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Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Red


  • Brews about 4-4.5 cups of coffee
  • No replacement filters needed (wash and re-use)
  • Slender spout for slow, steady and controlled pouring
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with high quality heatproof glass
  • Manual operation
  • Red color
  • Capacity of 1 Liter
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Buying Guide: Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Red

About Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot

The Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot is a high-quality glass coffee pot designed for making delicious cold brew coffee. With a capacity of 1000ml and a stylish red color, it is the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen.


  • Material: Made with high-quality heatproof glass for durability and safety.
  • Capacity: The pot has a capacity of 1000ml, which can brew about 4-4.5 cups of coffee.
  • Slender Spout: The pot features a slender spout, allowing for slow, steady, and controlled pouring.
  • Dishwasher Safe: The coffee pot is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.


  • Brand: Hario
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Red
  • Capacity: 1 Liter
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Style: Single
  • Product Dimensions: 4.33″W x 11.81″H
  • Included Components: Coffee Pot
  • Shape: Round
  • Item Weight: 465 Grams (1.03 pounds)
  • Model Name: “Mizudashi” Cold Brew Coffee Pot
  • Manufacturer: Hario
  • Item model number: “Mizudashi” Cold Brew Coffee Pot
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: May 13, 2014

How to Select the Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot

1. Determine Your Brewing Capacity

Consider how much coffee you intend to brew at one time. The Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot has a capacity of 1000ml, which is suitable for brewing about 4-4.5 cups of coffee. Make sure this meets your needs.

2. Choose Your Preferred Color

The Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot is available in a stylish red color. If you have a specific color preference or want to match your kitchen decor, consider selecting the red variant.

3. Consider the Material and Durability

The coffee pot is made with high-quality heatproof glass, ensuring durability and safety. If you prioritize durability and a safe brewing experience, this material choice is ideal.

4. Evaluate the Pouring Experience

The slender spout of the Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot allows for slow, steady, and controlled pouring. If you appreciate a precise and controlled pour, this feature will enhance your brewing experience.

5. Cleaning Convenience

The coffee pot is dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. If you prefer effortless clean-up, the dishwasher safe feature will be a valuable consideration.

6. Check Compatibility with Your Needs

Take a look at the product dimensions (4.33″W x 11.81″H) to ensure that the coffee pot fits well in your kitchen and storage areas. Additionally, confirm that the 1 Liter capacity meets your brewing requirements.


The Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, with its 1000ml capacity, durable heatproof glass, stylish red color, and convenient pouring experience, is a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy delicious cold brew coffee. Consider your brewing needs, color preference, material durability, pouring experience, and cleaning convenience when selecting this coffee pot.

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Specification: Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Red







1 Liters

Special Feature




Product Dimensions

4.33"W x 11.81"H

Included Components

Coffee Pot



Item Weight

1.03 pounds

Model Name

"Mizudashi" Cold Brew Coffee Pot



Item model number

"Mizudashi" Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 13, 2014

12 reviews for Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Red

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Laura MJ

    No conocía esta forma de hacer café, y a raiz de un video de instagram empecé a investigar y me convenció. Usualmente consumo café expreso hecho con cafetera Delongui, con cafe en grano de tueste natural, y el sabor del café infusionado me ha gustado bastante. Es de sabor más suave, y hace falta más cantidad para tomar un café con leche, porque es más clarito. No he notado que espabile más, por aquello de tener más cafeína. Es muy cómodo levantarse y tener un litro de café listo en la nevera.
    La cafetera es de muy buena calidad, y llegó protegida. Por su precio, que no llegó a los quince euros, creo que es muy buen producto.

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  2. Kevin M.

    This cold brewer depends on you I think. We have two different brands. This one makes smoother less flavorful coffee compared to the other one we have. Smoother being the bigger key word. Even though the flavors are a little more muted it’s not over powering at all. So I’m back to the original statement. This brewer depends on you. What type of coffee do you like? For me I prefer a little stronger and more flavorful but this one will just be turned into a tea brewer. Cheers.

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  3. Nathan Walker

    I bought it to make iced tea, so I can’t attest to it’s ability for cold brew coffee (even though I can’t see why it wouldn’t be amazing), but for iced tea it’s fantastic. The mesh filter is high quality, and after stuffing about 5 bags of tea into the thing and waiting 6-12 hours later, you get a half gallon of quality tea that takes no more effort than time.

    Not that I would ding the product at all for this, but it is tall, so if you have a small fridge that could be an issue. I can only fit this thing on the top shelf of the two fridges we have in the house. That said, while it’s tall it’s also thin, so as long as you have the head room it will occupy a small amount of space on the shelf it’s on. If I could shorten it and make it a tiny bit wider it would be perfect, but what do I know, perhaps the shape is the key for its great performance. Regardless, this is a great product and well worth the money.

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  4. Sierra

    The first one I order was completely shattered. But I quickly got a refund and ordered it again. Fully in tact and making decent cold brew. It tastes like chilled home brewed coffee which I honestly love. So overall best coffee purchase.

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  5. ゆずはな


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  6. つっしー


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  7. JC

    Hario’s Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot features a useable filter that you fill with roughly ground coffee beans to make your cold brew at home. I’ve easily made back my money with this plus a grinder and my own coffee beans versus buying off the shelf cold brew concentrate.

    * Reusable filter
    * Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
    * Top’s design make holds the filter in place while you pour out the contents

    * Tall, skinny profile is easier to knock over

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  8. Colorgirl

    (Original review)

    I was not sure what to expect when I got this coffee pot. I have the similar pot for cold brew for tea 

    FORLIFE Mist Glass Ice Tea Jug , 50-Ounce, Turquoise

    so I thought that this would be a great addition to our kitchen. I am absolutely in love with the cold brew tea pot and use it constantly. I am still not sure I am as fond of this coffee pot as I thought I would be, however.

    In contrast to the Mist Tea Jug, this pot has a silicone type filter in it which is more like synthetic cheese cloth. The filter is reinforced with hard plastic and the rim sits in the rim of a very tall and narrow glass pot. This pot can be used hot or cold, but not on direct heat to my understanding. The lid snaps on, but is not air tight. The handle is at the top making it easy to pour. I have the red option.

    When storing on the door of the refrigerator, I am a bit nervous about the height of this pot. It seems almost a bit unstable due to the narrow bottom vs the long height that it has. It does not tip over easily, but if someone were to suddenly jerk the door of the refrigerator open, I am not so sure that this pot will not tip off the shelf.

    The directions are in Japanese with illustrations, but even when translated, I do not like the coffee made in this pot using the instructions enclosed which require 80g of coffee and a very long brewing time of up to 24 hours.

    I prefer to use medium coarse ground coffee filled HALFWAY up the see through area. That translates to approximately 6 Tablespoons of ground coffee. Then I gradually pour filtered water over top which is room temperature. I leave this to sit in the kitchen at room temperature, not the refrigerator. If I want to drink it sooner, then I will grind it finer- right between medium and fine. If I am going to leave it in longer, then I will grind it the medium coarse setting. It is important to stir the grounds a few times to get them brewing well. If they are not stirred up, they will clump at the top like a big plug and not do much of anything.

    If we want to drink it sooner with the medium fine grind, we will drink this from after 15 minutes to a half hour of making it. We warm it up on the stove since it is still winter weather, and then either make bullet proof coffee out of it, or traditional coffee with sweetener (we use honey) and cream. We will often add just a little bit of boiling water just to make it the right concentration.

    We will leave it in the brewer about 4 hours tops- not longer than that. I find that the caffeine content is too high for me and I don’t like it. My husband does not like the taste of it after 4 hours either and loves it when I stop brewing at 4 hours, although he does like it after 15 minutes or so too. (If he has a cup, I just add more water to the filter to brew the four hours after that and it is still fine)

    I do not like coffee made in this the traditional way. Perhaps this summer when my husband and son enjoy iced coffee this will get more use. I bought it primarily for that reason. However, I was interested in trying the cold brewed coffee for the more alkaline behavior in the body. IT is very smooth and great tasting if I use the brewing method I listed above. When using the instructions as laid out the caffeine content ruins the coffee for me. I just don’t like it. Even diluted way down I am not fond of it.

    If you clean this right away, it is easy to clean. Immediately when I am done brewing, I remove the filter with the coffee grounds and the bottom screws off. I quickly knock the grounds into the compost and then clean the filter with a gentle brush brush using GENTLE motions. Too hard and rough will ruin this filter. I only keep the coffee in the pot in the refrigerator for two days as it is not air tight so it will get stale quickly with that refrigerator taste.

    This coffee pot makes one of the most smooth and not bitter coffees that I have ever had. I like it even more than french press coffee, although I did find that the french press cold brewed coffee seemed to taste a bit better than this pot, perhaps I need to compare again side by side. Warmed up, it is wonderful tasting for regular coffee drinking or even bullet proof coffee. Although it does not make much coffee, and has to be made every couple of days, it is one way to have coffee that is smooth and not bitter without babysitting it to a degree.

    I am still not in love with this coffee pot. It is good and I will use it, especially in the summer when the guys love their iced coffee, but for me, it just isn’t that WOW. Perhaps as I continue to work with it, I will change my feelings about it, but after a week of constant use and experimentation, I am still on the fence about my feelings for it. I like it- sort of. And the coffee is really good. But is it worth it? I am just not sure yet.

    I am rating this four stars, but will update with more information as I continue to experiment with this and find our favorite way to use it.

    UPDATE (4-2016)
    The above is my original review, but I have changed my review to five stars. I have learned that for our needs, using fine/med grind works perfectly. I only leave the grounds in the pot for 4 hours max and then take them out and store the pot in the refrigerator. We warm the coffee up on the stove, or if preferred, drink it on ice. If using about 33% water added to it, it is perfect.

    My problem was that I was trying to use this heated up for bulletproof coffee a lot and I really am not that fond of it in that application. This seems to taste better with sweetener and a touch of cream if desired in it. I really like it better that way.

    For heat brewed coffee, I prefer bulletproof preparation. With cold processed, I prefer cream and sweetener instead. The finer grind leaves a tiny bit of sludge in the bottom of the pitcher but it is not that much and the coffee is smooth and clean. Coarser grind does not release enough flavor for us and left about the same amount of sludge.

    I wanted to get a backup filter for this coffee maker. I found the page for it, and it was brown just like this one was. When I sent for it, I was surprised to see that the bottom had a screen in it instead of the solid bottom. It still twisted off. The coffee brewer works so much better with it than the original. It has a tiny bit more sediment but works much faster. I love it.

    They have since changed it to the green tea strainer part so apparently something was amiss when I ordered it. I still am glad, however, as I do prefer the screen bottom over the solid

    Here is a link to the replacement part in case you want to try it too:

    Strainer of HCC-12DG

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  9. Jay kumar

    Mizudashi 600 ml Cold Brewer has excellent design with functional PVC screen to place Coffee grounds, it delivers smooth & consistently brewed Cold Coffee after chilling the glass flask in a fridge from 8-12 hours, Using medium Coarse or French filter grounds!

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  10. Westley E.

    After looking at quite a few cold brew coffee systems, it seemed to me that many were unnecessarily complex. This is simply a mesh basket in a glass pitcher. Works best with coarse grinds. Simply put coarse grinds into the mesh basket (I fill about 1/2-2/3) then ad water. That’s it. I do feel that after around a half day that it’s best to stir the grinds as they seem to clump and being gentle when doing so (don’t want to damage the mesh basket.) I typically let steep for 24 hours and it’s perfect. One pitcher last two days for me. I have no complaints but I will say the pitcher is thin and tall so I have to be careful not to tip it over, but it’s not inherently unstable. I like that it’s glass and not plastic. Not being made in China is a plus.

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  11. Stezanka

    The filter lifts out easily and the old coffee comes out easily. This replaced an item that had a fiddly handle on the filter which broke very quickly, this filter has no fiddly parts so I’m hoping it will be more successful but I’m only 2 brews in

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  12. Chef Larry

    This brewer is easy to use. The mesh is very fine resulting in very little coffee ground residue.
    The reason I did not give five stars is due to the fragility of the thin glass carafe and the thin mesh in the strainer basket. With that said, with proper care, the brewer should last long enough to satisfy the buyer.
    I tried several coffees including grinding the beans. My best result used pre-ground. San Francisco Bay
    French Roast coffee. I use 35 grams of coffee and the results are excellent.

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    Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Red
    Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Red


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