Coffee Of The MonthEach month we hand-pick a bag of coffee that deserves the spotlight for making a delicious brew. Check out this months Coffee Of The Month!Click HereWhat Is Coffee Bloom And Why Is It Important?Is Coffee like a flower? Why and how does it bloom?Click HereWhat Is A Dirty Coffee?Have you just heard of a Dirty Coffee and wondered, “what the heck is that?”. You’re certainly not the first. Find out what it is here.Click HereWhy is Espresso Served with Lemon?Have your ever ordered an espresso and and been served a slice of lemon with it? Find out why here!Click HereSpirit Animal Coffee Review (Responsible Coffee is Quality Coffee)We had the opportunity to review one seriously delicious luxury coffee bean. Find out what we thought of it here.Click Here15 Sweetest Starbucks Drinks Ranked by Sugar ContentThe amount of sugar in some of the drinks you get at Starbucks is outrageous. Check out just how much sugar hereClick HereCan You Use Paper Filters With A French Press? You Can But Don’tThe great debate continues, can you use a paper filter with a French press. Find out here.Click HereCoffee Filter Sizes ExplainedConfused about all the different coffee filter sizes? Check out this quick and easy guideClick HereHow To Foam Milk In A French PressHomemade Cappuccinos Made EasyClick Here

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