and set it all the way in to catch your grounds.

    —If you mainly make drip or pour-over coffee, and/or espresso, this grinder is unbeatable unless you can afford a true professional model. Stay vigilant if it binds up (again, that’s rare but potentially damaging for the motor). But if you take good care of this grinder, and spend some time customizing the settings, it will deliver superior grinds in exactly the amounts you need, every time.
    —If you primarily make Press coffee, and really like extremely coarse grinds, then there is probably a better choice for you out there.

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  7. Snoudude

    Admittedly I’m somewhat of a coffee “novice” – though I’ve been drinking coffee for almost 4 decades – my coffee making experience has been limited to mainly automatic drip or “pods” – honestly, I’ve not been too interested in good coffee or as in a hobby until very recently. My wife wanted an espresso maker and shortly afterwards down the rabbit hole I went. Our first purchase was a Breville Barista Express espresso machine which has a built-in grinder and works well enough for the task but may not produce grounds coarse enough for other coffee making methods (pour over, french press, drip, etc.) so rather than just live with the inexpensive blade grinder we already had I looked into a grinder that would give us that level of control and flexibility. After watching hours of reviews online my conclusion was that if I wanted to spend about four hundred dollars (grinder plus, a good set of burrs, and shipping on top) I could get a better grinder for espresso than the built-in with the Barista Express but my non-pressurized shots with the built-in grinder are pretty decent if I don’t mind saying so. Which lead me to finding a grinder that my family can use for different coarse settings (easily) and doesn’t require complicated re-adjustment to get to another brew method. The “easily” is the main thing – so in my opinion a “stepped” grinder is a good choice and one that’s not specifically designed for espresso. I’ve only used the grinder a couple of times for espresso where I was trying different beans and wanted to leave the built-in grinder un changed.
    Some notes and observations:
    – the burr set appears to be the same as the stock built-in one from the Barista Express – Breville’s web site seems to confirm this though only the upper/outer burr is available for purchase (when it is available).
    – I’ve not had to adjust the upper/outer burr itself – some people have reported that the factory setting is 4 and others say 6 – I’m an engineer so I’ve been tempted to tinker with it but I’ve been making far too good coffee to change things unless I have to.
    – there is a bit more “loss” with the stand alone grinder than with the built-in one – what I’m seeing is about .2 – .3 grams with the Smart Grinder Pro and maybe a tenth of a gram with the built-in grinder although I’m almost always grinding coarser with the Smart Grinder Pro – perhaps there’s more being held back due to that. Most coffee I make with the Smart Grinder Pro isn’t weighed it’s volume measured so I typically grind a little more than I need so “retention” isn’t an issue.
    – the Smart Grinder Pro is a little larger than what I’d thought when I’ve seen it in pictures and on video. absolutely not a deal breaker but if you’re really tight on counter space you may want to measure things out or plan to re-arrange things.
    – there WILL BE grounds flying about – I’ve gotten in the habit of placing a towel under the grinder to catch the larger grounds that try to “escape” that makes cleanup a bit easier – you may not have this issue if you’re grinding for espresso but for press, pour over, or drip they tend to jump out of the grinder’s cup.
    – the display is easy to read and clear to understand – my eyesight isn’t the best in the morning before I’ve had a cup – you can easily tell what the grind number is and where it falls on the “scale”
    – cups/shots and grind time is somewhat redundant – I think a lot of reviewers have called that out – it’s not really an issue to start/stop/pause the grind process this feature is probably the only real “gimmicky” one – I suppose that the time or cups/shots would vary depending on grind size but as long as it has completely ground your beans and you’ve stopped the machine well then there you go.
    – this comes with a nice cup for your grounds, two portafilter adapters (54 and 58 mm).
    – the coarse / fine grind setting adjustment knob isn’t the nicest use “experience” – the knob does feel a bit “plasticy” and “cheap” – I really don’t expect a milled solid piece of stainless or anodized aluminum at this price point but I wonder how well this will hold up to years of use.
    – the price is a bit “high” for a conical bur grinder however – lots of ones at half the price (around $100) seem not to last as long, are more complicated to adjust or return to a setting that you can remember for the brewing method or has features such as the portafilter adapters. The ability to glance down and see that the grind number is in the range of the brewing method I’m doing is worth the extra money.

    The bottom line (for me at least) was that this grinder has gotten very good reviews by established “coffee folk” for good grinder for people starting out their coffee journey. Is this the G.O.A.T. grinder – I don’t think so. Is it even the most consistent one – I don’t believe so either – spending about $50-80 more for a flat vertical burr grinder along with a better set of burrs would likely give you better grounds but for someone who wants to grind some beans that’s either not “into it” or who is just getting started I think this one makes a lot of sense. This likely will not be my last grinder – I’m certain as I become more skilled and discerning I’ll want something “better” will I get rid of this one (give it to a friend / relative or donate it) probably not – there will be times where I want to grind a bag or three of beans for a large gathering and I’ll dig the Breville Smart Grinder Pro out for that job – until then I’ll be making 8 cups at a time with my Mr. Coffee and enjoy trying pour overs, french press and other methods.

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    Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3
    Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3


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