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    Your Local ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Top Coffee in Kahaluu, HI

    by Justin | Last Updated: June 14, 2023

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    Discover the best Coffee in Kahaluu, HI with our comprehensive guide.

    Your Local ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Top Coffee in Kahaluu, HI

    For any serious coffee connoisseur, finding the right cup of joe is a bit like hunting for buried treasure. Today, let’s walk the plank together and plunge into the warm, welcoming waters of Café Kalawe in Kahaluu, Hawaii. This local coffee gem roasts their beans with the same gentle care and dedication that a keen surfer has for catching the perfect wave.
    RankingCoffee Roaster NameRating
    1Café Kalawe4.9
    2Keao’s Coffee Co4.8
    3Times Coffee Shop Kailua4.6
    4Times Coffee Shop4.5
    5ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters4.5
    6MJ Cafe4.4
    7Tea Home4.4

    In order to provide comprehensive reviews, we have thoroughly analyzed data from the roasters’ website, articles, and social media posts. Further, we can aggregated and summarized, using quote snippets, left by actual customers of the roaster.  Finally, we have included resource reference links to those reviews in a location map if you are looking for more complete information.  We hope you find this valuable in your search for the best coffee roasters in your area.

    Summary review: Café Kalawe in Kahaluu, HI

    Finding Café Kalawe is like discovering a hidden treasure chest, nestled in the verdant heart of Kahaluu. The second you step foot inside this unassuming café, you are instantly embraced by the soothing aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, reminiscent of a beachside bonfire on a starlit night.
    The atmosphere inside is as relaxed and inviting as a beachside hammock, swaying gently in the balmy Hawaiian breeze. If you’re looking for a place to unwind with a cup of paradise, this is it. Café Kalawe’s coffee is no mere beverage; it’s a sensory experience that reflects the spirit of the Aloha State. Their standout roast, the “Volcano Velvet,” is a sultry blend that dances on the tongue, rich and bold, just like the dramatic lava flows it’s named after. For those seeking something lighter, the “Island Sunrise” offers a balanced and mellow brew, reminiscent of a Hawaiian sunrise kissing the azure Pacific. To order from Café Kalawe, simply visit their website at Café Kalawe. With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to sip some of the best coffee Hawaii has to offer. Customer favorites? Both the “Volcano Velvet” and the “Island Sunrise” are popular choices, along with their stunning selection of single-origin coffees.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Café Kalawe in Kahaluu, HI

    The reviews of Café Kalawe read like heartfelt love letters to coffee. With a whopping 245 ratings and a global average of 4.9, the café is a clear hit among the coffee-loving community. Reviewers lavish praise on the friendly staff who, one says, make visitors “feel like family.” One reviewer speaks fondly of their “super cheap, and good quality food,” proclaiming, “We will be coming here every morning from now on.” Another reviewer raves about the café’s breakfast offerings, which were an unexpected surprise: “So glad we found it! I had no idea what to expect, and was unsure of having a breakfast with gravy on it, but it was so delicious!!” Café Kalawe seems to resonate with locals and tourists alike, with many praising the live music on Sundays, the exceptional service, and the delectable food. One reviewer exclaimed, “Best place I’ve ate on the island! Food was amazing! Service was even better!!!” In conclusion, if you find yourself in Kahaluu, HI, and have a hankering for an exceptional cup of coffee in a warm, friendly setting, you know where to go. Café Kalawe is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys good coffee, good food, and good vibes.

    Summary review: Keao’s Coffee Co in Kahaluu, HI

    In the heart of Kahaluu, where the ocean’s blue melds with the vibrant green of the lush foliage, there sits a treasure trove of delight known as Keao’s Coffee Co. As a connoisseur of the humble bean myself, I find myself drawn to this locale, much like a migrating bird finds its way home.
    Lost in the verdant beauty of Kahaluu, stumbling upon Keao’s Coffee Co is akin to finding a long-lost manuscript in a used bookstore. It’s not just a spot for a quick cuppa, but an inviting refuge for those who appreciate the pure, untarnished essence of coffee. Walking into Keao’s Coffee Co, you’re hit by the robust, inviting scent of roasting beans, as if you were… To order your very own cup of excellence, simply visit Keao’s Coffee Co. A favorite among locals is the Thai iced tea and iced coconut vanilla latte, drinks so good they would make even a tea-lover pledge allegiance to coffee. Imagine, if you will, Keao’s Coffee Co as a novel…

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Keao’s Coffee Co in Kahaluu, HI

    Visiting Keao’s Coffee Co is akin to stepping into a novel where every sip of coffee is a plot twist, and each bite of an acai bowl is a cliffhanger. The reviews, a testament to the quality of their brew, narrate stories of delightful visits, rich flavors, and heartwarming hospitality. One reviewer, after trying the Thai iced tea and iced coconut vanilla latte, was heard exclaiming, “AMAZING!” and couldn’t help but appreciate the quaint seating arrangements across the street. Another reviewer had an experience so enchanting they could barely contain their excitement, proclaiming, “Coffee was so good! Can’t wait to go back to try their Acai bowls.” These glowing reviews paint a portrait of Keao’s Coffee Co in broad, colorful strokes, highlighting its incredible service, unique flavors, and the affection customers hold for the establishment. If a café’s ambiance could be likened to a song, Keao’s would be a soulful ballad performed on an old, reliable guitar that never misses a note. With an impressive rating average of 4.8, it’s clear that Keao’s has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike, making it a must-visit spot on the coffee lover’s map of Kahaluu, HI.

    Summary review: Times Coffee Shop Kailua in Kahaluu, HI

    Imagine this: you’re in Kahaluu, HI. You’re a coffee enthusiast with a taste for the exotic, the unique. You want your caffeine fix, but you also crave a side of charm, of character. You don’t just want a coffee shop, you want an experience. Then, as if the gods of coffee have heard your plea, you find it. A local treasure, a caffeine-filled oasis: Times Coffee Shop Kailua.
    Times Coffee Shop Kailua is not your ordinary coffee shop. Oh no, dear reader, this is an adventure in caffeination. Imagine if your beloved grandmother were a barista and she owned a shop. That’s Times Coffee Shop. There’s a personal touch, a sense of homeliness that settles around you, warming you faster than the coffee in your hand. Now, my coffee-craving friend, you’re probably wondering how to order from this little paradise. Well, it’s as simple as tying your shoelaces: Times Coffee Shop Kailua. As for the crowd favorites? The buzz around town points towards their full order of fried rice and pot roast loco moco. The portions are so generous that you might have to consider sharing. Or not. I’m not here to judge.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Times Coffee Shop Kailua in Kahaluu, HI

    Let me tell you a story, not my story, but a woven narrative of the voices of the many who have visited Times Coffee Shop Kailua. These are their tales, sung in unison, a melody of love for a little coffee shop that could. One year ago, a pleased patron declared it a ‘must visit’, praising the hardworking staff and fresh food. Four months past, a diner pointed out some confusion about parking signs but ultimately commended the food, especially the generous portions of the rice. Only two months ago, a fan fell in love with the family-owned, locally loved atmosphere and the attention of the staff. A detractor from three weeks ago complained about the service, reminding us all that even the best have off days. Finally, a voice from the past, three years ago, fondly remembered the casual setting, the local flavors, and the generous servings. With a grand total of 329 user ratings and a robust average rating of 4.6, Times Coffee Shop Kailua has etched its place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. If coffee shops were novels, Times Coffee Shop Kailua would be a feel-good bestseller, satisfying to the last page, or in this case, the last drop.

    Summary review: Times Coffee Shop in Kahaluu, HI

    If you’re in Kahaluu, HI, there’s a captivating little corner you must not miss. It’s the Times Coffee Shop, where the aloha spirit is brewed right into your coffee cup. These local beans are roasted with a tender affection that makes you feel, even if just for a moment, that you’ve stumbled upon a brewing secret older than the surrounding lush, tropical mountains themselves.
    Nestled cozily into the beautiful Kahaluu landscape, Times Coffee Shop is your local diamond in the rough. It’s not just a coffee shop; it’s a place where community, conversation, and culture blend effortlessly into each steaming cup of joe. Entering the Times Coffee Shop, your senses are greeted by a warm welcome, the kind you might receive at a longtime friend’s home – from the sight of richly roasted beans to the comforting smell of freshly brewed coffee. If you’re longing for a taste of this unique blend of tropical paradise and cozy community comfort, just visit Times Coffee Shop. Customers rave about their Kona Coffee, and their macadamia nut roast is a smooth ride on a coffee wave that you won’t want to end.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Times Coffee Shop in Kahaluu, HI

    With an average rating of 4.5, Times Coffee Shop in Kahaluu, HI, seems to have mastered the recipe for creating unforgettable coffee moments. From the homemade food to the outstanding customer service, it’s not just the coffee that’s stirring up high ratings. One reviewer from two months ago writes, “The food is made from scratch n not frozen… Nice size portions n very tasty too.” Their emphasis on freshness and quality resonates through the reviews. A more recent review praises not just the food, but the service as well, describing their server Crystal as, “absolutely amazing!!!” This repeated mention of the same server throughout the reviews reflects the personal and friendly touch that adds extra warmth to the coffee at Times Coffee Shop. One reviewer, who visited nine months ago, boldly claims it’s “the absolute best place in Hawaii to get fried rice.” Another from a year ago appreciated the “local vibe” and highly recommended the cafe for its delicious roast pork moco, which charged them up for an adventure. From the food to the service, and of course, the coffee, Times Coffee Shop in Kahaluu, HI, is a place that makes you feel at home, no matter how far away your actual home may be. A well-deserved mention in our ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Top Coffee in Kahaluu, HI.

    Summary review: ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters in Kahaluu, HI

    If Kahaluu were a cup of coffee, it would be a blend as dynamic and invigorating as the Hawaiian landscape itself. Now, imagine a coffee shop that could brew such a concoction – welcome to ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters, the scenic highway on Kahaluu’s coffee route.
    This charismatic coffee roaster sits like an understated sonnet among the flashier commercial poems of the area. The aroma of coffee beans roasting is their soundtrack, the siren call that leads weary travelers to their door. Think of ChadLou’s as the benign Medusa of the coffee world – one whiff, and you’re stone-cold in love. To order the nectar of ChadLou’s beans and experience their caffeine-induced hypnosis, visit ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters. If you’re seeking a glimpse of the local favorites, let me spill the beans – the Boat Ramp Espresso Roast and Honu Latte have a cult following, and rightfully so. If ChadLou’s were a person, it would be that subtly funny friend who’s always there, brewing you a fresh cup of comfort when you need it the most.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters in Kahaluu, HI

    The mood at ChadLou’s, according to the chorus of reviews, is like a mellow afternoon in Kahaluu – soothing, laid-back, and full of surprises. The way each coffee blend is described, you’d think these reviews were recounting love affairs rather than cafe visits. A reviewer, who unwittingly stumbled upon ChadLou’s, likens the experience to discovering a treasure – the Honu Latte and Boat Ramp Espresso Roast, her precious jewels. Another intrepid coffee explorer describes ChadLou’s as an oasis in a desert of mediocre coffee, touting its status as a roastery as the secret to their exquisite brews. The narrative continues with an account of an excellent Kula Latte with lavender, a testament to ChadLou’s knack for balancing the classic and the eclectic. A reviewer speaks of the patient waiting game while another sings praises of the coffee tasting sessions that are as enlightening as they are delicious. The average rating stands at an impressive 4.5, which in the coffee world is equivalent to a standing ovation. ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters has clearly poured their heart into their coffee, and it shows – in every sip, in every review, and in the contented sighs of their customers.
    Wrapped in a dreamlike haze, the enigmatic coffee aficionado, Justin, roams the labyrinthine alleyways of the caffeinated world. Amidst the swirling darkness and flickering neon signs, he seeks the elusive, transcendent flavors that lie hidden in the shadowy corners of the coffee bean's soul.