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IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Hand wash only
  • 3-Cup capacity with cool touch handle and knob
  • Small and portable design
  • Flip up top and side pour spout for easy serving
  • Ideal for making espresso
  • Detaches for easy cleaning
  • Portable and has a permanent filter
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    Buying Guide: IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver


    Are you looking for a compact and efficient espresso coffee maker for your home? The IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver is a great choice. This buying guide will help you understand its features and how to select the right model for your needs.


    • Made with durable aluminum
    • Keeps coffee warm
    • 3-cup capacity
    • Cool touch handle and knob for easy handling
    • Small and portable design
    • Flip up top and side pour spout for easy serving
    • Detachable for easy cleaning
    • Hand wash only

    How to Select


    The IMUSA Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker is available in a 3-cup capacity. Consider the number of people you will be serving coffee to and choose the right size accordingly.

    Design and Materials

    This coffee maker is made of durable aluminum, which helps in keeping the coffee warm. Its small and portable design makes it easy to share. The cool touch handle and knob ensure safe and easy handling.

    Brewing Process

    This coffee maker uses the stovetop percolator method to brew espresso. It is important to note that the grind size and amount of coffee used can affect the pressure and extraction of espresso. Ensure to use the right grind size and tamp the grounds properly before brewing for best results.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    The IMUSA Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker is detachable, making it easy to clean after each use. It is recommended to hand wash the coffee maker to ensure its longevity.


    Product Dimensions3.9″D x 4.7″W x 6.3″H
    Special FeaturePortable, Permanent Filter
    Coffee Maker TypePercolator
    Filter TypeReusable
    Specific Uses For ProductEspresso
    Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
    Included ComponentsCoffeemaker
    Operation ModeManual
    Voltage42 Volts
    Model NameAluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup
    Number of Items1
    Human Interface InputTouchscreen
    Item Weight10.4 ounces
    ManufacturerImusa USA
    Country of OriginChina
    Item model numberB120-42V
    Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
    Date First AvailableJuly 24, 2006
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    Specification: IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver




    Product Dimensions

    3.9"D x 4.7"W x 6.3"H

    Special Feature

    Portable,Permanent Filter

    Coffee Maker Type


    Filter Type




    Specific Uses For Product


    Included Components


    Operation Mode



    42 Volts

    Model Name

    Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup

    Number of Items


    Human Interface Input


    Item Weight

    10.4 ounces


    Imusa USA

    Country of Origin


    Item model number


    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    July 24, 2006

    10 reviews for IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver

    4.9 out of 5
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    1. Kaylee Roebling

      I owned a one cup bialetti moka pot for a while. Then I found this 3 cup pot for six bucks. I can’t resist to give it a try as a back up. Bialetti is heavier and feel more sturdy even it is just one cup size. You can feel the difference on the material and making. However, for that much price difference, it is still worth to buy this 3 cup size. Taste of coffee is good and do the same job on the day I need more caffeine. Overall, this is a good purchase for this price. Hopefully it lasts a while. I owned it for only a month now.

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    2. SSW

      The media could not be loaded.

       This little coffee pot is capable of brewing delicious coffee with a little work and patience you will have a great little coffee maker I have used these for 20+ years I am happy to share what works for me because the directions are vague in places. However there are things that you need to do first before using it to brew your coffee I will explain why. Now If you are not willing to take the time because your lazy, and/or ask for a golden goose during a factory tour whining when factory owner says no your not going to like this coffee maker do yourself a favor give it away as a gift. If you have arthritis or your hands hurt I have arthritis and carpal tunnel just have someone help or just take your time this is not a race. When I pulled this one out of the box I noticed aluminum dust and debris inside and that the threads are a little rough this is to be expected it is not coated this is a cast aluminum aka Pot metal. For many years before the plug and play instant gratification nonsense came about everything you can think of cookware wise was made like this and it was excellent it lasted forever. So I am going to walk you through what I did to make this a good little coffee maker and how to maintain it. First use warm not hot water and normal dishwashing soap along with a non abrasive dishwashing sponge or cotton washcloth or soft bristle nylon brush . Do not use acidic, aggressive, or caustic cleaners its not neccessary and you will ruin your coffee maker. So begin to thoroughly wash/rinse everything inside and out including funnel until all dirt and debris are cleaned out and dry everything with a cotton cloth. Fill the coffee maker with water as the directions specify to the valve and assemble do not add coffee. Now when you assemble the top to the base do not over tighten dont forget your gasket sometimes they fall out just place it back in place. Hold the top and base when tightening not the handle or you will break your handle. As you feel the base make contact with the silicone gasket in the top just tighten snug to seal not over tight this will help seat your gasket. If in doubt about how tight turn until top makes contact with bottom turn until it snugs about a half of an inch extra tighten you don’t want to bind your silicone gasket. Place on a burner with the handle away from the burner so it doesn’t melt turning heat to medium high while waiting for it to finish the brewing process watch the little brass safety valve it will probably steam a little this is completely normal your valve is working fine. If it leaks between the top and base while percolating remove from heat, allow to cool and tighten a little more when you refill it this sometimes happens dont give up. Pour off the water and allow it to cool this is your first heat cycle a very important part of breaking in your new coffee maker. Absolutely do not cool it off under a faucet with water I know its tempting yet just patiently wait for it to cool on its own down to room temperature for everything to expand contact properly. When it has completely cooled off pull it completely apart again. Looking inside you might see more little black spots or loose debris this is normal rinse and wash them out again as described above. Wipe dry the outside and inside dry with a cotton cloth this prevents water spots and helps loosen any debris. Fill with water to valve again tighten snug not too tight and place it on a burner on medium heat allowing it to run water through watch the pressure relief when finished pour it out allow to completely cool to room temperature completing your second heat cycle. When cool disassemble your coffee maker notice how it comes apart your gasket in the top should seat nicely with the bottom and you shouldn’t have any cast debris they should be gone it should look nice and clean inside. Now I will tell you what I do for a delicious cup of espresso. Fill with water using cool or cold filtered water up to the valve, drop in the funnel, add coffee level with the top of funnel loosely no need to tamp, screw on top notice how nicely it seats after all that work, place on burner on medium heat, listening for it to percolate its done when the top is about 3/4 full usually, and pour your espresso into a cup enjoy. It should taste amazing if its too strong or too weak adjust your coffee amount or heating temperature. When finished rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. If you place it in the dishwasher I don’t recommend that I made that mistake. Hard water spots happen don’t worry about them. With proper cleaning and care this should last for many years. I use these at home, shop, traveling, and they are wonderful on a camping stove. If you notice any yuck on the bottom from a burner or if coffee maker gets nasty dirty inside/outside I clean these with non abrasive white shop hand cleaner buffing it in until dirt is loose, wipe off excess cleaner, wash as described above, and cycle water through it. I have many of these in different sizes all plain aluminum like this. I have polished the outsides of these and and top inside to a beautiful shine with aluminum polish using the same procedure as you do with silverware when I encounter hard water or high mineral water. I have sanded the rough cast inside surface of the base smooth and polished the inside to a mirror shine for fun and easy cleaning. I have busted off or melted off the handles and replaced them with different designs of my own creation. I have Heliarc welded these if they get a seep in the bottom or if the lid hinge breaks/cracks. With care you should be able to pass this on to your children or someone close to you who loves delicious espresso. Hopefully this was helpful for you and you enjoy your espresso maker. If you have any questions just ask me and I will share what has worked for me. Good luck and importantly have fun.

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    3. Pk

      Tiene muy buena calidad de materiales, se siente resistente y duradera. Funciona como se supone que debería funcionar y hasta ahora no se ha rayado con las lavadas.

      Ya la calidad del café depende de tu técnica y la marca (de café) que utilices.

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    4. Momo

      This is good product . I can make a cup for myself . Good for 1 person use.

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    5. Kris

      My only thing is to make sure to you clean these pots properly with a brush! They can grow mold since the moisture doesn’t dry up easily in the bottom half of the pot where the water is stored, especially because it has a lot of grooves that the water can’t leave easily. Pretty simple to use, I use it daily and makes great espresso! Some issues:

      – Mold with improper drying
      – The lid opener knob (black) unscrews it self and loosens after mulitple uses
      – Even screwed all the way closed, when pouring, coffee leaks, and sometimes when water is heating up it leaks out of the side on the stove

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    6. SSW

      I paid USD $5.99 and at this price it’s a total bargain compared to brand name products ($25 and upward). I figured if it worked twice, it’s paid for itself compared to the price of two lattes at a coffee shop. It’s now been nearly six weeks of daily use. I only wash it by hand.

      The bottom part and the insert are similar in quality to the pots I had in Europe. The top part is a light and flimsy seeming material, and the lid hinge was very stiff at first. I just treat it gently and it’s not been a problem.

      Having read that some people melted the handle, I always set the pot a little off center over the gas burner so the heat won’t rise under the handle.

      A few FAQs from my stove to yours:

      The 3-cup size makes three 30 ml (1 ounce) shots of espresso to fit the tiny European espresso cups.

      If you have a gas stove, the diameter of the base of the 3-cup pot where it sits over the burner is 3 inches (7.6 cm).

      If you have an induction stove, you will need to buy a steel pot, this won’t work.

      Fill the water to just below the steam valve on the base. You will know it’s finished when the steam stops hissing from the valve. (If you can’t hear it, then it’s done when the liquid is all in the upper part.)

      Use a fine “espresso” grind coffee. You do not need a tamper, just press it down gently with the back of a spoon.

      I usually microwave a cup of milk while the espresso is brewing for a latte.

      Final tip: if you are like me, set a 5 minute timer for safety. It’s easy to lose track of time when I haven’t had my morning coffee yet (ironic, isn’t it?).

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    7. Nani

      Para varias tazas peq, es ideal

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    8. César Cámara

      Extrae correctamente el café

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    9. Mary

      I’ve used two sizes of this espresso maker for at least a year now. My first was the 6 cup espresso maker, but I left it with my sister when I moved. That size was great, but I like the 3 cup one even better! To clarify, the “cup” size refers to espresso shots. This espresso maker is not going to make as much coffee as a standard coffee maker (because who would want that much espresso anyway?). It is easy to use and cost effective as opposed to buying coffee from a coffee shop daily. The only reason I knock off a star is that the aluminum material can be a bit stiff and grating when opening the water reservoir as well as when lifting the lid. I highly recommend this for anyone on a budget with access to a stove to make decent espresso.

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    10. Elias A.

      I have not brewed coffee in it yet. But I have gone through the process of “cleaning” it, by boiling the water over the stove on low heat. Water is coming out without a problem. Will start to brew my coffee after I repeat the process a couple more times. Now I need it to cool down before. Happy it works for a fraction of the price against branded ones.

      Update: Have been brewing myself a cup of coffee for the past one month. Some discolouration due to coffee stain which is normal. No issue with the product itself. Contemplating to get a 6 cup as the 3 cup gives only half a cup of regular coffee.

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      IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver
      IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 3-Cup, Silver


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