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Bialetti – Moka Espress: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker, Makes Real Italian Coffee, Moka Pot 6 Cups (6 Oz), Aluminium, Silver

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $40.00.

  • Original stovetop espresso maker dating back to 1933
  • Made in Italy with patented safety valve for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for gas, electric, and induction stovetops with adapter plate
  • Fill with ground coffee and place on stovetop until it gurgles
  • Available in different sizes for espresso cups or larger containers
  • Rinse with water after use, do not use detergents or dishwasher
  • Silver color, 2″ x 2″ x 2″ dimensions, 7.7 ounces in weight
  • Manual operation, reusable filter, classic style
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Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $40.00.


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Buying Guide: Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker

About the Product

The Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker is an iconic coffee maker that brings the authentic Italian coffee experience to your home. With its unique design and high-quality craftsmanship, it has been a favorite among coffee lovers for decades.

The Moka Express is made in Italy and features a patented safety valve for easy cleaning. It is suitable for use on gas, electric, and induction stovetops (with the Bialetti induction adapter plate).

Choosing the Right Size

The Bialetti Moka Express comes in various sizes, measured in espresso cups. Consider the following factors when selecting the right size for your needs:

  • Number of servings: Determine how many cups of coffee you typically make at once. The Moka Express comes in sizes ranging from 1 to 12 cups.
  • Preferred cup size: Decide if you prefer espresso cups or larger containers for your coffee.

Preparing the Coffee

Follow these steps to prepare coffee using the Bialetti Moka Express:

  1. Fill the boiler up to the safety valve with water.
  2. Add ground coffee to the filter basket without pressing them down.
  3. Close the Moka Express tightly.
  4. Place it on the stovetop and turn on the heat.
  5. As soon as the Moka Express starts to gurgle, turn off the heat.
  6. Your coffee is now ready to be enjoyed!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your Bialetti Moka Express and preserve the taste of your coffee:

  • Rinse the Moka Express with water after each use. Do not use detergents.
  • Do not wash the product in the dishwasher to avoid damaging the Moka Express and affecting the coffee taste.

Product Specifications

Below are the specifications of the Bialetti Moka Express:

  • Brand: Bialetti
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 2″D x 2″W x 2″H
  • Coffee Maker Type: Moka Pot
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Style: Classic
  • Compatible with: Gas stovetops
  • Model Name: Stovetop Coffee Maker
  • Item Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Manufacturer: BIALETTI
  • Model Number: 06800
  • Date First Available: April 26, 2000
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Specification: Bialetti – Moka Espress: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker, Makes Real Italian Coffee, Moka Pot 6 Cups (6 Oz), Aluminium, Silver




Product Dimensions

2"D x 2"W x 2"H

Special Feature

Gas Stovetop Compatible

Coffee Maker Type

Moka Pot

Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product

Moka Express

Included Components


Operation Mode




Model Name

Stovetop Coffee Maker

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Item Weight

7.7 ounces




English, English, English, English, English

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 26, 2000

12 reviews for Bialetti – Moka Espress: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker, Makes Real Italian Coffee, Moka Pot 6 Cups (6 Oz), Aluminium, Silver

4.8 out of 5
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  1. MikeF

    An italian friend of mine highly recommended this brand and I’m so happy I bought this. The quality of the coffee it makes is superb. Every other one I’ve used doesn’t weigh as much and it burns the coffee. My understanding is that this is a household name in Italy and now I see why!

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  2. Shamzhabelt

    El café es mi pasión y por ello tengo todo tipo de cafetera, espresso, goteo, aeropress, French press etc… unicamente me faltaba esta, la moka pot.

    Ojala la hubiera descubierto mucho antes, el café que prepara esta jarrita es simplemente el mejor! ya es la única manera en la que tomo mi café diario, las otras opciones ya me saben feo a comparación.

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  3. Tim

    The Bialetti makes coffee the old Italian way! Nothing beats this espresso maker. It’s easy to use and taste just like coffee from Italia. I highly recommend this espresso maker!

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  4. MikeF

    A bit pricey but worth the money. I shopped around and many of the other brands mention the handle melts, or or gets too hot – especially if you have a modern day stove top with FLAT GLASS burners.

    We have the flag glass burners on our stove.

    This one is large size (12 cups) and it works great. You can always make less than 12 cups.

    A person from ITALY also said this is the best BRAND to buy.

    He also taught us A TRICK (SEE 2 PICTURES) — PLACE A tablespoon ON TOP OF THE thing that rises up in the middle of the pot. Put tablespoon face down and close the lid. This keeps the water and steam from spraying out the top. MAKE SURE TO USE A POT HOLDER AFTER BREW TO REMOVE THE SPOON.

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  5. bella1157italia

    This is the size you want to get to make one mug of coffee. Still, it will be a bit short but the coffee is strong and you might want to add water to dilute after the fact. I bought the littlest one a year ago when my Keurig broke, thinking it was a good size for one cup, but it is too small. Then, one year later, and another Keurig breaking (they seem to be made to fail after one year) I got this “six” cup Bialetti. What a great cup of coffee it makes – I happened to score a bag of a specialty organic coffee from Costco. I grind it roughly in a Bullet, not at all consistent, so there are fine as well as chunky beans, and make my rustic brew. You have to watch it, as the water boils up from the bottom until it is gone, but it takes about 8-9 minutes. Low heat at first is best, to allow the steam to infuse into the beans. Delicious, made at home. Hot in the morning, pour over ice in the hot afternoon.

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  6. Marc W.

    Ich habe die Bialetti Moka Express als Geschenk für einen Kaffeeliebhaber gekauft, und ich kann nur sagen: Wow! Diese Espressomaschine hat uns beide verzaubert.

    Die Moka Express ist nicht nur ein Küchengerät, sondern ein Stück italienischer Geschichte und Kultur. Das silberne Design ist zeitlos und elegant, und allein die Präsentation als Geschenk brachte ein Strahlen ins Gesicht.
    Die Zubereitung von Espresso war ein echtes Erlebnis. Der Geschmack war intensiv und unvergleichlich, und die Crema perfekt. Es fühlte sich an, als wären wir in Italien.
    Mit Platz für 6 Tassen ist die Moka Express perfekt für gesellige Runden. Und die Reinigung? Ein Kinderspiel!

    Kurz gesagt: Die Bialetti Moka Express ist das Geschenk, das Herzen erobert. Ein Stück Italien, das jeden Morgen zum Genuss macht. Ich kann sie nicht genug empfehlen!

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  7. Andrea Bertolino

    So first of all I’m Italian, let’s start from there. I don’t judge the American coffee, but when I came here the first time it was kind of a shock. I always missed the Italian coffee that’s why I bought this moka pot. You need a specific type of person to drink the coffee that the moka makes, because it’s stronger and more concentrate than the American one and the flavour it’s just different. Especially about the cups, don’t think that the moka makes 6 American cups…when they say 6 cups they’re referring to the expresso cups.
    Yeah, because the moka makes the espresso coffee you know.
    Anyway…finally, when I received the moka was absolutely perfect, box completely sealed, made in Italy and I felt very happy because I was able to drink my coffee again every single time.
    If you’re reading this review let me tell you some tips to make the best coffee with a moka.

    1st – Use just espresso coffee like Lavazza, you can grind your own coffee just be sure to do it as finest as possible. Buying a good coffee of an excellent brand will guarantee you an excellent final result.

    2nd – FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, MAKE AND WASTE MINIMUM 3 MOKAS BEFORE DRINKING THE COFFEE. “But it’s a waste of coffee, I can drink it when I’m going to work and blablabla”.
    NO, THATS HOW IT WORKS OK?? You have to remove any fabric residues, and this process takes time or do you want to drink some aluminium? I guess not.

    3rd – Wash it by hand, don’t use any kind of soap just water. And specially about the central chamber where the coffee appears, don’t clean it particularly well. The coffee residues at the bottom will ensure that the moka is committed to the aroma, and the coffee will be more and more intense from time to time.

    4th – Mix the coffee inside the chamber before serving, if you don’t do it the first cup will be a light coffee and the other ones will be too stronger. Trust me.

    5th – When you served the coffee and the moka is empty DON’T WASH IT IMMEDIATELY!! Let it rest aside for a few hours, forget about it. In this way the moka will absorb the aroma of the coffee which from time to time will be more intense, enveloping and the moka itself will cool down safely. Just to say that I clean the moka the morning after when I have to make another coffee for the morning. Of course if you use it once in a while let it cool down and wash it, I’m not saying not to clean the moka at all.

    So, I hope you enjoyed my review (if so let me know by pressing the button below) and I hope that you will enjoy the coffee that makes the moka as much as I love it. Follow my tips and it will be perfect. Thank you!!

    Update 01/31/2022
    After 8 1/2 months the rubber gasket is completely broken, this can happen sometimes. If it happens to you stop using the Moka immediately. These gaskets can be a little bit tricky. From my experience some can last years and years, others just a few months. You can even try an upgrade with silicone gaskets I heard they’re worth a try (the regular ones are made of rubber), just make sure to buy 72mm gaskets for 6 cup Moka pot. I’ll write another update when I’ll change the gasket.

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  8. Shamzhabelt

    Moinsen aus Lippe Detmold
    Habe die bialetti nun seit fast einer Woche und bin sehr zufrieden, anfangs hatte ich bedenken weil ich ja mehr Kaffe als Mokka haben wollte, aber, nach einigen Versuchen klappte es perfekt. Ich hatte folgende ausprobiert, den Pulver Einsatz mit maximal 1-2 Löffel Pulver zu befüllen und dieses ganz leicht anzudrücken was man ja nicht machen sollte wenn man das Teil bis fadt oben hin zuballert. Und ich muss sagen ein hell gerösteter Espresso 100% arabica sollte es schon sein , kam oben wohlschmeckend heraus. Auch nur ein einhalb Löffel Pulver funktionieren tadellos.
    Geschmacklich kann ich nur sagen absolut lecker, man sollte aber einen hochwertigen Kaffe nehmen also nix billiges von ganz unten im Laden und nach Möglichkeit die Bohnen selber mahlen. Dazu würde ich ein Keramik mahlwerk empfehlen denn dieses erhitzt sich nicht so schnell wie Edelstahl , dies gilt denn übrigens auch für Kaffevollautomaten , nutze ich Edelstahl wird dieses zu heiss und die frischen Bohnen geben schon vorher einen Großteil ihres Aromas an die Aussenluft ab.
    Von meiner Seite aus nen Daumen nach oben und nein ich bekomme hier nix hinten reingeblasen etc oder so, für eine gute Rezension.
    Probiert es selber aus, wer nicht zufrieden sein sollte kann den Kram ja auch zurück schicken.
    Ein tip noch am Rande, mitm Wasserkocher gehts etwa schneller Wasser leicht erhitzen einfüllen und auf die herdplatte stellen , sobald das Wasser kocht, steigt der kaffe nach oben man sollte die bialetti dann sofort von der herdplatte etc nehmen die Rest Hitze reicht locker aus, so das der Rest ebenfalls seinen Weg nach oben findet.
    Lasse ich die bialetti aufm Herd stehen , verbrennt mir der kaffe und es schmeckt nicht. Und bei nem Camping Kocher das Teil so daraufstellen das der Griff nicht die direkte Hitze von unten bekommt .

    So das war es erstmal von meiner Seite aus. Euch nen schönes Wochenende 👍👍

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  9. Red Star

    Si alguno de vosotros conserva una cafetera moka Bialetti de antes de 2010, no sabe el tesoro que conserva entre sus manos y que puede durarle toda la vida si lo cuida bien. Yo la Bialetti de 1979 que heredé de mi padre me la cargué y cometí el error de tirarla en vez de repararla, pensando que las nuevas tendrían la misma calidad… pero salta a la vista desde el primer momento en que la sacas de la caja que no, que ese producto ya no volverá.

    Es entonces cuando de la frustración brotó mi profesión, economista, y me puse a investigar un poco qué es lo que había pasado con este icono de la industria cafetera y saltó una cantinela bastante conocida por Europa ya. Desde ese año que mencioné antes, 2010, la ahora Bialetti Industrie S.p.A. pasó a deslocalizar TODA la cadena de producción fuera de Italia, manteniendo del proceso de fabricación únicamente el ensamblaje de todas las piezas (lo que haces cuando la limpias), envolverla en papel con el nombre, la impresión láser de la marca con el icónico señor con bigote y meterlo en una caja donde dicen que colaboran con una ong de salvar delfines para mejorar su imagen social corporativa con el ecologismo vacío de moda. Dicen que el diseño lo mantienen, pero es que lleva manteniéndose igual desde 1933 que la diseñó Alfonso Bialetti, así que no hacen nada más en lo que a esta cafetera se refiere. El forjado y modelado de todas las piezas se hace fuera, y esa es la realidad con esta icónica pieza de historia que se ha perdido para siempre. Esto sucedió por una bajada del 27% de las ventas durante la década anterior por la aparición de las Nespresso y cafeteras de cápsulas, además de la inundación del mercado con cafeteras de aluminio asiáticas que traían unos costes irrisorios y bien parejos a su bastarda calidad. Una Bialetti de 6 tazas expresso costaba 7€ de producir mientras una sin marca hecha en Shenzen costaba 0,20€. Aún así tenían los italianos margen de beneficio de sobra, pero el ansia de beneficios primó, unos ejecutivos acorbatados presentaron un plan de reestructuración global y optaron por lo siempre: deslocalización.

    Como la legislación europea e italiana permite que sólo con el ensamblaje y empaquetado se siga poniendo MADE IN ITALY, pues nos siguen tomando el pelo con el marketing de este modo manteniendo la marca y los MISMOS PRECIOS de antaño con un producto de clarísima peor calidad. Se nota en el peso, en la poca solidez del aluminio, en lo tosco de las juntas de forjado, la eliminación de los remaches por simples cortes de alambre, las virutas que aparecen por todos lados, la poca duración media del producto (unos dos años con suerte), el fin de la numeración única de cada cafetera en la cazoleta durante el forjado y muchas cosas más. Los ejecutivos de Bialetti despidieron a 200 trabajadores técnicos que llevaban toda la vida haciendo cafeteras en Piamonte, perdiendo esa experiencia y buen hacer, y se pensaron que unos precarizados jóvenes rumanos o chinos fabricarían el mismo producto con legislaciones y controles de calidad mucho más laxos. Abaratar la producción, mantener el mismo precio por el recuerdo entre la sociedad a la marca y a tirar pa’lante mientras dure el chollo.

    Es una paradoja del mundo capitalista de hoy, un producto perfecto que no necesitaba cambios, empeora por las dinámicas de la globalización y desaparece tal y como la conocíamos. Por tanto, advierto que es imposible comprar una Bialetti de la calidad que tenían antes de los años 2000, porque la diferencia entre esta cafetera carísima y la que puedes comprar en un bazar de tu barrio por 30 euros menos es ínfima —la válvula de seguridad como mucho— porque están hechas en el mismo sitio.

    Un saludo y espero haber sido de ayuda.

    P.S. Para hacer un buen café moka es más importante el café que empleas que la cafetera, donde el único requisito son cuatro puntos para prepararlo correctamente: primero no apretar el café molido sino dejar una montañita que no sobrepase el borde, segundo meterle fuego fuerte destapado, tercero en cuanto empiece a emerger el café bajarle el fuego a bajo y cuarto cuando esté casi terminando bajarle la temperatura de la cazoleta metiéndola en agua fría. Con eso, y un buen café, tienes un expresso con su crema para disfrutarlo como que no hay Dios.

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  10. Marc W.

    Regalo fatto a mia suocera che, dopo anni di moka acquistate al mercato, desiderava quella famosa “con l’omino”.
    Dopo averla pulita e aver fatto passare il primo caffè, lasciato riposare rigorosamente nella caffettiera per una notte per farla “profumare”, la moka ha iniziato a produrre caffè deliziosi senza sbagliarne uno.
    Che dire, mia suocera ha ragione: la caffettiera – “quella famosa con l’omino” – è una garanzia e un prodotto che non dovrebbe assolutamente mancare nelle case degli italiani.
    Promossa a pieni voti!

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  11. BS309

    This is a well crafted item that is durable and easy to clean. The coffee and iced coffee vía Moka Pot is similar to an Americano.

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  12. Lylah

    I really thought about buying a fancy espresso machine but I spent a long time watching video reviews of the cheapest way to get that quality espresso taste at home and found lots of videos on this very Moka pot. People were crazy about this thing and their morning rituals that came with it so obviously worth the watch, 40 dollars didn’t seem too steep a price to see if they were right and I am so glad I tried it. Sure, you’re not going to get that foam on the top of your shot but does it matter if the taste and the caffeine jolt are the same? Do you really care about that foam so much? I don’t. I just wanted to recreate dutch bros coffee at home. To say I am pleased is a huge understatement. I am OVER THE MOON! Here’s a tip if you want some dutch bros at home too. 1. You can actually buy dutch bros coffee from dutch bros website, you can also buy this great White coffee here on Amazon called White Tornado that tastes just like the white coffee they use. If you like mochas you can buy Ghirardelli Sweet Ground White Chocolate Flavor Powder on Amazon too to make yourself a wonderful White angel. Also, if you’re really savvy, you can look for dutch bros recipes online and find flashcards the baristas use to train at dutch brothers, I know its fantastic….Just to clarify, I have never been a barista but just try a few of the recipes! =) 2. Get yourself some of the barista shot glasses to measure out your shots they are inexpensive and will keep your fingers from burning. Cheers!

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    Bialetti – Moka Espress: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker, Makes Real Italian Coffee, Moka Pot 6 Cups (6 Oz), Aluminium, Silver
    Bialetti – Moka Espress: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker, Makes Real Italian Coffee, Moka Pot 6 Cups (6 Oz), Aluminium, Silver

    Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $40.00.

    Above Average Coffee
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