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Coffee Writers Wanted

Above Average Coffee is currently looking to hire freelance writers to work with them to help into the biggest and best coffee site on the internet. We have built our site on a foundation of well-researched, engaging, quality, content and we are looking to bring writers on board who can maintain this same high standard of content

Our Belief is that good coffee should come without any snobbishness or elitism and everyone should be able to quickly and easily learn to make Above Average Coffee at home for themselves and the ones they love.

So if you ever worked as a barista, or if you just love making coffee at home beyond your drip machine and instead have a selection of coffee equipment then this job could be perfect for you.

Payment: We pay our writers at a rate of $0.04 per word, and our articles are typically between 1200 and 1700 words so a 1500 word article would gain you $60 and should take 2-3 hours to complete. Sometimes we will require articles as long as 3000 words which would earn you $120. You will be told before you start how long the article will need to be.

Schedule: You will be expected to write 4 articles per month and never miss a deadline ever. You will know your article topics and titles at the start of the month and be able to write them at your leisure, if you wanted to write them all at the beginning that would be absolutely fine. And as the site grows there will certainly be opportunities to pick up more articles if you have the availability.

Ownership: All articles, photos, and videos you submit to for publication will become the exclusive property of Above Average Coffee and you will not be able to republish them on your own websites or anywhere else.

This opportunity will be available for anyone around the world and is on a freelance basis, terms and conditions will be supplied upon application.

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