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Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) (Black)


  • Specialty Coffee Association award-winning grinder
  • Dual-range adjustment system with micro-steps for espresso and macro-steps for filter brewing
  • User-friendly with easy grind size adjustment and pulse button
  • Quick-release burr for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 40mm hardened alloy steel burrs for consistent grind and durability
  • Comes in black color and modern style
  • Recommended use for grinding
  • Dimensions: 5.7″L x 5.7″W x 13″H, Weight: 7.37 pounds
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Buying Guide: Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) (Black)


When it comes to grinding coffee beans, the Baratza Encore ESP is a top choice for coffee enthusiasts. This guide will help you navigate the key features and factors to consider when selecting the Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) in black.

1. Performance and Versatility

The Baratza Encore ESP is known for its exceptional performance and versatility. Here are the key features to consider:

  • Dual-Range Adjustment System: The innovative adjustment mechanism allows for high resolution espresso grinding as well as macro-steps suitable for filter brewing methods.
  • User-Friendly Operation: With a single-handed hopper twist for grind size adjustment and front-mounted pulse button, the Encore ESP makes grinding fresh coffee a breeze.
  • Quick-Release Burr: The redesigned burr mounting system enables quick removal for easy cleaning and maintenance without extra tools.
  • Warranty/Quality Parts: Built with 40mm hardened alloy steel burrs and a powerful DC motor, the Encore ESP delivers consistent grind quality and durability. Backed by Baratza’s reliable support and warranty.

2. Design and Material

The Baratza Encore ESP in black features a modern, sleek design that will complement any kitchen. It is made with high-quality plastic materials that ensure durability and longevity.

3. Recommended Uses

The Baratza Encore ESP is specifically designed for grinding coffee beans. Whether you prefer espresso or filter brewing methods, this grinder can cater to your needs.

4. Dimensions and Weight

Consider the size and weight of the Encore ESP when selecting it for your kitchen setup:

  • Product Dimensions: 5.7″L x 5.7″W x 13″H
  • Item Weight: 7.37 pounds

5. Manufacturer and Model

The Baratza Encore ESP is manufactured by Baratza, a reputable brand known for producing top-quality coffee grinders. The model number for this grinder is ZCG495-120V.

6. Availability

The Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) in black was first made available on February 16, 2023.

With this buying guide, you are now equipped with the information needed to make an informed decision about purchasing the Baratza Encore ESP. Enjoy grinding fresh coffee with this award-winning grinder!

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Specification: Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) (Black)








Product Dimensions

5.7"L x 5.7"W x 13"H

Item Weight

7.37 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

February 16, 2023

11 reviews for Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) (Black)

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Madison Sottek

    Easy to use and fast

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  2. G. Avelar

    Muy buen molino, con suficientes ajustes para hacer un buen espresso y otros metodos com prensa francesa. El tamaño es compacto y no ocupa mucho espacio, es un poco ruidosa pero menos que una licuadora. Muy satisfecho con mi compra, Baratza es sinónimo de calidad, estos molinos son para toda la vida vale la pena la inversión.

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  3. lin

    This is my first burr grinder. It is less noisy than my old blade grinder and much more reliable regarding the quality of the grinding. Additionally, I purchased the single doser from Baratza. I am very happy!

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  4. Flyguy

    I recently bought a GCP espresso machine so my timemore c2 was no longer cutting it. I needed a grinder for both filter and espresso. I wanted one with a simple hardwired on/off switch to the motor. No fancy LCD displays or buttons with integral circuit boards and timer features, ect. That’s just more things to break in my opinion. I narrowed it down to this or a used Rocky. I ended up choosing this due to the excellent customer service (should I ever need it) and the availability of replacement parts. However, now that Breville has acquired Baratza we’ll see if that changes. People have had their original Encore for 10+ years so I’m betting I’ll get my moneys worth out of this.

    As for the grinder. I’m very happy. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. It has a tiny bit of static but not terrible. It also has some retention when switching between espresso to filter. Tapping the sides helps a little but a bellows would be better. My biggest complaint is the clumps when grinding espresso. There are tons. I have to WDT the docing cup and again the portafilter to get them all.

    Also, the hopper lid falls off when tapping the sides of the grinder. I’m planning on getting the single dose hopper which also sort of works as a DIY bellow.

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  5. ian strs

    Buen molino. La construcción se siente sólida y elegante, tanto del molino como de los accesorios que incluye. Muele muy bien el café (para mis necesidades no muy exigentes), y el mismo queda homogéneo y tan fino como se espera. Fácil de desarmar para poder limpiar las principales partes del mismo. La cantidad de ajustes que tiene para la medida del molido son más que suficientes para poder adaptarse a una variedad de granos de distinta calidad, o los gustos personales de muchas personas.

    Algunos inconvenientes menores del mismo, son:

    1) Es un poco ruidoso. No tanto como algunas reseñas lo hacen ver (a mí ni me molesta), pero sí algo más que otros molinos “premium”.

    2) Antes resaltaba que es fácil de desarmar para poder limpiarlo, sin embargo, eso no evita un pequeño problema. Una pequeña cantidad de restos de café molido pueden quedar atrapados en algunas partes del interior del molino, y esas no son tan fáciles de limpiar. Algunas personas utilizan un soplador de aire o una aspiradora para removerlas. Otra opción podría ser desarmar casi por completo el molino, para exponer y limpiar dichas partes con facilidad. Como la cantidad de restos es muy pequeña, no creo que causen problemas, siempre y cuando las partes removibles se limpien muy bien, y con cierta frecuencia según el uso.

    3) Desde el primer uso noté que el molino no estaba bien calibrado, pues las marcas de los ajustes grabadas en el molino no quedaban del todo alineadas con la marca de selección de dicho ajuste. En teoría, es normal que se descalibre con el tiempo, pero me sorprende que de fábrica ya tenga ese problema (o quizá tuve mala suerte en recibir una unidad defectuosa en ese aspecto). De cualquier modo, parece ser que la unidad se puede recalibrar con relativa facilidad (la propia Baratza tiene algún video al respecto), aunque por ahora no lo he hecho porque, para mis necesidades, la falta de calibración actual es mínima (prácticamente no se nota) y no afecta el desempeño general del molino ni la calidad del café molido.

    Como todos los inconvenientes son menores, y considerando que ya esperaba que un molino “no tan caro” tendría imperfecciones, mantengo la calificación de 5 estrellas. Pero claro, si tienes el presupuesto y/o una exigencia por un molido muy superior, hay otros molinos que seguro serían mejores opciones.

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  6. Marina D.

    It’s an amazing bur grinder. Durable and precise

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  7. ahatzz11

    Overall, this is a great grinder for the $200 price point! It is awesome to see companies get closer to the budget range for well built espresso grinders. The 20 steps of small adjustments for espresso are great, and the ability to jump into coarse grinds for filter coffee is also nice to have. It definitely isn’t amazing at any particular thing, but it does a good job across the board for those looking to get into grinding their own beans!

    The Good & Notable Upgrades
    Getting this grinder over the original is worth the $50.
    – Super easy adjustments – The first 20 steps are very small and are meant for dialing in espresso. Once you hit step 21, the thread changes and each step becomes larger which allows for a lot of options between 21-40. Twisting the bean hopper to change grind size is super great.
    – Single-dose cup – The included single dose cup as well as the full bin is a nice touch.
    – Easy cleaning – This version allows the entire burr set to be removed for cleaning, which is a major improvement over the original where the bottom burr could only be removed if you tore most of the grinder apart. This will definitely help with longevity.

    The Bad
    I’ve got two main complaints about this grinder:
    – Noise – True to the Baratza name, this grinder is very loud. Those who live with you will definitely know you’re making coffee.
    – Retention – This grinder has a notable amount of retention on the first grind, I measured ~0.7g of the bean I was using. This isn’t a huge issue on its own, but I’ve found it can end up causing grounds to fall out and make a mess. I’ve gotten used to rocking the unit back and forth a couple times which helps, but I still seem to end up with grounds on the bottom quite often. I’ve found that the 3rd party single dose hopper with the bellow (~$40) almost completely solves for this issue.

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  8. Skeeterfood

    We are new to the espresso world and were looking for a grinder that would allow to adjust grind size and that was reliable without breaking the bank. This grinder seems to fit that bill perfectly. No complaints so far. It’s quiet and consistent. Would definitely recommend.

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  9. ahatzz11

    I replaced my now-useless Secura Burr Coffee Grinder with this. I read many reviews of grinders in the $50 – $200 price range. This one seemed the best for the money. Here’s my take on the Encore ESP: It is working wonderfully at this time. Granted, this is a bit soon to review; however, there is one point I want to make early on. The Secura was far, far noisier than the Baratza. After reading reviews of the Baratza I expected to experience some sort of ear drum-busting shrieking demon from Hell blasting at me from the grinder. Oh, come on now! This thing purrs compared to the Secura. ‘nough said.
    The Baratza came extremely well-packed and with easy directions for set up and use. First grind and first cup were just right.
    I believe the good reviews I’ve read. Time will tell. If this grinder fails to please (as some have reviewed) I will post updates. P.S. I could have purchased four Securas for this price. The Secura didn’t get much use in three years because I stopped drinking coffee for 18 months of that. I was reluctant to trust another Secura to grind as well as the ESP. Since the ESP is repairable I’ll bet it will last some time longer. That’s it for now.

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  10. Renaissance Man

    The grinder has worked great so far for medium/dark roast beans for espressos with my Gaggia Classic Pro. I have settled at around the 17-18 mark to pull a 25-30 second shot with 18g of ground coffee in and 36g of espresso out. Each notch in the espresso range seems to be around 5 seconds, so there seems to be plenty of adjustment room. My grinder came with 6 very thin spacers installed (you really have to work to get them all separated if you want to count them!). Be very careful of the felt? washer surrounding the spacers when cleaning, since it’s very fragile. My only real complaint is that there is quite a bit of retention with the stock hopper, no matter how much you tap it. I upgraded to the BaratzaGear single-dose hopper, which I wish was a purchase option. The lid on that can sort of be used like a bellows, which definitely helps with retention.

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  11. Honest Review

    Me gusta que es muy fácil de usar y puede hacer café espresso o café para prensa francesa

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    Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) (Black)
    Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) (Black)


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