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Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1 Gallon, Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Stainless Steel Spigot, Iced Coffee Beverage Dispenser, Reusable Cold Brew Mason Jar for Home Fridge


  • Cold brew coffee maker for easy cold brew coffee preparation
  • Extra thick glass jar with stainless steel spigot for durability
  • 1-gallon capacity, serves 16-20 cups of iced coffee
  • Money and time-saving, no need to buy expensive coffee or wait in line
  • Can be used as a beverage dispenser for beer or tea
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions: 6.06″L x 6.06″W x 10″H, weight: 3.69 pounds
  • 100% guarantee from Homtone Support Team
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Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker Buying Guide


Welcome to our buying guide for the Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this product to make an informed purchasing decision. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply looking for a convenient way to enjoy cold brew at home, this coffee maker has you covered. Read on to explore its features and benefits!

1. Quality and Durability

One of the key features of the Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker is its high-quality construction. Made from thick glass, this coffee maker is built to last. The 304 stainless steel spigot, filter, and rust-free airtight lid ensure that the coffee maker remains sturdy and functional even after multiple uses. This durable design ensures long-term satisfaction with your cold brew coffee maker.

2. Easy Cold Brew Process

Coffee making with the Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker is effortless. Simply pour ground coffee powder into the filter and add water. Tighten the lid securely and place the coffee maker in the refrigerator. Allow the coffee to brew for 12-24 hours to extract its rich flavor. The result is a smooth and mellow cold brew coffee that’s ready to be enjoyed.

3. Large Capacity and Convenience

The 1-gallon capacity of this cold brew coffee maker allows you to serve 16-20 cups of iced coffee in one go. It fits perfectly in any fridge and keeps your homemade cold brew fresh for up to 2 weeks. The large capacity also makes it ideal for sharing with family and friends during gatherings, saving you time and effort in making individual servings.

4. Money and Time Saving

By choosing the Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker, you can save both money and time. Making coffee at home using this coffee maker eliminates the need to spend money at coffee shops. Additionally, you can say goodbye to long queues and waiting times by having your cold brew ready in your fridge whenever you desire. Cleaning is also easy with the wide mouth design, allowing for convenient dishwasher or hand wash cleaning methods.

5. Versatility

The Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker is not limited to brewing coffee. You can also use it to dispense other beverages like beer or tea. The versatility of this product makes it a practical addition to your daily beverage needs.


With the Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker, you can enjoy delicious homemade cold brew coffee with ease and convenience. Its quality construction, large capacity, and versatility make it a great investment for any coffee lover. By following the simple steps outlined in this buying guide, you can select the perfect coffee maker for your needs and start enjoying the rich and mellow flavors of cold brew coffee in no time.

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Specification: Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1 Gallon, Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Stainless Steel Spigot, Iced Coffee Beverage Dispenser, Reusable Cold Brew Mason Jar for Home Fridge


Thick Glass





1 Gallons



With Lid


Is Dishwasher Safe


Product Dimensions

6.06"L x 6.06"W x 10"H

Item Weight

3.69 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 10, 2022

13 reviews for Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1 Gallon, Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Stainless Steel Spigot, Iced Coffee Beverage Dispenser, Reusable Cold Brew Mason Jar for Home Fridge

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  1. Karen m cumings

    This is a nice sized cold brew mason jar. The glass feels sturdy, and even the spigot appears to be well made. I am usually a little wary of these types of jars with the spigot because so many of them leak, but I haven’t had any issues with this one. The gallon size is great, so you get more than just one glass of cold brew from it like the smaller ones. However, it does take up some room in your fridge. I do think it’s well worth the space it takes up though to be able to have fresh cold brew at home every day.

    It is easy to use as well. You fill up the filter with ground coffee, then fill the pitcher with water. Make sure to leave a little room though, as the filter will displace your water if you over fill it. Then you stick it in the fridge for 12 – 24 hours. When it’s ready you just take out the filter and top it off with water. When I run out of my current batch I just make sure to put everything together as soon as I get home from work. That way, when I wake up in the morning my cold brew coffee is ready, and I can make a yummy coffee, plus save some money. It did take me a few tries to tweak it so it was just right for my taste, but it wasn’t hard at all to find what suited me. I am definitely enjoying this!

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  2. Guadalupe Torres Cabrera

    3 out of 5 Stars (3.4)


    [QUALITY] (2/5)

    [VALUE] (3/5)

    [EASE OF USE] (2/5)


    [PACKAGING] (5/5)


    Yes, this is a very large, gallon-plus sized, Mason-like dispensing jar. The spigot operates well and does not appear to drip if it is installed by the purchaser properly. The infuser is fine grade and large enough to descend down to almost the bottom of the jar providing the maximum amount of exposure to your chosen infusion flavour – i.e. fruit, coffee, etc. The capacity occupied by the filter is over and above the gallon sized quantity of the liquid making this vessel’s capacity actually larger than a gallon.

    I am hesitant in my praises of this infuser as I do have my reservations about four areas where quality is questionable:

    The first is the weight of the glass. In short, I expected the glass to much be heavier. I think the glass this jar is made out of may easily crack and, should it be dropped even a short distance, it is likely to shatter. I have dollar-store water pitchers that are made of heavier glass than this. You can easily see the thickness of the glass in the hole where you install the spigot.

    Speaking of the hole for the spigot, this aperture is a rough, unfinished hole cut into the glass. When the product arrives, the purchaser installs the spigot in this rough hole with a silicone gasket on each side (there are no written instructions included). The spigot is held in with a nut that is threaded onto the back of the spigot and then tightened. You have to be very careful to tighten it enough so that the spigot does not leak but not to tight as I believe the glass will crack. This is really where a simple improvement could be made: finish the rough glass hole off by installing a stainless steel, treaded ring in the hole and sealing it with food-grade silicone sealant before shipping. The spigot could then safely be installed with no fear of over-tightening the nut and cracking the glass.

    At the other end of the jar is the screw-top opening. This opening is not big enough to allow me enough room to fit my hand in. My wife was the one who had to install the spigot because I physically could not and she had trouble getting her hand in comfortably at the right angle to install the spigot due to her arms being shorter than mine. This also makes cleaning the bottom of the jar with a dishcloth very difficult. The only way we can reach the bottom to adequately clean it is with a bottle brush. My hands are big so all of this is not unexpected for me. It is unfortunate though that my 5’2″ petite wife could not easily reach her hand in to install the spigot without frustration.

    My last suggestion is to provide a silicone “sock” or “shoe” to put over the bottom of the jar and then pull it up the sides and back. This would help to make the jar less slippery to handle when it is slick with condensation. Right now, as it is, the jar is extremely smooth and there is nothing to grip when you need to move it either in or out of the refrigerator to refill it or if you have it out on the counter with ice in it for a party. A removable silicone cover would also stop the jar from moving when you turn the spigot and allow one-handed operation. It may further provide the glass jar some protection. Note, when we need to handle the jar now, we use nitrile gloves to ensure we get a good grip on it. This should be an unnecessary step.

    This unit was priced at $42.95 at the time of my order. Sadly, I do not see real value at this price. All-in-all, as it is now, this infuser jar seems like a higher-end dollar-store or novelty store product.

    In the event that experiences change or evolve, updates may be made to this review to address such developments.

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  3. joshua bacot

    Love the amount of cold brew made at a time & ease of serving. Only negative is when you get to the last few cups, you can’t serve from container.

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  4. Danica Huizar

    When I opened the box and took out the jar to rinse it out before using I noticed at the site where the spiciet goes it is cracked and broken. Not happy as this was a gift for my daughter for her birthday! And it drips thought maybe we could use it anyways but nope it drips.

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  5. joshua bacot

    I love doing coldbrew. I think it gives the coffee more taste since it brews longer. I got this bc I needed something bigger than my 6 cup coldbrew maker. Very conventional to use however does not quite make a gallon. When filling I purposely put extra coffee grounds so I can dilute it with more water so that does the trick. Give it a 10/10.

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  6. Antibes97

    Didnt come with the cup as advertised which is why I chose this one instead of another exact cheaper one.

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  7. Karen m cumings

    My husband insisted I get this cold brew pitcher. I wasn’t so thrilled about it, but after that first cup of cold brew I have been HOOKED!

    Simply fill the middle reservoir with coffee grinds, fill the pitcher with water (not all the way) and slowly insert the middle coffee reservoir. I do it later in the day or before bed and it’s ready the next day. Pull out the coffee insert and top pitcher off with water. I like my coffee sweet, so I fill a large cup or tumbler 1/2 full of ice, 3/4 full of coffee, a little pour of milk to raise the level almost all the way, and a quick splash of creamer. You will wind up with sweet, creamy, cold brew coffee that hasn’t lost its coffee flavor!

    Keep in mind, cold brew uses a lot more coffee grinds than just your regular cup of coffee. But now that I’ve had it I simply cannot go without! I recently purchased a very popular brand fresh cold brew that I used to get and I was so disappointed compared to what I make at home now!

    My only complaint, as with all similar pitchers, is that once the level gets so low, it doesn’t come out of the spout anymore and needs to awkwardly be tipped for that last cup or two of coffee. To be expected and not a huge issue for me. I’ve been using this daily and refill once per week with both my husband and I drinking just about one cup or tumbler per day each.

    This would make the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Especially if you get them set up and make them their first cup! Such a neat experience and fantastic cup of coffee!

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  8. Pinktech

    I used to work at a Starbucks so after learning about and how to make cold brew, one of the most frustrating things was those little 1 liter cold brew makers. This one gallon jug is killer for a constant supply. I just do 3 cups of whole beans, grind that up and add a gallon of water. My ideal time is 20 hours, like the bucks, and I haven’t had a bad batch yet. The spout is nice for daily use, but it also is nice for pouring into another container if you like to have more space in the fridge. Definitely solid product

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  9. Raz Reviews

    The hole for the faucet tap is chipped, putting the faucet in it only chips it more (metal on glass: not a good combination), but it seems to still work fine since the rubber seals keep it from leaking. Just hoping it doesn’t chip too bad over time

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  10. A.A. VAL

    Good enough I can’t justify only giving it 4 stars, but the spout design isn’t perfect and for that reason I think it’s a 4.5. It can be a little sketchy tightening down the spout against the glass, and if you don’t get it good and tight, everything in your fridge below this jug is going to get infused with delicious coffee. Aside from that I love this thing, cold brew for days.

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  11. Raz Reviews

    Just set it up and the quality of glassware/spigot is great! The spigot is stainless steel. I followed the video directions as posted here. There are two rubber gaskets, so make sure one is on each side of the spigot (one inside, one outside) and twist the nut tight– no leaks! Filled up the filter with 300g of coarse grind Kicking Horse and water to top of jar. Waiting for 12h and cold brew tastes great alone, but I like it stronger so waiting another 12h. Looks easy to clean, no coffee bits in the final product and fits in my fridge!! Will purchase another one for family once it comes back in stock 🙂

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  12. Cat

    Me encanto ya llevo con el dos meses y cubre su función perfectamente

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  13. Cat

    This says it makes a gallon of cold brew, and for most cold brew containers the volume of coffee generally amounts to less than what is advertised because what is advertised is simply the size of the reservoir, but the steeper and coffee grounds take up volume and then when they’re taken out the liquid goes down. In this case, an actual gallon of water is poured over the grounds, which means that the volume taken up by the steeper and the grounds doesn’t infringe upon the gallon of liquid. If you add more grounds to the steeper you can make a stronger brew and then add even more water to the jar once the steeper and grounds have been removed (giving you even more than a gallon of coffee).

    The instructions are printed on the outside of the box and they’re easy to follow. You will need to install the spigot yourself. It opens and closes really seamlessly and I haven’t experienced any leaking yet.

    Be sure to use a coarse ground of coffee, I used whole beans that I grinded myself. I did still have some sediments at the top of the jar after removing the steeper but I was able to wipe them out with a paper towel. My coffee came out strong, just like from a coffee shop.

    This works just as advertised and is great for people who like to keep cold brew on hand.

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    Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1 Gallon, Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Stainless Steel Spigot, Iced Coffee Beverage Dispenser, Reusable Cold Brew Mason Jar for Home Fridge
    Homtone Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1 Gallon, Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Stainless Steel Spigot, Iced Coffee Beverage Dispenser, Reusable Cold Brew Mason Jar for Home Fridge


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