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Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver


  • Grinds up to 90g/3.2oz of coffee beans at once
  • Modern design with brushed stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty motor for consistent results
  • Safety interlock lid prevents operation unless securely closed
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable stainless steel bowl
  • Cord storage for convenience
  • BPA free and comes with instruction book
  • Compact dimensions: 8.9″L x 5.9″W x 5″H
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Buying Guide: Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver


Welcome to our buying guide for the Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and select the right coffee grinder for your needs.

1. Capacity and Quantity

The Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder has a capacity of 90 grams, which allows you to grind large quantities of coffee beans at once. This capacity is sufficient to make up to 18 cups of fresh coffee, making it ideal for home use.

2. Modern Design

The coffee grinder features a modern design with brushed stainless steel, which gives it a sleek and stylish look. It seamlessly blends with other appliances in your kitchen, adding a touch of elegance to your countertop.

3. Heavy-Duty Motor

The Cuisinart DCG-12BC is equipped with a high-power motor and stainless steel blades, ensuring consistent results every time you grind your coffee beans. It also has an on/off control for simple operation, making it easy to use for anyone.

4. Lid Features

The coffee grinder is designed with a built-in safety interlock, which prevents operation unless the lid is securely closed. This feature ensures your safety while using the grinder. Additionally, the grinding bowl can be used to store any extra coffee grounds conveniently.

5. Extra Perks

The Cuisinart DCG-12BC comes with additional perks that enhance its usability. The stainless steel bowl is removable and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. The grinder also features cord storage to keep your countertop tidy. This product is BPA free and includes an instruction book to assist with the setup and learning process.


  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Style: Grind Central
  • Capacity: 90 Grams
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Home
  • Specific Uses For Product: personal
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Product Dimensions: 8.9″L x 5.9″W x 5″H
  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Cuisinart
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item Model Number: DCG-12BC
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: May 5, 2003

With its large capacity, modern design, heavy-duty motor, and additional features, the Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder is a convenient and reliable option for grinding your coffee beans at home.

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Specification: Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver





Grind Central


90 Grams

Specific Uses For Product



230 Volts

Product Dimensions

8.9"L x 5.9"W x 5"H

Item Weight

8.8 ounces





Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 5, 2003

11 reviews for Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver

4.7 out of 5
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  1. edivalle

    It works but if you need to use it often best to get something bigger

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  2. Amazon Customer

    The grinder does an amazing job grinding coffee beans, and can get a perfect consistency for French press. The instructions were easy to follow and it’s easily cleaned (the removable parts can go in the dishwasher). I have experimented with level of beans put in to avoid a mess (it boasts grinding up to 18 cups worth at a time), but I do find they spill over quite a bit and you just need to be careful grinding them in an area you can easily wipe up afterward. I like the stainless steel look, it’s sleek and looks amazing in my kitchen.

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  3. wannabe perfectionist đź’¬

    My wife and I grind coffee beans every morning to drink coffee.
    We used to buy ground coffee but once we tasted the coffee that was freshly ground from coffee beans right before brewing it, we just couldn’t go back to ground coffee.

    My wife loves Cuisinart brands so we only had Cuisinart coffeemaker and Cuisinart grind central coffee grinder for over 10 years. If I remember correctly, we replaced the coffeemaker 3 times so far and the grind central coffee grinder was replaced just once but last week, the blade inside the grind central coffee grinder broke off so we needed another grinder.

    This time, I wanted to get a better coffee grinder but I knew my wife would have preferred a Cuisinart model so I purchased this conical burr mill from Amazon last week.

    First the good stuff:
    – it grinds much better and finer than the grind central model
    – it has the coffee bean holder on top so I don’t have to transfer the coffee beans from the bag to the grinder every morning like I did with the grind central
    – you can select the # of cups and it will automatically grind that amount so I don’t have to measure the beans anymore like I did with the grind central

    Overall, I’m happy with this grinder so far but here are my complaints:

    – the LCD is on top rather than on front like the coffeemaker so you can’t read it clearly unless you bring the grinder up close in front of you (see picture)
    – the LCD is very bright and stays on unless unplugged. The coffee maker does the same but at least it shows a time and timer, and it’s not as bright. Also, when unplugged, it doesn’t remember the last coffee cup setting and it resets to 12 cups so for this annoyance, I have to keep it plugged in
    – the opening of the container that catches the ground coffee is too small in my opinion and small amount of coffee powder gets on the top. You can remove the top cap of the container but the coffee grinder knows that the top is not on and won’t work

    TIP : I wrapped the top of the container with aluminum foil and it makes it easier to clean up the coffee powder on top but I really wish the opening was bigger and better designed.

    I will update the review after I use this grinder for several months.

    ** UPDATED on 11/1/2019 **

    We’ve been using this every morning for over 6 months now and we are loving it. We noticed that the coffee powder spills and sticks on the bottom-back of the container so we have to wipe them off once in a while or the container may not fit properly in place due to the build-up but this is a minor annoyance. I really wish they would make the opening bigger or come up with a better design to catch all grinds inside the container.

    I hope this helps and if it did, please click on the helpful button below!

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  4. Milton Reynolds

    After buying through one or two cheaper, though not necessarily less expensive coffee grinders, I noticed one at a friend’s house. The mill his quiet, really efficient and quick. For the price you won’t find a better grinder or at least I can say I haven’t.

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  5. alicia

    This is so nice, worth the extra cost!
    Get a different brush to clean it, the one provided is cheap and doesn’t work well.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    This is my favorite grinder. It is quieter than most and has all the functions required. Cups, grind type. Good sized hopper and collection container. I had purchased a different on but it was ridiculously loud.
    I believe this is my third grinder. It manages to last for 2 to 4 years. The reason I have had so many is my own fault not the grinder. I have inadvertently damaged each one. I would not purchase any other grinder

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  7. Y N

    Es el segundo moledor que compro, pero resultĂł ser mejor.
    Muele el café como debería, no un molido como el molido Turco pero si para el express, que es para lo que lo ocupo.
    Es rapido y versatil, no ocupa mucho espacio, así que es fácil acomodarlo.
    Es ruidoso, lo que esperarías de un molino eléctrico, pero no tan ruidoso.
    No es complicado limpiarlo, el deposito de cafe es extraible dándole algunas vueltas en dirección contraria, lo cual también te facilita a limpiar el interior con algo mas, el resto se puede limpiar con un paño semi humedo, asi que es fácil.

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  8. Shari

    This coffee grinder works great, is relatively quiet and grinds the coffee nicely.
    The cup size is big enough to grind for a couple pots of coffee.
    Ti grind the coffee to the size you desire, you hold down the button. I prefer an automated type, but I like the look of this grinder.

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  9. MM

    The price for this grinder is a perfect representation of the product. It’s not too expensive, but substantial enough to be taken seriously.

    Conical burr grinders, as opposed to flat burrs (or god forbid, blade choppers), are the best kind of coffee grinders you can buy. In theory, this grinder is a headliner for what professional grade should be. Given the price, it is exactly as advertised but for better or worse, it’s exactly what you paid for.

    My setup:
    I am a trained barista and I have several brewing methods in my kitchen. I have a beautiful Grosche french press, a Melitta #2 pour-over, and a Bonavita BV1900TS automatic brewer. No kidding, I take my coffee seriously. Unfortunately I do not have an espresso machine so I can’t speak about the performance for grind sizes below #7 on the grinder.

    1. Grind
    The most important performance aspect of any grinder is obviously the grind. You would want something that grinds evenly and accurate to the setting. For the most part, this grinder performs admirably. Every single grind settings between #7 to #18 (coarsest on this machine) really make a huge impact on the flavor of the cup. Using a Melitta pour over, a #7, #8, or #9 taste vastly different across multiple iterations. #7 produces acup that is syrupy and bitter while #9 pours a weak watery mild cup of coffee. At #8, the coffee shines with no bitterness and rich full flavors. Obviously, different brewing methods and even different types of coffee will have its own perfect grind, you can find the flavor you are looking for on this machine with few sacrifices.

    The evenness of the grind achieved for this machine performs beyond any consumer flat burr or blade chopper can ever hope for. That being said, you will still find some coarse pieces and fine powder within a grind. Fortunately, the outliers are few enough in amount that it won’t adversely affect the flavor beyond reasonable tolerance. For better performance you would have to spend at least twice this much for a professional brand grinder.

    2. Aesthetics
    I ordered this grinder without ever seeing it in person and I don’t regret it one bit. This machine stands just a few inches short of my Bonavita and looks commanding without overbearing. The sides are made of real metal, not metal painted plastic so you can really feel the quality on this machine. Incidentally, it matches the finish on my Bonavita perfectly and they look like a set if weren’t for the brand logo. There is a decent heft to the machine so you won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the machines off the counter. Unfortunately, the LCD screen is brightly lit with blue backlit that cannot be turned off without cutting off the power, but I have the grinder, along with my other kitchen appliances plugged into a powerstrip with its own switch. No harm done.

    3. Features
    There are 18 grind settings on this machines, grind from espresso to coarse. I can’t test anything finer than #7 because I don’t have an espresso machine but the coarse setting can withstand the immersion of my french press and cold brew coffee. There are no fine particulates that stuck to the filter on my french press and very little sludge in the cup.

    The grounds holder, unfortunately, is made of smooth clear plastic, which means one thing: static. There is quite a bit of static when using this grinder that will make grounds get sticky in the walls of the container and the sprout. With some careful tapping and patience, you can tame the static but not eliminating it. For what’s it worth, it’s not enough of a downside to dismiss this grinder but it is something you’ll have to deal with.

    4. Clean up
    Clean up is fairly easy with a removable bean hopper, burrs and grounds container. Those are usually hand-washed and the burr set just needs a bit of dusting with the included scoop and brush combo. The hard part comes with grinder itself and the sprout which can be difficult to clean. With some wiggling and patience you can thoroughly clean the grinder in 5 minutes or less. It is something you have to maintain when owning any grinder so I’m grateful it’s not any harder than it needs to be.

    Overall, I am very happy for the performance relative to the price. I know there are better grinders and cheaper grinders, but for making a great cup of coffee at home, you can’t go wrong with this grinder. I highly recommend it.

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  10. wannabe perfectionist đź’¬

    El café queda muy rico, es sumamente práctico para molerlo y prepararlo inmediatamente. El sabor del café es increíble. Para expreso queda un poco grueso, a pesar de seleccionar la opción más fina, pero para una cafetera de goteo es excelente.

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  11. Rogelio MartĂ­nez LĂłpez

    I love this machine. Once you’ve figured out the setting that works best for you it’s so simple…just press the go button. I selected one cup extra measure for an 8 cup pot of coffee. We like a little stronger brew. It might takes 2 to 3 tries before you find the one that best suits your taste. Give it a couple of hard taps before you slide it out as it can get a little messy. Once you figure it out you’ll be a big fan. Enjoy!

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    Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver
    Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver


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