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NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker, Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar with pour spout Lid, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter – 32 oz (1 Quart)


  • Cold brew mason jar coffee maker
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Good sealing with flip cap lid and silicone seal
  • Stainless steel filter prevents coffee grounds from entering
  • Can be used for brewing sun tea or as a pitcher
  • After-sales service guarantee for damaged items
  • Portable and leakproof design
  • Reusable filter for pour over coffee making
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Buying Guide: NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker

1. Overview

The NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker is a convenient and versatile coffee brewing device. It comes with a wide mouth glass mason jar, a pour spout lid, and a heavy-duty stainless steel filter. With a capacity of 32 oz (1 Quart), it allows you to easily make fresh cold brew coffee at home.

2. Easy Cold Brew Coffee Making

The NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker simplifies the cold brew coffee making process. Just add your favorite coffee grounds to the jar, steep overnight, and enjoy a smooth and refreshing cold brew coffee in the morning. The glass mason jar is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

3. Good Sealing and Pouring

The flip cap lid and silicone seal of the mason jar provide a good sealing, ensuring that your cold brew coffee stays fresh for longer. The pour spout makes it convenient to pour your coffee without any spills or leaks. You can also use the mason jar for other purposes such as storing beverages or making sun tea by removing the filter.

4. High-Quality Stainless Steel Filter

The heavy-duty stainless steel filter of the NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker is made of 304 stainless steel. It features a high-quality mesh that effectively filters out coffee grounds, resulting in a smooth and sediment-free cold brew coffee. The filter is reusable and easy to clean.

5. Portable and Stylish

The NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker has a portable design, making it easy to bring your cold brew coffee on the go. The clear glass mason jar allows you to see the coffee inside and adds a stylish touch to your kitchen or coffee station.

6. After-sales Service Guarantee

NICEAGE provides a guarantee of full replacement or refund for any damaged items during shipping. This ensures your peace of mind and satisfaction with the product.

7. Specifications

  • Brand: NICEAGE
  • Color: Clear
  • Product Dimensions: 3.94″D x 5.91″W x 7.87″H
  • Special Feature: Portable, Removable Tank, Leakproof, Jug
  • Coffee Maker Type: Pour Over
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Style: Casual
  • Included Components: Filter
  • Model Name: 32oz coffee-B
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Item Weight: 1.46 pounds
  • Item model number: 32oz coffee-B
  • Date First Available: September 18, 2023

Specification: NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker, Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar with pour spout Lid, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter – 32 oz (1 Quart)




Product Dimensions

3.94"D x 5.91"W x 7.87"H

Special Feature

Jug, Leakproof, Portable, Removable Tank

Coffee Maker Type

Pour Over

Filter Type




Included Components


Model Name

32oz coffee-B

Number of Items


Item Weight

1.46 pounds

Item model number

32oz coffee-B

Date First Available

September 18, 2023

8 reviews for NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker, Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar with pour spout Lid, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter – 32 oz (1 Quart)

4.5 out of 5
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  1. L. Louis

    Works really well for steeping cold brew and the fact that it fits a standard wide mouth mason jar is great for brewing in one, then when that one is done moving it to another so you always have a fresh supply.

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  2. slackermom

    I love to make iced coffee, but it has a way of easily getting watered down, not to mention the extra steps involved in turning hot coffee into iced. This makes it very easy to cold brew a batch of iced coffee by just leaving it in the fridge overnight.
    Despite the lack of instructions in the box (not even basic usage or cleaning instructions), I was able to figure it out easily enough to make a really good batch of coffee, even though checking the site later I saw I didn’t use enough coffee, as the filter portion should’ve been filled up. It still made better coffee than if I had done it my usual way, and in a pitcher that is perfect for storing and serving. Would definitely recommend.

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  3. EK

    This is much easier than the way I was making tea and coffee before straining it after it was done infusing. This is very convenient to retrieve in the morning and store in the fridge all day for refills. That being said it is only good for about 2 servings (with milk) which is fine for me but is disappointing if the whole household is expecting cold brew. The handle is also comically large for the size of the jar and takes up quite a bit of space in the fridge.

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  4. L. Louis

    This mason jar is a perfect size for cold brew coffee with a 1-2 person family. The quality of the mason jar is reliable, with thick glasses and handles. The metal filter works not badly. No big coffee powder can be observed in the cold brewed coffee, while some fine residual will be at the bottom of the jar. If I don’t filter with an extra filter and just sediment the brewed coffee, some noticeable particles can be seen in the cups (not affect the mouthfeel, but may affect drinking feeling……)

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  5. C Spartan

    I was hoping there’d be some guidance on how much coffee to add, understanding, of course, that people may need to adjust to taste. I have no idea how much to add.

    The ground will also take up some of the space water could take, so you will not get 4 cups of coffee, so this is best for one person or two moderate drinkers.

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  6. Anne

    This set for making cold brew coffee is easy to use, resulting in rich, great tasting coffee. Although the set did not have any accompanying instructions, I was able to find the directions online, and it’s easy. The durable mason jar brewing pitcher holds 32 ounces. The tight fitting lid allows pouring with ease, yet stays closed to keep the coffee fresh. The stainless steel filter is strong and durable, and is key to brewing great coffee. This is the process I used:
    First, I inserted the filter into the brewing pitcher, then using a ratio of 1 part coffee to 4 parts water (recommended by the directions I found online), I measured 1 cup of ground coffee into the filter.
    Next, I then poured 32 ounces of room temperature water over the coffee grounds which filled the pitcher.
    After placing the lid on the jar and tightening it, I left the coffee to brew for about 22 to 24 hours (overnight).
    In the morning of the next day, I opened the pitcher, removed the filter, then replaced the lid. I put the coffee in the fridge to chill for a bit.
    The results: rich, delicious coffee that was low in acid without bitterness. The coffee is good black or with cream, sugar, creamer, or whatever is preferred.
    I am so happy I tried this cold brew set and recommend it highly. It did have to brew for several hours, but the coffee was well worth the wait. It is cost effective as well, saving money by brewing at home.
    This set is a must have for coffee drinkers. The cold brew can be served cold or poured into a mug and reheated. Either way, this is a great buy!

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  7. FranklySpeaking

    i’ve wanted one of these ball jar handles for a while but am so glad i saw this this set which comes with the ball jar, the high-quality handle AND the most amazing mesh filter! i have several different types of filters that i use mostly for loose leaf and herbal teas but this one is double-walled and a finer steel mesh so no debris gets through, just nicely filtered tea! i haven’t tried it yet for cold brew but i imagine a very smooth end result given the tight mesh, however i only intend on using this for tea and do wonder how easy it would be to clean coffee grounds off the filter. even though i can’t speak on that, i’m still giving it 5 stars because it more than met my expectations.

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  8. J.M. Ukes

    LOVE IT! Im a mason jar junkie… my fridge & cabinets are filled with vac sealed jars that hold just about everything!

    saw this and it gave me a reason to start keeping cold brewed coffee in the fridge (helps me w/ keto since theres lots of awesome sugar free desserts using cold coffee).

    more important to me? a free mason jar AND another pouring lid w/rubber gasket!! cant have enough wide mouth jars in my house!

    and i just bought 2 of these pouring lids about a month back.. theyre a GAME CHANGER when pouring from a mason jar!! that job usually makes a mess but not with these lids! I store my reverse osmosis water in 1/2gal mason jars in the fridge, and I go through 2 (a gallon) of them a day (LOTS of refilling my kleenkanteen!) with no spilling! so this was perfect cuz i did need 1 more pouring lid! & its very sturdy plastic… even heavier and larger than the ones i bought in the past… no chance of bending or warping!

    The coffee filter is made from a VERY high quality stainless with its own gasket so the whole setup is leak proof, and it fits the quart jar perfectly! the included pouring lid also has a rubber gasket inside it and it easily lets me pour from a 1/2gal mason jar with no issues at all… and going thru 2 of those a day means lots of refilling my water bottle!)

    if youre a cold brew fan, could always use another quart wide mouth mason jar and/or need a great non spilling pouring lid? BUY THIS SET! ITS A WINNER AT THIS PRICE!!

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    NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker, Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar with pour spout Lid, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter – 32 oz (1 Quart)
    NICEAGE Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker, Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar with pour spout Lid, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter – 32 oz (1 Quart)


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