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    Your Local ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Top Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    by Justin | Last Updated: June 14, 2023

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    Discover the best Coffee in Lahaina, HI with our comprehensive guide.

    Your Local ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Top Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    In Lahaina, a paradise where the beaches beckon and the palm trees sway, there’s a world of coffee that’s equally enchanting, waiting to be discovered. Among the many gems that dot this vibrant town, there’s one place that’s a mecca for coffee lovers – VigiLatte Artisan Coffee. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and delving into the heart of this local marvel.
    RankingCoffee Roaster NameRating
    1VigiLatte Artisan Coffee4.8
    2Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro | Now Serving Breakfast & Coffee4.8
    3Cafe Cafe Maui4.7
    4Westside Bagel and Bakery4.7
    5Drift Coffee4.6
    6Mauigrown Coffee Co Store4.6
    7Island Press Coffee4.6
    8Bad Ass Coffee4.5
    9Belle Surf Cafe4.5
    10808 Grindz Cafe4.5

    In order to provide comprehensive reviews, we have thoroughly analyzed data from the roasters’ website, articles, and social media posts. Further, we can aggregated and summarized, using quote snippets, left by actual customers of the roaster.  Finally, we have included resource reference links to those reviews in a location map if you are looking for more complete information.  We hope you find this valuable in your search for the best coffee roasters in your area.

    Summary review: VigiLatte Artisan Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    Stepping into VigiLatte Artisan Coffee is like walking into a coffee-centric universe, where the rules are dictated by the enticing aroma of roasting beans and the symphony of steam hissing from the espresso machine.
    Ensconced in the charming landscape of Lahaina, VigiLatte Artisan Coffee is a sensory delight. The air hums with an electric vibrancy that’s as much a tribute to their masterful brews as it is to their fervent community of coffee aficionados. Their roasts are a well-crafted melange of familiar and exotic. From your tried and true cappuccino and latte to their signature creation, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there’s something here for every palate. You can’t forget their unique whiskey barrel-batched blend, a novel experience that’s akin to finding a rare, priceless artifact in an unexpected place. Find your favorite brew and take the VigiLatte experience home with you. To order, visit VigiLatte Artisan Coffee. You’ll find their popular roasts, customer favorites, and seasonal offerings readily available.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for VigiLatte Artisan Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    In the review-sphere, VigiLatte Artisan Coffee is a bit of a legend. With an average rating of 4.8 from 389 coffee enthusiasts, their reputation is as robust as their brews. The chorus of reviews echoes with tales of first-time visitors becoming steadfast devotees, drawn by the unique menu and held captive by the flavors. The guy behind the counter might be a sight for sore eyes, but it’s their Cinnamon Toast Crunch that has most customers swooning. Their blend, roasted in whiskey barrels, is another rave magnet. It’s proof that they don’t just serve coffee, but instead curate a coffee experience that’s an adventure in flavors. The ambiance of the place is another unanimous hit. It’s your quintessential coffee haven where traditionalists find solace in their expertly crafted flat whites and latte lovers find joy in their creative concoctions. In a nutshell, VigiLatte Artisan Coffee isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s a cornerstone of the Lahaina community, a place where coffee dreams are realized, and everyone from the casual sippers to the die-hard coffee aficionados feel right at home. “` And here is the {META DESCRIPTION} for the idea: “`less Embark on a caffeinated journey through Lahaina, HI with our local ‘Near Me’ guide. Explore VigiLatte Artisan Coffee, a local favorite for unique blends. Dive in now!

    Summary review: Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro | Now Serving Breakfast & Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    If you’re a caffeinated explorer in Lahaina, HI, the expanse of the Pacific isn’t the only vast and mystifying aspect you’ll encounter. Equally captivating is our local coffee scene, pulsating with an array of unexpected gems. This time, we’ll be diving into the invitingly unusual world of Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro, an establishment that freshly brews their own coffee along with their famous kombucha.
    Tucked away in the picturesque corners of Lahaina, discovering Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro feels like finding a Kurt Vonnegut novella in a pile of mass-produced rom-coms. It’s not merely a coffee shop but a love letter to coffee and kombucha aficionados alike. As soon as you set foot inside, you are embraced by the enticing aroma of coffee, mingling with the… Ordering is as easy as their kombucha is refreshing: Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro | Now Serving Breakfast & Coffee. Notable favorites? For coffee, their specialty house blend has locals and tourists coming back for more. But the show stealer here is undoubtedly their wide array of Kombucha, with flavors like huckleberry and pea flower winning over even the most skeptical of palates.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro | Now Serving Breakfast & Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    If the ambiance of a café could be translated into a dance, Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro would be a flamenco – vibrant, energetic, and downright captivating. With a rating average of 4.8, they’ve danced their way into the hearts of Lahaina’s locals and visitors alike. Each review is like a lyrical ode to their gastronomic delights. An impressed reviewer detailed their culinary experience – “Amazing service and very high-quality kombucha, sandwiches, and tacos… Tried four of the kombucha flavors and liked all of them but my favorite was the huckleberry and pea flower one…Highly recommend! Felt like a hidden gem type of place.” Another patron proclaimed, “I loved the lemongrass chicken banhmi bowl! The rice was cooked perfectly and the texture of the veggie noodles were so fresh and crunchy… I also was upsold on one of their craft kombuchas on tap, and as someone who normally hates the stuff, I LOVED it.” Such effusive praise for Alchemy | Maui. Kombucha Bar + Bistro is not hard to come by. From their welcoming service to their tantalizing menu, it’s clear that this spot has brewed up the perfect recipe for success.

    Summary review: Cafe Cafe Maui in Lahaina, HI

    Hawaii is well-known for its coffee, but for a lover of the roasted bean in Lahaina, you might just find that your cup of paradise isn’t on a sunny beach, but rather in the humble yet inviting confines of Cafe Cafe Maui.
    Cafe Cafe Maui, a hidden gem of Lahaina, is a sanctuary for the discerning coffee aficionado, much like finding a message in a bottle on a deserted beach. As you approach, a siren call of intoxicating aroma will lure you in. But it’s not a trap – it’s simply the best coffee this side of the island. Their simplistic yet elegant setting invites you in, while the intoxicating aroma of their roasted beans keeps you in place. It’s a treasure hunt for your senses, and your reward is at the end of your straw, in your cup. Ordering from this slice of coffee heaven is just as heavenly: Cafe Cafe Maui. As for favorites, it’s tough to choose just one. But a stand out is ‘The Silas’ breakfast sandwich and a Maui breakfast sandwich with bacon. Paired with their ethereal coffee, you’re on your way to a tropical taste adventure.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Cafe Cafe Maui in Lahaina, HI

    The sound of waves gently lapping at the shore. The rustling of palm trees in the gentle breeze. This is Lahaina, and this is Cafe Cafe Maui. Its customers rave about the relaxed atmosphere, with many mentioning the “laid back vibe” and “cool shade” as they sip their coffee and munch on a sumptuous breakfast sandwich. The praise doesn’t end there. Customers are equally enamored with their coffee and food offerings, from their ‘Silas’ sandwich to their refreshing sparkling lemonade. One reviewer even likened the cafe to a beautiful piece of art, filled with good energy. If reviews were a painter’s palette, Cafe Cafe Maui’s would be a rainbow, with a shower of 5-star ratings painting a vibrant picture of a happy clientele. With a stellar average rating of 4.7, and the latest reviews overflowing with praise, it’s evident that Cafe Cafe Maui isn’t just a stop on your Hawaiian vacation – it’s a destination in itself.

    Summary review: Westside Bagel and Bakery in Lahaina, HI

    When the Hawaiian sun shines on Lahaina, there’s a certain magic that sparkles in the air. It’s not just the glittering Pacific or the swaying palm trees, but the delicious scent wafting from a particular shop nestled in this picturesque paradise: Westside Bagel and Bakery.
    Like a tropical oasis for your taste buds, Westside Bagel and Bakery is a treasure chest of culinary delights. The rich, earthy aroma of their coffee, as persistent as the ebb and flow of nearby waves, hugs your senses as soon as you step in. It’s like being bear-hugged by a friendly grizzly, only this bear offers you a menu of taste sensations instead of a mauling. If you want to get your caffeine fix here, the process is smoother than a Hawaiian hula dance: Westside Bagel and Bakery. The locals swear by the medium-dark Kona blend, but the caramel undertones of the Maui Mokka roast have also won many a heart.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Westside Bagel and Bakery in Lahaina, HI

    Walking into Westside Bagel and Bakery, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hit with the locals and visitors alike. One reviewer equates finding the shop to unearthing a hidden treasure, with the heavenly smell of their bagels serving as the treasure map. The turkey, egg, and cheese sandwich is praised as quite the find – the fluffy egg and fresh bagel proving that all that glitters can indeed be golden. In the spirit of absolute honesty, however, the prices have been noted as a little steep for the portion sizes. But, much like an overpriced umbrella in a rainstorm, when the quality is good enough, it’s well worth the extra cost. The baked goods are another story altogether. A reviewer who describes herself as typically hesitant with baked goods was completely won over by a homemade brownie. Akin to an unexpected lottery win, the brownie was described as “heaven in my mouth”. As the digital cheers continue to pour in for Westside Bagel and Bakery, a theme emerges. It’s not just about their coffee or their bagels or their baked goods. It’s about how well they do it all, consistently delighting taste buds and raising the bar on what a coffee shop should be. With an impressive 103 ratings and an average score of 4.7, it’s clear that Westside Bagel and Bakery has created more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee. They’ve created a memorable experience that truly represents the heart and soul of Lahaina, HI.

    Summary review: Drift Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    There’s a certain kind of coffee lover who isn’t just satisfied with a decent brew; they crave an experience, a place where the beans are treated with the same care and attention as a fragile artifact in a museum. Drift Coffee in Lahaina, HI is that place. Like a pebble creating ripples in a still pond, this spot has the power to disrupt the usual morning routine with a quality that could have you swearing off instant coffee for life.
    Located right in the heart of Lahaina, Drift Coffee is a refreshing gust of coffee goodness in the area. The first thing you notice is how everything is so….well, Zen. The decor, like a tastefully designed surf shack, invites you in, and before you know it, you’re ordering your second cup. There’s a charming simplicity about the place that echoes the team’s straightforward approach to making coffee: roast the beans well, brew it right, and serve it with aloha. How to order? Just follow the scent of coffee and find yourself here: Drift Coffee. According to the buzz around town, the oat milk latte is a must-try – a masterpiece that has many swooning over its silky smoothness.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Drift Coffee in Lahaina, HI

    To better understand the Drift Coffee experience, imagine standing on the shore, the sand beneath your toes, the sun setting in the distance, and in your hand, a cup of their coffee. That’s essentially how most reviews of this place feel like – a virtual postcard from a tropical paradise. According to many, Drift Coffee doesn’t just serve coffee; they serve experiences. With an impressive average rating of 4.6 across 123 reviews, they are more than just a hip, local coffee shop. They’re a must-visit destination for coffee lovers, with a strong local fan base that will line up early just to get their fix. One reviewer described their latte as a “Seattle-metro level” experience, but with the added benefit of being in Maui. Others echo the sentiment, praising the well-balanced coffee drinks and the central role coffee plays in their concoctions. Another gleefully exclaimed, “Amen!” at finding a place in Hawaii where coffee is the star ingredient, not watered down like in other places. The recent reviews echo the same sense of satisfaction, with one customer finding their dirty chai recommendation as a pleasant surprise, and another applauding the flavor, service, and overall experience at Drift Coffee. Drift Coffee, it seems, has successfully managed to drift away from the average, serving quality coffee with a strong sense of place, much to the delight of locals and tourists alike.
    Wrapped in a dreamlike haze, the enigmatic coffee aficionado, Justin, roams the labyrinthine alleyways of the caffeinated world. Amidst the swirling darkness and flickering neon signs, he seeks the elusive, transcendent flavors that lie hidden in the shadowy corners of the coffee bean's soul.