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    Your Local ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Best Coffee Roasters in Decatur, GA

    by Justin | Last Updated: June 20, 2023

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    Discover the best Coffee Roasters in Decatur, GA with our comprehensive guide.

    Your Local ‘Near Me’ Guide to the Best Coffee Roasters in Decatur, GA

    When the sun creeps up over the horizon in Decatur, GA, a symphony of scents wafts through the air. Among them is the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee from our local roasters. On our aromatic journey today, we tune into the frequency of Radio Roasters Coffee, the caffeine hub that serves as the neighborhood’s living room.

    RankingCoffee Roaster NameRating
    1Radio Roasters Coffee4.8
    2Waller’s Coffee Shop4.8
    3Opo Coffee4.6
    4Dancing Goats Decatur4.6

    In order to provide comprehensive reviews, we have thoroughly analyzed data from the roasters’ website, articles, and social media posts. Further, we can aggregated and summarized, using quote snippets, left by actual customers of the roaster.  Finally, we have included resource reference links to those reviews in a location map if you are looking for more complete information.  We hope you find this valuable in your search for the best coffee roasters in your area.

    Radio Roasters Coffee in Decatur, GA

    The gentle hum of the Radio Roasters Coffee roasting machine isn’t just background noise; it’s the heartbeat of Decatur. You know you’ve arrived when the scent of roasting coffee beans, just a little nutty and oh-so inviting, greets you before the door does.

    Ensconced in an unassuming corner of the city, Radio Roasters Coffee is akin to a well-loved radio station, its frequency resonating with all who appreciate the fine art of coffee. Dialing in on the intricate nuances of single-origin beans, this roastery transforms the coffee-drinking experience into a melody of flavors. Click Radio Roasters Coffee to order and immerse yourself in their irresistible offerings.

    If a customer favorite had to be singled out, it’s a draw between the Ethiopian beans that promise a bright espresso and the Kenyan beans that echo the beauty of their origin. It’s not just coffee here; it’s a world tour packed into every cup.

    Our Take on Radio Roasters Coffee in Decatur, GA

    Imagine a coffee roaster as a radio station and its customers as listeners; Radio Roasters Coffee would be a chart-topper. With a whopping average rating of 4.8 from 108 reviews, this place is indeed a hit. Reviewers have waxed eloquent about the excellent coffee and helpful service. Many have expressed a fondness for the single-origin beans and the meticulously brewed cups.

    From a coffee lover who commends the “delicious, bright espresso” made from Ethiopian beans to the one who applauds the “excellent coffee” from Kenyan pour-over, the reviews are a testament to Radio Roasters Coffee’s commitment to quality. Despite its industrial vibe, many reviewers appreciate the coffee roastery more than a traditional café ambiance, finding the beans worthy of home brewing.

    But perhaps what sets Radio Roasters Coffee apart from other coffee shops is the personal touch that each review highlights. For many, it’s not just a place to get good coffee; it’s an experience. As one reviewer puts it, “Mine. All mine. Is how I feel about Radio. I love having them as our neighborhood roaster and coffee shop! The crew, roasting, and brewing are always right on!”

    Waller’s Coffee Shop in Decatur, GA

    Have you ever woken up, and your first thought was coffee? Not just any coffee, but a carefully roasted, impeccably brewed cup of java that hits your soul before your tongue? Then you’re in the right place, because today, we’re diving into the buzzing world of Waller’s Coffee Shop in Decatur, GA, where brewing is a performance and every sip is an applause.

    Walking into Waller’s Coffee Shop feels like waking up from a long sleep, disoriented but excited for the day. The aroma of coffee envelopes you, a mixture of comfort and anticipation. And the ambiance, oh, the ambiance! It’s not just a coffee shop; it’s a slice of bohemia, a celebration of individuality, and a gathering spot for the eclectic souls of Decatur. Order from their tantalizing selection here: Waller’s Coffee Shop.

    And what to order, you ask? That’s where Waller’s truly shines. Their menu is an ensemble cast of delicious characters, each with a backstory of its own. But among these stars, there are some that shine a little brighter. You haven’t truly experienced Waller’s until you’ve savored their Shot in the Dark or indulged in their fresh Blueberry Scone.

    Our Take on Waller’s Coffee Shop in Decatur, GA

    With a magnificent average rating of 4.8 from 420 coffee enthusiasts, it’s safe to say that Waller’s has more than just a few fans. The passion of its patrons is as strong as the roasts they serve. One recent reviewer, longing for the unique, bohemian, and social environment of Waller’s, promises to make a return visit with family and friends. They talk about Waller’s as not just a coffee shop, but an event, an experience.

    A year ago, another adventurer found herself in the magical world of Waller’s and was greeted by not just great coffee and food, but also the surprise of a woodland path. She likened the visit to a sweet adventure and promised to return. Waller’s, it seems, is not just a place for coffee but also a place for exploration and joy.

    However, every story has two sides, and Waller’s is no exception. Some customers find the indoor seating a bit dark, and one visitor commented on the staff’s seeming lack of enthusiasm. But these are small beans in the grand brew that is Waller’s Coffee Shop. Most reviews highlight the perfect blend of atmosphere, games, coffee, and treats, making Waller’s a true gem in the heart of Decatur.

    So if you find yourself longing for a coffee experience that strays from the conventional and dives into the extraordinary, Waller’s Coffee Shop is the place for you. A place where each cup of coffee is a story, each bite of a blueberry scone is a poem, and every visit is a celebration of the local coffee scene.

    Opo Coffee in Decatur, GA

    An average day in Decatur, GA, is like a giant bingo game. There are so many options, and you never know which local delight you’ll stumble upon. Today, we’re going to try our luck with Opo Coffee, a local brew star that’s hotter than a hibachi grill in August.

    Situated in the heart of Decatur, Opo Coffee offers the comforting familiarity of your favorite aunt’s living room, combined with the meticulous finesse of a Swiss watchmaker. From the moment you cross the threshold, you’re greeted by the heady scent of coffee beans roasting to perfection. Oh, but wait. It’s not just about the olfactory delights. Opo Coffee is a place where you’re part of the show. The baristas aren’t mere coffee machines, they’re artists, dancers, scientists, and poets, all rolled into one. They coax the best out of the beans, doing a jitterbug of joy with every pour over and cappuccino. Ready to place an order? Just visit Opo Coffee. The customers’ favorites? Well, their cappuccino has won more hearts than a well-groomed golden retriever, while their pour over is the epitome of floral and light flavors that dances on your palate, as delicately as a ballerina on a stage.

    Our Take on Opo Coffee in Decatur, GA

    Imagine for a moment that the spirit of a café is a fine wine. In that case, Opo Coffee is a robust Merlot, full-bodied with a lingering taste that warms you from within. Their reviews paint a canvas as vibrant as Van Gogh’s Starry Night. One satisfied customer puts it perfectly, “I’m a huge fan of Opo Coffee! The attention to detail in the space is super appealing. It feels like a really great place to hang with a group, or get some work done.” Another raves about the café’s “open, airy, modern, and welcoming” ambiance, a sentiment echoed by many. One critic called it a “great place to do some work or meet friends for coffee,” despite considering the oat milk cappuccino “a bit watery.” This perspective is nuanced by another reviewer who noted the meticulous cleanliness and the efficient yet friendly service. Opo Coffee, for them, was a well-kept secret in Atlanta, offering a great spot for both work and socializing. With an average rating of 4.6 from 87 reviewers, Opo Coffee demonstrates that it’s not just a coffee shop; it’s an experience. It’s a place where the coffee is crafted with as much care as the environment, leaving a trail of delighted customers and memorable stories.

    Dancing Goats Decatur in Decatur, GA

    If you’re in Decatur, GA, and you’re looking for a dance, one might suggest a local dive bar or a flashy club. But here, I invite you to a different kind of dance, one that doesn’t require smooth moves or a dance floor, but an open mind and a curious palate. Enter Dancing Goats Decatur, a coffee roaster that dances to its own tune.

    Nestled in the heart of Decatur, Dancing Goats Decatur is much like a folk dance in a world of choreographed pop routines – unique, original, and delightfully quirky. The moment you step through the doors, you are welcomed by a symphony of tantalizing aromas and a team of baristas who wield coffee machines with the precision of ballet dancers. They say in the dance of life, the choice of music is everything. At Dancing Goats Decatur, the music is played through their collection of fine coffee beans, each with their own unique melody. You can place an order through their website at Dancing Goats Decatur. The popular brews? There is a rather interesting chorus line, featuring the ever-popular “Jitterbug Java” and the mellow “Foxtrot French Roast”.

    Our Take on Dancing Goats Decatur in Decatur, GA

    As I sat sipping my foxtrot and reading through the reviews, I couldn’t help but laugh at the diversity of opinions. It was like attending a modern art gallery opening where one person sees a chicken and another sees existential angst in the same painting. With an overall score of 4.6 from 993 user ratings, Dancing Goats Decatur certainly isn’t doing a poor waltz in the coffee scene. A recent review dubbed it a “great coffee shop with free parking in the heart of Decatur.” They also admired the thoughtful provision for pup owners, allowing them to secure their four-legged friends while they grab a cuppa. Another patron, after sharing a somewhat lukewarm review, concluded that it wasn’t a place to go out of your way for. But isn’t that the beauty of a dance? What one may find lacking in rhythm, another may see as a perfectly executed shuffle. One reviewer from 10 months ago had high praise for the regular drip coffee and found the place bustling with activity. They described it as a “clean cool looking place,” which to my mind suggests a tap dance – meticulously timed and effortlessly chic. On the other hand, a reviewer from a year ago found the coffee a tad acidic and wasn’t quite impressed with the homemade lavender syrup. Again, it’s all about the dance. The foxtrot might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee, in this case). As I leave you to mull over these reviews, I shall take my last sip of the foxtrot, feeling much like a judge on a dancing show, except my scorecard holds not numbers but the echo of laughter, the sight of friendly baristas, and the taste of well-crafted coffee.

    Kavarna in Decatur, GA

    Decatur, GA, a place where the coffee culture is as diverse as the music that spills out from its local venues. And speaking of local, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore Kavarna, a local coffee roaster that strikes the perfect balance between a good ol’ fashioned cup of joe and a contemporary coffee scene.

    As soon as you step into Kavarna, your senses are assaulted in the best possible way. The decadent aroma of freshly roasted beans takes over, much like the gripping first line of an engaging novel. But this is no ordinary coffee joint, it’s a literary and art sanctuary that also serves up some darn good coffee. Order your favorite brew directly from Kavarna through Kavarna. Their house roasts are a particular crowd-pleaser. It’s as if each of the flavors vie for your attention, and picking a favorite feels as disloyal as choosing a favorite child.

    Our Take on Kavarna in Decatur, GA

    With a global rating average of 4.5 based on 353 user reviews, Kavarna seems to be the go-to spot for those in search of a coffee Eden. One reviewer paints a warm picture, likening it to a cozy indoor retreat. “It’s very cozy inside and there’s a lot of seating inside. They have local art for sale inside as well! The coffee comes out quick and it’s really good.” High praise indeed. Another gives us a snapshot of the atmosphere, “GREAT coffee, vibes, local art, ambiance, homemade sweets, and a WONDERFUL place to come get your work done if you like to work in coffee shops.” This review was a cup brimming with praise, minus a spoonful of criticism over cleanliness, something Kavarna might want to address. An unfortunate review, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the place, longing for the golden days of Kavarna. They lament, “This place breaks my heart. It used to be a fantastic neighborhood coffee shop and now it’s terrible.” Change is inevitable, but sometimes it’s not for the better, or so this coffee enthusiast seems to feel. But let’s not forget, there were also reviews gushing over the fast and friendly service, the wonderful drinks, and the “adorable cafe.” So, like a cup of their house blend, Kavarna seems to be a complex mixture of flavors and experiences, catering to a broad audience of coffee lovers.

    Wrapped in a dreamlike haze, the enigmatic coffee aficionado, Justin, roams the labyrinthine alleyways of the caffeinated world. Amidst the swirling darkness and flickering neon signs, he seeks the elusive, transcendent flavors that lie hidden in the shadowy corners of the coffee bean's soul.